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Friday, 24 February 2012

BBC Daily Politics Soap Box Slot

This Monday I did the filming for the BBC’s Daily Politics “Soap Box” slot which will be broadcast on the BBC2 “Daily Politics Show” on Wednesday, 29th February. The programme starts at 11.30 a.m.

The BBC filming team were very helpful, supportive and encouraging to me as a rookie broadcaster. Whilst I certainly don’t think that I have missed a role in life in which I could have made a great success at earning Jeremy Paxman type money, nevertheless I hope the film will come out well!

After the film has been shown during the programme I shall be appearing in the studio to debate the need for an English Parliament with a Government Minister and an Opposition Shadow Minister on what is after all the Daily Politics Shows most high profile programme in the week i.e. the one following on from Prime Minister’s Question Time.

Please do look out for the programme and tell all your friends and family to either watch it or play it on BBC IPlayer as this certainly will be one of the most high profile bits of media coverage that anyone from the English Nationalist cause has yet managed. Let’s work to ensure that by the next leap year we have really made a difference – for England’s sake!

After the broadcast I shall be interested to hear your comments as to how you think it went!


  1. Robin we will make our comments after we have assessed your acting ability, but seriously well done, fantastic, cane this opportunity for all its worth, hopefully this is just the start of the high profile stuff.

  2. Hi Robin,

    Don't let them try to fob you off with this "devolution to the regions" or dismemberment of England as I prefer to call it.

    Stamp on it as firmly as possible.

    Good Luck.

    Best Regards

  3. Let's imagine who the BBC might have as its other guests to whom you will have to defend the hated English: Yasmin Ali Bhai- Brown, Trevor Phillips, Chuka Umunna and of course old Brillo.

  4. Try to avoid comparisons with the SNP and Plaid Cymru. We English deserve better - a supporter.

  5. Just be your firm self Robin and England and the "ENGLISH" will be well represented !

  6. Keep it simple Robin and stick to the main point!

  7. Go for it Robin stick to your / our guns .A chance of a lifetime promote the cause for the English as only you can !

  8. Well Done Robin...ENGLAND EXPECTS

  9. Cant wait to see it what a coup for the party...WELL DONE ROBIN lets hope we can build on this and garner more support.

  10. Best Wishes Robin - every opportunity to promote our cause must be seized upon. There are a lot of English out there who still don't realise how they and their country have been marginalised - they are ripe to be converted.

  11. Go for it, the BBC don't often offer this type of debate.

  12. Well done Robin, it can't be easy. I liked the allusion to civil war. It's peculiar how downbeat the other guests seem with any idea of supporting England, at one point the posh fella hung his head. Dugher couldn't resist lying about his home town council and trying to blame Peter.

  13. Well done Robin, today proved the depths Politics have reached at least the word English was mentioned on the Brussels Broadcasting Co

  14. Funny you should mention Jeremy Paxman. What a pity you can't get him on our side as he would go through the British establishment like a knife through butter. He is a Yorkshireman after all and the two most bolshy areas in England are Yorkshire and the Essex Marshes. He has just gone up in my estimation. I couldn't bring myself to watch his British Empire programme as I thought it would be more Brit bashing/Europeans bashing; but no, my wife watched it for me and told me he explained that there were only 6,000 British in India ruling 300 million Indians and they could have done nothing without the connivance of the maharajahs. So, another Marxist myth smashed as with slavery where there could have been none if the Africans had not sold their own people to the slave traders as they did before and since to the Arabs.
    So the next time you see an Indian on your city's streets tell him the truth - perhaps not you would probably be arrested. The Marxists are re-writing history and dishing it up to our own children whom they are conditioning to think that their own people and all Europeans are evil. In any case, if these people from the New Commonweath so hated the Empire then why did they want to re-create it in Britain where Her Majesty is still Empress of India.

    1. There is only one thing worse than a 'professional' Yorkshireman, and that is an apostate one. Paxman being the latter. He is also not unique in natural history being a tax eater and an alleged tax dodger. He follows the narrative of the BBC to the letter.

  15. Here is a report on today's item

  16. Interesting that the Labour politician immediately launched an attack on the English Democrats, which you ably and utterly rebuffed - they are getting worried. Encouraging that they principally project the qualities of ineptitude and incompetence.

  17. Robin
    If you haven't seen this video already its worth a view. Its on the 'English Standard' blog, and is called:

    Of Roses Rape and Revolution.

    Its a cri de coeur, a lament, but worth passing on. It can be found on you tube under that name too - at the moment.

  18. Robin we have to stress that English Democrats is NOT a "nationalist" party it is a national party of England the equivalent to Scottish LIB-DEMS, WELSH LIB-DEMS and Northern Irish Democrat parties.
    All Celtic parties are now "national" parties - Scottish Labour, Scottish Tories, Scottish Lib-dems (and even the nationalists themselves) ditto Wales and N.Ireland (all Ulster parties.)
    It is only we who live in England who are still
    (mis)represented and in the clutches of the near moribund "UK" parties who are no longer fit for England's purpose.
    If a group of patriotic pro-England MPS would breakaway from the UK LABOUR AND TORY parties and form ENGLISH LABOUR AND ENGLISH TORIES then along with ENGLISH DEMOCRATS England's inhabitants would be represented ,at last,by political parties who are "on their side". ENGLAND IS PROBABLY THE ONLY COUNTRY ON EARTH STILL "REPRESENTED" BY NON-NATIONAL PARTIES.

    1. There are many who live and prosper in England who are not English.

      The problem with democracy is all you have to do is change the people and buy the politicians elected by those 'Englanders' and the marxist revolution is complete. Many non English are welcome friends in our land and we do not hate them.

      We do not want to be replaced by them though, nor be subject to their religion, nor culture nor political clout neither.

      We want to be the majority in our home land FOREVER, in a recognisable and meaningful way.

      English is an ethnicity which one cannot simply become by setting foot on English soil, or being given a piece of paper by a traitor.

      Any party worth of its salt is a national party, no political party wants to be elected merely to the parish coucil of Hampton minor.

      The Celtic parties define themselves as Welsh and Scottish as they as so desperate to define themselves as not English. They are known by what they are not rather than what they are. The regard Labour, Tory, Liberal as British and therefore English.

      An English national party would convey the image of the British national party and I bet you haven't thought of that.

      National and Nationalist have entirely different connotations, emphasis with caps does not differentiate or illustrate anything but a deep lack of understanding of language and the complex nature of identity and brotherhood and division that bonds and breaks the ab original people of these Isles.

    2. Oh and another thing, Here's an American girl's view of democracy, and how it can be used to poison decent society:

      'The problem now is that those who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living.'

  19. Regrettably "anonymous" above has grossly confused what is a simple issue.
    Politics in these islands is about where you live not where you are from or what you are.
    Devolution in 1999 established three devolved governments in Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland whilst Westminster remained to govern (a)England and (b)UK Non-devolved matters -the few functions left common to all four countries.
    All the people who live in Scotland are now politically represented by national pro-country Scottish parties - Labour, Tory,Lib-Dem OR Nationalist.
    So its politicians are affiliated to these Scottish parties whose prime objective is the national interests of Scotland.(Such common purpose objective is the aim of national parties in all real democracies - country comes first).
    Wales and N.Ireland have equivalent political regimes and common purpose objectives.
    However England's inhabitants are (mis)represented by UK parties (non-national unionist parties) whose prime objective is their own self-indulgence and that of UNION or what's left of it i.e. the Non devolved bits.
    Over 85% of Westminster's governance is now "England only" matters (all those functions devolved to S.W.NI.) but they are all in the hands of self-seeking UK parties(who only "exist" in England) who have no primary allegiance to England's inhabitants who totally finance the whole of Westminster's governance.
    All England Only matters should be in the hand's of English national pro-country parties whose common purpose would be in the interests of the inhabitants of England - just like every other sane democracy.
    Hope its a bit clearer

  20. It is not a confusion at all.If the entire population of England were to emigrate to Siberia and be replaced by an influx of fifty million Chinese the logic you propound would mean that as inhabitants of England in Common Purpose terms they would be the English nation.

    That is absurd. Within a decade England, as was, would become a province of China with laws and culture to reflect the people, the nation. It is a crass simplification to separate the people from the land. The machinations of party politics of the current polluted system is white noise - white noise.

    If you believe in the nation state you must believe in the people that formed it over thousands of years. They are inextricably linked.

    You either deliberately or unintentionally bestow an unimpeachable and incorruptible nature to democracy. It is not to be relied on without question. It can be bought and it can be twisted by vested interests. Genuine democracy relies on the protection of the rights and identity of the people who it represents, its nation, its people, not merely the people who live there at the behest of some political fashion or dogma that marginalises and terrifies into silence those whom it chooses to.

    An unquestioning acceptance of democracy as a panacea is the problem nationalists face, not the solution. The enemies of nations and their peoples have realised this and have set in place all the horrors we now see on our island to destroy them.

    That is the common purpose of Common Purpose. In order to protect England one must protect the English.

    Without that there is nothing.

  21. Reply to Anonymous March 4 - I VILL ONLY SAY THIS ONCE.
    Back here on planet earth politics/democracy is based on a geographical identity - COUNTRY.
    In this now disfunctional and disunited kingdom the country called "Scotland" is politically represented both in devolved government and in the UK (UNION)Westminster government by politicians affiliated to Scottish Tory, Labour, Lib-dem AND Nationalist parties and they represent ALL THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN SCOTLAND (not just Scottish people) - hence Scottish "inhabitants" have parties and politicians who are "on their side".
    A similar political scenario exists in the countries Wales and N.Ireland so their inhabitants also have politicians/parties who are "on their side.
    Democracies worldwide operate on the same political scenario - except England.
    By contrast we who live in the country called England are lumbered with MPs affiliated to Unionist (UK) parties -Labour, Tories, Lib-dem who are "not on our side". They constantly (mis)represent our interests for the benefit of union, its parties and devolved countries - such anti-country representation is endless Barnett,immigration, -Housing,public sector disbenefits, tuition fees etc.
    National parties like English Democrats (and we hope English Tories, English Labour) has to be the future for this country of currently 52million people - they desperately need political parties who are "on their side" - just like all other sane democracies.
    Anon. march 4 - Regrettably I couldn't fathom your ramblings I don't think I can help you any more - Roger and out.

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