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Wednesday, 28 March 2012


When the news of the appalling massacre of Jewish school children and a Rabbi in Toulouse broke, I was sitting watching the BBC news with my family. We were all shocked and my younger daughter asked who would have done such a thing. Given the upsurge in Islamist attacks on Jews across Europe, especially in France, I replied that I thought that it would turn out to be an Islamist.

I had no sooner said this than the BBC went onto report that it suspected that it was French ex-military Neo-Nazis and that they had previously attacked Muslims.

I felt somewhat shamefaced as I thought I had been shown to have leapt unfairly to conclusions. Over the next 24 hours there followed a flood of articles on the mainstream media linking this incident with the Norwegian mad man and the upsurge of "Xenophobia" and "Nationalism" across Europe. Imagine the schadenfreude that I felt when the highly efficient French police cornered the guilty mad man who in fact turned out to be an Islamist!

There is however some real potential geo-political significance to this incident as it occurs in the midst of the French Presidential elections in which one candidate is standing who, if elected, might make a seismic difference to European politics.

Now I appreciate that it is not traditional for an Englishman to have a great deal of interest in anything French (with the possible exception of their wines!), but in this case one possible outcome of the French presidential election does make the contest well worth watching.

Marine Le Pen has followed her father’s footsteps to become the Leader of the Front National (which despite the similarities with its name has nothing to do with the National Front). Unlike her anti-semetic father whose unacceptable views led to even relatively right of centre Frenchmen voting against him when he got into the second round of the French Presidential election, Marine Le Pen has cleaned up the image and the policies of the Front National to the point where even very well connected French Establishment figures are quite openly willing to say that, if the second round is between her and the socialist Franciose Hollande, then they will vote for Marine Le Pen. This gives her a real chance of winning the French Presidency.

If Marine Le Pen wins the French Presidency one of her key electoral promises is to take France out of the EU with all possible speed.

So at one fell swoop, we English may be delivered from the chains of our EU serfdom by a modern French woman who models herself on Joan of Arc! Enjoy the ironies!

The reason why I mention this in the context of this appalling Islamist motivated massacre is that there can be little doubt that the political significance of the actions of Mohammed Merah is that Marine Le Pen’s chances of winning this election have been immeasurably increased - as she is the only candidate who has a track record of warning that the French authorities have failed to tackle Islamic extremism.


  1. Considering 'semites' are those who are doing their utmost to destroy and besmirch any whiff of nationalism in the western Christian world, it is entirely natural to be against those who intend to oppose you. Semites are Arab peoples, the racial majority of jews are Khazars or Ashkanasi with intangible blood ties to the middle east.

    Palestinians are Semites aren't they?

    Just because those who oppose you do not like to be opposed if they are doing you ill, doesn't mean they should get away scot free.

    Newsnight last night showed how the arguments are framed against nationalism, in this case in Germany, the most extreme elements are portrayed as the only face of patriotism in the desperate hope of killing any general interest.

    And the reporter, she wasn't a Quaker.

    Earlier in the film an Englishman protested against the new planning law which will be a spivs charter to concrete of our countryside, and opposing him - 'Lord' Wolfson defending the concreting of England for profit, no Quaker he either.

    1. You have just taught me something. I always thought that the Jews and the Arabs were meant to be descended from two of the sons of Noah, Shem and Ham, who fell out and that is why Jews and Arabs have fought ever since. However, I have just checked and both Jews and Arabs are meant to be descended from Shem, hence semitic. The descendants of Ham, hamitic, are meant to be the Africans and the descendants of Japhet Europeans. I know that Dr Robert Winston said that his Jewish dna is indistinguishable from that of Palestinian Arabs. So what happened in France was just a continuation of a family feud.
      Referring to the concreting over of England I think that the likes of Cameron and all those who worship the golden calf just see countries as commodities and have no sense of love of country at all except to please the easily fooled electorate. It seems now that they see Singapore and Hong Kong as the role for England, a 24 hour money making sweat shop. As for the English countryside, get rid of it quick and that will completely destroy those sour Little Englanders. What would the likes of Keats, Wordsworth and John Clare have to say about the money grubbing bastard? The love of money is the root of all evil and they are all leading us down the rocky road to hell. The English and most other Europeans used to consider there were more important things to love than money, that was left to the Jews and the Indians, known as the Jews of the Orient.

  2. There are two interesting comments to make. Firstly, I don't know about her mother but her father is a Breton and the Bretons share blood with the English if we are all meant to contain dna going back to pre-Saxon times. Looking at their record in both world wars the Bretons showed themselves to have more spunk than most of their French compatriots. Brittany was forcibly absorbed into France in the 17th century anyhow. So Marine Le Pen is undoubtedly a fighter and curiously enough, like Joan of Arc, has a certain masculine quality. That doesn't say much for French men, does it? Secondly, all the English must feel a certain guilt at Joan of Arc's fate but we should remember that the history of England from 1066 to the time of Henry the 8th was more the history of France with the monarchy et el being either Norman or Angevin and most of the battles being fought in and over regions of France. Strangely, when I first heard the BBC's nationalist bashing reporting of this incident I thought it was going to be a godsend for Sarkozy and a disaster for Le Pen but it has turned out to be the opposite. Yes, if she takes France out of the EU then other countries will rapidly follow her lead. The French are meant to be getting fed up with being bossed about by Germany but then if France behaves like a battered wife what can she expect? What will Alex Salmond do then? Another irony is that the Rothschild banking empire, who are not meant to be averse to the creation of one world government as it will benefit them, have delivered Europe's Jews into more potential anti-Semites than even the Nazis could muster. Hardened islamists apparently are now saluting the hooked cross. But I have decided that the financial elites don't care who is slaughtered, Christians, Jews or even Muslims as long as it enables them to rule supreme.

  3. Vive le Marine Le Pen

  4. If I remember rightly the full prayer, Robin, is De profundis oro te - from the depths I pray to you. We are now well and truly in the depths. As for praying I was interested to hear a trailer on Radio 4 for a programme on cathedrals today. It was said that congregations in cathedrals are larger than they have ever been which may well indicate that people are gradually drifting back to christianity having seen what the devil in New York's rampant materialism and do whatever you want con trick has to offer. There is hope. These cannot be East European immigrants who would be Roman Catholic.