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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

English Democrats to field persecuted patriot against Anna Soubry - “Based Amy”

English Democrats

English Democrats to field persecuted patriot against Anna Soubry. “Based Amy,” an English Patriot awaiting trial for the “harassment” of Soubry, will go head-to-head to unseat the ROGUE MP. The FIGHT is on…let’s do it!

The 12th of December 2019 General Election will go down as one of the most important elections in our history as a nation.

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Given the nature of our national politics at the moment, the threat of a second Brexit Referendum, a possible Lib-Lab pact and the nightmarish prospect of a Corbyn socialist government, we are fielding highly-experienced candidates in selective constituencies in England, in order to give the Leave Parties and candidates a clear run to throw out the EU-loving  lefties that occupy our ancient Parliament.
Under no circumstances will we allow a Corbyn Government or a 2nd Brexit Referendum!
Our strategy is simple: We want to hammer the remainer MPs in their own backyards and ensure that Parliament is jam-packed with Brexiteers that will follow the will of the people and get Brexit done once and for all!
However, we do not want to “SPLIT VOTES,” so we are only targeting several high profile remainiac MPs.
To support "Based Amy" and all of our candidates, as they face down the minions of the EU, please click the donate button below and help us crush the enemies of England!

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Yours sincerely
Robin Tilbrook
Chairman - The English Democrats

Monday, 18 November 2019

English Democrats in the General Election

English Democrats in the General Election

In the run up to this General Election we were all being repeatedly assured by Nigel Farage that his Brexit Party Ltd was going to stand in every seat. With nominations due to close on Thursday, it was fundamentally too late to get candidates lined up when he announced it on Monday, 11th  that he was not going to stand his Party in any of the seats that the Conservatives won last time - even where the Conservative who got elected was a Remainer! 

Nigel Farage had, at a stroke, created a situation that is simply infuriating!  He has, yet again, clearly not thought through what he is doing and has flounced when challenged, rather than given a considered and sensible strategic response. 

Those of us who support Brexit should have been able to ensure that electors in any constituency where their sitting MP was a Remoaning Remainiac had a pro-Brexit patriot on their ballot papers to enable Leave voters to get rid of their Remainer MP.  Instead in many of the seats that Nigel Farage has now stood down in, there won’t be any patriotic Leave supporting candidate. 

If we had known that Farage was not going to stick to his announced policy, the English Democrats would have worked hard to try to make sure that we did stand against the worst offending Remainers representing Leave voting seats.  As it is we have only five candidates standing, albeit all of those are standing against Remainers and doing so in Brexit supporting seats. 

I am standing against Theresa May’s former special advisor and loyalist Alex Burghart. 

Frank Calladine is standing against Ed Miliband in Doncaster North. 

Antonio Vittellio has joined us from UKIP to stand in Buckingham

I am pleased that “Daddy Dragon”, Graham Moore, is standing in the strongly Leave constituency of Bexleyheath & Crayford.  Even his Returning Officer pointed out he was the only Brexiteer and patriot standing!

But I am most delighted that we have been able to stand against the awful Anna Soubry in Broxtowe and have put up against her the blogger “Based Amy” (Amy Mura) who is currently being pursued through the court’s by the wretched Soubry because she dared to call her a traitor!  The old saying is  that “the truth hurts”!

As quoted by Professor David Starkey in my last blog, it is difficult to think of any other word to describe Soubry and the other Remainiacs except as traitors.  What they were doing was treason when they were actively conspiring to try and betray our county and country’s national interest to the EU and they also betrayed what they promised to do in the previous General Election.

I do hope if you live in the five constituencies in which we are standing you will support English Democrats’ candidates.  If you live near enough to any of them to be able to do so, please do make contact to help with leafleting and, if you can, the cost of standing.  All donations will be gratefully received and faithfully applied to the Cause!

Sunday, 10 November 2019

The real fight is between patriots against globalists!

The real fight is between patriots against globalists!
You can’t really understand what has been happening to our politics unless you understand that the real fight is between patriots against globalists.  Once you understand that you need to choose which side you are on!

The English Democrats are a genuine patriotic party of people that love England and the English Nation. 

We are also true democrats that support genuine popular democratic majority votes of our People, such as we had in the EU referendum. 

Please support us in the fight against the Internationalist/Globalist “British” Establishment which is hell bent on betraying our country and our People. 

Make England Great Again! MEGA!

The famous English historian, Professor David Starkey, has recently said:-
“The old word is ‘treason’.  When engaged in a highly contentious negotiation with a strong, united and determined opponent.  A large part of the British political Elite have deliberately gone and negotiated with them against their own country.  This is another aspect of the Elite that I find is disgusting.  Most of them hate their own country and they regard their own people with absolute contempt.” 

Will you side with the British political Elite or with the English People?

So if you are a patriot don’t support any candidate standing for parties that are trying to undermine the EU referendum result, by openly saying that they would overturn the result or making a mealy-mouthed calls for a second Referendum.

Also if you are a patriot don’t support any candidate standing for a Party that is trying to force through a “Deal” with the EU, as that Deal is in many ways worse than the “Deal” that was forced on Germany in the Versailles Treaty after it had lost the First World War! 

Even Germany was not then forced to handover 'Command and Control' of its Armed Forces and Security Forces and Defence Procurement Budget to a foreign power, like Theresa May and Boris Johnson’s “Deal” does!  

 If you don’t believe me, believe General Riley whose speech explaining this you can find at >>>

Sunday, 20 October 2019



Many lawyers and constitutional commentators have pointed out that Lady Hale, the President of the Supreme Court, who delivered the Judgment in the proroguing of Parliament case, and her colleagues in the Supreme Court, invented a completely new basis on which “Proceedings in Parliament” would be dealt with by the courts.  They completely ignored the legally and constitutionally correctly traditional Judgment of the High Court.  

I thought however that it was worth highlighting Lady Hale’s comments that were reported approvingly in the Sunday Times on September 29th under the headline of “Take the right partner to be supreme at law” by Nicholas Hellen.  He writes about Lady Hale and her political views from a speech that she made at the launch of “Cambridge Women in Law” in which he says that she “spent an hour dispensing her thoughts on how women can succeed in the male dominated world of the judiciary”. 

The article reports Lady Hale as saying:- “When I came to Cambridge, I knew it was a privilege.  I bet every woman in this room knew it was a privilege to be here.  But I was surrounded by men who thought they were entitled to be here.  And that is one of the things that we still have to go on fighting against.  The male sense of entitlement.”

She spoke of loosening the grip of the “quadrangle-to-quadrangle-to-quadrangle boys”.  A reference to a man who goes from a public school to Oxbridge and then to the Inns of Court “we haven’t got the history of people of our sex doing the job for generation after generation”, she told the audience. 

Hale said:- “Feminism is believing in equality, equality for women and the validity of women’s experiences.  That is how I define feminism. 

Men can be feminists too and there are lots of them and there are loads of women who aren’t.  Those are probably the people that we most have to contend with rather than men because they are in many ways the real problem rather than men.”

She also spoke of sometimes lacking in confidence, and talked of how Gina Miller, the businesswoman and campaigner who brought the case to the Supreme Court, dressed to help give her the confidence to fend off “people’s bigoted assumptions”. 

Hale suggested that this was a metaphor, “throwing light on this problem that women generally lack confidence”. 

The article finishes by saying that Lady Hale has asked Mary Arden, who has joined the Supreme Court:- “I have asked her please, please when I retire, would she keep up the good work”. 

Whatever you think of Lady Hale’s views, the one certainty it seems to me is that she is demonstrating yet again where on the spectrum her political values come from.  So she is vividly demonstrating that the Blairite creation of the Supreme Court has worked well from its creator’s point of view in entrenching Blairism into the Constitution.  It also vividly demonstrates the general effectiveness of the Left’s “Long March through the Institutions”. 

What do you think?