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Thursday, 25 October 2018




 Unfortunately my work commitments would not allow me to attend on Tuesday to support Tommy Robinson in what I thought likely to be his hour of trial.  

Had I however seen his witness statement, which I set out below, then I would have thought it likely that his case would not be tried on Tuesday because he clearly now is not going to plead guilty and is making statements of fact which the Court would want challenged in cross-examination. 

The Court’s evidence rule being that if it were not to be challenged in cross-examination, his statements of fact would have to have been accepted by the Court.  The referral by the Judge therefore to bring in the Attorney General (the State’s legal department), was not a decision that, in the long run, is definitely going to be in Tommy Robinson’s favour.  A more likely reading would appear to be that the Judge wants to see the truthfulness of Tommy Robinson’s witness statement to be challenged in Court. 

I have seen interviews with Tommy Robinson where he is saying that he doesn’t think it is right or consistent with previous practice for him to be sent to prison for Contempt of Court.  I agree with him that his treatment seems, on the face of it, to have been harsh.  It also comes on a long track record of improper official and police harassment.  This is someone who has shown great bravery in breaking the story of the many Pakistani Muslim child rape gangs operating in this country. This was disgracefully unchecked by many of the officials whose job it was to look after the public and/or the girls who were shamefully and appallingly mistreated.

However, from a legal point of view, Tommy’s problem is that he was serving a suspended jail sentence with a term of 6 months in the event that he was convicted again of Contempt of Court.  It follows therefore, as night follows day, that if he is reconvicted when his case comes back for trial he will be going back to prison.  The absolute legal minimum sentence for him, which applies automatically, is that his 6 month jail sentence is to be served. 

I think it unlikely however that any Judge convicting him of a second contempt, within the period of his first suspended prison sentence, wouldn’t give him further immediate custodial time to serve for the second offence. 

The maximum period for the second offence is 2 years imprisonment.  In my opinion, a further jail sentence is highly unlikely to approach this maximum, since this is by no means the most serious of contempts.  I would however have thought that the Court would perhaps want to assert its authority and at the same time not to provoke disorder in the way of demonstrations.  My guess would therefore be that Tommy would serve a few more weeks. 

In the meanwhile on Sunday an interesting article was published in the Sunday Times, a paper which has become less and less of  a “Journal of Record” and more and more openly propagandistic for the globalists, internationalist, British Political Establishment.
Personally I have also found it disappointing to see the author, Andrew Gilligan, slip into the rut of being a bog standard main-stream media journalist after his glory days attacking Blairs’ Iraq War “dodgy dossier”.  He does however have some interesting information in the article, which I am told is backed by those in the know!  What do you think?

Here is the Sunday Times article:-

Tommy Robinson’s ‘massive’ jail bonus: publicity

The far-right leader expects to be imprisoned this week for ‘telling the truth about Islam’. It should bring a big payday too

Andrew Gilligan

October 21 2018, 12:01am, The Sunday Times

The far-right figurehead who styles himself Tommy Robinson says he has sacked his lawyers and intends to get himself sent back to jail when he appears in court this week for a contempt hearing.

Former assistants to Robinson said he scooped a “massive payday” when he was jailed for contempt in May, earning huge public visibility and hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations. Robinson was jailed for 13 months after confronting and filming men of Pakistani origin outside a court, where they were on trial for their alleged parts in Britain’s biggest sex grooming gang.

On Friday it emerged that the men were among 20 convicted as members of a gang that subjected girls as young as 11 to an “inhuman” campaign of rape and sexual abuse in Huddersfield. The judge, Geoffrey Marson QC, said the footage, which Robinson live-streamed on Facebook, risked prejudicing the trial and jeopardised other cases against the gang.

It is believed that a return to prison would gain further money and attention for Robinson, 35, who was released on appeal in August pending the hearing on Tuesday. In May, Robinson admitted the contempt and apologised — but he now appears to have recanted.

In a video interview with PI News, an obscure German website, he said: “I sacked my solicitors because they tried to broker a deal where I apologise and I admit guilt, and then if I do that then I go home.

“And I said, I’m never going to do that. . . . They were working for the other side, that’s what I felt. This is a historic moment, and I want to speak and stand by my convictions. So I’m going to stand up in court and read a statement . . . that tells the truth about Islam . . . I’d rather go to jail for the next 25 years than accept guilt for telling the truth . . . I am going to lay the gauntlet down to the government. . . . When you read what I’m going to say in court, I’m calling all of them out . . . I know 100% I am going to jail.”

Robinson was speaking after receiving the “European patriot of the year” award at a conference in Bavaria organised by the hard-right magazine Compact. In his acceptance speech, he said: “German people for too long have lived in the guilt of Adolf Hitler. Do not live in the guilt of Angela Merkel.”

The conference, on September 29, brought together key figures on the European far right, including Lutz Bachmann, the founder of Pegida, Martin Sellner, from the Generation Identity movement, leaders of the Alternative for Germany party and a representative of the Italian leader, Matteo Salvini. Compact has been funded by the Kremlin-created Institute for Democracy and Co-operation.

A former assistant to Robinson, who had access to his Stripe online payment processing account, claimed it contained £2m after his jailing and appeal, thanks to a flood of donations, mostly small amounts. Another former assistant, Lucy Brown, told The Sunday Times in August that Robinson operated a “business” in which “your outrage, valid as it is, will be monetised as such”.

Robinson recently moved into a £950,000 house in an upmarket village in Bedfordshire. The detached, gated property has four bedrooms, a two- bedroom annexe and a double garage.

John Carson, of Carson Kaye, Robinson’s solicitor for the August appeal, refused to comment last night. The firm described Robinson as a client in a tweet two days before the German interview.

It is understood Robinson may have been referring not to Carson but to his barrister in the August appeal, Jeremy Dein QC, who has parted company with Robinson and did not represent him at a brief interim hearing last month.

Dein disputed he was sacked, saying he “withdrew for professional reasons”.

Robinson did not return messages asking for comment. In a video on his Facebook page on Friday, after the rape convictions were reported, he repeated that he would be “convicted on Tuesday”.

Here is the published text of Tommy Robinson’s Witness Statement:-




I, Stephen Lennon, journalist, of an address known to the court and of Luton, will say as follows:

17.  I am the defendant in these contempt proceedings, and the Court has served me with two allegations of contempt against me. This is one more than I faced in the Crown Court at Leeds.

18. In relation to the first allegation, breaching the order of the court, which requires as I understand it an intention to interfere with the administration of justice, I would like to say this.

19. Firstly, I would like to assure the court that undermining the court’s authority or interfering with the administration of justice was never my intention. I believed I acted in good faith within the parameters of the section 4 reporting restriction in place. The information I provided was in the public domain, factual and relevant but did not provide any details of the trial proceedings other than what had already been reported previously and was readily available online. I rely on the documents in my bundle as examples of what had previously been reported.

20. When I arrived at Leeds Crown Court that morning I could not obtain any specific details of the reporting restriction order. I do not believe there is a website which holds such details, so I researched online and reviewed the reporting restriction guidelines provided. They state that the court should include details of reporting restrictions on the court listings both online and in court and also provide a notice on the door of the court. My solicitors have photographic evidence to show that the court did not follow these guidelines that day and had no details listed anywhere of a reporting restriction for that case. This is also in the bundle. The only time the notification about reporting restrictions was available was later that afternoon after the Court had convicted me and sent me to prison. Only then did the Court follow the guidelines and list a reporting restriction against the court listings for both the grooming case and my subsequent case.

21. After my previous experience with contempt of court in Canterbury I went out of my way to ensure I would not fall foul of the law again. I privately paid for training with one of London’s leading law firms, Kingsley Napley, to cover all details regarding contempt of court. There is documentation in relation to this in my bundle.

22. On that morning at Leeds Crown Court I had knowledge of the verdicts of the first phase of this grooming trial and many of the specific details discussed in court for this particular trial. I did not talk about these in my livestream on that day. I had understood based on my training that the specifics of the case and the verdicts were off limits for reporting restrictions.

23. Having been unable to obtain any details from the court on the conditions of the reporting restriction I decided to review the guidelines for reporting restrictions. On the Judiciary’s website there is a practical guide aimed at judges and the media on the statutory and common law principles that should be applied with regards to reporting restrictions. The paper was called ‘Reporting Restrictions in the Criminal Courts April 2015 (Revised May 2016)’. In this paper it stated that Courts have no power under s.4(2) of the Contempt of Court Act 1981 to prevent publication of material that is already in the public domain (see page 27 of this document).

24.I followed my training and this guidance to the letter. I did not divulge any of the previous case verdicts, did not detail any specifics mentioned in the trial, did not assume guilt and refrained from entering court property. I even asked the officer outside the court where the court boundaries were and that I was ok to film where I was to which he confirmed.

25. I also followed that guidance document issued on the Judiciary website informing me that I could only reference information that was already in the public domain. Every single thing I said that day was already in the public domain. I actually read charges and names of the defendants from a BBC article which to this day is still live on their website. I also made sure not to film anyone other than the defendants, I was calm and respectful throughout.

10.  It is my understanding that there is no individual in the last 60 years that has been sentenced to prison for a publication breach of a reporting order. It would appear to me that my punishment is exceptional. I would ask that I am treated in the same manner as every other journalist who has been charged with these allegations. The journalist Rod Liddle was writing for the Spectator magazine in relation to the Stephen Lawrence murder trial, and when he was sentenced for breaching the section 4 order, and risking prejudice to the trial, was given a fine. Journalists at the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror published highly prejudicial material on the trail of Levi Bellfield who abducted and murdered an 11-year-old child. This contempt of court led to the collapse of the entire case and discharge of the jury and robbed one of his victims of the chance for justice. The reporters in this instance were not prosecuted and instead their employers were found guilty of contempt and fined £10,000.

11. I have reviewed the transcripts from Leeds Crown Court where the Judge was discussing various reporting order breaches. The judge and the CPS discuss the fact that multiple news sources breached the very same order placed on my trial with some breaching both the reporting orders by mentioning the grooming trial as well as my arrest and prison term. Lizzie Dearden the home affairs correspondent at the Independent actually refused to remove the article when provided with the order stating that the effect of social media voids reporting restrictions, so she could not be held in contempt of court. The CPS and the judge agreed that these breaches of the order were a matter for the Attorney General to review.

14. When I was informed of the blanket order, I offered to delete my video immediately. Despite the multiple breaches of the order by different newspapers that weekend and the flat refusal of Lizzie Dearden to take her article down, not one of those journalists or the editors of those publications, were ever arrested or prosecuted for s.4(2) of the Contempt of Court Act.

15. According to the court transcript the newspaper breaches of the reporting order was a matter for the Attorney General. My case was not referred to the Attorney General for review and instead I was hauled into court immediately, refused my own choice of legal representation, prosecuted, and convicted in a matter of minutes in what the Court of Appeal regarded as a flawed trial. I was then imprisoned for over 2.5 months in solitary confinement until I won the appeal. I was held against my categorisation, moved to the highest Muslim population Cat C prison, subjected to mental torture and constant threats and abuse and had all of my rights removed in the interest of prison safety.

16. It is clear to me that my continued prosecution and heavy-handed tactics from the state is because of ‘who I am’ rather than ‘what I did’.

17. In relation to the second allegation, the strict liability allegation, I would like to say this.

18. It is only since my original trial that there has been an additional charge added suggesting that the contents of my livestream were prejudicial to this case. The case completed, the jury concluded, and the verdicts were given. I would like to state clearly that in the transcript from the original trial the judge discussed my video with Mr Wright QC, prosecution counsel. Having reviewed the content of my video Mr Wright stated in court: ‘here is nothing they could have seen that could in any way prejudice them against the defendants’. Judge Marson agreed on the record.

19. For this reason, (a) I cannot see why I should face two charges when the core of the allegation in front of Judge Marson was the breach of the section 4(2) order, other than because I am regarded as a political activist and the charges are motivated by my political activism, and (b) I do not accept that the material that was live streamed created either a real or substantial risk of prejudice to the Leeds proceedings. The prosecution counsel and the Judge both agreed on the court transcript that my livestream could not have prejudiced the jury.

20. Everything I reported that morning was fair and accurate and published in good faith within the constraints of the judiciary’s guidelines for the media.

21. I will address each point in the allegations drafted by the Advocate to the Court.

22. The first allegation is that I suggested the defendants were involved in wider criminal activity. This is not correct. I was referring to two reports, one on the radio and one in the Huddersfield Examiner which set out the allegations relating to the 29 individuals. I cannot find the original references but a similar report on the BBC relating to the allegations is in the defence bundle.

23. The second allegation is that stating that those of the same ethnicity and religion as the defendants were disproportionally likely to commit the crimes for which the defendants were being tried could prejudice the trial.

24. This statement is factually correct. The Quilliam foundation who are a Muslim run anti extremism think tank have produced a research paper looking at convictions of this type 1 street grooming from 2005 - 2017. This is in the defence bundle. They found that 84% of all convictions were south Asian with the significant majority of those being Pakistani Muslim. All of these victims were white children. 

25. Sajid Javid the Home Secretary himself announced on BBC news this year that in these types of street grooming trials the individuals convicted are from a disproportionately Pakistani background.

26. Nazir Afzal is the former head of the Crown Prosecution Service in the north west of England and a lead prosecutor on child sexual abuse and he also publicly stated on Channel 4 News that Asians and Pakistanis in particular are disproportionately involved in this type of street grooming. He also presented these facts in front of Parliament.

26.  I merely stated factual insight into the ethnicity and religious make up of perpetrators of these types of crimes. I repeated publicly available research papers from the Quilliam Organisation, testimony from the former head of Crown Prosecution Service in the Northwest and a statement from the Home Secretary himself all three of which are in fact Pakistani Muslims themselves.

27. I do not accept that reporting facts on the ethnicity or the make-up of particular offender groups could be categorised as contempt of court given the number of grooming gang trials currently in progress across the United Kingdom and the commentary on those facts which are widely discussed in the media.

28. The third allegation is that highlighting as significant the sexual references of the abuse that I had elicited from the defendants could prejudice the trial.

29.  I asked each of the defendants what their views were on their verdict they were expecting to hear that day. All 3 of them separately made aggressive vulgar sexual references or sexual threats against both my mother and my wife. I did not ask the defendants to comment on their views of my wife and mother, they did this out of the blue. Repeating what they actually said in the video has no relevance or prejudice on the trial itself.

30. The fourth allegation is that I made derogatory comments about the ethnic or religious backgrounds of the defendants.

31. I would like to point out I was not talking about the specific defendants on trial I was referring to reaction I had received by family and friends of previous convicted grooming gangs. By derogatory comments it appears to mean telling the truth that under Islamic law, the "age of consent" coincides with puberty. In Islam there is no set age for marriage. The Islamic Prophet Muhammad, who is said to serve as a role model for every Muslim, is reported by Sunni Hadith sources to have married Aisha when she was six or seven years old, with the marriage consummated when she was nine years old and he was 56 years old. The prosecution may not like to hear the truth but there is no way that sharing the truth and facts about a particular religion on social media can lead to prejudice on a trial.
32. In relation to the fifth allegation, a number of the comments relied on were made by other people, and my comments related to grooming trials generally across the country rather than the particular case (e.g. the exchange at page 8 of the transcript of the livestream related to Rotherham, and Oxford). I made it clear throughout that the trial concerned allegations. 

33. The nature and number of these ongoing trials, prosecutions and investigations is highly alarming and I believe it is in the public’s interest to hear the details and know of the complexities and connections amongst the previous prosecutions. 

34. The future safety of vulnerable children at risk is my concern here not the perceived prejudice towards the defendants because of their ethnicity or religion. If 29 white Christian priests were on trial on such charges with reporting restrictions, I would feel exactly the same. 

35. When I initially went to report on the Canterbury trial I did so in what I felt was the public interest. The police had DNA evidence on all four of the now convicted child rapists, yet the decision was made to grant these individuals bail. They were still running the same take away shop and coming into contact with young school children. One of the defendants absconded to Afghanistan. With DNA evidence on each of the now convicted child rapists it was my belief that they should have been remanded to prison until trial in order to protect vulnerable children in the surrounding area. Instead the decision was made to release them back into the community on bail.

36. The same danger was placed on the children in case in question. The now convicted child gang rapists on trial in Leeds that day were also free to walk the streets on bail. There were 18 different witness statements detailing the rape and torture of those children and yet the justice system decided that they did not pose a risk to the public and granted them bail. 

37. Just like the Canterbury case one of these child rapists in the Leeds trial on also absconded before his verdict was reached. I believe he has fled to Pakistan and according to the court transcripts he was last seen leaving his house with a large bag. That is a convicted child rapist free to roam the streets because he was deemed no risk to the public and granted bail. 

38. I have previously been charged with a non-violent offence, and I was remanded straight to prison to await trial. At Leeds Crown Court in May this year, the police whisked me from the streets, I was subjected to a fundamentally flawed trial and then sent straight to prison inside 5 hours. This is all whilst the very same system allows alleged child rapists with multiple prosecution witness statements and DNA evidence implicating them in the crime to continue to walk the streets. 

39. The court has a duty to the victims and the public to protect them and telling them could help stop ongoing child sexual exploitation and maybe prevent future vulnerable children from falling victim to it.             
40. Again I would like to reiterate that undermining the judge, the court, the proceedings, the supremacy of the law or the administration of justice was never my intention, but I truly believe the reporting restrictions on this trial and subsequent connected trials are detrimental to the public and should never have been imposed so the public could hear the details, and use the knowledge of the proceedings to help prevent further cases such as these coming before the courts. 

41. The jurors are given a responsibility. They are aware of the consequences of researching the cases they sit on. It should be upon them and we should trust them to do the task with honesty and integrity; it should not be for the public to be kept purposely in the dark just in case they do not.
Dated this 22nd day of October 2018  _
Stephen Lennon

Tuesday, 23 October 2018



Last Friday afternoon the story broke in the mainstream media that 20 more, as the BBC called them “Asians”, had been convicted of horrific offences of “child grooming” from the Huddersfield area. 

Most of the offences occurred during the period of Labour Government in the Labour controlled area of Kirklees.  These had been systematically covered up by Labour Councillors and MPs, social workers, police and all the usual suspects that we are all too familiar with from the Rotherham, Rochdale, Manchester etc. “grooming gang” cases. 

Even now the BBC cannot bring themselves to admit that these men are of Pakistani heritage Muslims, and Chinese, Vietnamese, or any other “Asians”. 

After the murder of the internationalist Labour MP, Jo Cox, by the deeply disturbed Thomas Mair (actually more as a product of the failure of “Care in the Community” than of political extremism), the English Democrats decided we would stand in the ensuing by-election.   

The Constituency was of course exactly in the area affected by this case.  The local media, the local BBC and all the local politicians were in the know about what had been going on for many years in Kirklees.  Nevertheless claimed that it was disgusting of anyone to stand in that Constituency against Labour!

So, as soon as we announced that we were going to stand, that Establishment bastion of Remain, the Electoral Commission, decided to remove without any consultation or prior notice, our registered “Description” “England worth fighting for!”  This was said to be offensive!   

What is truly offensive is the way that the Establishment had closed ranks to try to pretend that nothing untoward was going on in Kirklees and their claims that our standing was damaging “social cohesion” between the “local communities”. 

The media, particularly in the shape of Channel 4, tried to do a hatchet job on us.  They not only secretly filmed at our conference to try to get people to say things that they could use against us. Also they tried to create a situation where there would be a fight by getting a probably drunken Labour Councillor to attack our campaign stalls. 

I had taken, as it turned out, the very sensible precaution of making sure that our stalls were in the square just outside the Batley police station, so the whole thing was witnessed by the police.  They, very reluctantly, had to get involved to prevent the Labour Councillor from doing any more criminal damage.  Needless to say that they didn’t actually prosecute her, despite the fact that several of our people gave witness statements which, if the boot had been on the other foot, would certainly have led to prosecutions! 

Channel 4 were looking rather depressed at the failure of their wheeze, but they nevertheless showed their hatchet job which was broadcast just before the by-election. They broadcast a clip with the Councillor saying that we shouldn’t be standing but didn’t mention, of course, her appalling conduct!

Whilst this was all truly offensive, nothing compares with the betrayal of vulnerable white English girls and their families by Labour, by police and by local officials, by the media and by the British Political Establishment generally.   

That is something which should live in infamy for generations to come and which should motivate anyone who cares for England and the English people to campaign all the harder to at least remove all the guilty from any positions of authority or influence!

Sunday, 14 October 2018



Over the last few weeks we have been “treated” to the all too typical unbalanced and hysterical mis-reporting of any issue which our indigenous Left-wing media types have aligned themselves with - which they do if Left-wing Americans have strong views on any issue.

The latest and in many ways the most appalling example of this was the treatment in America by cynical and manipulative Left-wing “Democrat” Senators, spearheaded by the Senator Feinstein.  They sought, on the flimsiest evidence (which wouldn’t even have got as far as a decision to prosecute from any unbiased and professional prosecutor in any common law jurisdiction), to trash the reputation of Judge Kavanaugh. 

It should be borne in mind that this is a Judge who had been serving for many years, with a generally strong professional approval rating, in the second most important appeal court in the United States!

What was proposed by the President Trump therefore was simply a one-step promotion for this Judge.  This is equivalent to promoting a Judge from the Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court.

Judge Kavanaugh himself would, 50 years ago, have been thought to be a completely normal and unexceptional candidate to be one of the most important American Judges.  

He is not only a well-respected lawyer in practice but also has had an excellent track record as a Judge.  As an individual he appears to be a practicing and principled Roman Catholic, who is happily and faithfully married with children.  These days it seems that being a white, heterosexual, married, professional, Christian family man is unacceptable to the increasingly multiculturalist, Left-wing American party which, with unwitting irony, still calls itself the “Democrats”!

The reason that these Leftists have behaved in the appalling way that they did towards such a decent and respectable candidate wasn’t just that he was nominated by Donald Trump (who of course all Leftists in the United States and those working in the British “mainstream” media loath), but also because Judge Brett Kavanaugh has shown himself to be a lawyer who believes in constitutionalism.  This means that he does not think it is the role of the Supreme Court to invent new rules in order to justify and legitimise current social fashions.  On the contrary Judge Kavanaugh appears to be the sort of Judge who seeks to apply the law accurately and literally.   This doesn’t suit the so-called “Democrats” because they want Judges who will legitimise their increasingly mad rainbow multi-culturalist agenda. 

Judge Kavanaugh wasn’t even particularly a supporter of Donald Trump.  Judge Kavanaugh comes from the more traditionalist Republican Party.  Given his treatment however I suspect he is much stronger in his support of Donald Trump than he was before!

What Donald Trump brought to this fight is something that has not been seen amongst the leaders of so-called conservative parties for many years in the West, which is an iron determination not to be cowed by Leftist smear tactics and indeed to fight back vigorously. 

This is a much more gutsy approach than we are used to here.  In this case it has led to a tremendous political victory for Donald Trump and the Republican Party.  They have now established a conservative majority on the Supreme Court which will be of the greatest significance to American politics for many years to come.

These cultural divides are politically crucial nowadays because America’s Constitution has, through decades of Supreme Court rulings, made them the subject of national political debate.  The traditional understanding that the federal Constitution debate underlining, and especially the First Amendment, did not apply to the individual states was overruled in a series of cases between 1925 and 1947.  Since then, virtually every major issue concerning traditional Christian views of morality has been decided via a Supreme Court decision, not by legislation.  As a result cultural questions have been made legislative in a way the drafters of the US Constitution sought to prevent, and so control of the US Supreme Court is thus vital to each side’s interests.

Also President Trump has proved beyond all doubt his usefulness as a dauntless leader of the Republican Party at a time when the appalling behaviour of Democrats has made Republican voters realise how much is at stake in their “Culture War”. 

It would be great to see that willingness to fight spilling over across the Atlantic to our people here in England.  Unfortunately what I tend to find is that most people don’t understand what has happened in this fight and what the issues were.

I did however see this YouTube interview which gives an excellent explanation of the situation.  

Click here to view the interview>>> Katrina Pierson: ‘Destructive’ Dems Miscalculate ‘Women Think with Their Genitals,’ Backfiring

What do you think?