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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A guest blog from one of our Isle of Wight activists

Asset Stripping England
On the 30th March 2012, George Galloway was elected as MP for Bradford North. “Gorgeous George” claimed that people have become disenchanted from Westminster and that is certainly correct. In this country we have three big political parties all very very similar. No matter the subject; they now seem to be as one!
In 1997 a New Labour Government was elected in the United Kingdom, they promised much, and they delivered much, sadly much of it very damaging to England and under the constant mantra of “reform”.
We now know that despite the election result of 2010 where the Liberal Democrats could have decided if the country had a New Labour coalition or a Conservative coalition it really would not have mattered that much, the Tories (and Liberal Democrats) have continued on with ignoring election pledges, while bleating the word “reform” as a catch all for imposing financial cuts that will bring the country to its knees.
The Tory led British Government is totally out of its depth and comfort zone in trying to deal with the legacy of financial mess created by New Labour. Curiously however they seem totally comfortable (and snuggly) within their comfort zone in asset stripping English national institutions and have no compunction in forcing their will using a Parliamentary rule for budgets to trample over the will of the Lords, this is after ignoring any groups “consulted” about various “reforms”.
The British Government have no mandate for selling English public roads or English forests, no mandate for asset stripping the English NHS, and no mandate for imposing (forcing through the upper house) the welfare reform bill. (It is even being suggested that elements of the welfare reform bill may be illegal under the UN charter concerning forced labour, and human rights legislation concerning treatment of people in a humane manner!)
The (English) NHS bill (also forced through the Lords) is another disaster waiting to happen, but why? Why is a Tory led Government happy to impose New Labour policies into a country that had the toughest welfare tests on the planet in 2003? You might ask why they are increasing New Labour’s snooping on the individual as well?
The reality of today’s political situation is clear, no matter who in the “Big Three” parties has “power” all of them are so out of touch they might as well be on Mars. We have just witnessed a Government inspired panic buying of fuel, followed up by a disproportionate use of Westminster time on the subject of Cornish pasties!
While some people have commented that these people are not fit for office, yet when you look closer at what this regime have imposed and intend to impose, you will see that it affects only people in England, the selling off of English public roads, English forests, English prescription charges rates, the English NHS, and yes the (English) welfare reform bill. The Scottish Government along with Scottish GP’s have openly said they will not impose this mess upon the people of Scotland come independence.
The Scots have something we do not, they have a choice. They have the Scottish National Party protecting Scottish interests. England has no one in power willing to acknowledge that England needs protection, fairness and parity as well or even that England exists. You can change that! You can support and vote English Democrats!


  1. I have been trying to work this one out. The Scottish government is nationalist and is against the "Westminster" parliament which is seen almost as an imperial power. So they are trying to maintain that they are the British
    ( they would call it the English and we would call it the Norman ) Empire's first and last colony. As we know, England remains a Norman colony ( the Kingdom of Sicily is free ). The fact that Alex Salmond remains keen on Scotland being a German EU protectorate is overshadowed by his fight to be free of the old enemy, England. England's fight is against a resident foreign power the British/Norman establishment so would constitute more of a revolution along the lines of the English Civil War. Scotland's fight can be led from Holyrood, England's has to be led from Westminster but needs an Oliver Cromwell and a John Hampden on the green benches. To ask the English to actually revolt is a big ask especially since we are no longer a homogeneous people but a people for whom vast tracts of their land have been colonised from overseas causing us to be isolated islands in a new and non-English sea. However, most revolutions are from the bottom up and daily Tory councillors are defecting to UKIP. Some of you may not like UKIP but they do have the aim of ousting the evil three. The English Democrats cannot hope for MPs at this stage. John Redwood or Frank Field defecting to the English Democrats is probably a dream too many. More councillors and mayors at the bottom will help to spread the message upwards and an influx so great that it would close down the BNP would ensure that the two are not sharing potential voters.

  2. I think there is really an element of the establishment in this country "making hay while the sun shines" as they see it. They know that there will be a backlash against them. The Scots will vote for independence and at about the same time the middle class in this country will be facing a very harsh awakening as the huge liabilities our economy has built up drag us down into penury.

    The English Democrats are the best possible vehicle now to offer people a real chance to turn the tide.

  3. Democracy is something to be feared in its internationalist form in Britain today.

    Look at Bradford. The muslims have forced out the English and now vote for representatives that promote islamic ideals.

    On 'Look North', the BBC's vile propaganda outlet in Yorkshire, pictures from a rally in Bradford after his election showed a rally with Galloway addressing the crowd.

    Not one Englishman could be seen. Ed Milliband opined that Labour had failed to engage eith the Asian voters.

    What about the English!

    1. New Labour don't care about the English, don't you see it. They are all Jack Straws - England and the English are not worth saving - international socialists. They did not let 3m people into the country to rub the Conservatives' noses in diversity but to rub the Englishman and woman's nose in diversity. They know that the conservative British working class hate diversity but they don't care. They think those who would pin a red rosette on a donkey will keep voting for them until they have established their alternative non-English electorate and then they will just treat them with even more contempt than they have already and ditch them. After all, when was the last English leader of the Labour Party? Was it Michael Foot? However, as Robin has just said, shouldn't their ethnically Jewish leader be concerned at the way that radical islam is clinging to his party? - or is he like the New York satanists, thinks he will still be part of a political/financial elite ruling a predominently islamic Europe?