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Monday, 18 April 2016

Quentin Letts calls for us all to send letters to the Conservative Freepost address

Quentin Letts calls for us all to send letters to the Conservative Freepost address. Here is Quentin Lett’s article:-

QUENTIN LETTS: Cameron's £9million pro-EU mailshot stinks. So I'm sending mine straight back!


Received your pro-EU propaganda leaflet in the post yet? As you may have heard, the Government is blowing millions of pounds on a public mailshot.

All British households are to receive a copy of this 16-page, glossy leaflet which instructs us — cue a fanfare of trumpets and shouts of acclamation from an obedient populus — in the glories of the European Union.

You lucky, lucky people.

As we speak, valiant employees of Royal Mail are working to bring us this vital document.

It is emblazoned with the crest of Her Majesty’s Government and brims with snapshots, statistics and claims about the positive effect of the EU on Britain.

A message from our rulers, my, my! Across the kingdom, children press their noses to smudged front windows, waiting for sight of their postie to see if this will be their lucky day.

The project is so vast, it almost demands the poetic treatment W. H. Auden gave to the Night Mail in that celebrated 1936 documentary film (‘This is the Night Mail, crossing the border, bringing the cheque and the postal order. . . ’).

Steam trains may no longer be around, but articulated lorries are being loaded with pallets of these Cameroon EU leaflets at remote depots late of night.


Sorting office machines chatter and click like crazy as the nation sleeps. Soon after dawn, postmen and women trudge the staircases of residential tower blocks or amble down provincial garden paths — no doubt whistling a cheery air as they step — to bring the uplifting news about Brussels.

‘Economic security, peace and stability,’ it declares. You can almost hear Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony pumping away in the background.

Such co-ordination of proletarian toil is enough, my dears, to bring tears to your eyes. Or perhaps not. For this £9 million junk mailshot is, to put it mildly, controversial.

There are some of us, and I would happily include myself in their number, who would call it a sorry and scurvy little scandal, one that could ultimately limit David Cameron’s premiership, damage the Conservative Party and dent our already battered trust in Whitehall.

The whole thing stinks — stinks like a Belgian wrestler’s jockstrap — and we should demand explanations from those who have authorised it.

It is hard to think of a more blatant stitch-up in public affairs since, well, the last time our country was given a vote on Europe back in 1975, when the Establishment presented the electorate an entirely false prospectus on what was then described as the European Economic Community.

Later, without any public vote on the matter, that segued into the European Community. And then the European Union. And these ruddy Europhiles expect us to trust them again!

The simple fact that such a mailing is happening at all reflects the intense ill-feeling — and, perhaps, of panic in Whitehall — that the public is refusing to be so gullible this time round.

The leaflet certainly appears to break promises made in Parliament by ministers less than a year ago.

The Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, and Europe minister, David Lidington, as good as stated in the Commons last June that no such mailshot would be undertaken by the Government.

I say ‘as good as’ because Mr Lidington’s exact words were ‘we have no intention of legislating to allow the Government to do things such as mailshots, paid advertising or leafleting’. The italics are mine.

I suppose Mr Lidington could claim that the Government did not, indeed, legislate for this mailshot. It just went ahead with it anyway. But if he did try to argue that, he would be guilty of the most disingenuous shading of the spirit of what he said.

As for that unconvincing figure Hammond (how can such an uninspiring little man have been given one of our great offices of state?), he noted that the Remain and Leave campaigns would do their own mailshots.

He added: ‘The Government has no intention of undermining those campaigns.’

Ladies and gentlemen, it has just done precisely that, undermining the Leave campaign with a nakedly pro-EU leaflet that has been funded by taxpayers.

If the Commons had any self-respect, it would accuse Messrs Hammond and Lidington of misleading the House last summer. Ministers who mislead the House were once obliged to resign. Alas, we now live in a Britain where ministers who lie on behalf of the EU get off scot-free. So much for the principle, or lack of principle, behind this leaflet.

Next is the cost: £9 million, says the Government airily, wafting aside objections as if to say that £9 million is a piffling sum.

Is it? The cost may well be higher when you consider production and distribution costs to 27 million homes from Land’s End to John o’Groats.


Since when has George Osborne’s Treasury become so careless of the pounds, shillings and pence? And would the public not prefer £9 million to be spent on, say, healthcare or schools or even on repairs to Buckingham Palace?

Instead, it’s being spent on millions of swanky leaflets telling us how to vote in the referendum.

Eurosceptic Liam Fox has called it ‘Juncker Mail’, punning on the name of the European Commission’s notoriously thirsty president Jean-Claude Juncker. With normal junk mail, of course, you can opt out of unwanted advertising (or try to — not that preferential mail schemes always work).

With Government communications, there is no such opt-out. The beggars send you the stuff even if you do not want it.

The timing of this public misinformation service has been highly questionable.

Some people believe it was announced last week in an attempt by spin doctors to obscure the row over David Cameron’s tax affairs.

Others claim, I suspect with rather more cause, that it has been issued sneakily just before spending limits are introduced on the two sides in the referendum campaign.

At this point you may ask: ‘Who is the top civil servant who would have authorised this leaflet?’

To which the answer, surprise, surprise, is Cabinet Secretary ‘Sir Cover-Up’ Jeremy Heywood. A sneaky, last-minute ambush of the Brexiters is a classic Sir Cover-Up tactic.

Then there is the content. It is a depressing (yet somehow simultaneously comical) mixture of dumbed-down rot and schmaltzy cynicism.

One photograph, in the manner of the children’s TV show Play School, shows a June calendar with a red circle round the 23rd, referendum day. Don’t forget to vote, children.

Political correctness has been observed, too. For example, there is a photo of someone who looks like a man doing a supermarket shop and carrying a taupe handbag.

A snapshot of a ‘UK Border’ sign, by the way, has the caption: ‘We control our own borders.’ Ha! I like it! If you think we exert any proper control of our borders, you really must be a politician.

So, what can we do with this darn leaflet, this flimsy wad of piffle, this stapled spiel of Cameroonish baloney?

Reading it is a fruitless enterprise, for you will not learn anything reliable and it may simply cause your pulse to race with irritation.

Can we scrunch it up and use it as litter for the hamster cage? But the paper is non-absorbent. How about paper darts? Wrong shape. Use it for wall cavities? As draught excluders? We could burn it, I suppose, but that might contravene EU carbon emissions targets.

Some have suggested sticking these ridiculous propaganda sheets into an envelope saying ‘return to sender’ and addressing them to Mr Cameron at 10 Downing Street, London.

But that will simply mean that we taxpayers pick up the postal bill — and anyway, the Royal Mail would probably cotton on and refuse.


There is, my friends, a better answer, and it comes from my friend Anthony, a vigorous and ingenious Brexiter. He suggests putting your EU leaflets in an envelope and addressing them to a Freepost address used by Conservative Party fundraisers for their fat-cat donors.

This will mean that the Royal Mail is paid by the recipient.

You might say that this is a little hard on the poor old Tory Party. Well, it is their ruddy leader who has sent out this leaflet. Let them have it out with him.

PS: And that address? It is Joanna George, Freepost RSBB-XRZT-ZTXE, The Conservative Party Foundation, 30 Millbank, London SW1P 4DP.

You can even enclose a little message, telling them precisely what you think of Mr Cameron and Sir Cover-Up’s leaflet.

I am sure they will be grateful for the feedback. After all, isn’t this a listening government?

Here is the link to the original>>> David Cameron's £9million pro-EU mailshot stinks writes Quentin Letts | Daily Mail Online

Here is my letter:-

Dear Madam

Re: EU Referendum

I reject the propaganda leaflet for which your Leader, Dave Donald Cameron, misappropriated public funds to send to every elector in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It was a gross Breach of Trust and I look forward to the day when he can be personally surcharged for doing it.

Yours faithfully

R C W Tilbrook


  1. I am now regretting burning mine on the fire but am sure I could acquire another from a neighbour, one to keep for the day that England is free again and to show to my new granddaughter in time. It may become as iconic as the Trabant. I just hope that people don't become nostalgic for the good old EU like the good old DDR - I did like their national anthem though and even considered it for my ringtone on my mobile. But the EU has a damned good anthem as well. The devil has all the best tunes. This was an excellent little piece, Mr Letts. On the bus the other day I heard an exiled Cockney pensioner talking to a local lady pensioner. The lady obviously did not have a clue what the 23rd June was all about. It is frightening that such people are to be given a vote on it. But the aging Cockney said he had written "return to sender" on it and shoved it back in the postbox. I wish that I had done that or even sent it to Tory HQ. Gove has said something good today, not that I like him on education. But this has been countered by those mps who fear for our environmental protection if we leave. I, too, fear for that and for employee protection as well. But as I have said, Mr Cameron is meeting Obama to sign us up for TTIP if we come out so after that all environmental and employee protection will be dropped to the level of the lowest common - US -denominator. In or out we will probably get TTIP unless the people do really rise up like the French over their new labour laws.

    Moving on, we hear that Swedish "neo-nazis" are patrolling the straits between Denmark and Sweden to pick up any illegal immigrants trying to land on Sweden's shores. So what should have been done on the European shores of the Mediterranean is having to be done at Sweden's gates. And now the EU ministers - including the oily Mr Hammond referred to above - are swarming to Libya to greet the new government of national accord, whether the latter want them or not. The EU are trying to close the door now the horse has bolted after NATO bombed Libya and caused chaos and the arrival of ISIS there. The EU's aim is to try to stop the unending wave of African migrants to Europe and embedded terrorists. Love him or loathe him Ghaddafi was doing both. But then, as Hillary soon to be arrested along with her sexual predator husband Clinton has told us, it was all about oil and the silver dinar; not Ghaddafi's alleged genocidal plans.

  2. You could not make it up; the Dutch parliament has ignored the views of the Dutch people again by rejecting the result of the second EU referendum they have voted on. I am waiting to see how the Dutch will react. This is the same Dutch who wrested their freedom from the Spanish and formed the Dutch Republic in the 17th century.

    A Dutch politician explained that the aim is to counter Russian plans for a Eurasian free trade area. As that Russia expert Martin McCauley - I think it was him - said, the aim of America ( or those who seized control there) for the last 100 years has been to weaken Europe and separate her off from Russia. This would have followed the takeover of the Federal Reserve Bank by the oligarchic elite and their fomenting of the Russian Revolution. And they are still at it. And there is worse, the new agreement with the Ukraine contains a paragraph leading to the inclusion of the Ukraine in NATO. Apparently, they have now destroyed the Ukraine's industrial base and all Ukraine is trying to sell genetically is modified grain to the EU that the EU will not accept. And the ultimate aim is regime change in Russia, probably followed by China, so that they can achieve their world hegemony over a world of economic slaves. A referendum, according to the dictionary, is classified as direct democracy. Well, it was the only democracy left in the EU - or even in North America - and they have managed to do away with that as well. It makes you wonder what will happen if we vote for a Brexit in June. My guess is that there will be "renegotiation" by Cameron or Boris and we will be asked to vote again and get it right. The risk is that Russia will launch a nuclear strike if they attempt to destabilise her. But I don't think that will worry them as they probably all have their allotted places in nuclear bunkers.

    Dr David Owen in his book "The Hubris Syndrome" refers to Blair's trying to turn his post of pm into that of an American style president. He lists both Blair and Thatcher as being damaged goods, power crazy and the ultimate megalomaniacs. These are the people now running the western world - or the puppets of the same - and you wonder how it is all going to end?

  3. Very relevant to the ED leave campaign.
    Dr Paul Craig Roberts-Ex Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury.

    Obama's visit to Uk and Brexit summed up beutifully! Read article titled as follows :--

    'US Assaults British Sovereignty'.

    Exceptional Circumstances worse than ever!

  4. There seems to be a backlog in posting comments. Frank Field, the only one of two mps with integrity in parliament, alongside David Davis and a Brexiter has warned the Labour party today that it is losing voters to UKIP with its wholeheartedly pro-EU stance.

    Meanwhile, the Belgian prime minister has said that we cannot afford to make an enemy of Islam as there are more Muslims in Europe now than practising Christians. There are meant to be 3m Muslims in this country, 6m in France and the number of church attenders may now be lower than one in ten of the population. They are having problems in Scandinavia with refugees turning up with their child brides. A Swedish Muslim spokesman has said that to part the couples would cause great distress. But as my friend Iben Thranholme from Denmark has said, this is the legalisation of paedophilia which is illegal in the EU, except at Westminster and the BBC of course.

    Obama is banging the one worlders' drum very loudly in Europe and really putting backs up. He says we need a Federal Europe to counter Russian "aggression". I see that Paul Craig Roberts says that the EU is just to keep NATO together and Americans in Europe.
    Obama got a shocked glance from Merkel when he said we need mass surveillance in Europe since they spied on her and the NSA have been spying on her office for decades. And then there is TTIP of course. Apparently the Bilderbergers are due to meet in Dresden in June. Dresden, the security will be a nightmare! It is now obvious who Obama is working for and they are in a rush to finish the job and achieve one world oligarchic rule. But it is all falling apart. The front runner in the Austrian presidential elections from the Freedom Party wants an end to immigration and Austria out of the EU. I really do suspect that they will rig our referendum to stop the EU collapsing and ensure that TTIP goes through. A German former vice-Secretary General of the UN has said that Europeans are now sick of American exceptionalism and being threatened and bossed around by America and forced to follow a Russophobic line.

    And there is to be a documentary on BBC2 next Tuesday on evidence that the MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter with CIA backing. So Russia will be vindicated and there will be a storm in Holland. Rodney Shakespeare said that when the truth about 9/11 and the MH17 comes out there will be mayhem. Well, we are almost there with the 28 pages for 9/11 as well. So expect mayhem any time soon.

  5. The Labour Party is being rocked by scandal because of Ken Livingstone's comments in support of Naz Shah mp's suggestion for relocating Israel to America. Interesting that Ken was saying that Hitler was in discussion with Zionists about a homeland for the Jews where they could resettle - "before he went mad and decided to kill them". Can we accuse the Board of Deputies of Islamophobia for attacking Ms Shah? The point to be made about our wonderfully diverse and enriched new multicultural society is that anybody can be accused of anti-Semitism, anti-non-white racism, Islamophobia but nobody can ever be accused of Anglophobia; discriminating against the indigenous English and accusing them of racism for getting upset about wholesale colonisation by the global south. And one of the most Anglophobic statements has come from bonkers Tony Blair by claiming that there is no such thing as the indigenous English as he excitedly rubbed our noses in diversity. Have just seen a video suggesting that there is increased tectonic plate activity resulting in so many earthquakes. This is mirrored by the increased tectonic plate activity of multiculturalism as races, cultures and religions in Peter Sutherland's post homogeneous Europe and North America rub up against one another.

    As regards the US presidential election, there was a comment that Hillary Clinton has ethnography on her side as blacks and Hispanics combined begin to peg level with whites. Trump may be the symptom of the WASPs' last gasp and it is all going to be very bloody.

    The video also suggested that because of many unexplained phenomena taking place we may be approaching the end times. Perhaps the time has come to start praying, as if the one world obsessives haven't given the English plenty of reasons already!

  6. Somebody has got hold of a government report on TTIP which expresses doubts about the advisability of signing up to it. So why is Cameron so keen? I think we know why and that he may have already agreed a strategy with Obama should we leave the EU.

    And it is interesting that there is a call for the Chilcot Enquiry's findings to be published before the referendum so as to show just untrustworthy the establishment political elite are. Blair is meant to have agreed to the invasion of Iraq with Bush even before it all went to parliament and led to the mysterious death of invasion opponent Robin Cooke. So we may find that there is already a plan B in place with regard to a Brexit as well as TTIP.
    Never underestimate the tortuous paths these people are prepared to follow to achieve their aims. One thing is certain, they are experts in brainwashing, propaganda and manipulation. That does not mean that they are more intelligent than the rest of us, just more devious and dishonest in their aims to achieve total power and wealth.


    A brilliant succint (only 18mins long)educational video, who's content should form part of any (ED?)Nationalist counter arguement against the current dominant PC/ Multicultural narrative.
    So well put together is this video,I recommend taking research noteswhile watching.
    'Exceptional Cicumstances'will, in time hopefully improve with videos like this!-?
    Go to YouTube see video titled:---
    'Diversity DESTROYS Social Cohesion in the West.'
    produced by Black Pidgeon Speaks.

    1. I have now watched this; it is excellent. But there is nothing in its contents that I have not thought or suspected and known for at least 30 years. There is nothing that anybody gifted with an ounce of logic could not work out for themselves. There has been reference to the feminisation and emotionalisation of western society. Not only women, but a large number seem to abandon all logic when their emotions kick in. I saw a woman on BBC last night pleading for refugee children from Eritrea, Afghanistan, all points of the compass not only from Syria, to be allowed to flood into our massively overpopulated homeland. Cameron has now asked local authorities to take in refugee children. Our own Children's Services are slated year after year for underperforming. And they have a dire shortage of foster carers and people prepared to adopt. So who do they think will look after them? And will they, like the Birmingham refugees, but allowed to jump the queue as UKIP has pointed out. Will be interested to see whether Labour today do loose the predicted 55 seats. As regards multiculturalism, it is not only the starry eyed behind it but those who are using it for their own genocidal ends.

      However, not all women are so emotional. Enter Hillary Clinton who not only is behind the pivot to Asia to encircle China, was behind Libya but then blamed Obama and is behind "Assad must go". She is also "100% entwined with Israel". So she is a quasi Zionist neocon. And now we hear that Zionist neocon Robert Kagan has switched to supporting her - no surprise - and no doubt his Zionist neocon wife, Victoria Nuland, who has behind the 8,000 plus killed in the Ukraine through engineering the coup there. And Robert is connected to Monsanto. Hillary will be worse than Obama or Bush she will kill hundreds of thousands more. As has been said, she stands for the war party. The female can be deadlier than the male!!!

  8. One for you Robin and others if you so wish?-?

    For those very politically minded,with an interest in the current 'Mind Games' taking place between established Nations/Nationalists and the extreme anti-Nationalist dictatorial globalists.
    Watch this very special video thatshows the foremost Nationalist in Europe/World-? breifing his Diplomatic Sevice and in so doing laying out his strategies for the year ahead.

    Amazing Insight!

    Go to YouTube-The search title is as follows:--

    Viktor Orban's speech at a meeting of the heads of Hungary's diplomatic missions abroad.
    (HD) with English subtitles.

    'Exceptional Circumstances'demands a fight back!

    1. I have now had a reply to my letter to Viktor Orban. He urges me to keep my Christian faith for the battle ahead an ends God Bless you for wishing that he keeps the perservance, strength and faith that he has already exhibited. He also recommends a couple of websites where we can watch his speeches translated into English.

  9. Robin, why has my reply to the comment about the video Diversity will destroy the social cohesion in the West appeared but not my previous comment on the dire position of the last English in Birmingham forced to sleep on the streets or wait three years for a house whilst the city prepares to welcome 500 Syrian refugees who will jump the queue? And the comment from the lady that native Brummies are now outnumbered by foreigners? Do I comment too much? Is it you doing the filtering or is it somebody else?

    Meanwhile, we hear that the primary school in Glasgow with only non-English speaking children from Romania and Slovakia has welcomed Roma children not ethnic Slavs or Romanians. Apparently, the SNP has vowed to build a city the size of Glasgow and fill it with immigrants. I wonder how the Scots will react?

    It is now widely foreseen that Sadiq Khan will beat Zak Goldsmith, scion of the Rothschild family, into becoming mayor of London. This is another watershed in our capital's history. Having already lost London to non-ethnic English we now have its first - I think - non-ethnic English and non-Christian mayor. The fact that the Labour candidate has beaten the Conservatives leads me to wonder if this is a consequence of the further cleansing of the English from their capital. Did they vote for Boris last time because they saw him as English whilst the immigrants voted Labour? And have the demographics now dictated that further afro-Asian growth, traditional Labour supporters, will have led to this result? The time is coming when the English might as well prepare to abandon vast swathes of their country and emigrate. The sheeple, distracted by the bread and circuses - fast food and game shows - foisted on them by manipulators, have now left it much too late. But much the same can be said for many other countries in western Europe, although our continental cousins seem to have more fight in them. As with Hillary Clinton, the demographics are on the side of those who want Europeans to me marginalised and minimalized. European Christian Civilisation is on the verge of total eradication. As for where to emigrate to? The former Austro-Hungarian Empire looks like a good bet.