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Monday, 12 March 2012

My Spring Conference Speech 10.3.12

Ladies & Gentlemen

I am very pleased to be here at our Spring Conference in Swanley and also to see you all here today. Welcome to our conference.

I would like to thank Mike Tibby for his welcome to Swanley and also to Steve Uncles and his team for arranging this conference and also to thank David Lane, our tireless conference presenter.

Ladies and Gentlemen before coming here I was told that there was a rumour that Nick Clegg was going to come here this weekend to our conference instead of to Newcastle, but then I heard that he had publically signed a solemn and binding pledge to come to our conference! So I relaxed!

Ladies and Gentlemen, sadly over the last year we have become aware of a campaign against us on various levels. The obvious ones, of a sustained internet campaign of vilification, by various internet trolls, often not giving their real names and using multiple identities, whilst pretending to be supporters of English Nationalism; also of attempts to recruit our members and activists; and of the less obvious ones of deliberately targeting candidates to stand against us simply for the purpose of making it harder for us to breakthrough; and also of entry-ism, where another party’s activists have joined us and then tried to cause trouble. You might think these dirty tactics are worthy of Liberal Democrats, but this ‘black ops’ campaign has been orchestrated under Nigel Farage’s leadership – I must say that I find this behaviour very disappointing. So much for UKIP being a force for cleaning up our politics!

We have tried on several occasions to work with UKIP but they have always done the dirty on us and betrayed any trust placed in them. Given this history I would urge you to be very careful about sharing any information with UKIP and extremely wary of entering into any local electoral pacts with them – it is very likely that if you do they will do the dirty on you too - especially now they have failed to adopt a policy of an English Parliament!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am one of the founder members of the English Democrats and have been Chairman since we launched in August 2002. We are a Party which has grown organically from nothing to nearly 3,000 members.

All the money which we have raised has been spent on campaigning and many of us have put in significant sums of money into the campaign.

Why have we done this? The answer, Ladies and Gentlemen, is that we have done it because we love England and are not willing to go to our graves without having done all in our power to preserve our country.

When the English Democrats were launched England faced being broken up into “Regions”. The Regionalisation Scheme was started by John Major’s Government, after Maastricht, but in 2002 was being pursued enthusiastically by Labour with John Prescott saying “There is no such nationality as English” backed by William Hague saying “English Nationalism is the most dangerous of all forms of nationalism”. The aim of Regionalisation, as clearly stated, by the then Liberal Democrats Leader, to a meeting like this of Dunfermline’s Liberal Democrats, Charlie Kennedy who said, and I quote, that he supported “Breaking England up into EU Regions because “it is calling into question the idea of England itself”.

We campaigned in the North East Regional Assembly Referendum for a No Vote and we have now seen off any chance of Regionalisation gaining any popular mandate, if the Labour supporting think tank can be believed – and I think they can – they have found a mere 9% support for “Each Region of England to have its own assembly”.

We have also been, from the start, in the forefront of bringing the Barnett Formula, the unfair extra spending in Scotland and Wales, to the attention of the English.

When I first started campaigning I actually had people accuse me of lying because they had never heard of it from the British media. Again the IPPR report shows awareness of this beginning to rise in early 2003 just as we began actually campaigning.

Now the English overwhelmingly want to see action to address this. The IPPR report says that there is:-

“A growing perception within England that the English get a raw deal from the devolution settlement. (It is) clear that there is an increasingly strong tendency in England to believe that Scotland gets more than its ‘fair share’ of public spending. Indeed the number of people who believe this has more than doubled in the last decade.”

The English Democrats have been campaigning on English National Identity and St George’s Day. The IPPR report says:- On National Identity

“The most significant and revealing analysis stems from contrasting the groups that say they are either exclusively English, or more English than British, with those that say they are exclusively British, or more British than English. …The results are striking. Those that prioritise their English over their British identity (40 per cent), outnumber those that prioritise their British over their English identity (16 per cent) by more than two-to-one.

English not British 17 13 17 17
More English than British 23 19 24 20
Equally English and British 34 25 36 39
More British than English 9 12 9 8
British not English 7 14 6 6
Other 6 10 4 5
Don’t know 3 7 3 4
1,507 750 756 750”

And on St George’s Day the report says:

“One indication of the pride in and attachment to England across the English electorate is the very strong support shown in the .... survey to the suggestion that St George’s Day should be celebrated as a bank holiday. … fully 74 per cent of our respondents agreed with this proposition, with 47 per cent ‘agreeing strongly’. … We should not be surprised … that an increased awareness of and pride in Englishness is being accompanied by such overwhelming levels of support to the public celebration of English national identity.”

Agree strongly 47
Tend to agree 27
Tend to disagree 8
Disagree strongly 4
Don’t know 13
N 1,507

There remains a battle to be fought against the advocates of English Votes for English Laws (aka “EVEL”) and an English Parliament but EVEL, even if it could be made to work, which is a big if, is a red hearing because the key issue is the Government of England, not merely its representation in a parliament, but even with our very limited resources support for an English Parliament is now standing at 36%!

So all in all we are making great progress, even if you focus on the narrow perspective of our core campaigning issues.

But looking more widely for example on our policy of withdrawing from the EU. We started unprejudiced and with a blank sheet but could see that there is no way that an English Nationalist can make a case for supporting the EU. Now our scepticism has been proved by the failures of the EU itself.

Also consider, unchecked mass immigration which can now be undeniably seen as undermining the living standards of ordinary people and also a threat to our own culture. Put thoughtfully and carefully this is a very important issue with huge political potential.

Also I cannot miss out the potential for gains to our Party in the coming 1,000 days before the Scottish Referendum. The British Unionist Establishment is all over the place on this, seeing it just as a Scottish issue but again the IPPR report shows that English people are increasingly assertive that we to have a right to be consulted on what should happen for England. The English Democrats are the only voice for England in this debate.

As you can see from my recent appearance on the BBC’s flagship political show, The Daily Politics, the coverage that we are getting over this weekend and this News item:-

Ladies and Gentlemen I think that both for English Nationalism and, with your help also for the English Democrats, to re-use a New Labour phrase “the only way is up!”

We in this Party have often had debates on how to ensure that people pigeon hole us in the right category, of nice nationalists, and therefore are prepared to listen to what we have to say.

I thought you might find it interesting that once upon a time nationalism was always thought of as being nice by well-meaning people. I would mention the name Garibaldi to you – I know what you are thinking – why is he talking about biscuits – does he want his tea already?

No, I am talking about a mid 19th Century superstar – Garibaldi was an ‘A’ list celebrity of 19th Century popular democratic nationalism, when the very word nationalist meant democrat – when the whole purpose of the so-called Concert of Europe, no David, not a musical concert. The Concert of Europe was the name of the organisation of the anti-democratic front of the outright tyrants of European autocracy - the whole purpose of which was the extinction of nationalism and democracy.

Garibaldi was a very colourful character and he lived to see his life’s dream of the unification of Italy into a single nation state. Our task as English Democrats is difficult, but fortunately not as difficult as Garibaldi’s was and I am hopeful that it can be accomplished peacefully and democratically.

At a time when the Equality and Diversity agenda has reached the point where the Leader of a Party that claims to be Conservative can claim to his own Party Conference that he supports gay marriage, “not in spite of being a Conservative, but because he is a Conservative”, it may be time to take stock on what the purpose of the State is.

In my view a State needs to mean something. Consider the experience of the Roman Empire, which became a sort of Ancient Secular State, by which I mean a State which has no other purpose than the maintenance of itself – by the 3rd Century this Roman experiment could be unequivocally described as a catastrophic failure. There had been a generation of civil war and of 29 Emperors in a period of 80 years whose shadows flickered across history, and almost none of whom died of natural causes, but then along came a Dalmatian peasant, the Emperor Diocletian, who tried to make the purpose of the empire the enforcement of paganism.

In that aim Diocletian failed and in AD 312 Constantine the Great triumphed under the slogan ‘in hic signo vinces’ – in this sign conquer, which he claimed he had revealed to him by Christ in a dream and thereafter the purpose and mission of the Empire was Christianity, as well as the enforcement of Order.

That mission, introduced by Constantine, survived in the shape of the Byzantine Empire for another thousand years. It is no exaggeration to say that the resistance that the Byzantine Empire put up to Islam is the main reason why we didn’t start today’s meeting with the Call to Prayer!

Our State needs a purpose today. The English State was a Christian State, then a Protestant Christian State, indeed, a specific and unique type of Protestant Christian State. It may have founded its mission in the shadow of Henry VIII’s tyranny but during the reign of Elizabeth I, it came to stand for Protestant liberty, a view which was cemented by the English Civil War and the 1689 Glorious Revolution.

Gradually the Protestant mission changed into the Imperial mission, at the heart of which originally had been profit, but this gradually changed into a mission to bring Christian civilisation to much of the world outside Europe. It was at the beginning of this Imperial context that the Act of Union took place.

That vision of England has gone - but we still need a State with a purpose. As a nationalist I suggest that the vision, our vision, our mission, should be for our State to be the voice of our nation of England - of our English nation. To be sure that nation is a nation whose culture is shaped by Christian traditions but it is also a nation which respects private opinions. In the words of our great Queen Elizabeth I, “Not to make windows into men’s souls”, but to tolerate differences of opinion and of robust debate in a fair and democratic country. By democracy I mean a country where the will of the people, the will of the English nation is sovereign.

After the Imperialist British State’s global power had decayed, after the 2nd World War, there was for a time the Welfare State and the imposition of multi-culturalism, sustained a mission for the State. But now the multi-culturalist British State is without any purpose other than its own maintenance – and a very expensive maintenance it is, as any tax-payer can tell you!

It is now likely that the Scottish National Party is going to be instrumental in the final break up of the British State. This gives us in England the chance of renewal and of a new English Nationalist politics. Already in Scotland, all the parties, and I mean all are Scottish Nationalist. So there is the Scottish Liberal Democrats – recently busy proposing schemes for yet more English money to go to Scotland! The Scottish Conservatives are talking up the same idea! Even more so the Scottish Labour Party and then, of course, there is the Scottish National Party itself.

In Wales it is the same picture but there, even the self-proclaimed Party of Welsh Independence, Plaid Cymru, wants more English subsidies!

In Northern Ireland you have a more tribal type of politics, with their politicians representing their own communities, but even so with their hands held out for English subsidies – I might say, even more so than in Scotland!

But in England what have we got? None of the parties care for England, none of the parties even call themselves English parties! None of the parties have English manifestos! And none can bear to mention England’s name! – Did I say none – well of course there is one – one glimmer of hope! One beacon of renewal! One chance for England to arise! One English Nationalist party! What party is that ladies and gentlemen? All together! The English Democrats!

Ladies and Gentlemen let’s work together to make this year a great year for English nationalism and for The English Democrats!

Thank you.


  1. A fantastic speech by a fantastic leader!

    The time for talk though is now over. Every member and supporter of the English Democrats needs to become an ACTIVIST. To get our message out there to the masses, we need to be pounding the pavements and knocking doors. Let this speech by Robin be our Call to Arms!

  2. Robin. Thank you for explaining so brilliantly the influences which created England's identity and that of other freedom-loving North European protestant countries and their off-shoots throughout the world. I discovered on Classic FM today that Tchaikovsky's Marche Slave was written during a war between Serbia and the Ottoman Empire. As we know, in the form of Kosovo, Serbia is still fighting the Islamic Ottoman Empire. In Western Europe nobody is holding the Islamic Ottoman Empire at bay, it is already well established in most of the major towns and cities. The Gates of Vienna can no longer prevail against it. As regards, gay marriage, there is a petition going round the churches against it and one church-goer remarked that David Cameron must be after the gay vote. No, I replied, they are all cultural marxists. But people don't understand what you are talking about. A tiny minority of young people of the 50s, 60s and 70s have influence the political thinking of the entire western world. This has happened because the electorate still thought they were continuing to vote for "traditional" labour or conservative parties that had disappeared and become fused as one. The Liberal Democrats are just the middle class do-gooder branch of the Labour Party. But the electorate have never grasped this. Today's conservative party will do nothing about the eu or mass immigration because its leaders are as culturally marxist as the labour and lib dem parties. None of this is helping the indigenous peoples of Europe or the immigrants that have been brought in to fuel the cultural marxist revolution. It is all only designed to benefit political and financial elites. We are their cannon fodder and can go hang. Interesting that Constantine ( born in York if I remember rightly with a British mother ) put an end to Rome's decline and that it was Byzantine orthodoxy that saved us from even further Islamic incursions. Russian orthodoxy is still Islam's greatest combattant and there are those who have predicted that she will save the decadant crumbling Roman empire that is the EU. The EU is European Christian Civilisation's marxist enemy within. Marxism's first target was Russian orthodoxy and it would be nice to think that on the anniversary of the Russian Revolution in five years time a resurgent Russian Orthodoxy will help sweep the cultural marxists into the sea.

  3. I know Robin has a knowledge of Russian politics and I should have added to the above the position of Vladimir
    Putin which intrigues me. He undoubtedly sees himself as the new tsar of a resurrected Holy Russia. He has had the Russian Royal Family reburied in St Petersburg. This is the family that was murdered thanks to finance from and under instructions issued by financial interests in New York. "Russia Today" shows that Russia is not only anti-EU (is that to benefit her as she sees the EU as a threat or to help bring the spirit from hell that is Marxism and which first attacked Russia to an end and help us?) and gives airtime to UKIP in a way that British broadcasting companies won't; but also that she is against the New York banking elites. In the light of the above and the fact that the majority of Russians really do like Putin and prefer a little father of all the Russias rather than total western democracy, we have to wonder whether the recent Russian elections really were rigged or whether the same one world propogandists are attacking Russia because only Russia stands up to them. Can we really believe what we are told any more?

  4. You cannot have a british mother either your mother is ENGLISH or welsh irish scots australian etc no such nationality as british only citizenship

    1. One of my gripes about that point is the ethnicity tick boxes that do not recognise the existence of the English in England. I had a heated debate recently with a dentist's receptionist -in front of a full waiting room about this very thing. I complained that a recently migrated Pole would be regarded as 'white British' but that did not apply to me! I am English and the form did not recognise me in my home country.


      I was met with stunned silence.

    2. Sorry, Alfred99 but we are both wrong. I got it wrong thinking that Constantine's mother was from the island of Great Britain. I have just checked on Wikipedia and she was a Bythian Greek. However, Constantine was proclaimed emperor in York; hence that dirty great big statue next to the Minster. Had it not been for Constantine there might never have been a Minster, just a pretty mosque a couple of hundred years later. Unless things change soon it might yet still be graced with some minarets like St Sophia's in Istanbul/Constantinople - have only just realised that Constantinople means the city of Constantine and now its Turkish muslim, that's a bit of a shock. As regards his mother being English, Welsh, Irish or Scots, Constantine was born in 272 ad and proclaimed emperor in York in 306, there was no England and no English then. Had she hailed from York/Eboracum then she could have been Brythonic i.e Celtic/Welsh, probably of the Parisii tribe or possibly a Pict from Scotland/Pictland. She could not have been a Scot as they were in Ireland still. Yes she could have been Welsh, Pictish or Irish but not English. But she was Greek. If I had checked my facts this would have been all irrelevant. Apologies.

    3. Your correction illustrates how history affects countries though. Little changes have massive influences. If we do not fight, our blessed England will not be English or Christian any more. Very soon all the major cities and towns will have very few English left in them and our corrupted democracy will provide us with rulers that are not English, British, or Christian, nominally or practicing.

      Those in power will then turn on our tribe. No equality or minority protection will apply then, as it does not now, to us.

    4. As regards York Minster with minarets attached, I have just come across the following on the Migration Watch website. I wonder how many people know this is going on. What are the Yankees playing at or does this just go to prove what we all suspected that the bankers put Obama there and he is now doing their bidding. How can he tell Europeans what to do with the Trojan Horse in their midst? Tell all your friends this is going on. I think they will be flabbergasted.

      Obama's Solidarity With 'Marginalized' Muslim Enclaves of Europe. Obama's representatives in Europe are on an apology and outreach mission to affirm US solidarity with "marginalized" Muslim enclaves and pressing foreign governments to open up their institutions to accommodate Islamic cultural norms (i.e., to become more Sharia compliant). In Spain, the U.S. Ambassador Alan Solomont told Muslims assembled at the town hall-like meeting in the heart of Barcelona's old city that Barack Obama wants to improve America's image in the Middle East as quickly as possible by closing the "dark chapters" of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan. In Ireland, the U.S. Ambassador Dan Rooney, a lifelong Republican turned Obama acolyte, told members of a seminar held to help Muslim immigrants increase their influence within the Irish business and financial communities, that the US was "solidly behind" efforts to bring the Irish banking system into conformity with Islamic legal principles. (...)

      I suspect their next move will be to get the Pope assasinated. Or was the CIA behind the attempt last time? That would smack of the assasination of JFK.

  5. Just as one of the reasons cited in the decline of Rome -Britain has allowed people to settle with no affinity to our culture and heritage - and are only here for economic reasons - but unlike Rome there was never a need to 'bastardise' our nation - we already had an established culture/religion - and there was no need for a dramatic population rise.
    Whether you subscribe to religion or not, be aware, no religious preference, creates a vacuum - and some are eager to fill it, but you won't get mainstream politicians talking about it.
    If we fail to grasp the nettle - we will eventually become a minority in our own country - forget Scotland, Wales etc - England will cease to exist along with them all.

    1. As cited elsewhere, Cameron is now going to fill England with roads and airports and houses for immigrants so that England's green and pleasant land will disappear and the English will just die of a broken heart. As I said somewhere else England will be a piece of turf to be squatted on and leeched off. I was told 30 years ago that those who want to destroy Europe sought to repeat the fall of Rome. So they have engineered mass immigration to destroy national identities, greed and moral decline, the destruction and ridicule of christianity. Eventually the muslims will be encouraged to break out of their enclaves and seize power. It will soon be too late. One thing I know is that it is clear that Cameron, in view of his desire to concrete it over, hates England and the English with a vengeance or rather has not a fibre of patriotism in his being except in soundbites to fool the English, such as "Britain is and will remain a Christian country" (that will keep them happy and voting for me for a while) whilst he actively encourages its destruction. May he burn in hell. He may be surprised to find it exists. At least I hope it does for his sake!!