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Saturday, 9 August 2014

English EU exit anyone?

What do you think of this English Democrats' members' letter published in Western Daily Press (Bristol, England) - Monday, July 21, 2014?

UK citizens are ravaged by EU

Greg Heathcliffe, Ukip spokesman ( Western Daily Press Letters, June 25) tells us Ukip’s aim is “to protect the UK” within the EU.

He may not have noticed but it is the country and people of England that are being financially and politically ravaged under the “UK member state” banner – whilst the other UK countries are beneficiaries of the EU. The UK ceased to be a single political entity in 1999 due to the advent of devolution a fundamental constitutional change that bestowed self-governance on Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland only.

As such the so-called UK is the most incongruous and illogical member state in the EU. For unlike the other 27 member states which are countries and nations in their own right, the UK is neither, it being a mere union of countries and nations. Formed in 1922 by the union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland the now UK, as a member state in the EU, is effectively a union of a union in a union. The mind boggles.

UK’s devolved governments are wedded to the EU and promote their own so-called national interests therein whilst an isolated England has been rendered anonymous by the UK and EU status quo. England’s taxpayers, via borrowing, fund the whole of the UK’s annual £20 billion contribution to the EU yet near all £8 billion returned to the UK (2006 – 2013) went to devolved governments.

EU directives are directed at member state government, that is, Westminster, so they all affect England whilst devolved governments are left relatively immune to EU’s destruction.

There are 23 national member states who have far lower populations than England, even minnow Cyprus, but each has more influence in EU than England which, effectively, has none. So though being UK’s major country, paying the bills and electing over 80 per cent of so-called UK MEPs, it is England’s people who suffer financial and political subjugation under the UK member state.

For England’s 64 MEPs, affiliated to the so-called three main UK parties or Ukip, put UK interests first before that of their country and its people who elect and pay them.

By contrast Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, being national EU regions, are championed in EU by 14 MEPs affiliated to their own national Labour, Tory, Lib-Dem or nationalist parties. England is the only country devoid of national political party representation in the EU as well as in Westminster yet these parasitic UK parties owe England’s electorate big time.

England, by population (53 million) and funding, should be a significant member state in its own right, not just the paying appendage of member state UK .

If Ukip wants out it should do a Scotland and campaign for England’s independence from the UK which, if achieved, brings expulsion from the EU. Job done.

R A Hopkins

Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire


  1. Good job.
    A clear and concise exposition of the terrible position of England.

  2. John Redwood MP is speaking on Tuesday at the McWhirter Memorial Lecture on 'Freedom and England'. Here is an extract from his blog today.

    "Now is the time to recognise that England too wants and deserves devolved government, enjoying the same powers of self determination of laws, spending and taxes as our Scottish neighbours and friends.

    I will ask 'Who currently speaks for England'? Why do the EU and many senior politicians in the UK want to break England up into regions that we do not seek or recognise? Why can’t English MPs at Westminster make the decisions for England, and speak for England, in the way the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh does for Scotland?"

    He is on our side. He stops short of believing we need a true parliament but he may yet be persuaded of that.

  3. "England has been rendered anonymous..." not just by the E.U. & the U.K. but by town halls, chain-stores and supermarkets. Sainsbury's, for example, offers "British" strawberries, complete with Union Flag logo, if the fruit is grown in Kent or Somerset or Herefordshire or Staffordshire. If the berries hail from Fife, then they're "Scottish" strawberries with saltire logo. We used to buy English Cheddar cheese. Now it's "British" Cheddar. Marks 'n' Sparks are better. Last time I looked, their milk flagons' labels included a St George's cross logo and the caption "The Best of English". Bravo to them!
    Clive, Weston-Super-Mare.

  4. This letter is not correct. Whilst it is true to state that the United Kingdom is a union of nations we are not really a union of countries because the United Kingdom IS the country. At most, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are CONSTITUENT/HISTORICAL 'countries'. The REAL country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and NI.

  5. By the way, why did you change your policy from supporting a devolved English Parliament to supporting outright separatism like the SNP? Is this a genuine change of stance or is it a political tactic in order to get devolution? I think you should have maintained the previous policy as you got more votes that way and had more potential to gain more of them.