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Friday, 6 January 2012

Anti English Victimisation of a Trade Union Rep Leads to Employment Tribunal!

This is yesterday's press release for the Workers of England Union:-

"Eddie Bone, a highly qualified nurse and Trade Union shop steward / Representative of a new Trade Union The Workers of England Union is taking North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to the Bury St Edmunds, Employment Tribunal alleging that the Trust has failed to take any action to stop anti English bullying and harassment against him in their Colchester based mental health hospital. The Tribunal is set to take place at the Employment Tribunal Service, 100 Southgate Street, Bury St Edmonds, IP33 2AQ today and is scheduled to last to the 12th January 2012.

Eddie Bone is a joint founder of the Workers of England Trade Union, an independent Trade Union that does not financially support the Labour Party. Several members complained at the Lakes Mental Health Hospital in Colchester that serious clinical concerns were not being addressed. Eddie Bone raised the concerns and it is alleged he was then the victim of serious harassment from management at the Hospital and Labour supporting Unison Representatives who objected to the name of his Union containing the word England. These attacks caused Eddie Bone, a qualified nurse with an exemplary record of some 16 years, much distress. Once Eddie Bone’s witness statement has been put in the public domain when he starts to give evidence on the 5th January 2012, it will be available to any journalist who requests a copy. It details anti English racism and serious clinical deficiencies arising from NHS cuts.

Carleton Maflin, General Secretary of the Workers of England Trade Union, said :-“It is our case that this Union Representative has been subjected to more than two years of anti English bullying and harassment for raising serious clinical concerns. The Workers of England Union will always support and protect its members throughout England when highlighting legitimate issues. Racism in any form should not be tolerated in the workplace and the case will test whether North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust should not have engaged in it and should have protected Eddie Bone from this terrible abuse”.

Carleton Maflin
General Secretary
The Workers of England Union
Cannon House, 17 Nelson Road, Colchester, Essex CO3 9AP
Telephone 01206 766899"

Here is the link to the Union's BBC Newsnight appearence shortly after their launch >>>

The Workers of England Union now have a rapidly growing membership and, from the excellent work that I saw yesterday, I can fully understand why!

I attended the Hearing yesterday to support Eddie and to give evidence. Here is my witness statement:-

CASE NO: 1500119/2011 & Others

-and -




I, ROBIN CHARLES WILLIAM TILBROOK, of Quires Green, Willingale, Ongar, Essex, CM5 0QP, will say as follows:-

1. I am a Solicitor of over 20 years standing and the Principal of Tilbrook’s Solicitors whose practice address is as above. I am a past President of Mid-Essex Law Society, a former Church Warden and Chairman of St Margaret’s, Stanford Rivers, Ongar, Parochial Church Council. I am also a Liveryman and Freeman of the City of London and I am the Chairman and one of the founder members of the English Democrats Party.

2. The purpose of mentioning the status related items in the previous paragraph is to emphasise that the English Democrats Party is a respectable political party, properly registered with the Electoral Commission, which has stood in many elections and won hundreds of thousands of votes. We currently have 6 District/County Councillors and have won the Directly Elected Mayoralty of Doncaster, which is the largest metropolitan borough council in England. The Party constitution is expressly inclusive of all those who support our political aims from whatever background. Our manifesto position is firmly rooted in the modern ideal of the democratic nation state. Our key note policy is the establishment of an English Parliament with our First Minister and our Government with at least the same powers as the Scottish ones, within a federal United Kingdom.

3. I am however aware from my political involvement that there is quite a widespread, pervasive and quite frankly racist anti-Englishness in many official circles. As a solicitor I have taken a professional interest in these types of cases and have no doubt that the applicant herein has been subjected to a campaign of harassment at least part of the motivation for which is anti-English racism.

4. It is now well established in Race Relations law, as it always must have been as a matter of general principle, that discriminatory treatment of somebody based upon their assertion of English Nationality, National Identity and National Origin is contrary to law in exactly the same way it would be for any other racial, ethnic or national group.

5. On behalf of the English Democrats I have fought several such cases and on no occasion has a legal argument contrary to the above points been accepted by the court. As an example of the approach taken by the courts I quote this from the Judgment of His Honour Judge Patrick Maloney QC in one of my cases:-

“As I have already hinted….above, (any attempt to argue a) sharp distinction between one’s race and one’s beliefs may be an over-simplification, at least in an unusual case like the present one. A discriminator may say “I am not employing him because I believe he is a racist”. Fair enough; but if on further inquiry he goes on to say “I believe he is a racist because he is a white man with an English accent and a St George’s flag on his car” then the question of racial grounds is reopened. Put another way, it is as possible to make racist assumptions about other people’s opinions as about, for example, their honesty or intelligence, and discrimination on such a basis would appear to be unlawful. Where the opinions in question are or include nationalist ones, that is ones closely linked to the person’s own perceived national origins or affiliations, the risk of overlap is particularly great.”

6. Knowing this I recommended to the Workers of England Union, for whom I have done some professional work, that an allegation of racial discrimination should be made against the Respondent Trust.

7. Given the type of remarks and behaviour exhibited by management and employees of the Trust, I took the view that the threshold had been well and truly passed to put the onus of proof onto the Trust to prove that its behaviour and the unchecked behaviour of its employees was not discriminatory. Indeed I would say that the more I have read and the more that I have heard about what has happened to the Claimant, the more convinced I am of the institutionalised anti-English discrimination that seems to be inherent in the practice of the Trust displayed towards Mr Bone.

8. Despite my having had some involvement in helping to set up and do some work for the Workers of England Union, nevertheless the Workers of England Union are of course a separate organisation from the English Democrats and I am not personally an officer of the Workers of England Union.

9. I am willing to attend the Tribunal and give evidence and to tender myself for cross-examination.

Statement of Truth

I believe that the facts in this Witness Statement are true.

Signed………………………… ……… Dated ………………………
Robin Charles William Tilbrook


  1. Dear Sir
    when you consider that the unions really came to the for in England with the mainly methodists Tollpuddle martyrs in the early 19th century, how the unions are now trying to destroy their own roots and replace this with what I wonder, Mr Bone is only carrying on the same principle they showed, whether he is a Christian or not but in Christian values there is no racism as we are all the same, we may come from different back grounds but as we see racism is used to muddy the water, I wish you well in your case Mr Bone.
    Stephen Bennett

  2. Brilliant!
    Without your professional skills, personal determination and self sacrifice The Plan for England to divided up into the British Regions of a European Super State to rival America would be significantly more advanced than they already are and as an Englishman with English Ancestry, I am enormously grateful to you.
    The fact that as an Independent Nation State England will be significantly more wealthy than it could ever otherwise hope to be is a bonus.

  3. About time,Justice for the English !

  4. After witnessing the sorry debacle with Dianne Abbot this week, and the intransigence of the establishment to act to rebuke her, it is not surprising that Mr Bone has suffered so.It will take many brave men to even start to redress the balance. The most depressing thing is that the most vociferous Anglophobes are English.
    However it is a sin to despair.

    In times of doubt I gird my loins with one of Tennyson's greatest poems: Ulysses, in which the eponymous hero returns to Ithaca and both glories and rails at his adventure and old age and the frustrations of, 'rusting unburnished'.

    In the last stanza he muses, as perhaps we ought:

    It may be that the gulfs will wash us down:
    It may be we shall touch the happy isles
    And see the great Achilles, whom we knew,

    Though much is taken, much abides, and though
    We are not that strength which in old days
    Moved earth and heaven; that which we are,we are:

    One equal temper of heroic hearts,
    Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will

    To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

  5. Laurence Williams7 January 2012 at 13:56

    I know Eddie personally and he is one of the nicest [and funniest] and upstanding Citizens you could wish to meet! I have crossed many a media-marxist in my time and it always saddens me when I see and hear their oft anti-Englishness [read. anti-Establishment] emanating from them. They are well educated intellectual gangsters really, and they mostly control the labour and libdem parties and, of course, their 'Crown' Jewel, the bbc! I wish Eddie the very best of English, Welsh, Irish and even Scottish Luck in this most significant case! Laurence Williams [Sidcup, Kent]

  6. I think therefore I am. I'm English, therefore I'm f****d.

  7. What is the point of talking about it? Action is needed.

  8. good luck , eddie ! carleton is your man !

  9. was gonna wish you goodluck " but on second thoughts i can only hope JUSTICE PREVAILS ! biggest crime in britain is to be a white british male? i will follow this story and i can only hope the press do too ? but i doubt it !!!!!

  10. Having seen the pictures of the muslim march the time is coming when we will have to stand as one england

  11. I too will be looking for Justice in the newspapers for this Englishman and sincerely wish you and those representing you every success, you have wonderful support.
    I do not expect to hear anything on this matter from `our` anti-English BBC, but hope that this will be given prominence in the Telegraph.
    Are we as Englishmen and women doing enough for ourselves and for England? Are we ashamed of wearing our St George Cross on our lapels? are you using our St George Cross car stickers with ENG? covering that wreath of `UN` If not Why!
    not! Sir, I am ENGLISH and PROUD of calling myself one. I am not British and proud of not being one.
    Peter D. Granville-Edmunds

  12. I would like to ask.In what country in the world would this relegation of the indigenous population to the point where they are exploited, insulted even ridiculed, on a daily basis be tolerated or even attempted?It seems to me that anti-Englishness is now part of the university and college curriculum maybe or maybe not officially.I say this because everyone I,ve met who is a product of these types of education seems to have no time for anything English even their own families.But would any of these creatures tolerate the same type of treatment in their own countries as they inflict on us.Would they not demand the removal of any anti indigenous elements?But lets put it another way.Are not creatures either traitors if English or enemies of our country if not?I for one as an Englishman would settle for the same rights as immigrants where the state is concerned.I speak from the position of being on the sharp end of knowing we don,t

  13. Robert James Gillon9 January 2012 at 18:10

    The people voted for it. They have only themselves to blame. Enough said.

  14. Robert James Gillon9 January 2012 at 18:15

    How many times will I see the word "Hope" on this site. When will you realise that hoping for something will never work?

  15. Robert James Gillon9 January 2012 at 18:25

    To anyone signing "Anonymous". Try growing a backbone and state your name as a true Britisher.

  16. Robert James Gillon9 January 2012 at 18:53

    There are some anonymouses ( is that the correct English word)? who are not proud of their names. I am and I'm white, English and love my country.

  17. Robert James Gillon11 January 2012 at 20:39

    Have I frightened everyone away? Just to add, all Trade Union reps are communist UAF scum who are actively seeking the downfall of Great Britain (Look in their rule books if you don't believe me). Ask your rep if they think British jobs should be given to British workers and listen as they dodge the answer.

  18. Gillon don't you think the occasional reader of this blog might not be interested in nation-states or even whether or not Ethnic English survive as an identifiable group? Don't you think a government headed by a one-Worlder and traitor to native British interests would snoop on those they see as their enemies, nationalists? That's why it is better for most of us to post anonymously. Or would you like us all to give our names and addresses to you? To sort out this mess that is Britain, things are going to have to get a lot tougher and much more vicious. Why give free information to our enemies?

    1. Robin, Is it possible to give us an update on this now that the tribunal is over? Also is it possible to give a link to the witness statement so we can read how the victim was being treated?

      Dave morris

  19. Eddie Boneis a charismatic individual and with his beliefs about the place of England in political life
    it is unsur;prising that there are many who oppopse him.
    But never fear we shall overcome.
    Just had a letter published in the Manchester Evening
    News on the proposed referendum in Scotland. Asked why
    the Scots are treated so generously. The fuse is getting

    Tom Jackson

  20. Robert James Gillon18 January 2012 at 20:20

    Dear Anonymous, yes things are going to get more vicious and tougher in our country in the very near future that's for certain. When the rising tide is lapping at your doorstep will you realise it's a bit too late to place the sandbags down.

  21. The problem for Mr. Bone is what he means by English? Does he mean the Saxon, Viking, Norman, Celtic or Roman part of Englishness? Or is he so deluded that he thinks Englishness excludes all of these other heritages? He wants to outlaw multiculturalism and he bears a grudge against Scotsmen, Welshmen and Irishmen (and the extended European family) from being fairly elected to rule over him; he screams all day and night that he is treated unfairly and seems to be determined to destroy our democracy by intimidation and ultimately by force. In true psychotic style he then accuses others of being the racists, the terrorists, the anti-English thugs. One day he will wake up to psychoanalysis and realize that he himself is the monster he is seeking to destroy. I think he should leave his politics to one side if/when he goes to work with vulnerable people in a clinical environment - he does much more harm than good - he is well beyond the point of reason and he is not fit to practice.