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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Jack Straw once said that “the English as a Race are not worth saving”!

The now largely discredited Jack Straw once said that “the English as a Race are not worth saving”! As an English Nationalist, I have always fought against people like Jack Straw who are so contemptuous of the English Nation. However sometimes things happen which make you wonder whether even the Jack Straws of this world may have a point! Here are some stories which may make you think.

I remember some years ago reading a story told by the American Journalist, Janet Daley, writing in the Daily Telegraph saying that she thought that in England the idea of citizenship had died. To support her theory she told a story about her recent visit to some relatives in, I think, Texas. There was a road traffic accident. Immediately several citizens leapt from their cars and pushed the damage cars to the side of the road, attended the injured and started directing the traffic. Eventually the police and emergency services arrived and those citizens then went about their business. She then came back to England and was stuck in a long traffic jam on one of our roads where there had been a road traffic accident. Everyone just sat in their cars waiting for the emergency services to arrive rather than showing any initiative or sense of civic duty or citizenship!

In the Kent Police Commissioner elections there was a BBC radio husting in which our candidate Steven Uncles had asked about crime fighting. Steve recommended that people should follow his own example of personal courage in tackling an armed robber. He said people should “have a go”! None of the other candidates liked the idea of any member of the public “having a go”! (You can listen to the hustings here >>>

The other day I walking in the heart of the City of London, next to the Bank of England, when I saw a dishevelled looking Black vagrant attacking a blond woman who was calling out for him not to hurt her and crying. Dozens of office workers were simply hurrying past this going on. I barged in and demanded to know from the assailant what he was doing and stood over him and he slunk off. At which point a couple of others did then ask the woman whether she was alright and whether they should call the police. She didn’t want them to do so, but it became clear that the vagrant had attacked her totally at random when she was going about her business walking along the street!

We then have the results of the English Democrats’ elections in the Liverpool Mayoralty and four Police Commissioner Elections in South and West Yorkshire, Bedfordshire and Kent. In some sense when combined with our local election votes there is some positive news in the sense that we got about 60,000 votes for comparatively trifling expense. The most alarming thing is that in these are really important elections where, amongst other things, there has been widespread problems of police failing to do their duty in tackling Muslim gang rape and prostitution gangs. Nevertheless not only do most voters continue to vote for parties that would be happy to continue turning a blind eye and keeping silent in return for votes; Also not to mention most people who are on the electoral roll could not be bothered to turn out at all and that is not taking account of those people who have dropped the electoral roll, perhaps the estimated 25% who are not registered on the electoral roll.

What these matters have in common is the fact that such a large proportion of the English Nation have given in to supine apathy. Although Jack Straw is making a moral judgment that the English were not worth saving, it is clear however that he may have been right about the implied need for someone to do the saving of the rest and right also that the English as a group won’t save themselves, but instead need leaders to save them!

Let it therefore be a rallying cry for leaders to come forward to help save the English Nation and to save England at a time when not only the EU but also the British Government is trying to break us up into bogus “Regions” and is permitting an overwhelming flood of migration, equivalent last year to three new Colchesters in just one year when England is already the most densely populated country in Europe and one of the most densely populated countries on the planet. Let it also be a rallying cry to lead the English to vote overwhelmingly for Exit from the EU on the 23rd of June!


  1. My last comment on Francis's reference to the ethnic minority vote in the referendum and the anti-white racist poster they are putting up in London and Manchester to encourage them to vote has not appeared. Perhaps it still may. There was however a comment about Jews and Muslims joining forces against the natives in Europe. It is getting very hard not to wonder about the role that Jews are playing and have always played in mass immigration into hitherto white countries but I hope that Mr Straw's ancestry is not playing a part.

    Apparently, Saatchi and Saatchi are very proud of their poster. Are we allowed to comment that they too hail from the same ethnic minority and it all makes us begin to wonder? The thinking behind the poster is that immigration is the chief driver behind those who want a Brexit and that such people are xenophobic racist native English. So that the only way for the ethnic minorities at 20% of the population already can protect themselves and hope that their families can continue to join them here is by voting to stay in the EU. I was somewhat surprised to hear that Nigel Farage had said that continued membership will add to diversity as UKIP have done all they can to avoid accusations of racism. Perhaps Farage knows that the writing is now on the wall. All this makes me repeat that I believe that Enoch Powell knew exactly what the final plan for Europe was and tried to nip it in the bud but these people are all powerful. I spoke yesterday to a lady whose relative was, I think, a lawyer in London and met some of these elites and said that they were thoroughly evil. She also remarked that Cameron has the same, sociopathic?, cold dead eyes.
    As for Straw, apparently he and Blair are found guilty by the Chilcot Inquiry report due out on 6th July but will probably escape imprisonment.

    Francis, I have been thinking again about the 70%. This is the same as with Scotland inasmuch as the English might take Scotland out of the EU whereas most Scots might want to stay in. But in our case it is worse, it means that the ethnic minorities can swing the referendum in England and force the English to stay in. If this becomes common knowledge then I can see no outcome but bloodshed and violence. I have just commented that I know many who are ex-forces who have been predicting it for years and the need to take the country back.
    But we are not alone. France is already descending into chaos due to banker imposed austerity and Islamic terror. Some say it is the end of times and the Antichrist is due at the end of August. I hope it is not Trump and do not believe this to be the case. He is now ahead in the polls. But both he and Marine Le Pen and Hofer must be on their hit list. As you say, Robin, the French always fight back; the English without a leader just resort to supine apathy when faced with an all powerful establishment. And they have been so easily manipulated it is staggering.

    1. Anon above. Thanks I agree. I think a significant minority of Scots want to vote Remain simply to harm England by keeping us in the EU. I knew a Scots Nat family in the 1980s who deliberately bought non English made products. They were Qakars, on the whole very nice people except when the subject of devolution was concerned. This family was upset about the sinking of the Bismarck during WWII and boasted about the downing of Spitfires from our own airspace. I was totally shocked with what I heard but I could never understand why they were so anti England. In many ways I felt sorry for them but these Anglophobes pissed me off. Is it any wonder why so many non English politicians want mass immigration into into England? I do agree that if England is forced to remain in EU because of Scotland or other ethnic minorities then there will be trouble. Better still we should take our case to Court.


    2. Opinion Polls from TNS show that support for OUT is increasing and now in the lead but no MSM outlet publishes it.

      The OBV should be banned as it inciting racial hatred against the indigenous white English. I am aware that some sections of Scotland will vote IN just to harm England. I dont care about their pettyness. This referendum is going to be close to whichever way it goes, there will be anger irrespective and the result disputed.

      I have now had an article published on the BNP website about our ongoing persecution and how it is unlawful even under the ECJ


  2. I read on a counter jihad website that the majority of self loathing Jews are financed by Iran and Qulf states.

    We all know that Jack Straw has Jewish ancestors, his actions would suggest they were the self loathing types who want to destroy themselves and everyone else in the process.

    Most English people now are past the point of anger, many are submitting and giving up. The self loathing Jew has poisoned us with their own self hate. If only such poison could be injected into our enemies to make them weak instead we would have a better chance of survival.

    Depression is a major problem in England, I just hope enough of us have the guts to vote OUT of the EU. Even if the Referendum is close say 45% or more for OUT the issue will not go away.