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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Anti- English harassment case update

Click the picture to read the Colchester Gazette report from today's paper

I suspect that Eddie Bone will win his case, not least because the North Essex NHS Trust’s “Head of Human Resources” admitted, in the witness box, that she thought that the English were not a recognised racial group under the Equalities Act! Idiotic big mistake!

She was told off by the Judge who said:- “Of course the English are covered! Just like the Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Congolese!” The Judge then sent her out to consider the error of what she had just said.

However, whatever the outcome of this case, it does show that the Workers of England Union are a serious Union willing to fight tooth and nail for their members and are truly worthy to be recommended. Personally I do recommend this Union wholeheartedly.

Their contact details are:-

Workers of England Union
Cannon House
17 Nelson Road
Essex CO3 9AP
Tel: 01206 766899


  1. Are there any brave legal souls prepared to defend Emma west as a victim of anti English bigotry by the establishment?

    That poor woman must have been pushed to the edge to lose her cool and utter such hate speech/truth as many petrified English people think. I dread to think what psycological torment that she has been put through to 're educate' her before her next appearance in court.

    Ships sink from the bottom up. The likes of Emma first, the likes of us next.

  2. What was started by Labour and now being continued by the Tories, our governments are pushing us "the white English" into a civil war.

    Our governments keeps mentioning racism, well, I suggest that you look at your pathetic ethnic policies a little closer, why, because you are turning decent law abiding citizens into racists.

    White English and Proud!!!!

  3. I think we are being duped here as Robin Tilbrook deems anyone and everyone as English. He believes in a fictional civic English identity and so just as he fights for Eddie Bone an ethnically Englishman he will then on the other hand help destroy the English identity by fighting for a West Indian, Jamaican, Pakistani, Indian etc in Court who he also deems English too. This could be deemed schizophrenia of course unless he is going to deny this and let me know that I have got crossed wires and lets us know that his party’s candidates such as Sati Chaggar are not deemed English by him?

  4. Have just read the above comment. I have also just found out that the Labour Party's new policy maker Mehti Hasan has described "Whites" i.e. ethnic Christian Europeans as animals. At the same time we learn that the new Muslim curator of the British Museum is staging an exhbition on the Haj which can be of little interest to the indigenous British, apart from those who consider they are more enlightened than the peasants, or to visitors from Europe, the US or the Old Commonwealth faced with a Muslim takeover; or to the Japanese who thought they were coming to England not Pakistan. The Muslim Museum now? The population of England has increased by a quarter since 1952, mostly due to mass immigration ie ten cities like Birmingham. That of India has quadrupled in the same period. There is no doubt that Subcontinentals regard England as Lebensraum and if they breed at that rate they will outbreed us in no time at all, even before 2050. Perhaps the handover to Pakistani Muslims has already begun. As regards Robin, perhaps he is just trying to avoid falling foul of the law like Nick Griffin - he must know it well enough - or of Unite Against Fascism and the anti-racists who already have the EDs in their sights. We will never know.

    1. the biggest Fascists are Muslims!, simply Google "Muslim SS" and open your Eyes!, spread the word

  5. I however am prepared to blow myself up and take as many Spineless MP's with me using my Suicide Bomb that is how strongly I will defend my Anglo Saxon Origins from "Foreign" Invaders, will you?

  6. have you noticed in the Newspaper article that the NHS Trust Representative in NOT even English? but a "Potential Terrorist"! good isn't it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am deeply Offended at being referred to as a "BRIT", this is exactly the same as calling someone from Pakistan a "PAKI", who do I Complain to?