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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

English excluded from the debate and from even watching it - Alex Salmond v Alistair Darling Scottish Independence Debate

English excluded from the debate and from even watching it - Alex Salmond v Alistair Darling Scottish Independence Debate

Yesterday I issued this Press Release. What do you think?

Tonight in Glasgow is the televised debate between Alex Salmond v Alistair Darling on Scottish Independence, yet (we) in England will not be able to watch the debate as it is only being shown in Scotland.

This is an affront to democracy as the English will not be able to make their own decision on who wins the independence TV debate. Instead we will have to listen to news coverage telling us what the results are by the "British" media.

Who could forget that after the Nick Clegg v Nigel Farage TV debate the British media immediately claimed that Nick Clegg had won, when it turned out that the UK public overwhelmingly thought that Nigel Farage had comprehensively won the debate?

Scottish Independence will impact on all the nations and on all the peoples living within the UK as it will mean the legal dissolution of the UK.

E + S = GB therefore GB - S = E

Where E = “Kingdom of England”
S = “Kingdom of Scotland”

GB = “United Kingdom of Great Britain”

Exclusion from democratic debate is worrying but it is worse than that, as not only have English, Welsh and Northern Irish voices been excluded from this debate, we have now been excluded from being even allowed to watch the debate as well.

Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats said:- "England's Unionist Masters don't want England to have a voice on Independence and don't want us to see what offers of special deals they are making at our expense to keep Scotland at least in appearance within the UK regardless of how much that costs English taxpayers and how much it is against the interests of the English Nation!"

Robin Tilbrook
The English Democrats


  1. Just as intended. When the bill comes in it can be pointed out that there was no interest in the topic -so didn't warrant much waste of taxes! Ha!

  2. Good point about Clegg v Farage. A poll in the Guardian gave Darling 12% lead. Current 'yes' poll stands at 40% and closing.

  3. The man in the street is the important factor. As usual, our views stand for nothing. At least they are honest, more so than those of the politicians. If anything goes wrong they pass the buck.

  4. Robin,

    A Yank has told me that Mossad hijacked the STV systems to block the online coverage in England. He also told me that Mossod engineered the Guardian Poll and put in the 'No' camp to heckle Mr Salmond.

    The "House of Isreal" at Westminster is very very very worried indeed that their gravy train is about to end.

    I've watched the debate and I think Slamond did very very well. His emotion and love of his nation will win it.

    The currency debate in my opinion is a red herring. The choice only needs to be made once they vote for independence.


    1. The suggestion that the polls were actually controlled is interesting as I had reached another conclusion, namely that the City of London had forced Salmond to fluff it so as to ensure a no vote in the referendum. i.e they have already bought him off, blackmailed him or threatened him. Because of my conclusion, I had thought that the Scots would never break free of international usury whose real home is not New York but has been London since Cromwell invited in help from Amsterdam. I still don't understand why the Scots can't join up in a currency union with Norway. There are already mutterings in the Shetlands of re-unification with Oslo after they were sold off in the 15th century to Scotland.

      The suggestions of a Mossad involvement is Scottish independence is putting us on a dangerous path; but I have been informed that they are already in the Ukraine and indeed that Israeli undercover forces are fighting there alongside Blackwater mercenaries. A gentleman called Francis Boyle on Crosstalk has even referred to the Tel Aviv, Washington and Kiev triangle; the true nature of the Neocon power. I was told things like this 30 years ago but was very careful not to wholly believe it but now I am becoming more and more questioning as to what is going on.

      The thinking in some American circles is that the attack on Russia is coming from two sources, the Neocon descendants of the victims of Tsarist pogroms and that hater of all things Russian the Polish exile Zbigniew Brzinzski who has trained the Neo-Liberal camp. Basically there is little to choose between the Neocons and the Neo-Liberals who seem to have controlled all American presidents probably for 100 years through their financial and other power.

      Contributors to Russia Today are increasingly referring to Zionist influence. This has been heightened by events in Gaza.
      I happened to catch Simon Schama's History of Britain being repeated last night and his reference to the return of his people with Cromwell. Having caught the end of his History of the Jews I remember him saying that he was an unrepentent Zionist, although reaching the conclusion that Zionism has trapped Israeli Jews in another ghetto complete with a surrounding wall.
      We must, of course, distinguish between all Jews, most of whom have been victims of Zionism themselves, and the Zionists whom history seems to have turned into a psycholigically unbalanced few determined on world domination.
      Mr Cameron is undoubtedly one of those unbalanced few, hence his being a Friend of Israel and hence his coming up against that daughter of an equally fanatical tribe, Baroness Warsi. As I have said, we have now reached a confrontation between the descendants of Ham and Shem, the children of the desert which always breeds fanaticism, hence their supporters in the likes of Americans in Salt Lake City who support Israel in the belief that the embattled Israelis will bring about the armageddon they long for and the Last Judgement. They are all as nutty as fruit cakes; but thankfully it looks as if Holy Russia is going to win out against all of them. It looks as if we have no other hope. The Russians are outsmarting them at every turn.
      Interesting that the Dutch are taking so long to reveal the contents of those black boxes. I wonder why. Perhaps because the truth about the downing of that Malaysian Airlines flight and the CIA must be suppressed at all costs.

      By the way, Schama said that the return of the Jews to London was the beginning of multicultural London. That might have been a good thing for his tribe but will spell the obliteration of England and the English; so why does Simon think we should all be cheering?

  5. The question is why would any nation not choose independence? I cannot imagine that the Norwegians would wish to return to a union with Sweden, after 109 years of independence. If Norway can be independent, why not Scotland (or England, come to that)?
    Darling's arguments are spurious.

  6. The "establishment" don't want English people watching, hence the 'fault', they don't want English people knowing that only they and their Country England have no parliament of it's own, no National Government of it's own, only they who pay for Perscriptions, eye tests, Tuition fees, road tolls, hearing exams, NHS Parking, lower/capped Council Tax etc etc etc, we are really not supposed to know such things, we are just supposed to watch trash TV and pay our taxes to so that other Nations of the sham "UK" who have already voted yes towards separation for England in 1997, can continue to live in luxury at our expense, yet they still have full say over English affairs - but England of course has no say over theirs.

    The ONLY thing England gets out of the "UK" is the BILL!.

    Your really not supposed to know that though.

  7. Robin

    I've heard that China will take control of our energy. There is one problem. china is part of BRICS and as Russia is too there will be a problem if war is started against Russia.

    1. This false 1984 style war is for one purpose. The aim to is ensure American worldwide hegemony or rather the hegemony by the 1% who control America and most of the rest of the world. They have now met their match as the rest of the world i.e BRICS countries join forces to save us from being the slaves to their Marxist totalitarian Oligarchy. At present there are no plans for a military union between Russia and China but these lunatics seem bent on world war to achieve their perverted aims.

      A recent survey should that more people here hate the EU and Israel than hate Russia. We are trying to be made to see Russia as the bogeyman but it is not working either here or on the Continent. These people have destroyed the Ukraine and they now seem to wish to destroy the rest of Europe by extension, freezing us to death as they cut off the Russian gas or further reducing us to penury as Russia hits back against their sanctions; all to sell us their Chevron fracked gas which nobody wants.

      In a recent Cross Talk on Russia Today an interesting gentleman called Rodney Shakespeare said what most of us now know the Oligarchy's time to achieve world domination is running out. He predicted that America would collapse, as predicted by the Zagorsk Prophecy of 1911 in 18 months. They have 2b dum dum bullets ready for the forthcoming civil war there and something similar will be happening all over Europe. They are in a hurry now to achieve world hegemony. But it is not going to work. Too many people are finding out the truth.

      Somebody said that the West is now financially, politically and morally bankrupt. The Frankfurt School and their oligarchic puppet masters have destroyed European Civilisation and as the West preaches to the likes of Russia and China they must just be laughing or raging at the double speak that is constanly coming out of London and Washington at the behest of the International Userers. John Kerry promised Sergei Lavrov that he would help with the humintarian disaster in East Ukraine. He will not Washington caused it and are waiting for the Russians there to be massacred or driven into Russia. Remember the old cowboy films, (American) white man speak with forked tongue and so it continues day after bleeding day; be it Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine or here in Europe. When will people realise, as many of us now have, that when you are dealing with megalomanical psychopaths the truth means nothing.
      By the way; if the Chinese and Russians do join forces militarily then they will wipe the floor with the American Industrial-Military complex and about time too as otherwise we are all going down the pan.