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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Good News from Salford!

The People of Salford will now get the opportunity to change how their council is led and to elect their own Council leader - rather than have another 'Buggins' foisted on them by the gang of Labour local hacks!

By August, having started only in March, our English Democrats' volunteers in Salford had collected over 10,500 signatures on our Petition to trigger a referendum for an Elected Council Leader (aka "Mayor"), under the 2000 Local Government Act. We actually only needed 8,805 but we expected the Council's current leadership to try to block it - so we got enough extra to prevent them from doing so!

Very reluctantly and after ignoring the legal time scales and after considerable lobbying and even the threat of Legal Action by local English Democrats, Salford City Council have now acknowledged the petition and have confirmed that it is valid and that it has triggered a referendum to let the people of Salford decide if they want an Elected Mayor.

I would like to openly congratulate our North West chairman, Stephen Morris, and his Salford Team for being the first of our groups to successfully trigger a local referendum on this issue!

At our September Conference last year I launched our project of getting Elected Mayors throughout England, as part of The English Democrats' mission to resuscitate English Democracy, and revealed that Mayoral Petitions had been registered in every relevant Local Authority in England by the English Democrats.

The race is now on to see which of our local groups will succeed in triggering the next referendum!

Here is an interview with Peter Davies, our Mayor of Doncaster, who is doing his honest best for his Town - perhaps every town will soon have its Peter?

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  1. Excellent news - congrats to all concerned in this great move forward.
    Looking to the outcome now..

  2. So happy we have done this I really do hope the media and others take note and carry the story and who created it!! Lets hope this takes off and we have more elected mayors referendums!!!!

  3. Well done to the EDP people in Salford! What really swung me behind the directly elected mayor policy was finding out that, under the last government's plans, we get 'strong leaders' (i.e. with executive powers) at local authority level in any case - only the non-elected option means that they are appointed by dominant party groups. We've got more than enough appointees in England. All the very best for the people of Salford, and let us hope that when they vote, they vote 'yes', and that when they vote for the mayor, they remember that it was the EDP that carried this through, and vote English nationalist!