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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cameron:- "Scotland may leave the UK"!?!

I had understood that ‘Dave’ Donald Cameron to be an intelligent man. Even intelligent people can get things totally wrong but in this case it really is quite simple, Mr Cameron! If Scotland leaves the United Kingdom of Great Britain necessarily ceases to exist - because the very concept of Great Britain is founded on the fusion of the Kingdom of England with the Kingdom of Scotland!

The Act of Union 1706 is crystal clear. Here is the relevant text:-

THAT THE TWO Kingdoms of England and Scotland shall upon the first Day of May which shall be in the Year one thousand seven hundred and seven, and for ever after, be united into one Kingdom by the name of Great Britain;

That the United Kingdom of Great Britain be represented by one and the same Parliament, to be stiled, The Parliament of Great Britain.

That all Parts of the United Kingdom for ever, from and after the Union, shall have the same Allowances, Encouragements, and Drawbacks, and be under the same Prohibitions, Restrictions and Regulations of Trade."

As for Mr Cameron’s remark reported in the Sunday Daily Telegraph “I don’t want to be Prime Minister of England, I want to be Prime Minister of the whole of the United Kingdom”. This is not a new remark for him. I give you a quotation from an article written in 2008 by a journalist, Mark Stuart. “As an ardent Unionist, I was greatly encouraged by David Cameron’s remarks earlier this year, when he took part in a grilling from Yorkshire Post readers. When quizzed by Paul Cockcroft, a member of the Royal Society of St George about introducing a new public holiday to celebrate St George’s Day, Cameron rejected the idea, adding: “I want to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, not just England. I think we’re stronger having England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland united”.

I suggest therefore that Mr Cameron’s real message, for anyone who cares about England, hasn’t changed. Mr Cameron is the sort of politician who isn’t in politics to do something but merely to be somebody and that ambition is against the interests of every English patriot.


  1. Very telling point, Robin! The slower he learns to care about England, the better for the ED's- but lets not fall into the same trap by profiting from his lack of focus. It will take time to build the party, but we have little competition right now- so a broad policy build is very important to get quality ,long term votes. The Scots only lose by being half committed- but unlikely to change after 300 years.

  2. Article VI seems to have been broken by Blair and Cameron.

    NHS, prescriptions, University fees, devolution and self Governance ad infinitum

  3. Mr Cameron is a traitorous mix of aristocratic and banking interests that really only desire power and money. He is not a man of his word and has divided international loyalties.

    He is a patsy of the military industrial and banking complex and a covert zionist. It is my opinion that the man has no opinion on the separtion of England and Scotland and that he will be seen to vacillate from one position to another as the situation escalates.

    One thing is sure, whatever happens he will not consider the interests of the English above all else.

    1. look at his name...typical jock on the make...

  4. article II also seems to have been broken by Blair and Brown

  5. Mr Tilbrook, I agree with you about Cameron. As a Scot I support your English Nationalist agenda. England and in particular certain regions have had a bad deal in the UK. The sooner there is English parliament of English representatives the better.

  6. I don't know how you ever reached the conclusion that Cameron was intelligent. Most of our politicians of the last 60 years have been smoke and mirrors merchants duping us at every turn; the greatest spivs and conmen around; just look at Teflon Tony, vanity personified. They have native cunning aimed at reaching the next election unscathed and pocketing as much money as possible. Yes, Cameron is an arch-globalist and he wants to feed England to the one-worlders.
    The only men with brains and integrity I can think of in the last 60 years have been Enoch Powell and Frank Field. I believe Enoch was well aware of the globalist Marxist agenda being followed by Edward Heath but to have said anything would have had him branded as an even bigger dangerous looney than they tried to make him out to be. By the way for Scotland and Westminster read England and Brussels. Interesting, will Scotland stay in the EU once England has left?

    1. Definately no doubt : see welsh visit to EU yesterday. Same will be the case fgor Scotland, I am surprised that the Welsh got there first

  7. Hi Robin, thanks for the comment on my blog.

    You know, the more I hear from Cameron, the more I think there is not a great intelligence at work. More a public school-boy bully determined to get his own way, and to act in any way to achieve it.

    On the quotes from the Act of Union, article IV had the capacity to be undermined from the off (and this has subsequently happened lots of times) by the reteintion of the seperate legal system we have.

    Tegz - we only look half committed because for a large section of our population, we can't let go of Mummy - or Labour as she is better known. Despite all evidence pointing to the fact that "Scottish" Labour is even less interested in the ordinary person in the street than New Labour, we still vote Labour in our droves.

    Anon: If you read the Scottish Government's "Scotland Forward" document, it is the aim of the SNP to take an independent Scotland into the Euro. I suspect that this may well cost Salmond votes as a lot of Scots wouldn't like to join the EU and enter the Euro.

  8. Wakey, Wakey, Fellas! I see a lot of back slapping and "jolly good show" comments here, when we should all be SCREAMING for justice.

    The Scots are way ahead of us and will walk away with North Sea oil. The SNP think the ED's are a joke and that they will quietly sink into oblivion.

    I think they may be right. They have had enough of their countrymen heading up successive British Govt's over the last couple of decades, laying the groundwork for this. We cannot afford to think otherwise. They will succeed on their terms.

    So we let Scotland go, so they take the 95% oil share they are talking about, then a few days later discover huge additional resources, just as Norway has done recently.

    How long are we going to sit still for a Political Racism that allows this to happen without one voice raised in defence of English interests.

    If you think that this is a situation that can be turned around in a year and a half, dream on. The only people who say they give a toss about the English are the ED's and UKIP. Iv'e been on their websites, looked at their policies and proposals and think my 15 year old kid could do better. Where are your big hitting intellectuals. You got to get some on board or you will spend most of your time fighting to stand still.

    The time for complancey was over once the poisonous wee man got himself elected. Even the thought of President Salmond makes me sick to my stomach.

    The sheer treachery of Scottish insistence that they will be taking North Sea Oil with two fingers up to the English, is akin to a knife in the back. I had hoped for better.