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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tory Nationalism!?!

As this is, politically speaking, the Spring Conference season, here is an extract from Dave Donald Cameron’s Spring Conference speech to the assembled few Tories and many lobbyists.
It will be of some interest to all English nationalists:-
“There’s another cause I want this party to rally behind…
…and that is keeping this Kingdom – our great country – united.
Now, of course, that’s not entirely in our hands.
Before long, there will be a referendum in Scotland.
It will be Scotland that votes. It will be Scotland’s choice.
But let me say here in London.
I am not going to give up on our shared history…
…the wars we have fought…
…the freedoms we have won…
…the wealth we have created.
These things matter…
…the literature we have written…
…the arts we have performed…
…the sport we have played…
…the blood we have shared…
…I’m not going to give up on those things without the fight of my life.
Those who think the Conservative Party is somehow relaxed about the future of the Union…
…or would even be relieved about its break-up…
…they just don’t get us.
Our patriotism is not a narrow English nationalism…
…it is a broad, proud and generous love of our whole United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.
We’re stronger together…
…and let’s do everything in our power to make sure it stays that way.”

This from the man who told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that he wasn’t going to do anything about the unfair extra subsidies in Scotland because:- “I am a Cameron and there is quite a lot of Scottish blood flowing in these veins”!

How generous does he intend to be with English money then?
What will people who care about English Interests DO?


  1. Cameron is what he is - a lying, two faced, spineless waste of space!

  2. As Peter Hitchens has just opined on his last blog entry about the cowardice and treachery of the politicians in parliament who have sent so many of our sons to die in that Afghan hell hole, he was reminded of what Kipling said

    'I would not dig. I dared not rob
    And so I lied to please the mob.'

    If you can lie to send other mens' sons to slaughter, what hope for English sentiment.

    1. Sorry to mention Radio Scotland again but "Call Kaye", their regular morning phone-in, was about Afghanistan. They had an ex-soldier on who nearly reduced me to tears when he vented his spleen and said that soldiers do not mind doing their job and facing death for their country but they all know now they are dying because of the politicians' mistake and one they will not admit to. John Reid said not a shot would be fired there. The caller said that no soldier wants to die for a mistake and that all those politicans involved should now apologise (some hope! David Cameron's crocodile tears make me vomit). I thought of the front page of the tabloid this morning with the photos of the most recent six casualties and the headline "They died so young". My mp, Rory Stewart, said on the radio that we have achieved our objective of stopping Al Qaeda gaining a foothold there but our defeat will be a massive recruiting sergeant for them. They are probably recruiting in Huddersfield where five of the six came from. Or was it all about a gas pipline or selling arms? One caller said we should act us in the War and imprison all enemy aliens. How do we imprison so many millions though? Besides, it would be against their human rights!!

  3. So there we have it Mr Cameron (twisted mouth if I remember the gaelic, how appropriate is that!) Scottish nationalism is fine and dandy but English nationalism is not acceptable. Did he boast of his Scottish blood to Andrew Marr as if to say, "Yes we Scots are all down here ripping off the English eh?". I wonder what he will say to the Knesset if he speaks there? Hope he won't drag us into a war with Iran on the back of it.
    Interestingly I have noted whilst listening to Radio Scotland that the Scots say "outwith Scotland" rather than "outside Scotland". I think that most English would now agree with that suggestion i.e "Out you go Scotland". If the Scots are getting restless thinking they have been chained down by the English for three hundred years ( even though it was really the Anglo-Norman aristocracy and their own merchants who sold them down the river ) then no wonder Cameron et al are terrified at the thought of an England breaking the chains that have bound her since 1066 and breaking free after 1,000 years, like a roaring monster rising from the deep and calling the whole treacherous Westminster crew to account ( barring Frank Field who is the only true Englishman left in the House of Commons ).

    1. If he speaks in the Knesset he will boast of his jewish blood and revel at the ignorance of the English.