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Monday, 31 October 2016

Muslim protester found guilty of racist abuse crime!

This intriguing item appeared on the BBC website on Friday, 28th October.

Race relations worker guilty of racist abuse at refugee rally

Here is what it said:-

“A race relations worker has been convicted of racially abusing a group of Scots at a rally to welcome Syrian refugees to Scotland.

Shafiq Mohammed, 50, was also found guilty of resisting arrest at a demonstration in Monkton, South Ayrshire, on 15 November 2015.

The former Scottish Refugee Council worker broke through a police cordon to verbally abuse a woman and three men.

The rally took place hours after the Paris terrorist attacks.

Ayr Sheriff Court heard how tempers flared among members of the Scottish Defence League and pro-refugee demonstrators.

It followed 150 refugees being granted emergency accommodation at the Ayrshire town's Adamton Country House Hotel.

Mohammed denied behaving in a racially aggravated manner which was intended to cause alarm and distress.

He claimed the four witnesses had conspired to make up the allegations against him.

Sheriff Robert Weir QC found him guilty on both charges and sentence was deferred.

The court heard Mohammed had previously worked for property firm Orchard & Shipman, which has been paid more than £60m to house refugees in Scotland.

He is currently involved in the Asylum Seeker Housing (ASH) Project - an organisation campaigning on asylum seeker housing issues in the west of Scotland.”

Here is the link to the original >>>

So it sounds like we should congratulate the Scottish Police and the Scottish Prosecution service for doing their duty in arresting and in prosecuting this man. If only the police and CPS in England could be relied upon to
similarly do their duty when aggressive anti-English racists are active here in England!

The law is quite clear that anti-Englishness (or anti-Scottishness) is just as illegal as any other so call “hate crime”. The difference in treatment is simply a political matter not a legal one.

Here is the section 4A of the Public Order Act which is what “Shafiq” appears to have been convicted of.

“4A Intentional harassment, alarm or distress.

(1)A person is guilty of an offence if, with intent to cause a person harassment, alarm or distress, he—

(a)uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, or

(b)displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting,

thereby causing that or another person harassment, alarm or distress.

(2)An offence under this section may be committed in a public or a private place, except that no offence is committed where the words or behaviour are used, or the writing, sign or other visible representation is displayed, by a person inside a dwelling and the person who is harassed, alarmed or distressed is also inside that or another dwelling.

(3)It is a defence for the accused to prove—

(a)that he was inside a dwelling and had no reason to believe that the words or behaviour used, or the writing, sign or other visible representation displayed, would be heard or seen by a person outside that or any other dwelling, or

(b)that his conduct was reasonable.

(4)F2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(5)A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale or both.”

Click here for the original>>>

So what sort of sentence has the Judge deferred the sentencing process in order to consider social workers' reports? Such deferral means that the Judge is considering imprisonment. Here is the relevant section of the CPS sentencing guidelines:-


Prosecutors have a duty to present all relevant material to allow the court to pass sentence in accordance with the law. Racial or religious aggravation makes an offence more serious and the court has a duty to take this into account when it sentences a defendant.

Prosecutors must neither minimise nor omit relevant and admissible evidence of racial or religious aggravation.

Prosecutors should also make sure that they are aware of the guideline cases to assist the court in sentencing, in particular R v Kelly & Donnelly [2001] 2 Cr. App. R. (S) 73 CA which adopted the majority of recommendations made to the Court of Appeal by the Sentencing Advisory Panel Advice No 4.

The Court of Appeal endorsed the following approach:

the court should first decide on the appropriate sentence without the element of racial or religious aggravation, but including any other aggravating or mitigating features;

the sentence should then be enhanced to take account of the racial or religious aggravation;

if the offence itself merits custody, that sentence should be enhanced by an appropriate amount to reflect the degree of racial or religious aggravation;

the judge should say publicly what the appropriate sentence would have been without the racial or religious aggravation.

Although the original guidance applies to offences charged as specific racially aggravated offences and to all other offences where section 145 Criminal Justice Act 2003 applies, it should also be taken as applying to religiously aggravated offences, following the amendment to the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.”

Click here for original >>>

What all this shows is that it is possible to get Leftist agitators arrested, charged and convicted but much more effort by English Nationalists is required in making the police arrest and charge those guilty of any illegal anti-English behaviour here in England.

Then we might have our multiculturalist opponents writing many more items like this one:-

Support Shafiq Fundraiser - THIS SUNDAY

"The Glad Cafe and Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees

Support Shafiq Fundraiser - Sunday 22nd May 2016

An evening of music with Robin Adams, Kathryn Joseph, Alasdair Roberts, DJ Kwaby and others,

Featuring previews from the new album REFUGEE 

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Line up • Alasdair Roberts • Kathryn Joseph • Robin Adams • DJ Kwaby • more

Shafiq needs your support - legal, moral, financial and physical!

On 15th November 2015, Shafiq Mohammed was arrested at an anti-racist demonstration in support of refugees. He is awaiting trial, charged with Racially Aggravated Breach of the Peace and Resisting Arrest (details below).

Here is how you can help

Witnesses — URGENTLY NEEDED. His lawyer is seeking witnesses. If you saw Shafiq at any point during the demonstration, please get in touch. Contact the lawyer, John Harper of McClure Collins.


Telephone: 0141 423 7181

Several people were filming and taking photos. These could be valuable evidence. Please use your networks to find anyone who might be able to help.

Messages — In circumstances like these, messages of support, from individuals and/ or organisations can make a big difference to an individual’s morale. Please send messages of support to:

Financial — His campaign will need financial support. In particular, legal support is not cheap and will need to be paid for. Please use the Paypal button below to send any donations.

Send cheques to GCtWR, C/o FBU, 52 St Enoch Square, Glasgow G1 4AA

At the courtroom — He will need support on the day of his trial, both inside and outside the courtroom. Given SDL members will be witnesses against him, they are likely to organise some sort of presence. We need to outnumber them substantially. The trial date has been re-set for Tuesday 9 June 2016. We will let you know the time when we have it.

Support Shafiq Mohammed

On Sunday November 15, at the demonstration in Monkton to support the refugees being housed in Adamton Country House Hotel and against the Scottish Defence League (SDL) who had declared their intention to demonstrate in the village, one of the anti-racist demonstrators was arrested. He was Shafiq Mohammed, one of the few black faces there. He was kept overnight in police cells in Kilmarnock and then appeared on the Monday afternoon at Ayr Sheriff Court. Shafiq has been charged with racially aggravated breach of the peace and resisting arrest. Apparently one of the SDL women accused him of calling her child a "white bastard" and the police chose to act on it. He has pled not guilty and John Harper of McClure Collins is representing him.

Due to the rough treatment he received when being arrested, he suffered a burst blood vessel in his eye and permanent facial injuries. The handcuffs caused severe cuts and grazing encircling his wrists. In custody, as a result of indicating his dietary requirement for halal food, he was given 4 cereal bars to eat in 24 hours.

Shafiq is a respected professional advocate and consultant in the area of race relations. He has worked for Orchard & Shipman, Ypeople, Migrant Help and the Scottish Refugee Council. He currently gives advice to and is a crucial part of the Asylum Seeker Housing (ASH) Project, an organisation which campaigns on asylum seeker housing issues in the West of Scotland. He has no previous history with the police and indeed this was the first ant-racist, pro-refugee demonstration he had ever attended, having previously been concerned his attendance at such events would compromise his professional standing.

He is understandably deeply distressed. Bad enough being put through this but more so, having suffered racist abuse all his life, to be attending a demonstration against racism and to be accused by the racists of racism and have the police act upon it, is beyond irony. In his case it is unbearable. Further a conviction for racially aggravated breach of the peace could have a particularly detrimental effect on his career.

We cannot allow the SDL to get away with this tactic of picking out individuals from counter demonstrations and making false accusations against them, even more so, if they are black. Support Shafiq Mohammed.

Jock Morris
Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees”

Click here for original article>>>


We English nationalists need to take note that the reason that the Scottish Police, Prosecution Service and Courts are taking a more even handed approach to anti-Scottishness is political. Their police authority and those that are appointed to head the prosecution service and in charge of the appointments and promotion systems for the judiciary are all dominated by the Scottish National Party.

So another lesson for English nationalists is that we also need to get people elected to the one similar position that is feasible here in England – Police and Crime Commissioners! Then we too could order the police to be far more robust with the Shafiq’s and Jock Morris’s in their relevant police force areas!

Thursday, 27 October 2016


Here is our press release:-


The English Democrats are pleased to announce that our candidate, Therese Hirst, came second in Batley and Spen which is a constituency where the English Democrats have never previously stood. Despite this we easily beat the BNP which had previously stood on many occasions and even once had two councillors in the constituency.

By contrast Labour had hundreds of activists canvassing and campaigning for weeks. They pulled in many of their high profile figures, including Jeremy Corbyn. They even had their Scottish Leader, Kezia Dugdale, come down from Glasgow with a coach load of activists! Labour also spent up to the maximum permitted by-election spend of £100,000, paying up to £5.71 per vote! Even so they had a dramatically reduced vote, despite also their established brand and their longstanding political dominance in Kirklees.

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said:- “I heartily congratulate Therese Hirst on the campaign and on her coming second in the Batley and Spen by-election. It often seemed that the media were resolutely hostile to the English Democrats and to the English Cause, but Therese rose magnificently to the occasion. I was also very pleased that Therese’s response to the election results was to mimic Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous film comment of “I’ll be back!”

I am looking forward to seeing whether we can beat Labour next time in the General Election when the boundary changes reduce their incumbency advantage and also when their spending is limited to the General Election’s £10,000 maximum!”

Robin Tilbrook


The English Democrats

Twitter: @RobinTilbrook

Party Website:

Party Twitter: @EnglishDemocrat

Supporting VotetoLeave.EU

Key facts about the English Democrats

The English Democrats launched in 2002 and are the only campaigning English nationalist Party. We campaign for a referendum for Independence for England; for St George’s Day to be England’s National holiday; for Jerusalem to be England’s National Anthem; to leave the EU; for an end to mass immigration; for the Cross of St George to be flown on all public buildings in England; and we supported a YES vote for Scottish Independence.

The English Democrats are England’s answer to the Scottish National Party and to Plaid Cymru. The English Democrats’ greatest electoral successes to date include:- in the 2004 EU election we had 130,056 votes; winning the Directly Elected Executive Mayoralty of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council in 2009 and also the 2012 mayoralty referendum; in the 2009 EU election we gained 279,801 votes after a total EU campaign spend of less than £25,000; we won the 2012 referendum which gave Salford City an Elected Mayor; in 2012 we also saved all our deposits in the Police Commissioner elections and came second in South Yorkshire; and in the 2014 EU election we had 126,024 votes for a total campaign spend of about £40,000 (giving the English Democrats by far the most cost efficient electoral result of any serious Party in the UK!). In the 2015 General Election we had the 8th largest contingent of candidates in England. In the October 2016 Batley & Spen, Westminster parliamentary, By-election we came second and easily beat all three British national parties.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Labour’s soap starlet “no-platforms” all other candidates in Parliamentary By-election

Below is my recent press release regarding the Batley & Spen By-election

Labour’s soap starlet “no-platforms” all other candidates in By-election.

Tracy Brabin’s campaign team have refused to take part in the only independently organised hustings during the Batley & Spen By-election. The hustings was being organised by the Workers of England Union. Tracy Brabin’s team responded to the Union that they were refusing to allow their candidate to appear on the same “platform” as any other candidate in the By-election. The Workers of England Union report this on their website>>> Batley and Spen: Labour shows contempt for Democracy | Workers of England Union

The English Democrats’ view is that not only is this appallingly arrogant and all too typical of Labour apparatchiks sense of entitlement and ownership of areas unfortunate enough to be Labour One Party State Areas, but it is also deeply disrespectful and contemptuous of their electorate.

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said:- “Labour’s lightweight London based EastEnders soap opera starlet candidate for the Batley & Spen By-election and Remainer has been adding to Labour’s reputation as a Party unwilling to engage in democratic debate and mired in a smug sense of its own entitlement.

Remainers like Tracy Brabin have been caught making outrageous slurs on the over 118,000 electors in Kirklees and more than 50% across England who voted for Brexit. They claim as Labour’s new Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, apparently said at their recent Party Conference that Brexit voters are “stupid and racist”. Tracy Brabin and her election team have now demonstrated not only contempt for anyone with a different opinion to theirs, but also their unwillingness to engage in proper debate in their eagerness to behave like Left-wing Student Union activists in “no-platforming” their opponents.”

Robin Tilbrook added:- “The sooner Labour is driven out of England just as it is being driven out of Scotland the better!” Labour is morally and ideologically bankrupt and bitterly opposed to the interests of the English Nation”.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tracy Brabin fails to condemn Labour Councillor’s violent attack on English Democrats’ campaign stall in Batley

This is our Press Release on Tracy Brabin’s failure as the Labour Candidate for Batley & Spen to condemn Amanda Stubley’s attack on the English Democrats’ stall on Saturday, 8th October.

Tracy Brabin fails to condemn Labour Councillor’s violent attack on English Democrats’ campaign stall in Batley

The English Democrats Chairman, Robin Tilbrook, wrote to Tracy Brabin’s team on the 11th October asking for the London based EastEnders soap opera starlet and Labour Party candidate for Batley & Spen, and Remainer, to condemn the violent attack by one of her fellow Party members in Batley on the English Democrats’ stall. Despite being politely requested to do so Ms Brabin has failed to respond either appropriately or at all.

Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats said:- “I find it despicable that Ms Brabin has not condemned the appalling behaviour of Councillor Amanda Stubley’s of Batley East who attacked the English Democrats campaign stall on Saturday, 8th October. I assume since it is part of the usual repertoire of Labour dirty tricks in a Labour area when they are challenged that she condones Councillor Stubley’s disgraceful behaviour.”

Robin continued:- “Here is what I wrote to Ms Brabin and her election team:-

Dear Miss Brabin

Re: Conduct of Councillor Amanda Stubley – Batley East Ward – 8th October in Market Place, Batley

The above named Councillor Stubley attacked our campaign stall at about 1.00 p.m. on Saturday and during the attack stated that she supported Jeremy Corbyn’s “anti-Semitic” policies and claimed that Batley is her town. The implication was that no other political parties were allowed in the town. Furthermore she claimed that she was the Batley East Councillor in Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council “for life”. Councillor Stubley claimed that the English Democrats are “Racists” for supporting Leaving the EU and for campaigning for England’s rights.

I respectfully invite you to repudiate the comments and actions of Councillor Stubley and join with me in calling for her to be prosecuted for Breach of the Peace, the Public Order Act offences of using Threatening, Abusive and Offensive language, Criminal Damage and Attempted Criminal Damage together with Electoral Offences in interfering with other candidates during an election and making false statements about them.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Labour Councillor attacks the English Democrats’ campaign stall in Batley

This is our press release following our successful day of action in Batley on Saturday during which we were attacked by the Labour Councillor for Batley East, who bizarrely admitted on camera that she supported Corbyn’s anti-Semitic policy – Repeatedly!

Here is our press release:-

Labour Councillor attacks the English Democrats’ campaign stall in Batley

On Saturday the 8th October the English Democrats had a stall with banners and leaflets and a public address system set up in the Market Place, Batley. We were getting a good reception from the public and were being filmed by TV reporters for Channel 4 when we were attacked by Councillor Amanda Stubley of Batley East Ward, Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council.

The Councillor used threatening, abusive and insulting language against the English Democrats, telling us that we are “racists” for campaigning for England and to Leave the EU. She said we should get out of her town and that as a Labour Councillor she was entitled to her seat in the Council for life. She proceeded to try to break up our stall and pop our balloons. Ms Stubley was hysterical with rage that the English Democrats would dare to challenge her entitlement and Labour’s ownership of Batley.

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said:- “I have made a statement to the police and pressed charges. We will now have to wait and see if the Crown Prosecution Service charge Councillor Stubley with offences. I would expect these to be under the Public Order Act, Electoral offences, criminal damage and Breach of the Peace. It is always amazing to see how much Labour apparatchiks think that they own politics in Labour One Party State areas like Kirklees, even though the Berlin Wall came down decades ago now!”

Robin continued:- “I have confirmed to the police that I will attend court to give evidence in any prosecution brought against Councillor Stubley. Labour activists need to be taught that they cannot act in such a disgraceful and aggressive manner without facing justice.” 

I might add that Ms Stubley also went off at one point to go into a nearby shop saying that she was going to call "12 taxis" to get us driven off. Shortly afterwards there arrived various taxis driven by what looked like aggressive muslim/pakistani men - shades of Labour in Rotherham?