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Sunday, 29 January 2012

English Democrats' David slays Salford Labour’s Goliath!

This last week has been a momentous one for the English Democrats and for the Cause of democratic English nationalism.

We had both a great victory in democratising the leadership of one of Labour's heartlands, Salford, and also validation, from a Labour Think-tank, that the rise of English Nationalism is now unstoppable.

Having either happen would have been very welcome but both together is a quantum leap! Also the national background to these two developments was the start of Alex Salmond's 1,000 day drive towards Scottish Independence and the ending of the UK. This will be a time in which the media will be increasingly interested in hearing the voice of moderate and reasonable English nationalism. This is already starting, as was shown by my BBC News interview on Tuesday evening and 5 Live on Wednesday morning and various newspaper interviews.

I have already written about the IPPR report but here is our Press Release about our Salford result:-

English Democrats' David slays Salford Labour’s Goliath!

Today the English Democrats are delighted to announce that our nationwide campaign for directly elected Council Leaders (aka Mayors) for every local authority in England has borne its first fruit - despite an increasingly desperate and dishonest campaign by the Salford Council Labour Party.

Salford is the first local authority where we collected the required 5% of the electors’ signatures (c. over 8,500) to trigger a referendum to give the voters of Salford the chance to change their Council’s leadership, from the old back-scratching and buggins’ system, to one of democratic election by all the voters. The result was, out of 31,091 votes cast, 17,344 were in favour of an elected Mayor and 13,653 were against. Therefore in May there will be an election for Salford’s first directly elected Council Leader.

Stephen Morris, our North West Chairman and Salford Mayoral Campaign Organiser said:-

“This result, where the turnout was quite similar to the usual turnout in Council elections, showed that even Salford Labour Party’s usual supporters have turned against it! I am now looking forward to bringing Mayoral Referendums to Bolton and Wigan as soon as possible.”

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said:-

“This is a fantastic day for local democracy in England and shows that the way is open to achieving a better and more transparent leadership in local authorities across England. We would like to get everyone more actively involved in local politics and we believe we will succeed in doing so, if they can see that the old one party local political machines are being replaced by Mayoral elections which give the electorate a real choice!”

Robin continued:-

“Even David only needed a little stone to bring Goliath crashing down! Now our Party will redouble our efforts in collecting signatures to trigger further referenda the length and breadth of England”.

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  1. William Rees McGonagal30 January 2012 at 13:40

    Mr Salmond, you've got to laugh, 'thousand day drive to indepedence', what he meant to say was, 'thousand YEAR drive to independence.

    On p.25 of Eye 1306 (latest edition) there is a pithy skit taking the rise out of the absurd position of Salmond and the scotch re 'independence'.

  2. "moderate and reasonable English nationalism" Unfortunately I have yet to see such a thing, as a Scottish Nationalist I wish there was an English equivalent of Plaid Cymru who we often share a platform with. The SNP and Plaid Cymru are perfect examples of positive inclusive civic nationalism who talk up their countries. The English Democrats come across as a suited EDL talking down everyone elses. The Comment above from William Rees McGonaagal demonstrates that perfectly.