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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Why should English lawyers want England to leave the EU?

As part of my contribution to the campaign to come out of the EU I have been trying to get the English nationalist view across and got this article published in the Solicitors Journal. ISSUE: Vol 160 no 15 19-04-16

In discussion: Brexit

With debate over the UK's continuing participation in the European Union hotting up, Solicitors Journal invites its readers to explain which way they are voting come the 23 June referendum. Can they persuade you?


When asked why English lawyers should want our country to leave the EU, I would respond that lawyers should be the best and most loyal citizens. Any good citizen should be proud of his or her country. In the case of England, we have much to be proud of.

When our English nation state's great founder, King Alfred, promulgated his great legal code circa 893 AD, he expressly based its legitimacy upon Christian values and upon the free traditions of the English nation. This code set the course of English legal development on a very different jurisprudential path to that of our continental neighbours. Thus, even before England was unified, in 927 AD under Alfred's grandson, Athelstan, English law was already developing along the path of common law, resting upon the customs of the English people.

Our Anglo-Saxon forbearers also set us on the path towards another English constitutional contribution to the modern world: representative democracy. Their system of representation by means of consultative assemblies, culminating in the great council of the nation, the Witan, is the root of our democratic system.

This was supplemented by Magna Carta's affirmation of the right to a fair trial, and its arguably more important contribution to the idea of the rule of law. This is unlike the continental jurisprudential legacy of Roman law derived from the Institutes of Justinian, the legacy of imperial tyranny, where individuals' rights are only those which have been permitted by law. Implicitly, the civil law state is claiming to be antecedent to all rights.

By contrast, we cherish England as the 'land of liberty' and of the 'liberties of the freeborn Englishman', in which our freedom is only limited by express law as the foundations of our constitution and legal system. The 1689 Bill of Rights completed our unique representative democratic tradition.

It is no wonder, therefore, that all good citizens, patriots, and lawyers who care about England should be united in calling for an exit from an institution founded on jurisdictional principles so at odds with the rights and liberties of Englishmen and Englishwomen.

It was a policy blunder to have gone into the EU in the first place. The aim of the British establishment in doing so was to try to maintain its own pretensions of grandeur - to strut on the 'world stage' as a great power. It was misguided folly for ordinary people to have ratified that decision in the 1975 referendum, but now we have the chance on 23 June to triumphantly reassert our freeborn rights and liberties by voting to leave. Let us do so and let the nation stand proud again.

Yours faithfully,

Robin Tilbrook

Robin Tilbrook is principal solicitor at Tilbrook's Solicitors in Essex and chairman of the English Democrats @RobinTilbrook

Here is a link to the original article >>> In discussion: Brexit | Solicitors Journal


  1. Robin, please could you forward a copy onto the CIPD as it is the body for quasi legal personnel professionals. These are the people who provide all of the diversity training to distruct and master judges, the CPS and court staff. That profession is infected I know because I am a CIPD member.


    1. Thank you Francis. Will do.

    2. Robin their website is

      Sorry I made a mistake.


  2. Robin you are a one off on your profession, but in recent years I've noticed very few indigenous English solicitors practice or specialise in equality and human rights. I have often had to contact Scottish based lawyers due to the fact that English based ones are either anti English or are closet jihadists masquerading as Human rights specialists.

    I am a member of the CIPD

    We personnel professionals historically provided equal opportunities training and advice to senior management in large firms and the public sector. The profession has changed beyond recognition since the early 1990s when I joined. It is now full of ethnic minorities mainly south east Asians so it is no surprise these days to see our senior High Court, Appeal Court, CPS advisers being duped and wrong footed by closet jihadists with the personnel profession. I am ashamed completely so much so that I want nothing to do with CIPD as it is a shill organisation for legal provedural Islamic jihad.

    Please send CIPD a copy of your article and awaken the last few of us indigenous up.


  3. Robin! Well done!
    Impossible to surpass the historical precedent you present on behalf of English Nationalists.

    So powerful are the legal and democratic antecedents evidenced in your very persuasive case to leave or EXIT,they place English Nationalism at the forefront of any and all other European Nationalists seeking to present their own case for leaving the EU.
    As a Traditional Irish Nationalist residing in England. I take the non hypocritical stance of actively supporting the English Democrats in what could be best described as an act of Nationalist reciprocity.
    As "both" an Irish and English Nationalist. I argue that if English Nationalists fail in their task to make England a Nation then we all fail, to include aspiring traditional Irish Nationalism.If any country on earth has an entitlement to nationhood, it is England. That is why I will fight Englands corner as much and even more than Ireland's or any other.

    Exceptional Historical Circumstances demand victory!

    1. Anon Irish Nationalist. I'm glad Irish Nationalists are singing from the same hymn book. If only the 1914 Irish Home Rule Bill was implemented the IRB would never have gained the oxygen required to start the Irish War of Independence. The sectarian problem in NI contained or greatly reduced.

      If our elites can make conditions favourable for the Irish famine 160 years and conceal it they can create conditions cinducive to genocide now.


    2. Robyn any idea how English lawyers think about this?

      Think extremism's a crime? You'll change your mind when they come for YOU

      Especially how this totalitarian nonsense was mentioned in 'The Queen's Speech'.

      How is it possible to be arrested or detained as an extremist when no laws have been broken? I understand in terrorist cases such as i r a and is i s where there must be evidence of some sort.

      But I believe the govermnet now is nothing more than brining in this totalitarian measure, as we knew they would. To silence any lawful and justified opposition, activism and groups who do not agree with it. 'It' being the lab/lib/con/EU. Just as they introduced laws for so-called 'Hate Speech' and 'Religious Hate Crime' in order to silence our freedom of speech. These cosmopolitan liberals with all their education still do not understand the English saying of "Sticks and Stones May Brake My Bone But Names Will Never Hurt Me."

      It is fact they have already being using such measures underhandedly. As they had been doing so against the Steadfast Trust for years. Using every tool possible to close it. At the same time covering up Asian rape gangs, murderers and attacks of English folk, the true figurers on 'immigration' and the true nature of the EU.


    3. Ed

      I agree with you about the extremism bill. Its a bit like the 1999 MacPherson Report in which any perceived racially motivated crime will be investigated by the Met on almost little or no evidence.

      The islamist diversity trainers and advisers running the CPS knew that they secured another important victory.

      The only way we will be able to fightback now is to make formal race and philosophical direct and indirect discrimination claims. The very talk of anti white racism is itself deemed hate speech.

      I never thought the Public Order Act 1986 could be so easily misread by the seditious and subversive.


  4. Robin,

    I know this is off topic, but the other day a white South African told me that the British Empire troops involved in causing the 1840s Irish Famine originated from the Indian subcontinent. If these revelations are true we are in for a big shock. Once Turkey joins the UK just watch their troops come in and forcibly removed foods from our farmers. Another point if true is that we indigenous English have been wrongly blamed for causing the Irish Holocaust. Do you have any info on this. I think it is of great importance to us all because jihad will be carried out using British uniform as the mask to conceal it.


    1. I have been away for a few days in the Home Counties so you have been mercifully spared some of my ramblings. Firstly, I wanted to comment on what has happened down there since we left ten years ago. I have said before that it is no longer England but I don't quite know where it is. Somebody suggested America. It seems to be peopled now not by human beings but by automata of every hue and "heritage" whose sole aim in life is coining it in. This is wholly un-English. There have always been some for whom money is God but for most English the vast accumulation of wealth was seen as vulgar. In a way it is un-European as well and something more redolent of Asia. I was told that the Jews in the old testament were given the choice of worshipping God or Baal. I reached the conclusion that in the South east many now have opted for the latter. And our leaders seem to have spent my lifetime welcoming all those who want to make money or launder money in vast quantities. Two new university buildings in Oxford have been paid for by Russian oligarchs, no doubt laundering their ill-gotten gains. Coudenhove Kalergi is alive and well and living down there; in fact the Marxists seem to be faring better here than in most of the rest of Europe. A hundred years at the most and we will be gone for the sake of financial imperialists. Full marks to Farage for saying the EU is a collapsing empire as they try to bring down BRICS for worldwide hegemony.

      There was a reference on the last blog by Francis to those opposed to multiculturalism. I was alarmed to hear a Muslim gentleman with reference to the government's plans for the Snoopers' Charter referred to in the Queen's Speech say that he hopes it will target white extremists as well. I think he is talking about those English who never voted for or wanted the transformation of their homeland from something it never was to something they never expected it to be. How will the English Democrats stand or even some of the comments on this blog be viewed if the government has its way?

      But time is running out, even UKIP has spoken of the present Turkish regime as authoritarian and bent on rebuilding the former Ottoman Empire. They are doing this by pushing south into Syria but also west into Europe. However, they have hit a stumbling block as they get close once again to the Gates of Vienna. If as anticipated, Hofer wins in Austria then he has vowed to take Austria out of the EU if Turkey is let in. But they may not even need to be members the way things are going.

      Have been sent an interesting video about the chaos in Calais which the government has imposed a news blackout about prior to 23rd June. France is descending into anarchy as their police cannot cope with continued anti-austerity demonstrations and fighting terrorism. Charles de Gaulle airport is a security black hole so wait for the next attack. People are going to stop flying via France or even travelling there.

      Europe is descending into civil war between Muslim and Christian and Left and Right. On the map of countries with far right movements shown by RT, England and Norway were excluded. Is this correct? or are UKIP too afraid of being called far right.

      There was an interesting interview with Marine Le Pen on RT. She says UKIP will not speak to her because she is too far left. But she wants an end to the EU elites' policy of mass immigration for cheap labour for the bankers and corporatists and says the Left also just want more of the same. She spoke a lot of common sense. But this is what the elites are terrified of, the application of logic and common sense putting an end to their globist dreams.


    The Genociders first and foremost target for population replacement by foreign diaspora's are the major Cities of the EU,US,CAN,AUS,NZ and specific to this article-England-London so on!
    Why? Answer! Cities are the centre of civilisation of every Nation.The biggest social,economical and political reforms carried out by National Governments always resemble the situation in the Major Cities.Social changes that happen in the Cities ALWAYS determine the future of the entire country!
    From a Latvian Intellectual and researcher of Statistical FACTS!!
    An 8min 43 sec long--'WAKE UP SLAP!' for all genuine European (English) Autochthons.

    To receive this much needed 'WAKE UP SLAP'go to YouTube see Video titled:--
    'Islamisation of European Population Centres'
    By ANTrapid. See the rest of his well researched videos.
    Essex Boy!

  6. Robin, I have been looking at the Austrian election and saw how postal votes altered the outcome. Nearly all were for the left wing candidate. This stinks and proves that democratically most European States are now past the point of no return. There are now too many naturalised and native born ethnic minorities to allow a patriotic party or president to be elected. As the demographic shifts continue and accelerate this will become more evident.

    The same problem will probably happen in the EU Referendum, too many minorities with vested interests and a few self interested and self important do gooders will probably win the Referendum for Remain.

    Democracy has failed in Austria and it has failed in the UK. The only solution left now is recourse to legal proceedings. We need to sue our governments for genocide in our national courts (yes they are biased) using the 1950 European Convention on Human Rights and the 2007 UN Declaration of Rights For Indigenous Peoples.

    Failing that, only military intervention will save us.


  7. So Hofer did not win but the win of his rival Van der Bellen is a bit suspect. He won by a fraction of one per cent and this dependent on postal votes. Is this the same technique that will be applied to the referendum on 23rd June? American MSM have referred to Hofer as another Hitler and the return of fascism. He has also been called the European Trump. The statistics are interesting, just like Trump it is working men who have suffered most who are behind him. Of the votes cast, 90% were from working men. The majority of women voted for Van der Bellen whereas a minority of men did. Men feel the need to protect the women from other men whereas the women mostly seem to be more inclusive. There are exceptions, however, notably Marine Le Pen and Frauke Petry of the AFD. The interesting thing is that when women do have some fight in them they are sometimes stronger than the men. And of course, Marine and Frauke have the advantage where Merkel is concerned. Most men would feel intimidated about attacking a woman but when women fight it can be more vicious then men.

    The elites in Brussels and Wall Street are getting very jittery now at the prospect Marine Le Pen as president. Is she, like Trump, on a hit list? Even if our referendum is rigged then she has vowed to bring down the EU by taking France out of it. And Austria will have to take account of Hofer's pledge to do the same with his country.

    As they talk about fascism in Europe, the Americans need to worry more about what is happening over there. There is evidence that Obama has now sign a bill to introduce martial law during or after the presidential election. Yesterday I spoke to a neighbour who is now living in Texas. She said that there is going to be revolution over there and they may have to return to England.

    There is a documentary on the BBC about the last cockneys leaving the East End. It is on late at night and they have kept very quiet about it.

    Coudenhove Kalergi and Marxism is faring well here. But as I have said before, European nations, especially those with empires and including the Roman Empire, have always absorbed a small amount of non-European blood. But many now are beginning to realise that the influx through mass immigration of non-Europeans has been so large that the native Europeans will be in minorities in their own countries as they will in France by 2050 and England about the same time. Thousands of years of culture and identity will be ended unless the current uprising both here and on the Continent takes its course. Action and reaction are equal and opposite and man is tribal by nature. Events in Brazil - a future paradigm for England - are interesting as acting President Temer has a cabinet that is all white and all male even though whites are just over 50% of the population and this after hundreds of years of Afro-Brazilians. I can see this being the case here as we approach the end of the century.

  8. There are four interdepdent tentacles of cultural Marxism, the first being the CPS/Police/law enforecement and wider legal profession, the second being the public sector, local and national government, NHS etc. The third tentacle is the MSM and the fourth is education ranging from primary school to university.

    We must first tackle the CPS/Police and legal profession because the other three are dependent upon this one. Without enforcement there will be no cultural Marxism. The second and third will then be easier to remove by civil litigation and mass campaigns. The fourth tentacle will be the hardest to remove but should start by removing cultural Marxism from our schools. Then we should deal with the planners and organisers being the universities in particular the critical whiteness and gender studies departments.


    1. Francis. Talking of Marxism, I have just read my step-nephew's school report and RE or RI seems to have been replaced by something like Citizenship. How very Marxist this sounds, if not full-on French Revolution!

      Am on a real downer today after staying up past my bedtime to watch the Beeb's programme on the last cockneys left in the East End, from Aldgate to Essex they have been driven out, especially in the last 15 years since Tony Blair chose to rub our noses in diversity. The one tune that kept going through my head was the old Scottish song " It's aye that I'm longing for my own folk" as a lady whose daughters were about to leave said she and her family wanted to live with their own - English, she used the word - people. Of course we can now understand the Battle for Barking whose proponents were defeated by Margaret Oppenheimer. The manager of the Working Man's Club, on the verge of closing, said that the Cockneys had been ethnically cleansed and that they must fight back but then added that it was probably too late. The East End today, England tomorrow and I wonder whether all native Europeans will eventually end up in one large colony on the Continent. A chap whose family came from Bangladesh in the 1930s said he missed his English friends but was glad that so many other Muslims had arrived so that he didn't need to go so far to the mosque. And a churchgoing half-black chap who thought of himself as white and had married a Romanian said that at least the East Europeans had helped to boost the numbers in the churches as the clash between Islam and Christianity becomes evident.

      Earlier I had watched a programme on Channel 5 about the Klu Klux Klan, whose main opponent seemed to be a Mr Cohen. Am no supporter of their treatment of blacks but perhaps the survival of Mr C's people was more important to him than the survival of Southern Whites who now seem to be fighting a battle to stop the marginalisation and eradication of their race, culture and religion. They still talk of taking America back but it is now much too late but explains the success of Mr Trump. By the way, Sanders is now leading Clinton so martial law and possible fragmentation of the States after the election. The KKK brandished the old South African flag and it struck me that multiculturalism is no more that Apartheid as the races self-segregate. Such tribalism is just normal and even the blacks in America seem to be fighting for survival as well.

      Finally, the Chief Constable given the task of implementing the Snooper's Charter doesn't know where to start as he has been not given a definition of extremism. The lady in Newham who wanted to live with her own and not to see her children marry non-whites; is she an extremist? And the Muslim who wanted to be with his own, is he one? And the lady referred to Indians and their arranged marriages, are they extremists?

      The answer is, of course, that the extremists are the Marxists who want to impose their ideology of racial and cultural fusion on Europeans and only Europeans. They are the real extremists. Perhaps Simon what's his name the chief copper should start on them and then the whole nightmare will start to unravel. Somebody on the KKK programme said it is now a multicultural world but when did anybody, white, black, brown or yellow choose it to be so? It was a multicultural world before just that the cultures chose to live in their own countries not in separate homelands in one nation.

    2. Thanks anan 25 May 4.01pm

      I don't watch live TV anymore and haven't done so for 7 years. I didn't want to watch the programme as it would just make me even more depressed. What angers me the most has been the responses to the programme by certain minorities and ethnocentric pressure groups who refuse to show any empathy for our current predicament. I can assume that want us genocides and out of the way.

      I do agree the Marxists and cultural Marxists are by far the worst extremists and it is them who we really need to deal with. We need to start in action in a court using the Human Rights Act supported by the UNs Convention on the Prevention of Genocide, plus the UNs Declaration of Rights For Indigenous Peoples. No doubt our courts will throw out the claims, but when they do we need to take the issue to the European Court of Justice in Strasbourg OK it will take years but nothing else is working.

      I can see a time in the future when we use air power to saturation bomb those areas of England we have been ethnically cleansed from but we need to use legal methods first.


    3. Francis. I suppose that I should not be surprised that our ethnic minorities show no sympathy for our plight. As I have said before, colonisers rarely care about the plight of the natives they are displacing and replacing. I just wish that I could, as Robin has said, follow my fellow countrymen into supine apathy; but I can't and am experiencing a mixture of seething anger and depression. But then they say that depression is the result of suppressed anger.

    4. Anon 27 May 10.46

      Thanks for that. I agree with you about colonisers - they show NO campassion at all. What you are really saying that is that everytime we are accused of being racist what they mean is that they want OUR assets, OUR land without our permission. So really the name calling of us racists is psychological bullying and attempted theft of our assets. Perhaps we should recognise it is an act of war and take remedial action, force if necessary.

      I agree. Many people have suppressed their anger, retreated into materialism, atomised individuals all the way to depression. Never thought it was so easy to take over a country by this Method.


  9. I have read an article stating that 70% of ethnic minorities will vote Remain and as they comprise 20% of the population, Remain have a 14% head start. This means that Remain have to won only 36 out of every 80 indigenous Britons equating to 45%. This means that more than 55% of indigenous Britons must vote BREXIT to win. The Austrian election shows that the indigenous population is divided between men and women. I expect England to vote 52% for BREXIT while the other parts of the UK to vote Remain.

    I would now say democracy is past the point of no return. Only legal methods can be used now, without recourse to military intervention.


  10. An Important!From the IRISH-ENGLISH Nationalist.

    Study the following-Two videos and One News article!

    Having studied these short videos and one news article,you will understand the vital need for collective Europe(other?)Wide Nationalist Reciprocity> WE are all in the same Life Raft. A Life Raft that is about to be torpedoed by the Far Left Extremists in Brussels.
    Time is running out! Procrastinating is NOT AN OPTION!
    1)Video no 1-YouTube-Title-'Muslim National School-RTE's Morning Edition.
    2)Video no2-YouTube-Title-Muslims and Jews are Natural Allies in Europe-Rabbi Pinchas Goldshmidt (RT)
    3)Newspaper- Breitbart Article-Title-
    Showdown:EU Vows to use New Powers to Block ALL ELECTED Far Right populists From Power!

    1. Anon Irish Nationalist above. Just watched the videos. The Jew is of course downplaying their involvement in bringing in the Muslims.

      I agree with now that all indigenous Europeans have to work as one group now. Dublin is like London twenty years ago. I wonder what the dissident republican groups think or are they behind this invasion?

      The noose around our neck is tightening and starting to choke us. Not sure if we can cut it off in time but even if we do, nothing will be the same again.

      The errors made over the last 150 - 200 years are almost impossible to correct entirely. The Jewish support for the islamusation of our countries is downright two faced. First we help liberate them from the Ottomans (remember TE Lawrence), then save them during WWII. Then after WWII there is the Stern Gang and the King David Hotel bombings, not to mention the atrocities they committed agsinst us in Palestine. After they get their "state" then they draft race laws and organise a mass hisraj invasion into our lands.

      Only an intervention from God Almighty will save us now.