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Wednesday 17 January 2024





This book is one that the British Political Establishment does not want you to read.  It is damning, not only about the way in which the Conservative Party works, but also damning about the media collusion.  When you have read it you will have an insight just how far the corruption goes. 


Her book is called ‘The Plot:  The Political Assassination of Boris Johnson’.  I do seriously recommend it for anybody interested in British politics.  There are a huge number of revelations about just how appalling the internal politics of the “Conservative” Party at Westminster has become.  Here are just two quotations from her book which give you a flavour of what you see if you read her book:-




“It is extraordinary how much happened going right back to the days of Portillo.  How many people lived together, slept together, did business together.  The gay network has always been strong throughout the Party and as I was obviously a big supporter of gay marriage, I am not passing judgment in any way.  But because it was a network thrown together by the necessity for secrecy, away from the prying eyes of journalists and cameras, that network certainly functioned behind closed doors, and it was unhealthy and dominant.  The promiscuity was legendary and the sex parties, well you know about them.  Emma Sayle, who I think took them over from Dougie, said they were just orgies with lots of people just squirming on beds.  I can tell you every one of them was one of us, a Tory.  Decisions about the Conservative Party were not even taken at dinner parties, but in beds and in relationship networks.”





“The public think MPs just get drunk all night on cheap booze or in subsidised bars.  How easy the Whips’ job would be if that were all we had to deal with.  It is all broken.  Like all the parameters that kept things in place, respect, values, public service, it is all gone.  I feel like these guys are trying to rot the Party from within when you were talking in there it dawned on me this Party today isn’t what I signed up to.”


Nadine asked:-


“Is the sex on the billiard table as bad as it gets?”


“Sadly, no.  Look, the thing that disturbed me more than anything was a serious rape that was reported and no action was taken by the Party.  An MP gave a young female a date rape drug; the next thing she knew was she woke up in a country hotel the following morning.  He wanted her out of the room because, he told her, he had visitors coming for breakfast.  She staggered for miles before she could find a taxi and help.  She was a long way from home.  She was very young.  She was encouraged to go to the police, but she didn’t, I think because she was scared of him and scared of it coming out, embarrassed that she had found herself in that position.  She came to us.  No action was taken by the Party against the MP.  He wasn’t even reprimanded by anyone, his Whip removed or the complaint reported further up the line.  It never reached Boris’ ears.  That MP went on to repeatedly sexually assault and rape, even though the Party knew about him, he retained his Whip and remained undisciplined.  He was also quite a nasty piece of work in the Chamber and in Westminster generally…    If action had been taken when that first rape had been reported, those other women would have been saved from their life trauma.  You could say the men who get into fixes with prostitutes and rent boys and other behaviour, they do serve their own free will.  They have agency and choice.  But those poor women… and sadly, he isn’t the only one who preys on vulnerable women and has sex with them.  It does tend to be vulnerable women they target.  I have a list if you like, which includes one MP who took advantage of a young women on the night before his wife gave birth to their child.  The next day, he was showing people the delivery photographs on his phone.  …The thing is, it has never been good in Westminster, but it has never before been as bad as it is right now!”


Here is a link to the book >>>

Thursday 7 December 2023




I was recently reading a review of Professor Eric Kaufmann’s important book about why the White Anglo Saxon Protestant ascendancy in the United States has been displaced. 


The theories about this usually focus on the numbers of immigrants, in particular of Hispanics, coming into the United States across their southern border and the consequential cultural overwhelming of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (“WASP”) and also of their traditions which founded America. 


Professor Kaufmann has however an interesting point to make, which is that something within “WASP” liberal culture which was fatal to its continuing dominance.  You can see his theory below. 


It seems to me that you can see something similar happening in

earlier times, for instance in Ireland.  The Anglo-Irish Ascendancy of English origin families, by the late 18th Century, owned most of the land of Ireland and held most of the political power.  This dominant position was then frittered away by members of the Ascendancy themselves. 


Consider the following:- 


1.    The 1798 rebellion of the “United Irishmen” led by Wolfe Tone who was a “WASP”. 

2.    The consensual handing over of the Irish Parliament to incorporation into the UK Parliament under the Act of Union 1801 was led by the Ascendancy itself. 

3.    The subsequent granting of voting rights to Irish Catholics was spearheaded by the leading Anglo Irish ascendancy figure, the Duke of Wellington in 1829. 

4.    The vigorous campaign for land rights and Home Rule by the Home Rule League and Irish Parliamentary Party led by Charles Parnell. 

5.    There were also significant numbers of the Ascendancy who supported Irish Independence.


All these moves were opposed on the other side by Empire Loyalists, but the fact remains that there was an enduring strain of liberal thinking amongst the English in Ireland and indeed liberal English thinking in England which was against the interests of continuing the dominance of Ireland by English families. 


This made me wonder what might have given rise to this type of thinking, which I do not think is found amongst other peoples around the world. 


It seems that English people don’t like injustice and unfairness to other groups, perhaps thinking that if such treatment is removed the people concerned will want to become part of the English way of doing things.  As history has repeatedly shown this is delusional but it keeps recurring and is now happening in England.


One possible explanation is that the English were particularly prone to the idea that everyone else wants to become English.  This may be due to our unusually long period of Nationhood from England’s unification of 927 under King Athelstan.  By contrast many European nation states only came into existence in the 19th Century.


It could also be part of the unique form of Reformation that we had under Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell led by the Crown, or it could be a consequence of the division within English society traditionally caused by class consciousness. 


There is also the impact of Traditional English moral conformity around sexuality.  In this regard it is interesting that the English traitors of the pre-war Cambridge spy network were mostly young men who were gay and therefore felt themselves in rebellion against the prevailing moral and legal codes even before they were recruited by Soviet Spy Masters to the cause of communism and worldwide revolution.


All of these were fractures in the English Nation’s sense of itself as a unified body which may be the root of what is certainly an interesting phenomena.


Here is the review of Professor Kaufmann’s book:-


Rise and Fall of Anglo-America. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 2004. ISBN 978-0674013032.


Here, Kaufmann offers his views on how the Anglo-Protestants, the founding stock and once dominant ethnocultural group of the United States of America, lost its status of dominance. He rejects the conventional view that this is due primarily to comparatively low fertility rates, large-scale international migration, and the growth in cultural prominence of ethnically diverse newcomers. Nor have the Anglo-Protestants maintained their dominant status by incorporating other groups of European descent into their midst, Kaufmann argues. Rather, the fall of Anglo-America is a consequence of the characteristics that have come to define this group, namely expressive individualism and egalitarianism, which are antithetical to maintaining dominance.


Historically, the early Anglo-Protestant settlers in the seventeenth century were the most successful, creating numerous surviving written records and political institutions that last till this day. For this reason, they became the dominant group, culturally, economically, and politically, and they maintained their dominance till the early twentieth century. Commitment to the ideals of the Enlightenment meant that they sought to assimilate newcomers from outside of the British Isles, but few were interested in adopting a pan-European identity for the nation, much less turning it into a global melting pot. But in the early 1900s, liberal progressives and modernists began promoting more inclusive ideals for what the national identity of the United States should be. While the more traditionalist segments of society continued to maintain their Anglo-Protestant ethnocultural traditions, universalism and cosmopolitanism started gaining favor among the elites. These ideals became institutionalized after the Second World War, and ethnic minorities started to gain rough institutional parity with the once dominant Anglo-Protestants.


What do you think?


Here is the link >>>




Friday 27 October 2023

Tamworth and Mid-Bedfordshire By-elections October 2023


Tamworth and Mid-Bedfordshire By-elections October 2023


The two By-elections that took place on the 19th October had interesting results which bear looking at carefully - especially since the Mainstream Media now seem to entirely specialise in misleading their readers. 


Whilst it has been reported, and is of course true, that Labour won both of them, there wasn’t a swing in the way that the Mainstream Media reported. 


In the case of Mid-Bedfordshire, Labour’s vote in the By-election was 13,872, whereas in the previous election in 2019 Labour’s vote was 14,028, i.e. a reduction of their vote by 156.


The only other part of this election result which has been at all accurately reported is the fact that the Reform candidate got 1,487 votes, which  was slightly more than the difference between the successful Labour candidate’s vote and the unsuccessful Conservative candidate’s vote of 12,680. 


The really striking element of the result is in fact that the Conservative vote went from 38,692 votes in 2019 down to 12,680, i.e. their vote was under a third of what it had been before. 


For Reform’s vote to make a difference it would have to have been taken entirely from those that would otherwise have both turned out and voted Conservative.  Personally I think that is a bit of a stretch, but nevertheless an interesting quirk.


Turning to the Tamworth By-election result, in this one Labour got 11,719 votes, whereas in the General Election Labour had got 10,908 votes, so they did get slightly more votes than they had got before, i.e. slightly less than a 1,000 more votes. 


The difference in Labour’s result is more than explained by the reduction in the vote for the Greens and for the Liberal Democrats who went respectively from 935 votes to 417 and for the Liberal Democrats from 2,426 to 417. 


Reform’s vote of 1,373 was again slightly more than the difference between the Conservative and Labour vote.  Again for Reform to have really made the difference it would have to be shown that all of their voters would otherwise have both turned out and voted Conservative.  Again a bit of a stretch.


The big headline again should have been the collapse in the Conservative vote from 30,542 in 2019 to 10,403, a reduction of just less than two thirds.


The interesting comparison for the General Election at the end of next year that I would suggest everybody thinks about is what happened to the “Progressive Conservative” Government Party in the 1993 Canadian General Election, where they went from 156 seats and being in Government, down to 2 seats and even the Prime Minister lost her seat!


The highly encouraging point is that the “Progressive Conservative” Party was irretrievably damaged and ceased to exist, never becoming a governing party again.  Their politics, as their name sounds, was very similar to the current UK fake “Conservatives” who are in fact progressive on every policy (although they are perhaps more adept at lying about it). 


The other quirk is that the Party that really pushed the “Progressive Conservative” Party over the edge was called “Reform”.  In that election they took many traditionalist and socially conservative voters off the “Progressive Conservatives” and helped to cause their total collapse.  Reform never became a governing party in Canada and has now disappeared, but it was the icebreaker that caused the realignment of Canadian politics. 


We can and should all hope that the same happens here at the next General Election!