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Monday, 7 September 2020

For English Independence!

For English Independence

Recently I was invited onto Hearts of Oak for a videoed debate on the pros and cons of English Independence.   

You can watch the debate here >>>

Here is some of what I could have said.

English or British?

In a sense the question of which Nation we should belong to is not a purely rational one - on either side of the divide.

It’s emotional.

It’s who do we think we are?

It’s home is where the heart is.

Personally I am proud to be English.  I am proud of England.

England means something to me, but Britain and the United Kingdom don’t and I am not alone.

2011 Census 60.4% English only (including London!)

In England most people with a history in England feel English.

British is what people who are not English say that they are.

People who feel strongly patriotic or nationalist, like those who voted for Brexit, care about their country.

This is why 56% of Brexit voters in a recent opinion poll support English Independence.

English Independence would also get us out of the EU and all treaties entered into by the British State so there is a potential to reshape our politics if we dissolved the UK.

Then there are the grievances against the way that the UK is run.  The British Political Establishment are increasingly politically correct - partly as a strategy to do down the English.  They welcome mass immigration. They are all Internationalist and Globalist Liberals. 

They are progressively destroying our country.  They want to break England up with bogus “Regions”. They want to build all over it!

The British Establishment have destroyed all our old English regiments in the army.  They have configured our “Defence” forces for foreign interventions and not for defending our country.  We have got two vastly expensive aircraft carriers which were built on Clyde-side both over budget and to a poor standard, and all defence shipbuilding has been stripped out of England to help subsidise Scotland in order to help buy Scottish votes for the Union.  British politicians say that we need the Union to “Punch above our weight on the world stage”.

Which brings me onto the Barnett Formula.  2009 - £49billion.  £32billion for Scotland.

It is the English that pay for the Barnett Formula. 

Last year:  Northern Ireland spent the most per head at £11,590 followed by:-

·       Scotland at £11,247
·       Wales at £10,656
·       England at £9,296

It is also the English assets that the British State has been busy asset stripping, selling off freeholds for hospitals and mental health facilities and our historic court buildings. 

The British run MoD has sold off so many of our bases that they now cannot bring our tank regiments back from Germany as there is no- where left to house them!

Our systems are already quite separate.  Just look at the differences of emphasis in the way in which the British Government has dealt with its control over English Health Policy in comparison with that of the Scottish Government (and Welsh and Northern Irish).  This is just a reflection of the way that the British Establishment manage the NHS against the interests of the English, leading to us being the only UK Nation that has to pay for prescription charges.  All the others have their prescription charges paid for – by us!

It is no exaggeration to say that England is the last British Colony!  This has to end.   

Let us demand Home Rule for England.   

We want our country back!   

The time is right for English Independence!