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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Paying the Price? This year’s students from England

Any day now on the doormats of many student hopefuls there will be a letter offering a place at university later this year.

For English students a decision to accept these offers won’t just be a proud moment but also an expensive decision. The evidence now emerging suggests that there has been a significant drop in applications for places;
eg see here >>>

Most of the English students who accept will be landed with a bill for £9,000 per year for tuition fees naka Top up fees, courtesy of a government whose millionaire leaders went for free and of a British political establishment which has broken its promises not to introduce such fees, a promise made at one time by all three establishment political parties (Labour first, then the Conservatives and most infamously the Liberal Democrats).

In Scotland, with the benefit of rule by a Party which champions for the Scottish, not only are there no such fees, but also there are still grants available for Scottish students from deprived backgrounds.

To add insult to injury, whilst English students must pay £9,000 a year to attend a Scottish University, any students from other EU countries will go free – courtesy of EU rules against discrimination! The English Democrats are campaigning for democratic fairness for England and we oppose any discrimination against English students.

I have issued a press release saying:- “It is appalling and unfair that English students have been singled out to pay to go to university when Scottish students are to go for free. This is a consequence of no party in Westminster daring to stand up for England and for English interests!”

The English Democrats have been campaigning against Top Up/Tuition fees for years. Here are links to two of our campaigning videos:-

serious >.>

and more jokey >>>

What do you think?


  1. The discrimination is so obvious it beggars belief. Perhaps some legal types could organise a class action using the European legislation cited, and some disgruntled English students if this hasn't already been done?

    The law of unintended consequences might prove, unsavoury for the scotch as more 'white settlers' might move north of the border to benefit from the taxes they've paid.

  2. The discrimination is indeed obvious but it is not against EU law. EU law only prohibits member states, eg the UK, from discriminating against the citizens of other member states not among its own citizens!

  3. Are there no grounds for action to contest the alienation of an entire ethnic group. Replete with race laws agood stab in the guts for parliament must be in order. After all the EU went to war to 'protect' the moslems in the Balkans and provided them with a new state, Kosovo, in the heart of Western Europe.I know that statement and question is a conflation of lots of issues, but instictively it feels as though there might be enough rope provided by EU law with which to hang or embarass them and parliament.

  4. No. Not in EU law, which is only concerned about relations between member states and not about fairness between citizens of the UK!

    1. EU Law does NOT apply to me, you see as an Englishman it is my Birth rite to ONLY be Subject to English Law, end of!!

    2. DEATH to the EU!

  5. English families who have to pay these fees, deserve everything that is coming to them. My opinion will change when they grow a backbone and support English political parties and movements; or at the very least those British Parties that promote the idea of an English parliament.

  6. By alienating the english student,the british establishment may have provided it's own executioner. The english, by nature, are not very political except,of course,when they are students. It is then that their political awarenes is at its height. The party that harnesses the anger and sense of injustice amongst english students will be the party that prevails in the 2020's. Hopefully that party will be the E.D.P. Leadership please take note.