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Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Ladies & Gentlemen & Fellow Members of the English Democrats

I am delighted to welcome you, as your National Party Chairman, to the English Democrats’ 10th Annual General Meeting - This is our 10th AGM if you include our launch at Imperial College in August 2002.

It is normal to talk about politics as being something of a roller coaster and it is true that it does have its ups and downs, but I think the interesting thing about the career of the English Democrats since 2002 is that we have - year on year - been on a consistently upward path. I am hopeful that that upward path is now reaching the breakthrough point to political credibility and therefore political success.

I am reminded of the Royal Air Force motto ‘Per Ardua ad Astra’ – ‘through difficulties to the stars’. The English Democrats’ aim is to be one of the fixed constellations in the heavens of our country’s politics. We are already a surprisingly long way up that path in the eyes of the media and political establishment.
Over the years I and many others have put in an immense effort but that is bearing fruit.

It has now been several years since I have come across a national or even a local politician or any political journalist who has not heard of us.

Nevertheless we haven’t yet achieved full Brand Awareness with the public, but you have to bear in mind the marketing theory that an ordinary person doesn’t register a brand, whether it be commercial or political, until the 5th time that the brand is brought to his, or her, attention, but, given in political terms, our very short span of existence with no enormous resources behind us, we have done remarkably well and we too infrequently congratulate ourselves. So let me correct that now – well done English Democrats! Well done also to us all here today – we are not so much Lenin’s “Vanguard of the Proletariat” as the “Vanguard of the English Nation”!

In the last year we won two borough Council seats fair and square and in the face of fierce and dishonest opposition in Boston, we won a contested parish council in Medway, and also a couple of uncontested Parish Council seats. We came second in quite a lot of seats and did creditably in many seats right across England. We have also had some councillors come over to us, along with numerous others who want to join a party that is making progress and is serious about its English Nationalism. We also had a spectacular success with our National Campaign for Elected Mayors – triggering a referendum in Salford.

I am very hopeful that this will lead to still greater success in the coming year not only in local elections across the country and also hopefully in our London Assembly campaign and also in the elections for Law and Order Commissioners if that becomes law.

As a mark of the kind of work that has been done over the last year I have had a copy of our new general leaflet and also one of my own local leaflets on your seats. We have also recently launched a new, and I hope you will all agree, much better Website than anything we have previously had, much more focussed on the important things that a political party’s website should be intended to achieve, namely the building up of the strength of the party both in terms of members and in terms of money because I have to say to you one of the greatest weaknesses and difficulties that we as a Party have laboured under all these years, is the lack of serious resources.

You might like to know that I met Nigel Farage of UKIP recently who expressed admiration for what we have managed to achieve, given our puny resources and, in particular, he said that he thought that our 280,000 votes in the last EU elections, achieved in the main with only a party election broadcast, was, in his words: “enormously impressive”. He was clearly envious of something that we have got that he hasn’t, which if you will pardon me saying is that we have the political Viagra of standing for and spearheading a great social change that is happening in England.

There is a book too rarely read by Westerners but one which is compulsory study for Eastern political, military and business leaders. It is called the “Art of War” by Master Sun (Sun Tzu).

What you will find, if you read it, is a masterpiece of the coldblooded and stonehearted real - politique that you often find at the core of non-Christian civilizations.

What it suggests is that when faced with difficulties you should always look at Taoist or judo style tactics; so, if your opponent throws a punch at you, you don’t block it you grab their hand and pull – hard!

Here are some pearls of Sun Tzu’s wisdom:-

MASTER SUN - he say

A military operation involves deception. Even though you are competent, appear to be incompetent. Though effective, appear to be ineffective.

This is explained as

A military operation has no standard form – it goes by way of deception.


Without deception you cannot carry out strategy, without strategy you cannot control the opponent.


MASTER SUN - he say

Cause division among them.

This explained as:-

Send interlopers to cause rifts among them.


Break up their accords, cause division between the leadership and their ministers, and then attack.


Seduce them with the prospect of gain, sent interlopers in among them, have rhetoricians use fast talk to ingratiate themselves with their leaders and followers and divide up their organization and power.


You may cause rifts between the leadership and their follows or between them and their allies – cause division, and then take aim at them.


Opponents should also note that

MASTER SUN also says:-

Attack when they are unprepared, make your move when they do not expect it.

In England, people are giving up on the idea of Britishness partly because they are asking themselves how can we English be British all on our own if Scots and Welsh people only want to be Scottish and Welsh, but also partly because Britishness has really passed its sell by date. Given that it was originally about imperialism and posturing on the world stage it can no longer really be relevant to a comparatively piffling little country off the north west shore of mainland Europe which seemingly cannot even afford to have a High Seas Fleet, yet has a State that is so greedily over-weaning that we are one of the most over-taxed people on earth!

Recently we saw, with the appalling riots and looting, how our country is changing. These were not simply race riots as some tried to make out, but nor was race completely irrelevant as others have tried to make out. The core of the issue was a toxic combination of a developing Under Class culture being met with an incompetent response from Authority.

Mass immigration played its part on two levels, one part because we have no proper control over our borders and have had an influx of large numbers of foreign criminals. This shows the importance of our Party’s policy of having a points system so that we only get the cream of what the world has to offer coming here! Another part is due to the fact is that so many of our young people have no hope of getting a job when so many of the jobs that they might have done are taken by unskilled and semi-skilled foreigners. Again our immigration policy offers the answer.

The development of an amoral underclass culture is partly a product of the absolute aversion to discipline in our schools. For example, take the ridiculous behaviour of Ofsted inspectors at Old Buckenham Hall School in Suffolk, where two teachers were originally arrested at the insistence of the Ofsted inspectors for “child abuse”. It turned out that that “child abuse” was nothing more, and I emphasise nothing more than the two teachers had told disruptive children to stand in the corner facing the wall!

The official multi-culturalist opposition to traditional Christianity and consequently also in opposition to traditional morality has also played its part.

Which brings me on to political correctness generally, which was one of the principle reasons that the police backed away from doing what previous generations would have considered to have been their duty, namely to get stuck in to the rioters and, if necessary, break their heads. There is also a suspicion that the police were concerned with their own health and safety and their current pay negotiations with the Government may have featured at least to some extent in some police officers’ minds.

There is also a wider issue which all the wind and noise made by our British Political Establishment has failed to deal with. This is that we now have a State whose law enforcement officers have more powers than ever before and more criminal offences have been created than ever before. Yet it is in this very context that the State is ever more hostile to ordinary citizens defending themselves or even defending their property or defending their communities. This seems especially so if they choose to label themselves as English or worse if they call themselves the English Defence League!

Just consider for the moment the comment of David Donald Cameron, who you will remember once told Andrew Marr of the BBC that he was happy for the Scots to receive disproportionate subsidies at English taxpayers’ expense because “I am a Cameron and there is quite a lot of Scottish blood flowing in these veins.” On these riots and on the English Defence League’s attempt to keep the looters out of Eltham, he said “That in our society there was none sicker than the EDL”.

What a bizarre and ridiculous statement to make from somebody who claims the mantle of traditionalism by purporting to be a “Conservative”. The man is a fraud and quite frankly unfit to be handed the rule over that last part of the British Empire – I mean England!

Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for listening to me patiently. I will talk further later in our meeting about strategy for the development of the Party, but now without more ado it is time to get on with our formal agenda for today.


  1. i liked it very much robin!

  2. That is an excellent little article Robin. I am
    especially impressed by your observations of the
    bizarre behaviour of Cameron who clearly has several agendas not all of which are in British interests. His comment about EDL was shocking.