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Tuesday, 5 August 2014



I recently issued this Press Release. What do you think?

English Nationalists have obtained the results of a Freedom of Information Act request which shows astonishing negligence and incompetence by the British Government.

Here are the key quotations:-

“the UK Government… is not planning or preparing for potential Scottish independence.”

“the UK Government has said that there can be no ‘pre-negotiations’ on what the terms of independence might be before the referendum takes place.”

“Unless people in Scotland decide that they no longer want to be part of the United Kingdom, the UK Government will not take any action that requires it to exclude Scotland and act only in the interests of England, Wales and Northern Ireland”.

The UK Government has, of course, no mandate to represent England, nor has it sought any Legal Advice on the internal constitutional implications for Scottish Independence. The only Legal Advice that it has sought relates solely and is expressly limited to the International Law ramifications. 

It is a basic legal and constitutional point that if the United Kingdom of Great Britain is dissolved by the repeal of the Act of Union of 1707, the resultant revived “Kingdom of England” will not automatically be in union with Northern Ireland.
E + S = GB therefore GB - S = E

Where E = “Kingdom of England”
S = “Kingdom of Scotland”
GB = “United Kingdom of Great Britain”

Robin Tilbrook said:- “ The British Government’s attitude is astonishingly complacent and negligent in failing to make any effort to plan or to prepare for potential Scottish Independence at a time when many non-partisan commentators are acknowledging that the result of the Scottish Referendum is “too close to call”.

"Not only has the British Government failed to make such obviously necessary preparations, but it has also expressly ruled out any pre-negotiations on the terms of independence before the matter is placed in a referendum before the Scottish people. Any Government that had a real commitment to genuine democracy would have made sure that the terms on offer were clear before a Referendum proceeded."

"The British Government also talks about it acting afterwards in the interests of “England, Wales and Northern Ireland” in the event of a “Yes” vote for Scottish independence, but in fact it will have no mandate to do so. "

"In the event of a Yes vote for Scottish Independence the English Democrats call for the interests of England to be represented by an English-only negotiating team and similarly for Wales and Northern Ireland to be so represented by their own negotiating teams and not by the ci-devant British Government!"

Robin Tilbrook

The English Democrats


  1. How sickening to see Cameron in Glasgow for the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War and dragging along the Royals with him.
    He only did it to emphasise his "better together" message and to try and pull at the heart strings of Scotland to gets the Scots to stay on board.

    What is more sickening - I cannot even listen to smarmy Dave talking about the commemoration - is that his financier ancestors helped the Rothschids finance the Russo-Japanese war in which the Russians were defeated. This was probably the first attack by international usury on Holy Russia which has now reached screaming pitch with the Ukraine crisis. Bankers and arms manufacturers since the 17th century at least have been pushing most conflicts in Europe for their own ends and so it continues in Europe and beyond, especially now in the Middle East.

    No doubt Dave still has a financial interest in the wars in Libya and Syria which he was 100% behind and perhaps he retains that visceral hatred which most of those whose roots like in the Russian Empire and who are involved in international usury now feel for Moscow. Because of his support for the anti-Arab oil-based wars in muslim lands - especially when he spoke so triumphantly in Libya which is now a total catastrophe - I believe he is persona non grata at the commemoration of World War 1 which is about commemorating the sacrifice of the brave who probably died to enrich the few.

    As regards World War 1, I still have a sneeking suspicion that Gavril Princip was the victim of another CIA style entrapment since the real goal of the war was not to defeat France but to bring Russia to its knees, something which then then compounded, when Russia proved too strong, by sending in Lenin. Without Lenin Russia would probably have developed into a constitutional monarchy and one of the most powerful industrialised nations in Europe.

    There is a sad irony in the fact that Russia was always viewed by the rest of Europe as being rather barbaric and not worthy of the term European and yet she is now fighting to preserve the last vestiges of the old Europe and European Christian Civilisation against the Marxist Liberal West who have destroyed European civilisation in a few decades ultimately totally eradicating ethnic Europeans, European culture and her Christian heritage, backed by the international usurers and their corporate allies. Russia must continue to stand firm against the evils of racial genocide and cultural and religious extinction. Ultimately, her ability to resist all invaders may mean the survival of England and the English whose disappearance is by now otherwise all but assured.

  2. Makes sense, Robin- but if the Scots see the light and hold tight then we may not have the case tested. Without ground swell pressure in England the ruling elite are not likely to change their approach, either way in regard to democracy for the English.

  3. I've posted quite a few time in various locations asking the question - where's the official English conversation/plans regarding Scottish independence? There has not been one/any that I have seen.

    Reading between the lines, this is a done deal: Scotland will not go independent and will probably receive devo-max in compensation.

    I see in the Telegraph today that particular nod has already been given the preliminary go ahead by Clegg and Osborne, with extra tax powers promised to Scotland ahead of the T.V debate.

    1. Devo Max would have constitutional implications that would, I'm fairly certain, require a UK-wide referendum. If you're in a club and you want to leave, none of the other members can do anything about it. If you're in a club and want to change the rules, the rest of the membership get to have a say.

  4. Cameron seems astonishingly complacent about the result. Perhaps he knows something we don't.

  5. Young Ukippers (a bit of an oxymororon, surely) have been meeting in Birmingham.
    The English Democrats should promote "Young England" as its youth wing.

  6. you know There is still the Trump card, article 61 Lawfull rebellion, if we are not listened too, then this card will have to played, it will get them round the table.

    1. They are preparing for rebellion all over England and Boris, who is now aiming for parliament and probably pm, has got his water cannons ready. The English will be mown down if they try to rebel. We have left it much too late and our police have been sufficiently indoctrinated to shoot us to serve the establishment should the occasion arise. The thought of Boris Johnson, tied as Cameron is to his financial masters in the City of London, makes me despair. I am told that Sweden has just ceased to classify according to race, although Swedish blacks are upset for some reason. Sweden has now become such a multicultural nighmare that many Swedes are voting with their feet. For Europeans now it is knuckle under to the New World Order or leave as Europeans become the new Jews, a diaspora spread around the globe, tiny pockets in a sea of non-Europeans. The time to rebel was in 1968 but Edward Heath, possibly a name to surface in connection with a certain ring a Westminster; which now seems to have been buried to be forgotten; made sure that the New World Order for which he worked could proceed towards its goal of the extinction of Europeans and all things European. Meanwhile the UN has told the world about the ethnic cleansing in East Ukraine but Kiev denies it is happening, as Washington has told them to. It is not happening according to the BBC who stay mum and the US and the UK are backing the whole slaughter of innocent children.

  7. We didn't get a say over devolution, first time around. We were just made to pay!