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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

PM’s nationalist stance welcomed in Western Daily Press

PM’s nationalist stance welcomed

In the Western Daily Press (Bristol, England) - April 29, 2015 on Page:18 appeared this cheeky item:-

The English Democrats welcome David Cameron’s apparent concession to the cause of fairness for England even if he continues in his and many other Conservatives’ recent tradition of disparaging English nationalists and English nationalism.

Ed Miliband however in his response seems to be confirming his and Labour’s position as the anti-English party.

I welcome David Cameron doing anything which will further the cause of English nationalism. In the words of St Luke, “I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in Heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance”.

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman, the English Democrats

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Our General Election Press Launch – Even Sky News came too!

Our General Election Press Launch – Even Sky News came too!

As I mentioned in my previous Blog item, over the years we have tried hard to get our press launch covered. 

This has always previously been a struggle but this year we did get some interest, both from ITV and, in particular, from Sky, who actually sent a reporter.

We were briefly on the Sky News and also a more detailed report was done for Sky’s website. Here is a link to the article, click here >>> Coalition With Nationalists 'Would Be Treason'

The text is slightly off what I said because I wasn’t accusing Scottish and Welsh Nationalists of being traitors to their countries, but my point was focussed more on Ed Miliband and the Labour leadership.

But leaving that aside, I think the Sky reporter has done a good job.

What do you think?

Monday, 13 April 2015

Thoughts on our Campaign Press Launch, April 2015

Thoughts on our Campaign Press Launch, April 2015

It has been one of the recurring bug bears of trying to get our political party up and running and publicised, that whenever we are entitled to a little bit of coverage, the coverage that we have actually been given has generally been the niggardly minimum that the BBC can get away with.

As part of standing in the General Election or any major election the rules say that we are entitled to a press launch to be covered by being mentioned on the BBC News and on the BBC website and perhaps also an interview on the BBC’s Politics Show.

Over the years the BBC have chosen to minimise the effectiveness of that coverage by various means. On one occasion they showed supporters milling about rather than the display we had organised or anybody making a speech. On other occasions they have panned around to show that the rest of the room is quite empty. Of course they knew that it would be as this is a completely artificial arrangement, designed only to get some publicity rather than proper meeting! On some occasions they have shown me making a speech but done a voice over of whatever not so encouraging thing they wanted to say about us!

So on this occasion I thought there wasn’t much point in making a great effort to prepare a detailed speech. So, of course, this is the first occasion where they have actually broadcast my speech, or, at any rate, part of it, on the BBC Parliament Channel! Here is a link to view the outcome of that >>>

Naturally had I known that they were going to broadcast 10 minutes of speech, I would have made sure that it was much more punchy and slick. I would also have focussed more on covering the key points as to why England is so badly disadvantaged by the current constitutional arrangements.

On the bright side, perhaps what they have done in this case is part of the growing recognition of the English Democrats. In future I may need to expect my speech to be covered! If so, I can promise far less um’s and r’s!

What do you think of the video?

Also here is what was put up on the BBC website >>> Election 2015: English Democrats launch campaign with attack on 'traitors' - BBC News

What do you think?