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Thursday, 29 March 2012


Sometimes two stories appear in the press which need to be considered together.
Take this one written by Sir Andrew Green:-

"At the beginning of March Migration Watch published a short paper summarising some of the key facts about the impact of immigration on our population, jobs, housing and education.....
Amid the welter of detail on immigration, it is vital to keep three points firmly in mind:

The first is that immigration on the present scale is an entirely new phenomenon in Britain’s history. Talk of Britain being 'a nation of immigrants' is simply a fallacy promoted by the immigration lobby. In fact, we are one of the most stable societies in the world. We have had no invasion for nearly a thousand years, nor have we had a civil war for more than three hundred years.
Indeed, there have been only two numerically significant migrations to England since the Norman invasion in 1066. The first was the Huguenot migration in the 16th and 17th centuries and the second was the Jewish migration of the 19th and 20th centuries. Neither amounted to more than a tiny percentage of the population at the time and both were spread over a period of fifty years or more.
For many years, there was a net outflow to North America and to the Empire. Indeed, there was virtually no net immigration to the UK until the mid 1990s. It is only in the last dozen years or so that net immigration has shot up five fold from about 50,000 a year to 250,000 in 2010. If this is allowed to continue, it will drive the population of the UK to 70 million in just 16 years time. That means roughly an extra 5 million due to immigration – equivalent to building a city the size of Birmingham every three years just for new immigrants.

, there can be no doubt that all this is the result of deliberate Labour policy. It is impossible to admit 3.5 million people in twelve years just by mistake. This was confirmed in an article in the Evening Standard in October 2009 by a former speech writer for Blair, Straw and Blunkett. He revealed that mass immigration 'didn’t just happen; the deliberate policy of Ministers from late 2000 until February 2008 was to open up the UK to mass immigration'. He added that there was 'a driving political purpose; that mass immigration was the way that the government was going to make the UK multicultural'.

the scale of this immigration will bite everywhere – on maternity services, primary schools, housing and the health service. We are only just beginning to see those effects. And there is, of course, very little money to tackle them."

Then consider this from the Sunday Telegraph (25th March):-

"“Countryside planning revolution: 'new city' proposed for Midlands
A “new city” has been proposed for the English countryside as radical planning powers are to be unveiled by ministers.
Up to 100,000 homes would be built on green belt in the Midlands near the controversial High Speed 2 rail route as part of a dramatic expansion of housing.
The plan, disclosed by Andrew McNaughton, the chief engineer of HS2, would exploit the new and highly controversial National Planning Policy Framework, which aims to simplify Britain’s planning laws, increase economic growth and provide homes for Britain’s booming population.
If it goes ahead, the development would effectively obliterate the open countryside east of Birmingham to create Britain’s longest continuous conurbation, stretching 40 miles from Coventry to the far side of Wolverhampton.
The planning framework will be published on Tuesday by ministers who want a new age of “pro-growth” planning. It was described by one Whitehall source last night as “the most radical business deregulation there has ever been”.
Meanwhile, new official figures analysed by The Sunday Telegraph show that two million homes are expected to be built by 2020 to meet demand fuelled by a massive population rise.
Most of the growth is predicted to take place outside major cities and will see England’s population rise by 4.4 million — the equivalent of more than half the population of London.
London itself would have a “second Docklands” development in the west of the city, said Prof McNaughton.
Details of the proposed new city close to the HS2 rail link were revealed in a speech in Derby by Prof McNaughton, who is the chief engineer of the company set up by the Government to force through the high-speed link from London to Birmingham.
A Whitehall source confirmed that the proposed new city close to HS2 was a “strong contender” for substantial development as it would be “extremely central and well-connected”. The development could be 20 times the size of the abortive “eco-towns” considered by Gordon Brown, the former Labour prime minister, and axed by the Coalition.
Prof McNaughton, who holds posts at Imperial College, London, and Nottingham University, also raised the prospect of a major expansion to Birmingham Airport, which could be rebranded “London Birmingham” because the travel time to the capital using the high-speed link would be shorter than the time taken to travel from London to Stansted.
The population forecasts, published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), show the UK population rising from 62.3 million in 2010 to 67.2 million in 2020.
The bulk of the increase, 4.4 million, will come in England. Of these, one million will be in London; 600,000 in the nine next biggest cities; and 2.8 million in smaller cities, towns and the countryside.
Based on an official Government estimate that the average household size will be 2.2 people by 2020, it means that two million homes will be needed throughout England, of which 1.3 million will be required to be built outside the main cities.
To meet demand, 59,000 new homes would be needed in Essex; 55,000 in Kent; 49,000 in Hertfordshire; 37,000 in Lincolnshire and 26,000 in Cambridgeshire.
The forecasts support the Government’s case for a shake-up of Britain’s planning system, which has faced heavy opposition from the National Trust, the Campaign to Protect Rural England and environmental groups.
The population forecasts suggest that the annual supply of new homes needs to double to meet demand. A breakdown of the forecasts from the ONS shows that rural towns in the east of England and Midlands will see the most rapid population growth. Boston, Corby and Northampton are all set to grow in size by between 17 per cent and 19 per cent by 2020.”"

So there we have it! The British Government is planning massive concreting over of English Countryside to satisfy demand caused by mass immigration.

But what is the profit in this for the Conservative leadership? We have had a clue over the weekend but here is the dirt on that!
(If the link isn't active copy and paste this >>>

But, given the current back-tracking caused by the "Cash for Access" scandal, it is also worth bearing in mind the famous quotation from another Cameron, who once said:- "An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought"!

Where does that leave our "Right Honourable" 'Dave' Donald Cameron PM?


  1. You have only got to go to David Cameron's constituency of Witney to see what means most to him. Barely 30 years ago this was a quiet Oxforshire market town of 5,000 souls. Now due to the massive white flight exodus form London it is approaching 30,000 and nearly every building that is not listed is being torn down and replaced by new to accommodate the inrush. Houses are being crammed in everywhere. As things are going, they might as well remove all the old Cotswold stone buildings and shove them in a folk museum somewhere and declare it a new town. I have no doubt that many of the developers are contributing to Dave's party's coffers. People scream about over-development but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Soon England's whole character will have been obliterated as the countryside and its ancient market towns disappear along with its ancient people. How I hate these people!! Just one thought, as they have removed all our manufacturing or given it to foreigners we rely on financial services and tourism. What tourist will bother to come to see one urban sprawl with a few national parks? Plus the secular society want to stop state funding of our ancient cathedrals and churches so they will either fall down or be knocked down to make way for supermarkets or houses. After all, the way things are going everybody will be working in a supermarket. Tourists stay away. England will be a built-up multicultural hell that you won't want to visit anyhow. And Dave will have taken flight for sunnier climes.

  2. It leaves him exactly where he is. He knows that the majority of the population has been so successfully hoodwinked into believing the lies that pour from the media and the bought politicans that it is almost impossible for meaningful dissent.

    1. There is only one politician in the House who has not been bought and the other evening he took part in a Spectator debate on an end to all immigration. He is Frank Field, England's last true Englishman and another candidate for an ED mp, if he would but agree. Of the six debating four were the sons/daughters or grandsons/granddaughters of immigrants, three Jews and an Indian and the fourth was a lady called Jenni Russell ( a Norman anyhow ) who seemed to enjoy employing cheap foreign nannies. Was that a balanced debate? But in spite of it the heroic Frank won by a large majority. However, it is no longer a question of stopping immigration, it is already much too late for that. It needs to be reversed to the tune of the 20% increase over the last 60 years through unwanted and insane immigration - that's 12 million people - otherwise life in England will just be unbearable. Who will have the courage to bite on the bullet, not even UKIP. And how do you get rid of immigrants who are quids in, getting our benefit money and fleecing the NHS here whilst their relatives back home get our millions in foreign aid. As George Osborne said, there is no more money and we are back in recession and still we keep working our socks off for our government to give it away to these adult-children who loved the British Empire and love us so much that they just want to be with us.

  3. On a more positive note English Heritage have made a real effort with events for St George's day this year.

  4. Think of it like this when your digging a grave to bury a dead Weight (England), you create a hole then dump the mass somewhere at least for a while, then dump in the dead Weight and fill it in again with the mass weight, what you get is a bigger accumulation of mass accommodating a bigger space and therefore a considerable increase in material content with increased value, think about it?

  5. Let's give our support for the proposed new city - as long as the Coalition agrees that it should become the site either of a new English Parliament or of a new British Parliament, which would replace the House of Lords and leave the English Parliament at Westminster.

  6. Have just spoken to a lady who has moved up north from Essex because Essex is being built on end to end - I am sure that Robin could confirm that. She was horrified to discover that even the little town she has moved to is about to get 60 more houses. She was even more horrified when I told her about Cameron's new city east of Birmingham. Few seem to have heard of it. "It just doesn't bear thinking about", she said. And if Tartanrock, who may just be Scottish, is happy with it then I am afraid to say that her children now live in Scotland and if the new city goes ahead you can expect thousands more English refugees flooding across the border. On another tack, George Galloway's election seems to show that Pakistanis are now voting for the Taliban candidate, Mr Galloway. It would not surprise me that the money we give them in benefits goes to the Taliban via Pakistan. I wonder what our brave soldiers think of this result and I wonder what the indigenous Yorkshire folk left in Bradford think? Perhaps an ex-soldier will take Mr Galloway out. As for Labour and the other main parties they have been truly hoist by their own petard, especially Labour who imported millions of third world voters who will only vote Labour for so long before forming their own Islamic party. And the UKIP candidate? Well since the people who voted for that headcase George don't really live in Europe why should they take an interest in European politics? The writing is now well and truly on the wall for England. Perhaps all those mill owners of the 50s and 60s, probably now all dead, would like to come back and see what they have done.

  7. English Democrat31 March 2012 at 07:59

    The people of England need to start voting for the English Democrats in their thousands now and stop moaning about things.
    How much longer do we have to go on before the English people realise the three main parties don't give a damn about England's interests or its people? Support the English Democrats now and start to change things.

  8. It always staggers me that people who love curry, as I do, support 'Indian' restaurants. It is common Knowledge that funds and muslim fighters flow from our enriched towns cities like Bradford. Military intelligence scan the broadcasts of the insurgents and in extremis their Yorkshire and Brummie accents can be heard along with their lack of pashtun (in Afghan).

    Make your own cuury, be careful where you spend your money, don't unwittingly buy bullets to blast our boys.

    1. A new Indian restaurant recently opened in our town, replacing a popular cafe where all the coach party folk went to have a cuppa or a bite to eat. Now they wander around aimlessly. My wife tells me that it was entirely built by Asian labour, perhaps from the Sub-continent. Is that permissable under equality laws? I am sure they will argue that only Indians know have to fit out Indian restaurants like only Sub-continental illegal immigrants can cook Indian meals. Amazing how these Indian restaurants are opening all over the show in a recession. Couldn't be anything to do with forgetting to pay the tax, national insurance, vat etc and employing illegal immigrants on below the minimum wage. Still I am sure all the restaurant owners are funding a charity to help the 40% of their population who are starving. Oh no, the starving are a lower caste and anyhow those stupid Europeans always step in to try and help them. It's not an Indian problem. Sorry, all this must be slander or constitute a hate crime at least.

  9. I'm afraid it is already too late. The birthrate of the immigrant population, already here , is such that, by the time my granchildrens' children, should they still be living here, are of a voting age, they will represent the tiny majority of indigenous English still alive in this land, and it will not be called England!
    What an ignominious end to a glorious history!

    The solution lies, of course, in not feebly and uselessly protesting by writing letters like this, but in a bloody, savage, inhumane, ethnic cleansing of all arrivals and their dependents to this country since WW11, and who is prepared to do that?

    I too admire Frank Field as a politician, but a Cromwell, or better still a Hitler, he ain't!

    I'm sorry my pathetic countrymen but, as I said at the beginning, it is now too late!

    Goodbye to my England!

  10. We KNOW that we have insufficient water reserves for our PRESENT Population, whatever that is. And every day we see that our roads and other infrastructure are over crowded.And still our Politicians build more Housing, london is almost 1 large building site, and let more and more in.. We don't need Ethnic Cleansing, Just Shut the Bloody Doors!!! Just how many more do the Westminster Morons / Glove Puppets think they can cram in!!!!!!

    1. If you shut the door tomorrow the immigrant birthrate is such that we are going to be a minority in England by 2066 - I think they chose the date to rub our noses in it i.e. your thousand year old England will be over although England really is more like 1500 years old or at least dates from 972 when Althelstan set its borders. It doesn't make sense that Cameron wants to build this new city on land that we need for food and indeed that the water and food are going to run out. We were self-sufficient in food during the War and could have continued to be so if there had been no immigration which has caused the population to increase by one fifth since 1950. This is where the nationalists and the Optimum Population Trust speak the same language, look at their website. But of course they hardly dare mention immigration, just talk about population growth.
      And they are advocating we only have two children - ha ha tell it to those whose women's wombs are their weapons against us. This is where David Attenborough and Enoch Powell speak the same language but for different but equally logical reasons. Unfortunately, our politicians since 1950 have not done logic, just increasing their own political and financial power. Cameron and his friends have probably worked out that they can become ultra-stinking rich by a property boom on the back of mass immigration - probably find Blair is getting a rake-off there as well -
      and then they can piss off to the Bahamas or the Caribbean or the South of France or Monaco - like Sir or not Sir Fred Goodwin once the country collapses and we are all starving and dying of thirst, or needing a bath. Blair can go and live with his friend Cliff Richard. I think it was telling that staff at Goldmann Sachs in London referred to their customers as muppets. That is undoubtely how the banking/financial/political/devil worshipping elite refer to us all. As for ethnic cleansing, as I have said, we need to stop all immigration and then lose 10 to 12 million people from the country. Cameron would never do it as property prices would crash and his estate agents friends would be too bankrupt to contribute to the Tory party. Perhaps the first blood will be spilled when gays are getting married all over the place and being hanged from lamposts by islamofascists. I am sure the gays could retaliate by criticising their dress sense. The muslims will be led by the new Lawrences of Arabia, Red Ken Livingstone and Gorgeous George Galloway. Still if they alienate their electorates their beheadings on youtube will score thousands of hits!!

  11. Anthony Whitehead Hodges6 April 2012 at 15:42

    The problem is not race but space and numbers.It is silly writing about the nightmare of ethnic cleansing. Because of our Empire heritage there are countless mixed marriages of all ethnic groups whether Africans, Jews or whoever that consist of loyal citizens with British values. Thanks to the Labour politicians millions have been allowed to settle and sponge from our entire infrastructure. ALIENS WHO HAVE NO LOYALTY, OR LOVE FOR THIS COUNTRY. These should be targeted for mass deportation. Systematically close off streets throughout the country and round up all illegal immigrants and those who entered the country since 2002. Have ships standing by and sail them to, and drop anchor at, their countries of origin or if not sea bound charter Hercules transport aircraft to do this work. Howls of protest from India, Pakistan, some African and Asian states et al. First then ask them how many of there governments allow unrestricted immigration to their countries. For example, ask how many Christian churches can be built,say, in Pakistan and which of them can pay for welfare from cradle to the grave? I think the drift of this letter is clear. We are the laughing stock of the world because of our simplistic, arrogant self-righteousness that will send us down to economic and social misery unless drastic steps are taken. The price the British must pay IS TO GET OFF OUR BACKSIDES AND GET EDUCATED AND TRAINED OR IF THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE UNDERTAKE ALL THE MENIAL JOBS WE ARE TOO LAZY OR ARROGANT TO DO AT PRESENT. MEANWHILE IF THERE ARE FEWER BUSES, LESS CARERS, LESS LOW PAID DOMESTIC WORKERS, FEWER INDIAN RESTAURANTS ETC., ETC., SO WHAT? BRITISH WOMEN LEARN TO COOK GENUINE CURRY IF YOU WANT TO EAT IT. WE EITHER LOOK AFTER OURSELVES OR PERISH!