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Monday, 26 March 2012

Is English Nationalism for Unionists?

In the last few months we have seen increasing evidence of a rising tide of awareness within political media, academic and official circles that English Nationalism is, in the words of John Redwood, the Conservative MP for Wokingham, "the new force in UK politics".

In tune with this rising awareness, the very able Deputy Leader of UKIP, the North West MEP, Paul Nuttall, launched a proposal for a version of an English Parliament to be adopted as UKIP’s manifesto policy. A flavour of the viscerally anti-English reaction in some parts of UKIP to this quite modest proposal appears here on the UKIP Wales website.(If the link is not active click here or copy and paste to your tool bar >>>

Perhaps even more graphic was the incident reported to the English Democrats’ Spring National Conference, of a UKIP member who twice deliberately kicked one of the Campaign for an English Parliament’s volunteers. A volunteer who had given up his weekend to come to the UKIP conference in Skegness to support their Chairman, Eddie Bone. Eddie who ably argued for the English to be at least offered constitutional fairness, within the UK.

I have previously indicated in this blog here ( that I would welcome the conversion of UKIP but we certainly don’t want the type of aggressive vitriol shown by UKIP’s supporters to the mere idea of any expression of Englishness or the visceral hatred which was no doubt at the root of that double assault!

In the past I have always tended to give UKIP the benefit of the doubt, although several of our UKIP defectors have warned me against them. One well known Yorkshire man assuring me that they are all as “mad as a box of frogs”!

While I am not quite sure of the origin of that expression, I think this level of grossly inappropriate behaviour indicates that, if UKIP’s leadership were to push through the adoption of, what I gather Nigel Farage is now referring to as, “Paul’s Proposal” (as he distances himself from it), it seems clear that it would split that, already fractious, Party wide open!

I think the results that UKIP have recently obtained in two hard fought local elections in Nottinghamshire demonstrates that in the end, whatever stunts UKIP pulls, its name and profile forever brands it as a single issue Party. Indeed a Party that would vanish if ever the Conservative Party were to genuinely become Eurosceptic.

Here are those local election results.
I quote from Giles Farrand's (the UKIP election agent) comments on Facebook:-
“(Chilwell & Toton By Elections. 22500 leaflets posted by hand. Good Look to Lee Waters and Keith Marriott tomorrow
the arrogance of the liberals. UKIP are a non-event. The Tories are worried but I think it is too close to call.. Well david watts i think you will find it is the liberals who are now a none event in UK
Chilwell & Toton By Election Results. Borough: Keith Marriott UKIP 228 con 860 lib 300 lab 285 13.6% of the vote County: Lee Walters UKIP 682 con 1958 lib 1375 17% of the vote
Well done to all the team inc Rushcliffe, mid derbys and Broxtowe branches for all there support in helping keith and lee. Lee its been a honour to be your campaign manager”

The greatest hope of success in those all important Westminster parliamentary elections that UKIP’s leadership could have is that the Conservative Party splits under the stresses of coalition. In that case UKIP would be able to join forces with the Eurosceptic Conservative “provos”!

Despite my respect for Dr Matthew Goodwin, who invited me to speak to his students at Nottingham University, and despite this violence at UKIP’s conference, I am still inclined to be sceptical about how similar the UKIP membership is to BNP members. Nevertheless his report is an interesting read!

What do you think?


  1. Chatham House, Hope against Hate. I think that answers the question of the frame of this report.

    A scan informs me that the thesis is to link violence with nationalism, and it fails. The report is themed with images of grenades and knives: so all patriotic people must be like this - OK.

    A pictures paint a thousand words.

    Plenty of guff about islam and muslims, but nothing about Israel and zionism and what nationalists think about that, surprise,
    surprise. The Brievik lie is also perpetuated, he is not of the right, he is a zionist. His actions were to punish the Norse for their support of Palestinians and their criticism of Israel.

    Its pretty obvious too that the lack of university education for the proles is a concern for the commies, as they cannot have been fully indoctrinated down the comp'. Perhaps that's why they want fifty per cent of the population to go there, as well as keeping the dole numbers down. It helps the to think that all nationalists are thick as well.

    It is a report with nothing to say. The authors fear the rise of nationalism but are blind to the extent of those who don't express there views honestly, even in the ballot box, owing to self cencorship and repression by political correctness/cultural terrorism.

    They ( the authors and their masters) are hoist on their own petard, as millions do not show their true feelings about their nation and people, even in elections so they cannot quantify or defend against a potential hidden threat.

    Mr Tibrook, I wouldn't respect these b#ggers they are only prepared and allowed to commission and write on permitted subjects and reach conclusions to suit.

    1. See my previous comment about the double-think that Europeans are now subjecting themselves to.
      From Norway to Austria, Spain to Ireland and in countries of European settlement. They secretly hate mass immigration and what it has done to their countries but they still, bar around 15% in most countries, continue to vote for the main parties, probably because to reverse it would now be so dangerous and traumatic that they are just immobilised like rabbits caught in the headlights of an oncoming car which if left to continue on its course will completely obliterate them. Even more volatile races like the French are rendered impotent by liberte, egalite, fraternite and the communist internationale type socialism that was the revolution's legacy. In view of the recent Muamba twitter case and that of the young man in Carlisle imprisoned for burning the koran they now realise that hate speech is viewed by the ruling elite as much worse than death by dangerous driving. Marxist totalitarianism is alive and well in Western Europe whilst Eastern Europe has thrown it off. However, the English remain the secret people so none of those elites really know what they are carrying inside them any more than the communists did of the Poles or Czechs; or when they will finally turn and throw off the Norman yoke. They think they have got us where they want us but they are still not sure. Hence their terror of English nationalism

  2. Looking at the union flag and St George's flag together reminds me of a comment that I read suggesting that the government were secretly planning to replace the union flag with something that more represents "multi-cultural Britain". I am assuming that even they would not be so stupid. After all, many Labour councils tried hard to suppress the St George's flag but it keeps popping up on private houses all over the country. As regards the union flag, part of me hopes that the story is true for then at last I think that the indigenous British of all four nations would take to the streets. If not then, then when?