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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Blatant Media Bias?

One of the odd things about being involved in politics and campaigning for English nationalism, which is, of course, something that the British Political and Media class are deeply hostile to, is the blatant unfairness of the way in which the media cover us. One example is that the coverage that was given to our Kent Police Commissioner Candidate, Steve Uncles.

Below there is a story that if he had been anybody else would have received considerable coverage in Kent in the local papers, but because he is an English nationalist was completely blanked.

Here is the article written by our Barnsley Chairman, Kevin Riddiough:-

Well done to my colleague Steve Uncles - English Democrats who received an award today from the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police for "Bravery and determination in attempting to detain a bank robber, following an incident at Barclays Bank in Borough High Street, Southwark.

Steve Uncles who is the prospective lead candidate for the English Democrats standing in South East England in the European Elections has received his commendation award at a special ceremony at New Scotland Yard on 25 March 2014.

Al-Fodday Fofanah, who was on day release from prison, arrived at the bank that afternoon and joined the queue. On reaching his turn to be served Fofanah pulled a stocking over his face and took an assault rifle from the bag and aimed it at the cashier whilst demanding money.

Mr Uncles led the public in physically tackling an armed robber who was fleeing an attempted robbery of Barclays Bank in Borough High St, Southwark on Thursday 25 July, last year.

In the events that followed, the robber, Al-Fodday Fofanah, was chased and apprehended by a police officer, a trainee ambulance driver, two roofers, a Contract Manager, two security officers and an ice cream vendor.

On Wednesday 15th January Fofanah pleaded guilty to two offences and is to be sentenced shortly.

Al-Fodday Fofanah, who was on day release from prison, arrived at the bank that afternoon and joined the queue. He was carrying a large bag and concealed his face with a sheet of paper.

In a twist of fate the customer in front of Fofanah was an off duty police officer, Commander Hanstock from the Safer Transport Command.

On reaching his turn to be served Fofanah pulled a stocking over his face and took an assault rifle from the bag and aimed it at the cashier whilst demanding money. Frightened and fearing for their lives a number of customers in the bank ran out into the street. The cashier dived behind the counter as Fofanah waived the weapon at the other cashiers again demanding cash.

When Fofanah realised no money was forthcoming he walked out of the bank with the gun in the bag. Commander Hanstock, who had already left the bank, was confronted with the fleeing suspect and he tried to call for police assistance.

The Commander, along with the bank’s Assistant Manager, Dean Smith, and Michael Duncan, a trainee Ambulance driver, followed the suspect along Borough High Street. Whilst following him they saw a transit van driven by John Girton – a roofer. He mounted the pavement and pulled up in front of Fofanah. Mr Girton and his colleague Errol Gray had witnessed Fofanah leaving the bank and presumed it was a terrorist incident and decided to apprehend him.

The van knocked Fofanah down and he was forced to flee down a nearby alleyway. As he ran off he aimed the gun at the van. Mr Girton and Mr Gray got out of their vehicle and followed the suspect through a series of alleys and walkways into St Thomas Street.

An ice cream vendor who was parked in St Thomas Street saw Fofanah being chased by the two men. As Fofanah attempted to flee he was knocked to the ground by Steve Uncles with a rugby tackle. Fofanah got up, took the rifle from the bag and waived it around at waist height at Steve Uncles to warn-off his tackler. The ice cream vendor left his van and chased Fofanah into Great Maze Pond.

A security manager at Guy’s Hospital was patrolling in the area when he saw the Fofanah being chased at this point by the ice cream vendor and Daniel Simons – a security officer also at the hospital.

The security manager blocked Fofanah’s path at which he took the rifle out of the bag again. The security manager grabbed the barrel and pointed it at the ground and pushed Fofanah back onto some railings. At this point he was joined by the ice vendor and Mr Simons who assisted him in detaining him. The three men were able to disarm Fofanah and held him on the ground until police arrived on scene to arrest him.

Upon examination, the weapon was found to be a deactivated assault rifle, classified as an imitation firearm.

Steve Uncles, who is the prospective lead candidate for the English Democrats standing in South East England in the European Elections said: “I saw a coloured man, running away from a security guard, but towards me. I made an instant decision to help out and, being an ex-rugby player, I took the man down with a rugby tackle. The security guard jumped onto Fofanah, but the robber was able to remove his assault rifle from his plastic bag, and point it directly at me!

“It is immensely pleasing that so many members of the public got involved to apprehend this man.” (Steve Uncles).

Yet in a bizarre twist, the media have refused to mention Steve in any of the reports on the award ceremony. It has been noted that when the Kent Police took “Political” action against Steve, the local newspaper instantly covered the story and went to every effort to make all the public in the Kent area aware of a possible wrong doing, while ignoring the heroic efforts shown by Steve to remove a violent gun carrying bank robber from the streets.

Although Steve has been ignored, here are the story's that have been released by the NHS:-

“Two hospital security officers have received the Metropolitan Police Commissioner's High Commendation. They earned the award for outstanding bravery and determination in pursuing and disarming an armed robber.

In July last year, Konrad Kedziora and Daniel Simons stopped a man who attempted to rob a bank near Guy’s Hospital.

He ran past the hospital when security shift manager Konrad was patrolling the area. Konrad blocked the armed man’s path and grabbed the gun. With the help of two other Good Samaritans and security officer Daniel, Konrad held the robber on the ground until police arrived on scene.

The commendation recognises a "high degree of bravery" above and beyond that normally expected. It is not normally awarded to civilians. The heroes accepted the honour yesterday (16 January) at New Scotland Yard.

Jayne King, head of security at Guy’s and St Thomas’, says: “I’m incredibly proud of our heroes. It’s not an exaggeration to say that they risked their lives to catch this criminal and protect the people in the local area at the time.

“Our security staff are trained to deal with violence, but thankfully it’s something they rarely come across in their day job. Their actions were certainly above and beyond what is expected of them.”

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Johnson of The Flying Squad says: "I would like to thank the members of the public who demonstrated an enormous amount of bravery, especially those who showed little fear in tackling the suspect to the ground and keeping hold of him until police arrived.”

Click here for the original article>>>

and Steve has also been totally ignored by the BBC:-

"Good Samaritans" caught Borough High Street attempted bank robbery

A criminal caught by an unusual group including a roofer, a bank manager and an ice cream seller has pleaded guilty to attempted armed robbery.

Al-Fodday Fofanah, 30, of Ford Open Prison, attempted to rob a south-east London Barclays Bank in July 2013.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted armed robbery, two counts of possession of an imitation firearm and escape from custody.

He will be sentenced on 21 February at Woolwich Crown Court.

Fofanah was on day release from prison on 25 July when he pulled out an assault rifle from his bag and aimed it at a cashier while demanding money at Barclays Bank in Borough High Street, the Metropolitan Police said.

The cashier dived behind the counter, no money was stolen and Fofanah left the bank. But he was pursued by Met Police Commander Adrian Hanstock, who in a twist of fate, had been in front of him in the queue.

He was chased down Borough High Street by the officer, along with the bank's assistant manager Dean Smith and Michael Duncan - a trainee Ambulance driver.

Alleyway pursuit

While they were following him, they saw a transit van driven by John Girton, a roofer, who mounted the pavement and pulled up in front of Fofanah.

Mr Girton and his colleague Errol Gray had witnessed Fofanah leaving the bank, presumed it was a terrorist incident and decided to apprehend him.

They then knocked Fofanah down in their van and he was forced to flee down a nearby alleyway.

Mr Girton and Mr Gray got out of their vehicle and followed him through a series of alleys into St Thomas Street.

An ice cream vendor who was parked there saw Fofanah being chased by the two men, and joined the pursuit.

Special ceremony

A security officer at Guy's Hospital, Daniel Simons, who was patrolling in the area then blocked Fofanah's path, at which point he then took the rifle out of the bag again.

Another security manager, who has not been identified, grabbed the barrel and pointed it at the ground and pushed Fofanah back on to some railings.

At this point he was joined by the ice cream seller and Mr Simons, who helped him disarm Fofanah, and held him on the ground until police arrived on scene .

"The Good Samaritans were all recommended for a Commissioner's Commendation," a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

They will receive their certificates during a special ceremony on Thursday.”

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  1. Funny things are definitely going on. My comment made yesterday on the last blog has appeared but not the one of this one. I will see what has happened by Monday. One point, UKIP have done well in Essex due to Cockney flight from the capital.

  2. I am feeling a bit sick at the moment following the election of Khan as London Mayor. I did of course expect it but hoped that the resident EU citizens would vote differently. The results mirrored London's ethnic makeup. Goldsmith got the white English vote while Khan got the non English vote. I never thought that the non English would unite behind an Muslim but they did. White French, white Germans have therefore voted for Khan.

    I think this result will now lead the breakup of the UK. Scotland will now want another referendum while Northern Ireland will probably prefer Union with Eire and not Islamic controlled Westminster.

  3. It looks like Sadique Khan is after Corbyns job as Labour leader. He has knifed him in the back. Corbyn is wounded yet only a few days ago they were staunch political allies.

    I thought Boris J was a snake until I saw the actions of Khan. Warning, Khan wants to be Prime Minister. Now is the time to demand an English Parliament. If Khan gets in, England will be finished.

  4. I have now lost patience with the Jewish community. For many years I tended to take a hands off approach to them as I (incorrectly) thought that they too were victims of Islamic jihad like us. To a certain extent they are, but in reality these two alien cultures are secretly and closely working together to bring about our downfall. No amount of Muslim antisemitism will break this Anglophobic white hating Alliance, because those two communities hate us even more than they dislike each other. I have always said that antisemitism was counter productive to nationalism, while it drives both Islamic jihad and Zionism.

    The Jewish community's enthusiastic embracing of new London Mayor Sadique Khan is the last straw for me. The Jewish community cannot be trusted no matter dangerous the threat posed by jihadists to both them and us. The time is coming when we will have to forcibly expel Jews as well as Muslims. I therefore believe that the jews have therefore been secretly planning the genocide of the white European and will use any proxy no matter how dangerous to them to achieve their white free world. It looks like Hitler could have been right all along. The actions of the last 102 years are therefore too painful to take in.

    1. Just in case my comment fails to appear again Francis, I have been told that the First World War was to bring down the Tsars and Holy Russia and foment communism and the removal of the European monarchs and aristocracy to be replaced by a new Zionist financial aristocracy who, as the Coudenhove Kalergi plan said, first seized power with the French Revolution. Communism and those behind it led to Hitler and the foundation of the State of Israel and the third world war now in progress is to wipe out Europeans and European nations through mass Islamic immigration. Viktor Orban and others have told us that financier George Soros is behind the refugee influx. Like World Wars 1 and 2 this third was has been engineered by the same people. And even the First could have used Tsarist anti-Semitism as the reason.

    2. Thanks Anon. Yes I would also see the Cromwell inspired English Civil War as Jewish funded as was William of Orange. If one looks at an Orange Order Lodge, one can see the satanic symbols within it, this fact came from NI Protestant. I am an English Republican and want nothing to do with the Royals and their pet non-white multiculturalism.

      It remains to be seen whether we survive the Islamic onslaught.

      I do agree that the jews have indeed been the plotters and facilitators of all the above, however should I make it public the Police will arrest me in no time at all.


    3. Francis. I wish I knew where some of my comments disappear to, in particular the one about Mr Uncles in the blog. I will give up on that one. However, as regards the above, I am told that if you deny the holocaust on Facebook, which I do not as yet until somebody proves to me 100% that there is reason to do so, then your Facebook account is instantly closed down. However, I am sure that there are Turks who deny the Armenian "holocaust" and don't receive the same treatment.

      Back to the EU, I listened to an interesting programme on Radio 4 last night with the Canadian historian, Margaret Macmillan, the first of a series on European identity. The first was on the Roman Empire on which the EU models itself. Another historian said that the EU now is like the later Roman Empire which became a dictatorship. Somebody also said that Europe, including the British Isles, have undergone a process of continual union and fragmentation. The EU is on the verge of collapse and fragmentation as all empires do but the elites are desperate to keep it in one piece as the first step to a one world dictatorship. Have just been sent two video clips which I have yet to view, one about Kerry already calling for one world government and the other of Pope Francis calling for a single race and religion. That chap Coudenhove Kalergi certainly has his adherents!! As regards the EU/late Roman Empire, Boris Johnson being an expert on the latter has probably spotted that one, hence his reference to the destabilisation of the EU due to its lack of democracy and - he could have added - its imminent fragmentation.

    4. Francis, have now looked at the two clips sent to me. Both are put out by Alex Jones of Info Wars in the US. That chap is brilliant. One is about Pope Francis saying we should let in all the refugees and have a borderless Europe and one race and one religion. Thought he was RC! And the other is about Kerry preparing for one world government. Thought you would be interested to hear that Alex Jones says that the EU was founded by the Rothschilds and Peter Sutherland, the odious Irish UN commissioner for migration who told parliament that we must destroy the homogeneous nations of Europe to make the EU work. Now we know what he is up to. It is getting very close to the end game. But Max Keiser tells us that the usual suspects are investing in riot gear preparing for worldwide riots and making money out of them. As with the Rothschilds and Cameron's financier ancestors, first you engineer the wars and the riots and the subsequent rebuilding and then you make a mint out of the process and investing in wholesale human death and misery. These people are the spawn of Satan!!

    5. Anon. You are correct about the Rothschilds and Sutherland's being the spawn of Satan. Fortunately God Almighty has developed this effect that will eventually bring them all down. It is the Dunning-Kruger Effect.–Kruger_effect

  5. URGENT! A 'PRIORITY VIDEO' relevant the the 'LEAVE VOTE'.

    An absolute must watch! Go to YouTube and the following title:--'MEP Luke 'Ming' Flanagan visits the TTIP Reading Room.
    Exceptional Circumstantial Evidence to argue leave?-?

  6. As regards the closure of Facebook accounts, we learnt last night that Mark Zuckerberg has taken it upon himself to censor Facebook for Conservative or Right Wing views. Is the same happening to Google?

  7. There was a time when I looked forward to Robin's next post. Not any more! This blog has been hijacked by individuals who use it, not to comment on Robin's post but to express the bee in their particular bonnet (usually nothing to do with the original post)or (more recently) as a means of corresponding with each other.

    1. I will try again, I have tried to comment several times about this blog with regard to the fact that the reason that Mr Uncles was excluded is that he referred to the offender as a coloured man. For the multiculturalists this is redolent of Apartheid South Africa, even though American still use the term. And yes, there is press censorship of right wing and Conservative views by the British press. Time was when to be a journalist you had to be in the NUJ and you would be turfed out of the same unless you did all you could to vilify the BNP at every turn. That was NUJ policy without dissent. Welcome to the old East Germany!

  8. I seen my first "Black" man in 1948.I was 4yrs old and can remember it like it was yesterday!I was sat alongside my Mother on the London Underground Tube Train going from Lambeth to Hammersmith where my Mother worked at Lyons Cadby Hall.My Mother would hand me over into the very caring hands of the staff of the on site Lyons Nursery.My Father a carpenter/joiner was busy working rebuilding London.I hold glorious childhood memories of both Lambeth and Stepney where extended family members resided.Although a child I was fully aware as to the happiness of my parents and wider family and their interactions with other Londoners,who appeared to me, not as strangers but rather as family members albeit distant ones. The hustle and bustle of what was a very lively London.The friendly cheeky barrow boys and ultra vigilant smooth talking spivs all acting out to the compelling sound of the Barrel Organ presented as heart warming, endearing priceless Street Theatre at its best.
    Very comfortable in OUR fantastic sorroundings, we took it all for granted, just like our ancestors would have wanted and indeed expected given the sacrifices made by them to make England/London a place fit for their OWN FUTURE GENERATIONS!That being US! YES US!Certainly for nobody else! I would confidentley assert!
    Continues in following comment------->

  9. --->Continues from above.
    Now 71 yrs old. I admit to crying on seeing a photograph of Jonathen Arkush President of the British Board of Deputies embracing in an intimate fashion Londons New Mayor Sadique Khan, celebrating his victory.How has this take over of Englands very own precious Capitol City been allowed to happen? In 1951 my parents brother-sister both born in the Lambeth wing of St Thomas's Hospital along with myself of course were "ordered" to choose a house in one of the many new red brick reservations on the outskirts of London. Like most Londoners who resented having to move,we considered ourselves like internal refugees (an exercise in de facto internal indigenous ethnic cleansing). As a result we lost our extended family and friends.Worse!!That London-English flame of freedom and a confidence found in people walking on solid ground.Their own and 'OWNED' Country/City/Streets who's surfaces are now covered PC eggshells. A nightmare! So that flame is dying!Certainly in me! Very depressed! Totally traumatised by what has happened to England-London. I will not be sorry to leave what will eventually become a miserable divided Multicultural hell hole! Curse the vermin in charge and control of our destiny for betraying us, preferring instead Foreigners like their counterparts found in the now infamous Project C.

    Angry and resentful in Essex!

    1. To find that London we have to go back to old films or television programmes or those set in those distant days like Call the Midwife but even then they will sneak in some diversity whether or not it is appropriate. As I just said, John Clees said a few years ago that he had moved to Bath to find the London that he remembered from the 40s, 50s and 60s. But as I added, London's diversity is leaving the capital and spreading throughout the country but John might be dead before it gets to the place to where he has fled.

      Talking of division, I was amused last night to see that England is now torn apart by what the Americans call Culture Wars. A Muslim m p made a comment which got her labelled anti-Semitic and the whole of the Labour party by extension. Now Zak Goldsmith's mayoral campaign and Ganigate has got the Tories labelled Islamophobic. Baroness Warsi has said on BBC Asian Radio ( is that not a racist concept in itself? ) that the Tory Party has an undertow of Islamophobia. But Zak Goldsmith is a Jew so is he an Islamophobic Jew? And he is a member of the Rothschild family which, some suspect, have an anti-European agenda. We also hear that a college at Cambridge held an Africa-themed dinner which was deemed to be racist and so it goes on and one. We all knew that it would end like this and in tears. As I have said there is no such thing as anti-white racism or Anglophobia, or rather to suggest this is taboo.

      Meanwhile, the attempt by a former copper to bring Ted Heath's carryings on in the Close at Salisbury has been stopped. My feeling is that none of this will come out until his fellows have passed on.

      Surprise, surprise, Mark Carney, lie Peter Sutherland another ex-Goldman Sachs man has come out in favour of the Remain in the EU campaign. Could it be anything to do with the fact that his former employer controls the Bank of England and nearly all central banks? As Grass Roots Out said, they are massively funding the in campaign. And now the IMF are telling us we face doom and gloom if we come out. Join up the dots and you end up with the same people.

      The Americans are trying to ensure that the Saudis alone get the blame for 9/11. I suspect that this is another case of entrapment by their own beloved security service who are experts in the same. The War on Terror was all part of the plan which has led to the massive Islamic movement into Europe.

    2. What is Project C?

    3. The point of no return is close and this what the elites want.

      Antisemitism helps the Jewish community no end. They get sympathy, support and extra attention from the elites on matter the origin of the perpetrator. If the perpetrator is white and or indigenous English or Christian the perpetrator is incarcerated together with lots of asset stripping fines and costs. If the perpetrator is Muslim or non white they will just get a slap on the wrist no fine no incarceration and everything continues as normal, but the Jew has gained in both cases.

      So called islamophobia has a similar effect and helps both Jews and Muslims. You rarely see anti Muslim comments from the Jewish community, Paul Weston Liberty GB Leader the exception here. They are either in collaboration with the Muslim community or they see the trap (but don't have the decency to forward us). Nearly every time a so called islamophobic incident occurs the usual over reaction happens. The muslims get more attention, more sweets, more resources thrown at them at our expense while we are continually asset stripped, lose our liberties and so on.

      Should we complain about Anglophobia or anti white racism or whatever, we are attacked verbally and physically and nothing is done about it when we complain. The CPS and Police are full of Islamist diversity advisors who ensure Muslims remain immune from prosecution, and divert antisemitism and homophobia onto the indigenous. This is what we need to focus on, Liberty GB miss the point. We must only focus on fighting jihad, our loss of freedom, fight against our persecution because if we dare attack those demographics culpable it is a short trip to prison.


    4. Francis, Khan is now telling Corbyn what to do and you can bet that he is aiming to be party leader after the next mayoral election. His arrogant, triumphalist behaviour in Southwark Cathedral, which was so un-English, just shows that he is bent on revenge for alleged English imperialism. I think now that the English are finally begin to twig that their backs are against the wall and they will be reduced to an minority in their own country. It has been said that when the English turn it is very violent. We will see; but we have civil war looming again the United States whatever the outcome in November or even July. France is in perpetual insurrection because of the new banker-imposed labour laws in between dodging terror attacks.

  10. It is getting clearer and clearer by the day that the real NWO is Islamic. The Sutherlands and the Soros, Rothschilds and so on are all Dhimmis. They work for Islam, not the other way. Many Jews living in the West are like the French collaborators during WWII. The Muslim has been in control of the likes of Hitler and so on. Freemasonry, Common Purpose, Irish Republican Brotherhood, Karl Marx, and so on were all controlled by Saudi Arabia a country never occupied by any other. Islam has ruled for 1400 years and now it is about to go for its last kill - white Europe. If Remain win, they have won. Saudi Arabia controls the EU, Blair is a Saudi agent. Islam is a Luciferian religion that frames others Jews and neo Nazis for its own crimes. Turkey has said that if the UK leaves the EU that it will declare war on us. That is PROOF that Islam rules the world. Only Russia,Iran and China can stop them.


    1. Not sure if you have got it the right way round, Francis. The Labour party we learn has a Blairite pro-Israel branch. Tony Blair was very Israel friendly. This explains why when questioned about Israel in Gaza by Sky News when Middle East Peace Envoy he refused to answer even though asked four times. And the likes of Rodney Shakespeare says that American foreign policy in the Middle East is Zionist Neocon foreign policy so is this why Blair went to war in Iraq? Israel and Saudi Arabia are working together and both share common religious ideas stemming from the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible. It is rumoured that Mossad, the CIA and Saudi were all together on 9/11 and I was told that the Israelis were told not to go to work in the World Trace Center on that day. When will they chuck Turkey out of NATO? Still at least their EU membership will be put on the back burner for a while!

      Can I suggest that you look up on Youtube what Brother Nathaniel has to say regarding the coming of the Antichrist at the end of August. He was brought up a Jew and is now a Greek Orthodox Monk.

      Back to the willing suspension of disbelief in tv drama referred to a few months ago, on the Hollow Crown on BBC the other evening we had an actress in Henry VI in full medieval garb of Afro-carribean "heritage". They will tell us that it is only the racist Eurocentric teaching of English history that makes us question this and that it actually happened. When they start to rewrite history Soviet style then we are lost.

      You are right about Russia, Iran and China whichever of the two listed above are behind it, if not both. Hence their massive anti-Russian propaganda campaign which they even used the Eurovision Song Contest to promote. The Contest started in 1955 to bring countries together after the War, so how come the Ukraine could be so political. Of course Europeans are being leant on again by the One World Elite. In any case, Stalin was a Georgian and the Ukrainians are employing Sakashvilli to run Odessa, another Georgian.

    2. Thanks anan above. As you say it makes no difference which force is leading to our destruction. As far as I am concerned Jews and Muslims are working together to destroy us even if they appear hostile to each other. They want our destruction no matter what and will lie deceive cheat terrorise or whatever to get what they want.

      Under the Equality Act there is what is termed a genuine occupational requirement that can be applied to situations in which only a white English person should be chosen to play historical characters but somehow the diversity officers goose step over that.

      The rewriting of our history is part of genocide and needs to be legally tackled.