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Friday, 1 August 2014

RIP Stephen Elliott – English Patriot, entrepreneur and former under-cover police officer

Stephen speaking at conference

RIP Stephen Elliott – English Patriot, entrepreneur and former under-cover police officer

I have been given the sad news that Stephen Elliott one of the founder members of the English Democrats died on the 28th July 2014.

Stephen had suffered for several years with an increasingly debilitating illness.  As a formerly very active man, to become increasingly unable to move was ever more frustrating.

Stephen retained an interest in the development of the English Democrats and a member of the English Democrats and he remained a keen supporter of our work right up until the end. Indeed, with assistance, he was able to attend the Party's annual conference in 2012 in Leicester.  

His death is very sad to report, but he will be remembered as one of those who gave freely of his time and money to help to build the foundations of our new politically active English Nationalism.

Stephen was a proud Yorkshire man and was a reservoir of amusing stories.  At one time he had been an under-cover police officer pretending to be one of the student communists in order to keep an eye of subversive Leftists like Jack Straw, who was Labour’s Foreign Secretary, and was memorably called Sir Christopher Meyers, the British Ambassador in Washington, a “political pygmy”.  As a student Jack Straw had been a firebrand communist and hater of all things Western, British and English.

In later life, after leaving the police, Stephen became a successful entrepreneur and built-up a significant property portfolio.

Politically he joined the Steering Committee whose work led to the foundation and launch of the English Democrats in August 2002 at Imperial College, London.  For many years he was on our National Council and keenly watched our progress and supported our campaign generously.

Stephen will be much missed by all those who remember him and our English nationalist cause is the poorer for his passing.  I do wish every condolence to his two daughters and his family at this sad time.

Stephen’s funeral service will be held at Adel Church, Church Lane, Leeds, LS16 8DQ on Thursday, 7th August at 11.00 a.m.


  1. RIP and condolences to Stephen's family.

  2. RIP Stephen Elliot for all of your foundation work. L.Williams

  3. david cunningham2 August 2014 at 07:30

    yes his will be a great loss. it would be very interesting to discover exactly what he uncovered about the loathsome Straw.

  4. Deepest condolences to the family

  5. Mr Straw is the mp for Blackburn, Lancashire, where I grew up. He is due to stand down at the next election and since Blackburn is now probably more than 50% Pakistani muslim there will be a demand for the majority to be represented by one of their own. As a Jew, Straw, was sometimes in rather a tricky position with his Pakistani constituents, especially when he took Condoleeza Rice, that oil company executive and behind the oil war in muslim countries to the town.

    Ed Milliband is now in a similar position of divided loyalties. The situation in Gaza is now fuelling anti-semitism even in this country and especially in France. As for here, this is probably not down to the indigenous English to but the muslims who have been flooding in for the last 60 years. Ed has now condemned the Israeli ground offensive. But it is probable, as we saw with the pro- and anti-Israel marches in non longer English London that there is going to be some sort of clash in the coming decades. Milliband is probably condemning Israel for his own protection but also because he has to hang on to all those fraudulent Pakistani votes for Labour. Hollande in France is in a worse position is being like most western leaders are forced to be pro-Israel he actually banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations. And he desperately needs their votes. After all the French imported them as voting fodder in the first place.

    Here more and more people are beginning to realise that English and white minority status is already on the horizon for England. Will we one day be in the position of the ethnic Russians in the Ukraine fighting or facing total ethnic cleansing. All is at the behest of the New World Order for one world government for the sake of international usury.

  6. It is sad to see the passing of true English patriots, but absolutely right that we should honour their contribution to our noble case. Best wishes Stephen, wherever you may be. You may be sure that as the scum follows the clean water down the plughole, then Straw is sure to follow. Ask not to send for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee ... we will not rest till the enemies of England get their just deserts.