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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

England can’t speak up for its interests The spectre of over population is already a stark reality for England’s inhabitants.


England can’t speak up for its interests 

 Another letter by a member in the Western Daily Press (Bristol, England) - Saturday, August 2, 2014. What do you think?

The spectre of over population is already a stark reality for England’s inhabitants.

Due to the so-called UK government’s crass NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) subservient English councils and JCS bodies, bullied by Westminster, are destroying our countryside.

Westminster and its self-seeking UK parties, due to 1999’s devolution, have no political authority outside of England in local government, so it can only desecrate England’s countryside.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) predicts “that if immigration and population trends continue as they are the UK population will be 132 million by 2100” with England’s population, being 85 per cent of that in the UK, rising to 111 million.

England’s current 53 million people generate a density of 407 people per square kilometre (ppsk) making it already the third most densely populated country on earth after Bangladesh and South Korea – this density will rise to 850 ppsk with 111 million people.

Immigration, an issue of “numbers”, is England’s greatest concern for over 95 per cent of immigrants, purported to come to the UK by Westminster, actually come to England.

Immigration debates on BBC Question Time are elementary and always end in a squabble over racism when the real issue is “numbers” yet no politician says the obvious “we have too many people in England”.

Preposterously the only conclusion they ever reach is to “to build 300,000 houses annually (in England) each year for next ten years – when England is already Europe’s “Bangladesh”. If France had a density of 407 ppsk its population now would be over 200 million and not the current 65 million.

Typical current “ppsk” densities in European countries are Germany 231, France 120, Italy 202, Spain 94 etc yet all face similar ageing, demographic problems.

However, like all proper democracies, they have national governments who protect their national interests – not so in England for we have no “national” governance.

Surveys show over 80 per cent of England’s inhabitants rightly say their country is already full and a density of 400 ppsk must now be a maximum for a sane stable and sustainable environment – England is already facing the spectre of over population.

Westminster and its remote self-indulging UK parties are not building “Jerusalem” in England’s green and pleasant land, they are erasing it.

R A Hopkins

Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


  1. The story that all these immigrants add to the country's wealth is a myth. The small value they add has to be shared out among ever increasing numbers, and more people need more houses, and more schools for the burgeoning immigrant community.
    The real aim is to wipe the English nation of the map by diluting it beyond recognition.

  2. Absolutely spot on, and even more insidious - it's being done on purpose as things of this magnitude simply do not happen by 'accident'.

  3. Google Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and the evidence is there for all to see. Planned in 1922 the genocide of the entire white European peoples to bring about one world government.


    1. Francis. I will do so. I have just googled Rodney Shakespeare who makes frequent appearances on Russia Today and has let slip the Zionist connection. Their chief adversary seems to be Russia and hence all the villification. As you may know, the Zionists are not for the most part Semitic Palestinian Jews but the Khazars from Central Asia who were converted to Judaism and they were the ones who are bent on world domination and destroying Russia who,as Russia does, fights back and normally wins, we hope. The Russians are so smart; bouncing back the sanctions on the EU with regard to food imports and the going to South America to make up any losses. Washington has been wrongfooted again and we hope that their evil machinations and those of the City of London will be cast into the abyss. Interesting that the patron saint of Moscow is St Michael the Archangel who always wins over the devil.

  4. Today we learn that Africans have breached a Spanish enclave in North Africa and now have access to Europe. Sudanese immigrants have been rioting in Paris because they are being kept away from Calais and hence to England. American policy - or those behind it - seems to be to create mayhem in the third world through looting of its resources, warfare and so-called Free Trade Agreemnts in order to drive their peoples into Europe and North America. The Central American Free Trade Agreement has so impoverished the region that it is the reason that children are being forced to seek a better life north of the Mexican border. The Arab Spring was undoubtedly started for this purpose and Sudan is all about oil and the conflict with China. Now we learn that America has armed to Kurds to protect the oil of Iraq which is now in the hands of American oil companies whilst backing their opponents who are being backed to dismantle Shiite power in the region and hence destroy Syria and weaken Iran.

    Interesting is the way that Russia and China seem bent on helping the third world, in Africa and South America for mutual benefit whereas the New World Order is reducing everywhere; from Syria to Libya to Iraq to the Ukraine to rubble. Greece's entry to the euro was skewed by Goldman Sachs to ensure economic collapse and through their IMF to allow in the big American corporations who are all subsidiaries of the New York banking cartel.

    The world is seeing a battle between good and evil as those who were taken onto a pinnacle in the desert by Satan himself and offered the whole world if they worshipped him are now in power. Interestingly, the world that Satan would have wished is the world that they are creating i,e a total wasteland. Perhaps when Satan showed them the desert below he was trying to tell them that this is the world he wanted them to create for him.

    As I said in my comment yesterday which does not seem to have got through. the way things are going, England will have a majority non-white and probably Asian majority by the middle of the century and with a population approaching 100m and Islam as the main religion there wil be little to distinguish it from Bangladesh anyhow.

  5. In a recent interview with Professor Peter Hennessy on Radio 4, John Major revealed the true face of the Conservative Party, when he declared his admiration of immigrants and unrestricted immigration

    1. All save Enoch Powell have either been bought off or groomed for the purpose or are subject to blackmail in order to get them to do the New World Order's bidding. We recently heard that the paedophiles at Westminster were known and that the whips blackmailed them into voting the party's way. The same goes for the New World Order. Cliff Richard will lead directly to Tony Blair and it would not surprise me to learn that his peccadillos were the way he was kept in line.

      As for Edward Heath I have heard chapter and verse on him, too, which is truly horrific and wasn't he that drove us into the arms of these people with their plans for a One World multicultural white raceless dictatorship?

      On Russia Today recently on Crosstalk Peter Lavelle spoke of the Neo-liberals plans to create a world of rootless globalised all-consuming individuals underlining my thinking. We are in the world of The Time Machine with the masters and the proles.
      This is their aim and the English are one of their main targets.
      But they knew that the English love of the underdog and of fairplay would be the means of destroying them as opposition to mass immigration would ultimately be softened by this means.
      And this is exactly what they have done.

  6. It seems that for every one new job going to a 'Briton' four are going to immigrants in Osborne's brave new world. His economic miracle is a farce, as we all (well, not people like Cameron, Clegg and Osborne. 'All in it together' my foot) get poorer.
    The levels of unemployment may be falling, possibly because of people giving up on finding work, but also because more are being conned into self-employment, working more and more hours for less and less money.
    In the meantime productivity is falling and the national debt grows ever bigger. Thank you Mr Osborne.