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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Labour’s institutionalised anti-English racism and the Shami Chakrabarti Inquiry

Labour’s institutionalised anti-English racism and the Shami Chakrabarti Inquiry

Given all the recent overage of Labour’s anti-Semites I thought that I would look at the Inquiry which Jeremy Corbyn was forced into setting up to give the Labour Party cover during the recent elections.

Here is the site of the Inquiry

On reviewing the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference I have sent this letter to Ms Chakrabarti:-

Dear Madam

Re: Terms of Reference of the Enquiry

It is my submission that the Terms of Reference of your Enquiry are prima facie racist themselves in so far as they are as follows:-

“Consult widely with Labour Party Members, the Jewish community and other minority representatives about a statement of principles and guidance about antisemitism and other forms of racism, including islamophobia.”

The racism in question is anti-English racism contrary to the Equalities Act 2010. The anti-English racism is direct in so far as the English are implicitly directly excluded from the enquiry and indirect in so far as the effect of the terms of the enquiry is to exclude the English.

This is particularly relevant and significant when in fact the predominating racism of Labour Party members and activists is against the English. This has been amply demonstrated by Emily Thornberry’s sneering tweet against home owners in Rochester signalling their English national identity with flying the Cross of St George. Jack Straw’s comment “the English as a race are not worth saving”!

John Prescott’s comment “There is no such nationality as English”.

Jeremy Corbyn’s comment “There has never been a collective voice for England”.

Tristram Hunt’s recent article in the Spectator stated that when he raised the English question with a member he encountered the response “that he should just go and join the British National Party (sic!).

I could go on to quote many other examples of anti-English racism on the part of Labour Party members and activists and, indeed, of Labour hierarchy, not least the discrimination against England in having a Welsh Party and Scottish but no English party. It is perhaps otious to do so, given the anti-English racist Terms of Reference of your enquiry.

Please confirm whether you would get the Terms of Reference expanded to include anti-English racism within Labour’s ranks or whether you accept that the terms of your enquiry are fundamentally flawed and discriminatory.

Yours faithfully

R C W Tilbrook


  1. Thank you Robin,

    It seems to me that only minorities count. There certainly is a power struggle going on within the Labour Party is it Jewish ascendancy or Islamic ascendancy? Certainly never about putting England first.


  2. If ever there was proof that a jewish-muslim alliance exists, this is it. We English are piggy in the middle, both groups will never accept are rights to exist. Stuff them both.


  3. It annoys me is when you get idiots like this whose sole purpose seems to be to try and undermine the English and Englishness, such as this bloke:


    who states "I don't believe there is any such thing as an English identity. There is no characteristic, trait, experience or anything else which is shared amongst most English people, but not also with other British people.

    There are strong regional identities (West Country, Yorkshire, North East, Home Counties, etc), but they don't add up to a shared English identity.

    Someone in Manchester has more in common with someone in Glasgow than they do with someone in rural Somerset. A farmer in Yorkshire has more of a shared identity with a farmer in Wales than they do with someone from London.

    "Englishness" is a fallacy. There is a British identity and there are regional identities but there is nothing which links all the English and only the English."

    I have no doubt James Gay is someone who just lapped up the rubbish spouted by the likes Straw and Prescott and is now just regurgitating it all (that's what it seemed like to me when I read his post anyway). English need to be recognised for who and what we are, a culturally distinct nation of people just like the Scottish, Welsh and Irish.