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Saturday, 3 March 2012

English Parliament argued on Daily Politics - "Soapbox"

Here is my little item about the need for an English Parliament, which was shown on Wednesday after PMQs, on BBC2's 'the Daily Politics' in their "Soapbox" slot.

What do you think?


Please have a look and pass it on to your friends and family!


  1. An interesting way of putting our point of view - using Colchester. Thank you for continuing to knock on the fortress Westminster's door. It's becoming a siege now.

  2. Dear Robin
    your comments a right, Labour in 1998 set the ball rolling and whether they thought this might happen of Scotland going for total independence, so they are setting the standard so to speak and we as English should mirror what the Scots wish if nothing else,it is now up to the Scots and we should be ready for what ever the outcome will be,
    which at the present time is full be it.
    Stephen (Bennett)

  3. the union jack flying behind you rubbed salt into the wound. in parts of England remote from London, particularly in the hard pressed North and the Midlands, the sight of the union flag at the "London" Olympics this summer is not going to go down well as a reminder of the billions the Games are costing

    1. Please, it is not a Union Jack, it is a Union FLAG, unless it is flying from the Jack Staff of a Royal Navy Warship whilst in the confines of a harbour.

  4. Anthony Whitehead Hodges4 March 2012 at 14:40

    Your message was clear and to the point emphasising the inequitable position England stands within the Union. You had little time so I can understand why the question of the Barnet formula was not raised.The sound on my computer was audible but only just! Your efforts are commendable.

  5. well done Robin
    keep up the good work, wish I could do more to help
    Joe Weall

  6. Unless we leave the EU an English parliament, like the UK parliament will never be free. Sign my e-petition below '' and get us all out of the EU first. Then as sovereign countries we could all notEU/EU, UK/notUK; I can see no reason why we should not all regain our sovereign country status and still vote to be part of the UK.
    David Barrett

  7. My own private take on the matter of the English Parliament is that everyone knows, either intuitively, or otherwise, that once England has its own government, an era that began as long ago as the first Queen Elizabeth will be over. At the moment the ruling class of the UK are by temperament and education still very much geared into running the UK as an imperial power. ‘Punching above our weight’; and expressions of that nature. An English government will be recognition of England as a primarily a North West European nation. It will also unpleasantly highlight the attitudes of the British ruling class, their education and qualifications to rule. I mean it could not help being like that, no matter what transpires.
    The British ruling class have not stayed in power for such a long time by refusing to recognize the events happening around them. So they will resolutely oppose an English parliament, to their utmost ability for as long as they can. They will try and run the rump of the UK, namely England, as if it was the British Empire. As has been said before they will treat England as the British Empires last remaining colony. Their hatred of the English people is so tangible, they are quite capable of causing enormous long lasting damage to England out of no reason other than spite.
    We are living in difficult times and English people need to start growing up and taking responsibility for their own future.
    LB Lambeth

    1. the Conservative and Unionist Party, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and the BNP (British National Party) are all anti-English parties

  8. Good video by Mr Tillbrook, concise and to the point.
    Although talking to the average Johnny English, and I do not know that many, is like talking to the Teflon people. Nothing sticks to them. It is very puzzling

  9. Notts English Democrat5 March 2012 at 21:14

    Well done Robin. Getting our voice across on the TV is vital for our party's credibility. How did you break through the usual censorship that is imposed against us?

  10. Time for Change, the times are a Changin, The English are Rising

  11. Fascinating comment about England being the British Empire's first colony. This supports my belief - and that of many others - that the British establishment are the Norman/Angevin aristocracy. Hence their hatred of the brooding English whom they know they never really defeated in 1066 but just put to sleep. This is why the Englishman in the street is in such a state of resigned narcolepsy. The English are still aware of being a defeated people powerless to rise up against the brutal Normans and so they grin like idiots and they sleep on waiting for the time when they can wake up again. But every time they open their eyes the Normans are still in their impregnable castles scowling down at them. Who will ever wake them? England's spirit is not in London; for me it is in Winchester, standing next to Hamo Thorneycroft's statue of King Alfred. London with its Norman White Tower is the Norman capital. They shackled England to their Empire and now England wants to be free of all of you, Scotland, Wales and the leeching Old Commonwealth. Jeremy Paxman has just come up trumps again by talking to a Kenya Asian woman living in Leicester who loved the Empire and thought we ran it very well. It obviously gave some structure to their chaotic countries. She went back to India but didn't like it so came to England ( so we could organise her life for her again ). She found India too corrupt! Give me strength, it is just like the kids going to university and then coming home to mummy and daddy to look after them. You are free. You are independent. Just go and enjoy your booming economy. England wants to be free now of the Norman Empire that is bleeding her dry in a process of reverse colonisation. I can understand now why the British Establishment were so fond of mass immigration of non-Europeans as it allowed them to carry on playing empires and the Old Etonians in power are still at it. Look you Normans, go back to Normandy and take your empire with you. We don't have room for lodgers any more.

  12. Anoymous, I can't see how you can define the BNP as being 'anti-English' when they are infact the ONLY party in Britain that recognises the existence of the English people and wishes to see them survive the tsunami of mass immigration with their hardline immigration policies. Quite simply, it is either BNP policies on immigration are enacted or the English (along with the Welsh and Scots) become a memory in this land.

  13. Cameron.. '..and that is keeping this Kingdom – our great country – united'.
    I believe my country is ENGLAND and I'm proud to be English. Why not let the English, the Irish, the Scots, and the Welsh all be proud of their own nationality. We can all opt to be in the UK. Support my petition: //