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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

It's Exit for the English Democrats!

I recently submitted a letter for publication in the Liverpool Echo which was largely published today.

Here is my original letter:-

It's Exit for the English Democrats!

I would like to thank all those Liverpool supporters who supported the English Democrats’ candidates in the recent elections.

In the Mayoral election the English Democrats were the only party urging a Leave vote in the June 23rd EU referendum. For those people who care about England, Leave is the only option that makes any sense at all. England needs English exit (EXIT!)!

There are numerous reasons but 3 main reasons are enough to explain why English nationals want to leave the EU. The 1st reason is the impact of devolution within the UK, the 2nd reason is the impact of immigration and the 3rd reason is the impact of the cost of the EU.

Devolution within the UK has created two Assemblies and an extra Parliament. Northern Ireland and Wales now have Assemblies whilst Scotland has its Parliament. England was not given a Parliament under Devolution and remains under the control of the British government. That EU leaning British government has attempted on numerous occasions to break England up into “Regions” that would fit into the EU Regionalist model.

Whereas because Wales and Scotland are recognised as EU “Regions” they have been allowed to keep their Nation’s natural borders. So their national identity could remain intact within the EU.

England on the other hand has had a completely different experience and finds she is looking straight down the barrel of dissolution if she remains in the EU. She knows that she will be balkanised into 9 EU Regions instead of remaining as a one nation “Region” within the EU like the Welsh and Scots. That means England is correct to see the EU as threatening her existence whilst Scotland and Wales do not, hence England is naturally more EU sceptic.

Although EU immigrants do settle across the UK it is in England that they mainly settle. Immigration reports show especially high levels of EU settlement in the South East and East of England. So when the now yearly intake of over 300,000 migrants is discussed it is fair to say that England’s view will be very different than say Scotland as the Scots are not experiencing the same EU migrant intake. It is easy to be supportive of EU immigration when you are not the country taking most of the migrants! As such Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are less concerned but it would be interesting to see the Scottish reaction if the British government stated that they would have to take a higher percentage of EU migrants than England! We saw their anger when Glasgow was made to take Somalian refugees a few years ago.

Payment to the EU is very different across the EU nations which explains why England feels so aggrieved. The average cost per head of population across the UK is £48.00 but when that figure is broken down to the individual nations of the UK it gives a very different picture. The cost of EU membership for England is £72.00 per head of population whereas Scotland’s membership only costs them £2.00 per head of population. For Wales and Northern Ireland the story is again very different because they have subsidies of £74.00 for every man, woman and child in Wales and of £160.00 for Northern Ireland. Those figures from the House of Commons Library explain why England is more EU sceptic than the other 3 nations. It’s because England pays the most!

So I hope that all those that care for England will join the English Democrats in voting to Leave the EU on the 23rd June. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to help save England!


  1. I was interested to see you refer to the reaction of the Scots when asked to take Somalian refugees. Glasgow how has a primary school with not one ethnic Scot in it. We were told that the children are from Romania and the Czech Republic, so I was confused when seeing what looked like Asian children running around the playground. This is because the children are Roma, the original gypsies who have kept the appearance of their ancestors who hailed from the Indian Sub-continent and I once read, chose to leave because they were of the lowest caste and thus discriminated against.
    The SNP has now vowed to build a city the size of Glasgow and fill it full of immigrants. You are right, the Scots were quite happy for mass immigration to affect and largely weaken the cohesion of England. This seems to be a preferred outcome for some Scottish politicians. But when the same begins to happen to Scotland you may see the fur fly.

    Francis has just said that we are in an end game situation to use current parlance. The former head of M16, Sir Richard Dearlove, has said that the refugee crisis is going to result in a populist uprising in Europe. If this happens first on the Continent then will it come to England thereafter or will the bovine English be too afraid once again to challenge their British Norman establishment masters? Or will it lead to the refugees demanding even more to be let into what they may then view as a safe haven? Sir Richard also said that allowing Turkish visa-free travel within the EU will be like storing petrol next to the fire. Not sure if he meant because the Turkish government is an ally of ISIL and has been treating their wounded in its hospitals as some Turkish mps have had the bravery to expose and that visa-free travel will make it easier for them to enter the EU and then not return; or whether the same will be true of ordinary Turks just leading to the further Islamification of our continent.

    On that point, Trump has responded to Cameron's calling him stupid and divisive on the Muslim immigration issue. He has said that he is not interested in maintaining the special relationship. That is music to the ears of many and will, hopefully, mean that Trump will be free to stretch out the hand of friendship to countries that American exceptionalism and British subservience thereto have deemed to be the enemy. He has also implied that Cameron may be the stupid one as our country, thanks to mass Muslim immigration, is on a perpetual extreme terrorism alert and facing the prospect of more and more Islamic domination.

    But there is good news, it is likely that Blair will be made a sacrificial lamb once the results of the Chilcot Inquiry are realised on 6th July. The real rulers of the world in Wall Street, Jerusalem and Riyadh will let him carry the can for the Iraq War and subsequent managed chaos, which he created on their behalf. Parliament is preparing to put him on trial, either by the House of Lords or by handing him over to the International Criminal Court in the biggest, according to George Galloway, such trial since Nuremberg.

    Returning to the question posed by Francis as to who is the NWO Saudi Wahabist Islam, the funder of every mosque in Europe and beyond, or Zionism, the answer may be, as I have said, an amalgamation of the two. Diana Johnston, an American political commentator, has said with regard to the arming of the puppet government in Libya allegedly against the ISIL that they have created through removing Ghaddafi, as well as the refugee stream into Europe, that both Israel and Saudi wanted Ghaddafi gone, as well as the bankers and the oil companies and that Wahabists and Zionists are hand in glove.

    1. Yes I agree. Israel and Saudi and Turkey are really one and the same. Once Turkey is in the EU they will be the boss. The Franco German alliance was just a Marxist plan to draw the formally rich UK into the EU.

      One my naturalised British (was German) friends has told me that indigenous Europeans last throw of the dice is the European Convention on Human Rights dated 1950. I agree strongly with him and we looked at the Redfearn v UK case together. He being ethnically German is helping his German relatives use legal methods to undo the German Guilt complex and persecution of those opposed to unwanted multiculturalism. Once any German nationalist undoes that like Redfearn, the Continent will explode with nationalism never seen before. Everytime our governments deny us access to equality legislation they are automatically open to a challenge in the European Court of Justice. Ever wondered why the neocons want out of it while the left just want more and more immigration of non white third worlders? Its their only ways they can stop us.

      Whichever nation frees itself first, will lead to explosive nationalism. There are no safety valves left for elites.


  2. Excellent letter pointing out the dangers posed to the future of England by remaining in the European Union. A version omitting the first two sntences could have been well worth submitting to every newspaper in England.

    Steve, South Somerset.