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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The "growing sense of Englishness is becoming politicized"!

The IPPR is one of Labour's favourite 'Thinktanks' but it is worried! It is becoming aware that the English are waking up!

At the IPPR offices in Buckingham Street, London at noon on Thursday 26 January, it is running a seminar entitled:-

The dog that finally barked: The new politics of Englishness
The seminar will ask:- "Is Englishness now the dominant source of identity for the English? Do the English still believe that Westminster is capable of governing in the interests of all parts of England? How will the English react to further constitutional change in Scotland?"

And we are told:- "Drawing on the most comprehensive examination of English public attitudes towards questions of identity, governance and nationhood this seminar will discuss the extent to which a growing sense of Englishness is becoming politicized and its implications for British politics."

On the panel are Professors Richard Wyn Jones and Michael Kenny who have done the research and two establishment politicians and MPs, John Denham and David Davies.

Dr Guy Lodge, the politcs director of the IPPR tells me that the English Democrats are going to be very pleased with what the IPPR have discovered about the awakening of English Nationalism and he has promised to include me in the discussion. He hopes that Labour and the Conservatives will be so alarmed by the rising English groundswell that they will take steps to draw its sting before it does damage to the British political Establishment!

After the meeting I shall report back on what ideas they come up with!


Here is what the IPPR say about themselves:-

About us
IPPR, the Institute for Public Policy Research, is the UK’s leading progressive thinktank. We produce rigorous research and innovative policy ideas for a fair, democratic and sustainable world.

We are open and independent in how we work, and with offices in London and the North of England, IPPR spans a full range of local and national policy debates. Our international partnerships extend IPPR’s influence and reputation across the world.

We currently have more than 30 research staff working on key policy areas: the future of the economy, reform of public services, family policy, welfare reform, political renewal, climate change and migration.

IPPR North, based in Newcastle and Manchester, specialises in regional economics, localism and community policy.

We publish more than 50 reports each year and our website is a key hub for progressive thinking. Our events programme brings high-profile politicians and leading thinkers to a wide range of audiences.

IPPR is committed to the following objectives:

Combating inequality: Not just through distributing some of the proceeds of growth to the least well off, but by taking active steps to share power, opportunity, income and wealth much more evenly.
Empowering citizens: Not simply by handing down responsibility from the state, but giving people real power, security and resources to shape and control their destiny.
Promoting social responsibility: Not treating people as atomised individuals, but recognising that society is made up of interdependent individuals, who flourish because of the ties and networks that support them.
Creating a fair and sustainable economy: Not only through better regulated financial markets that move away from greed and debt, but through a commitment to a low carbon, less consumerist and more inclusive growth and prosperity that helps alleviate the plight of the global poor and protects the future of our planet.
Revitalising democracy: Not just through sweeping away outmoded practices at Westminster and embracing political pluralism, but by radically transforming democratic processes and establishing new ways of doing politics at local and national levels, in Europe and internationally.


  1. They had better hurry up if they are talking about the indigenous English as if the indigenous British are to be in a minority by 2050 then the indigenous English will be in a minority long before. As we head towards that point there will be a mass exodus to God knows where. I am sure now that this is the plan anyhow so they will drag their feet as long as they can. Somehow I wonder though whether Professor Sykes with his dna proof that we are not a nation of immigrants and that chap who said the cockney accent would be replaced by an Afro-asian patois by 2040 are still on our side. Cry God for Harry, England ( and the poor English and their planned holocaust ) and St George.

  2. ". . . drawing on English public attitudes"? Don't they mean "Public attitudes in England"?

    How do they know what are 'English attitudes', whether in public or private?

    What does 'English' include?

    "Embracing political pluralism" is so much poppycock when wealth (including public funding) or the lack of it is the major determinant of effective political plurality!

  3. Know thine enemy! Beware the quangos and their neo Marxist shibboleths:

    Low Carbon
    Global...... et cetera

    The establishment likes to own credible threats or destroy them. I'm not sure what will happen to the ED's yet. It's very easy to become useful idiots (EDL), rather than principled opposition.

    Satan does not cast out Satan.

  4. An English Parliament now and end the Barnet Formula. Give the Scottish people a deadline for leaving or staying within, what is left, of
    the Union.

  5. Jeremiah, glad you have twigged that Marxists are the spawn of Satan. There is even a book out about Marx and his clique being out and out Satanists. This fact was realised in Russia before the Revolution and lead to the following prophecy:


    The late Dr Michael Green advisor on evangelism to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in his book "I BELIEVE IN SATAN's DOWNFALL" quoted this prophecy made in Russia in 1911 six years before the Communist Revolution through a Russian Orthodox monk Seraphin

    "An evil will shortly take Russia and where ever this evil comes rivers of blood will flow because of it, It is not the Russian soul, but an imposition on the Russian soul. It is not an ideology, or a philosophy, but a spirit from Hell.
    In the last days Germany will be divided in two. France will just be nothing. Italy will be judged by natural disasters. Britain will lose her empire and will come almost to total ruin, but will be saved by praying women. America will feed the world, * but will finally collapse. Russia and China will destroy each other. Then Russia will be free, and, from her, believers will go forth, and turn many from the Nations to God"

    So there is hope that this Spirit from Hell will ultimately be defeated and Justice and Common Sense will prevail, despite the fact that common sense has been dismissed as fascism for the last 50 years.

  6. The soul of the nation is its language. English has to return to its Old English roots in its "New English" form, see David Cowley's book - 'How we'd talk if the English had won in 1066'. Restoration of the English language as the national language (folkdomly speech)has to be a central plank of any English nationalist party. Common English koine (Engkoine) is fine as an international language, but it is not true English.