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Monday, 18 August 2014

We must choose our words carefully - Letter:- Western Daily Press (Bristol, England) - Friday, August 15, 2014

We must choose our words carefully

Letter:- Western Daily Press (Bristol, England) - Friday, August 15, 2014

I have just watched Andrew Neill’s programme on the BBC about the implications of Scottish independence for “the Rest of the UK” I am not a lawyer, but the constitutional legal position has been explained to me by a solicitor with expertise in constitutional law, and it seems fairly straightforward.

Wales and England were united in a 16th-century Act of Parliament under which, constitutionally, Wales became part of England.

The Kingdom of England (E) and the Kingdom of Scotland (S) were united by the Act of Union of 1707 as the United Kingdom of Great Britain, (G), with a single parliament, (the British Parliament) in Westminster.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain became the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland through a further Act of Union in 1801. With the partition of Ireland in 1922, we were left with the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

For Scotland to leave the UK, it would be necessary to repeal the 1707 Act of Union. From the moment of that legislation’s receipt of Royal Assent, there would be no more United Kingdom. (E+S=G ergo G-S=E.) The British Parliament would have no constitutional validity and the British Government would also cease to exist.

Since the union of Ireland, in 1801, was with Great Britain, once Great Britain ceases to exist, so does any union with it.

So, any talk of “the Rest of the UK” is codswallop.

Scottish independence (bring it on!) will mean the dissolution of the United Kingdom and any negotiation of the terms of exit will have to be undertaken by representatives of England, as the former British Government will have ceased to have any mandate.

Clive Lavelle

Weston-super-Mare English Democrats 

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  1. Well done Clive. I suspect that the deal has already been done and this is the reason that there is not much panic about Scottish independence in the British establishment. However, the thought of the British government ceasing to exists must be music to the ears of most loyal Englishmen. Nearly everbody I talk to these days realises they are being ruled by a heap of self-seeking, money seeking, corrupt scum who are merely puppets for the real rulers of the universe. By the way, I wonder if you are related to Peter Lavelle of Cross Talk fame on Russia Today who talks equal common sense and is dedicated to a peaceful multipolar world not the one that the New World Order has planned for us who seem bent on reducing everywhere to rubble. How about a peaceful multipolar Britain? As it is the same people involved in the New World Order - tied to the City of London - have no wish for the Scots, the English or anybody else to be free of their totalitarian oligarchic nightmare. I have no doubt that, should the Scots vote to be free, these same scum will totally ignore the constitutional niceties in the same way that they have removed anything critical of fracking from a recent supposedly independent report.

  2. My wife still watches the BBC News which I now ignore because I rate it as the equivalent of the old Soviet Radio Moscow. However, she has not caught the news that two protestors have superglued themselves to the steps of the Dept of the Environment to highlight the removal of 64 reasons why fracking is potentially dangerous or environmentally harmful from a so-called independent report. This is what we have been reduced to and we know that the prime reason for the attack on Russia via the Ukraine is not only to weaken Russia so as to bring about regime change there, followed by China, as part of the New World Order's bid for total hegemony and one world government but also to frack in the Ukraine and to cut off Russian gas from Europe so that the Yanks can get a better price for their fracked variety than they would back home.
    Chevron was one of the sponsors of the coup in Kiev.

    Meanwhile the best way to sneak into Britain is to get yourself locked into a container and landed at Tilbury docks. The Sikh/Muslim/Hindu community will then welcome you with open arms and there will be a public outcry from the do gooders if any attempt is made to send you back elsewhere. Not to persecution in Afghanistan surely?. I thought Sikhism had its home in India but then, as with the East African Asians, the Indians will no doubt refuse to take their own back claiming that the British Empire caused the problem in the first place.

    And if you are polish and don't like your kids then just dump then in England for Social Services to have them taken into care. The heavily feminised do-gooding community will then not let you back into Poland in case your parents harm you even if you escape to try to get back to them. Isn't this Poland's problem? Or the parents dumped them here so we would look after them. They are probably claiming child benefit for their kids back home in Poland.

    Francis. I wonder whether you live in the sinful south or in what is left of England up north as it would be very interesting to talk to you. I have a source of information who knows all about the plan for white genocide.
    I have known for 30 years but did not fully believe it until it became bleeding obvious. The thing that intrigues me is that the bovine English have not yet twigged what is going on. The Russians have of course and are fighting to preserve European Christian Civlisation and Europeans and the Russians probably know to that their centuries old enemy is behind it all. Whether the penny has dropped on the Continent and in Scandinavia yet is still less clear but countries like Germany never allowed themselves to be drawn in to the same extent. Despite all the villification as a result of their Nazi past they will not be brainwashed and manipulated. As for the USA destined to have a white minority in just over 20 years I am sure that there are many who do realise but if they attempted to resist the national guard and their militarised police would be on them Ferguson Missouri style in a shot. What with a police force that looks like an army of occupation and drones above their heads waiting to vapourise them the future is going to be very interesting there.

    1. Hi

      I live in north which is turning nationalist. Drones worry me because they will be used against us and not the invading BAME armies.

    2. A government minister said that there are concerns about radicalisation, because there are towns with large Muslim populations and some with Muslim majorities. He said that the government's fear is that the IS could be coming here as the IS does not recognise national borders.

    3. Yes they are slowly waking up but too late.

      I think the only way we will deal this cancer is full English independence. I told people years ago that if we had an English Parliament we would never have had the macpherson report fewer child grooming gangs fewer hate preachers less ghettoisation. Political correctness would have been rooted out too and the failures of multicultaralism tackled sooner. A positive civic English culture would have repelled those hostile to us while those genuine minorities would have assimilated better.

      I discovered to my horor that thw BNP is actually full of anti English scottish rite freemasons from Scotland Wales and NI

      The irony of Irish history causes British nationalists to short circuit

      The BNP are also riddled with sleeping agents who strike you down when you reveal important evidence. Powys imnokufdar are the worst offenders. Stuff the BNP and stuff UKIP they are agents of the evil British state.

    4. I and a contact have begun to suspect that UKIP had been infiltrated. I have also heard from a Scot that he believes that Roman Catholics of Irish descent are the main protaganists of Scottish independence. But I don't think it is wholeheartedly the case. Watching the final episode of the programme on the Stuarts I mused that the Scots were behind the union for their own ends - after the failure of their disastrous Darian undertaking - and what the Stuarts did in one hundred years to an independent England, their desecendants are now bent on reversing after 300 hundred. Well just get on with it.

      On Cross Talk last night it was suggested that Russia has been Britain's enemy for 150 years. Some of it may have had to do with the British empire but I suspect that much else has been to do with the taking over of Britain by Mr Cameron's financier ancestors with their visceral hatred of Tsarist Russia which they are still carrying on to this day via Washington, New York and London and reducing the Ukraine to rubble.

      I become somewhat angry when the French apply the term Anglo-Saxon to the Washington/London alliance for it has nothing to do with the Anglo-Saxons who were responsible for all that is good about England, from its democratic institutions to the character of the ordinary English themselves. This looting and pillaging of the world has more to do with the Dutch and their Amsterdam bankers who created the City of London and Wall Street, the Normans who destroyed Anglo-Saxon England and created croney capitalism and the London club that is Westminster and the financiers of exotic extraction bent on world financial and econmic hegemony even if it means that the world world will be turned into a wasteland, deprived of the Europeans who brought civilisation to its every corner and are responsbile for the modern world per se. I hope they like their Afro-asian world.

  3. Matters seem to be hotting up politically. I look forward to reading Robins interpretation of Ukip's party manifesto, and what the EDs are going to do about it, e.g., heckling Farage if it is launched in Doncaster, as Farage threatened.

    1. Hope not hate and all the associated establishment brownshirts will be there to greet him. It would be instructive to watch those tolerant liberals from a distance.

  4. English nationalism is hitting the radar, see the Guardian editorial for today Friday August the 22nd.

    1. If this is the Guardian you're talking of I can only guess it's the usual hatchet job against the English.

      I would like the chance to be proven wrong though. A link to the article in question would be appreciated.

    2. The Guardian is not always as it seems. I have blogged before that one of its writers who is a regular contributor to Russia Today, Neil Clarke, horrified at the Neocon inspired massacres in the Ukraine, often talks more like us than the Daily Mail or the Telegraph would. In fact he expressed his admiration for the "far right" Jobbik and Prime Minister Orban in Hungary with their nationalist stance against the EU. And my Guardian reading brother is aghast at the multiculturalisation of the London he once knew.
      Thinking Guardian writers i.e. those who are reasonably mature have come to realise that a dreadful mistake has made with globalisation or perhaps they have come to realise that it was the creation of an oligarchy for its own benefit and has resulted in a world which is pretty ghastly and more unfair and exploited than what was there before.

      As for myself I think that the point which made me begin to give up hope was when London had been ethnically cleansed of the English and the country as a whole is following suit. Perhaps even native English thinking Guardian writers are throwing up their hands in disbelief and horror.