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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Would you like to have an input into the next Scottish referendum?

This is your chance to help us respond to the consultation.

The English Democrats will be making a formal response to the consultation paper below which has been issued by the UK Government recently.

If you have any comments that you think we should make in reply to this document, then please send those to Derek Hilling, our National Party Secretary ( by 1st March 2012.

Derek will be compiling our response for submission to the British government prior to 9th March 2012.

Here is the link >>>


  1. We have Central Government to look after all affairs. Then we have the Scottish, Welsh and N Irish Parliaments to look after the Scots, Welsh and Irish. Where is the ENGLISH Parliament to look out for our English interests. It's about time the Govt. realised that just because we are English doesn't make us racist hooligans. I'm English British and proud....!

  2. English British? what does that mean? he's either English or he's British from the Commonwealth