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Thursday, 28 August 2014


yes Darling but not for England!

Our Press release on the debate which is on iplayer here >>>
What did you think?


Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats, said:- “Thanks to the BBC, watching this  debate was very informative for any Englishman. Seeing Alistair Darling and Alex Salmond debating was often somewhat like watching two Scotsmen arguing about how best to pick English Taxpayers’ pockets!” The opportunity to see this debate is bound to pour further fuel on English resentment, particularly with Alistair Darling's cavalier and increasingly desperate (and stuttering) promises to filtch yet more money from English taxpayers in order to bribe Scots to vote NO!"

Robin also said:- “Alex Salmond clearly won this debate for his vision of "Team Scotland" but I expect the effect on many English viewers will be to make even more English people determined to end the unfair Barnett Formula if the Scots vote NO. This would then reduce the British Government spending on the average Scottish family by over £6,000 per year!"

"Even in mid April, when the recent IPPR research was done, 56% of the English already agreed with the statement:- "Levels of public spending in Scotland should be reduced to the levels in the rest of the UK" (click here to see the evidence >>> The English favour a hard line with Scotland – whatever the result of the Independence Referendum - Wales Governance Centre - Now that figure will be even higher and English people will be even more resolved!"

Robin continued:- “At least however the BBC actually broadcast this debate outside of Scotland unlike the ITV debate which was only broadcast in Scotland! The BBC and Glenn Campbell also did a much better job of hosting and chairing the debate”

Finally Robin stressed:- "The outright abolition of the unfair Barnett Formula is now a near certainty if Scots vote "No". Scotland's voters will therefore shortly be faced with a stark choice between that certainty of a reduction in their living standards or with the uncertainties of being their own masters in an independent country. As an Englishman I am very jealous of their opportunity. If I was faced with that choice I would choose freedom any day! I say that the future of England should also be in the hands of the English Nation"

Robin Tilbrook
The English Democrats


  1. Immigration has risen to 250,000 a year under Cameron. A quarter of births are to women born outside if the UK. The descendents of immigrants are also having more children than the English.

  2. The gap between 'yes' and 'no' has narrowed dramatically in polls taken since the debate. There is a rumour that Cameron has taken to wearing brown trousers.

  3. Following Carwell's defection to Ukip, John Redwood MP went on air to say that voting Tory is the only way. So much for Redwood.

  4. Watching Brendan O'Carroll on "Who do you think you are?" last night brought us up against the goings on in the run-up to Irish independence because of the fact that Brendan's grandfather - doubtless a member of the IRA - was shot in 1920 by a speciall security services hit squad sent from London. The Irish Republic has had its ups and downs recently but there is no talk of the Irish thinking they would be better together. In fact, if a previous blogger is to be believed the whole of the island of Ireland may be re-united under the tricolor in a decade or two. I believe that the Scots need to show equal courage, as do, of course the English.

    Interestingly, reference was made with regard to those doing this to his grandfather as "The Crown". I have been informed that "The Crown" has nothing to do with the monarchy but is the name for the City of London, further proof that the Colonial empire which was begun by the Normans, first with England, then with Wales and Scotland under Edward 1st and with Ireland became after the 17th century a financial empire, in effect a company as the City took over the Dutch East India Company. Viewed in this light, we are all employees or more correctly slaves owned by the City of London. Somebody recently referred to the owners of America being the military and industrial complex as a subsidiary of two New York banks, Goldman Sachs and J P Morgan but there are also owners of England and have been since 1066 with an added boost since the middle of the 17th century.

    By the way, as regards the East India Company I am informed that English schoolchildren are now forced by the Marxists and their financial owners to learn all about the East India Company and the iniquities of the British in India and about African slavery but nothing about their own ancestors starving as the rural poor each year at least prior to the harvest or slaving away in the mills. The English have been enslaved for a thousand years. At least the Scots, the Irish and the Welsh had a few more years of freedom.

  5. A former Labour friend of mine told me that Darling was a closet SNP supporter. Therefore an SNP shill


  6. Robin

    Heres an interesting twist to this debate. The Rotherham child abuse report by Prof Alexis Jay has been published during the heat of the debates possibly as a distraction mechanism however it could have backfired. Some Scots are now going to vote YES because they do not want to in union with a country that is in the process of undergoing the biggest genocide in its history.

    The multiculturalists are simply headless chickens running around not knowing where to go.