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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Peter Davies resigns from another Party!

It is with a little regret that the English Democrats and our Elected Mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies, are parting company.

It’s always been something of a roller coaster ride with Peter and his regular gaffes (including his notorious suggestion that the Taliban could teach English people a thing or two about family values), but as Peter has got older he has become ever more inclined to speak without thinking first, let alone doing any research as to whether his facts are correct.

In the time since he was elected, Peter has regularly threatened to resign, usually on petty internal Party matters. It therefore comes as little surprise that he has eventually found something to actually resign over, even if it is something he hasn’t properly researched or thought about or made any serious attempt to understand or to engage with what we as a Party are trying to do.

Peter’s election was a pleasant but not entirely unexpected pleasure for us, the English Democrats, as we are the sensible and moderate English nationalist Party and our tide is rising. Although Peter’s previous involvement with politics was very chequered, having belonged to many political parties and his forays into elections were always previously attended with failure, nevertheless, having started to campaign for the English Democrats, he had found that he was getting very much more support electorally than anything he had achieved before.

Peter often said to me that he liked the title of being “Maverick Mayor” and he has certainly lived up to that title, even if his commitment to English Nationalism has always been somewhat tepid. To take one example among many, he flatly refused to help promote St George’s Day in Doncaster because it would conflict with his attendance at the Scottish horseracing “Festival” in Perth.

At this stage I am not aware if Peter has given up on the possibility of being re-elected - given his previous electoral track record that would be understandable. As Peter has made very little effort to help us build the English Democrats his absence from our ranks is unlikely to be much missed. The English Democrats will be standing a sensible moderate English Nationalist candidate in the next Doncaster Mayoral elections and we will be announcing our candidate in the next fortnight.

Peter’s conduct, whilst disappointing for us, is also a betrayal of the 25,344 English Democrats’ voters in Doncaster that elected him in the first place, the 31,287 Yorkshire voters who voted for us in the EU elections, and the 32,386 votes from Doncaster that the English Democrats have received since.

Whilst it is true that a few former members of the British National Party have joined the English Democrats this is a fact that is also true of other parties, including the Labour Party, who now have a former BNP councillor and parliamentary candidate as a councillor in Lancashire.

Peter has never been willing to take his politics seriously, always putting his passion for horse racing first. It is one thing being maverick but quite another to both attack people he has never met nor troubled to find out anything about and to turn on the Party which gave him his only electoral success.

All parties have similar problems to our ones with Peter but I won’t hide that it is a disappointment that Peter has proved as disloyal to us as to so many of the other parties which he has previously belonged to.

Robin Tilbrook,
The English Democrats


  1. This is a rather mean spirited post, especially given that Peter has been our 'poster boy' for years. The BNP issue is now, clearly, a crisis for us. Simply saying 'a few' ex-BNPers have joined isn't enough.

    1. I would love any BNP detractor to state any specific policy that they are against, and please,non of the establishment hog-wash that some ignorant people gobble up. The only trouble with the BNP is Nick Griffin. He has been bought and payed for to trash English Nationalism and is doing a fine job of it.

    2. The BNP is a party founded by the late John Tyndall, who was, without doubt, a Nazi. His immediate inspiration, and mentor, was Colin Jordan, who was, again, a Nazi, and someone who never claimed to be anything else. Jordan, in turn, was an acolyte of Arnold Leese, who was also a Nazi. In Leese's case, his Nazism was contemporary with that of German Nazism, and, furthermore, Leese suggested gassing the Jewish population before it had ever emerged in Germany. All these - Leese, Jordan, Tyndall - denied that the Nazis carried out genocidal policies. That is the heritage of the BNP - do you seriously want anything to do with that?

  2. The danger is that the voting public will turn their backs on the EDs when Hope Not Hate start leafleting against candidates like they do the BNP.

    If not challenged immediately, the EDs will be tarred with the extremist brush and become unelectable.

    Labour is a much bigger Party with one ex-BNP candidate. The ED is tiny in comparison and yet fields 20% plus ex-BNP candidates. To try to compare the two is laughable.

    You ignore this at your peril Robin.

    Peter has said he will be running again - my money is on a UKIP ticket.

    1. The English Democrats, if they have any sense, need to confront the public with the truth about that vile organisation and that truth is that Hope Not Hate is a crazy far-left Marxist organisation that endorses the ethnocide of the English and the other ethnic nations of this island. Although saying that they are also contemptable hypocrites in that Gerry Gable who runs Searchlight magazine who they are connected with has no problem with the Zionist nationalism of the Israeli government which his son serves by being an Israeli soldier in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    2. If you do your research,the "Hope not Hate" organization is funded and signed up to by ALL three major parties. David Cameron has personally signed their charter.

    3. The only policy that UKIP hae to distinguish them from the Tories is the GET OUT EUROPE one. Given a referendum on EU,Farage would join the Tories in a flash.

    4. Don't forget,ALL the leaders of the 3 major parties in Westminster have strong family ties with Israel (ALL are children of Russian jewish immigrants with strong ties to banking. Camrons jewish family own the STANDARD bank, David Milliband has his own web site promoting everything Israely)

    5. Brit, I hope very much that you are not a member of the EDs. You are quite clearly an anti-Semite who believes in some kind of world conspiracy. You are neither needed or wanted in the EDs. Go and find yourself some nasty little neo-nazi grouplet to drink with.

  3. I have been in the English Democrats for almost two years, I don't recall seeing Peter at the last two party conferences? Perhaps he was away "at the races"

  4. I too was a member of the Doncaster branch of the English Democrats, and i too have resinged from the party, after reading this garbage from Robin Tilbrook, i am now 100% sure Peter Davies and most of the other Doncaster branch members, including myself were right in leaving the party, some things are better not said in public, Regards Councillor, Mick Glynn

    1. Actually Mick the vast majority of Doncaster's members are sticking with the Party and I expect that we will have a much better candidate for the coming election as a result of this. I am upbeat about it. We have also had a flood of membership enquiries from the publicity!

  5. He will missed, like a hole in the head!!** We shouldn't forget that he's a politician and that says it all.

  6. The BNP has a finge support of thousands of people far less convinced by the far right tendencies of the party. These people are there because no one else will listen to their fears, their experiences and sometimes their misconceptions so if the ED's are showing they are willing to listen without judgement or name calling and can drag some of the more ambivalent members away then you are to be congratulated not chastised.

  7. Was Peter ever in the BNP years ago?

  8. ? BBC Radio Sheffield - Dean Pepall, 05/02/2013
    Peter Davies' interview starts at 1:03:50
    My reply starts at 1:35:00

    Here are some other reports:-

    Peter Davies seems to have been busy corroborating all that I said in my blog article!

  9. A word of explanation for the benefit of Mr Davies. There is an important difference between a "B.N.P. member", and a "former B.N.P. member" and it's this. The first is still a member of the B.N.P. The second is not. I'm unsure what his problem is.

    1. I agree Clive.

      We know that the reason those people joined the BNP in the first place was because they never had anywhere else to go to get their opinions supported. Now they have a moderate English nationalist party - because lets face it this is an English not a British problem - that fills that role they have switched accordingly. You'd think that the main stream parties, media etc would be glad about that. The fact that they're not and are now attacking the ED's really does further highlight to me that it is their way or nothing. If you do not agree with them then they will denigrate you with unfounded smears - the word racist really has become a potent tool for them. The situation is only likely to get worse from here on in so I think they ignore us and our grievances at their peril.


    2. Clive - you must surely be aware that most of the ex-BNP candidates who stood as EDs left the BNP following a power struggle that they lost.

      They were foolishly welcomed with open arms into the EDsand are not only seeking to move the EDs in the same direction as they wished for the BNP, but have rested control of much of the power within the party.

      This inevitably tarnishes the EDs with the "racist" brush, making the EDs unelectable.

    3. What nonsense "Anonymous"(Cliff). Is UKIP worried?

    4. Anonymous, where do you obtain all this fiction that you are writing. Most members left because, having just published a manifesto for the Party, Griffin then altered it to keep power in his own hands.Accepting that "actions speak louder than words", it is obvious that Griffin is in place to make sure that English Nationalism goes nowhere. With English people making up 85% of the UK but NOT A SINGLE PARTY IN WESTMINSTER LED BY AN ENGLISH PERSON, don't you smell a rat?.

    5. BRIT - I think your post above about Jews tells us all we need to know about what you and other BNPers bring to the EDs.

  10. Whatever anyone might say about Peter Davies, he did put the English Democrats on the political map. Perhaps Peter Davies' resignation will force the party leadership to face up to reality. English nationalism is a lost cause in the South of England and particularly in London for the foreseeable future, and most people are completely bemused by the chairman's obsession with Monmouthshire.
    It will be half a century before the English Democrats can consideer making gains in southern England and longer in London. In the meantime, the party has to concentrate on building up its strength in the north and getting thoroughly entrenched in its base in Yorkshire among the northern working class.

    1. I think that the English Democrats put Peter on the map. The policies of the English Democrats won Peter the office. He was unknown to the majority of the Doncaster electorate until the English flag and the common sense of our policies lifted him into the limeight.

      It is disingenuous to suggest otherwise. Peter has been quoted saying that his membership of the English Democrats ' was of almost zero significance' after he was elected on their ticket and with their physical and financial support. Why then is its stucture and composition of such concern after leaving and having done little to contribute to the party whilst nominally a member?

      It is very sad. Peter is a decent man and was the hope of all those who voted for the English Democrats via him - I respectfully suggest. To resign is one thing, to resign and not have the common decency to inform the branch face to face is another, but to resign and do these things and have already presented an un resolved accusation to the press is quite another.

      It undermines the credibilty of members loyal to Peter and those loyal to the constitution of the party. The smear also unwittingly includes those who voted for our pro England policies and might come back to haunt him.

    2. And he did get returned in Doncaster despite a vicious campaign against him across the national media, when there was a referdum to do away with the post of elected mayor.

  11. It's a great shame that the English Democrats leave Peter because of such a completely unnecessary misunderstanding, (by Peter).

    The BNP has held nationalism in England back for decades by containing the potential vote in a largely unelectable party with minimal potential for expansion. However, to suggest that everybody involved at one time or another in that party is in some way 'socially unacceptable' is to buy in hook line and sinker to the liberal lefty media propaganda in much the same way that the social workers in Rotherham did with the couple who supported UKIP.

    It's ridiculous because being called 'waysist' etc etc goes with the territory if you are someone who is not cowered by the establishment agenda for the EU superstate, mass immigration, destruction of traditions, culture and people etc.

    Sticks and stones (and gun and knife crime etc) will break my bones but words will never hurt me. As suggested, perhaps Peter should have taken the time to actually meet some ex BNP members before making judgements about them based on some nonesense he has been led to believe by the politically correct media.


  12. I suspect some of the comments posted on here in support of Peter may actually originate from teenage lefty students trying to create the image of a rift where none exists.

    All but the most politically naive realise that increased attention and smears from the extreme left are an indication of the growing strength of English Nationalism and the English Democrats.

    It is inevitable that the left will smear anyone who proposes common sense policies in a political arena which demands cowardice, inversions of logic, political correctness and hypocrisy. Resigning because of a little bit of name calling betrays either a man who is very gullible or a man with no spine.

    The other side of the coin, (also keen to attack the English Democrats because of our growing electoral potential) is ironically the BNP, a party which has lost it's most credible activists to us. Good stuff!


    1. As I have said in previous posts, Nick Griffin has been bought and sold, and he is there to stop ANY chance of English Nationalism gaining ground.I sincerely hope that Robin will not sell out (as Peter has done).

  13. Ever thought his MP son has brainwashed him into jumping ship?

    After all this must have been a thorn in his sons side - his father being a mayor for a party described by "Hope not Hate" as a "hate group".

    Let him go, you don't need people like him with his son trying to influence things from the background.

    Good riddence is what I say.

  14. Frankly, I think this post by Robin is childish and immature. I would go so far as to say it is the words of a worried man. Surely a confident leader would just acknowledge Peter Davies decision and move forward. Instead we get a grown up schoolyard scrap. "I nevey did like him anyway. Ya boo sucks!!!!" I think Davies is better out of it.

    It may well have been the 'moderate' EDs engagement with the English National Resistance that proved the last straw for Davies.


    Doncaster mayor leaves English Democrats | News | Local Government Chronicle
    Doncaster mayor leaves English Democrats

    6 February, 2013 | By Ruth Keeling

    Doncaster MBC’s mayor has resigned from the English Democrats citing concerns about new members joining from the British National Party.

    Peter Davies will continue as mayor as an independent and intends to stand for re-election in May while the English Democrats say they will select a new candidate to stand against him.

    Mr Davies said he was concerned about BNP members joining the party in recent months and a shift in the party’s stance away from what he described as its moderate, “slightly right of centre” pro-English parliament roots to something further to the right.

    He cited the example of the English Democrat’s involvement in a demonstration intended to take place outside the home of radical Islamic cleric Abu Qatada. Mr Davies said: “Any political party that gets too extremist seldom gets elected, and on a personal level any right wing extremist activity is an anathema to me.”

    The English Democrat party has denied they have been infiltrated by far right elements and party leader Robin Tilbrook was critical of Mr Davies’ track record as a member of the party.

    Describing their time as political colleagues as “a rollercoaster ride”, Mr Tilbrook said Mr Davies’ “commitment to English Nationalism has always been somewhat tepid. To take one example among many, he flatly refused to help promote St George’s Day in Doncaster because it would conflict with his attendance at the Scottish horseracing ‘festival’ in Perth.”

    Mr Davies described Mr Tilbrook’s comments as “cheap”.

    He added: “I have never celebrated St George’s day. I certainly think, in a racing town like Doncaster, that meeting fraternal colleagues in Perth is a far better use of my time than dancing around with a bunch of Morris dancers.”

    The English Democrats are expected to announce their mayoral candidate in the next two weeks.

  16. Doncaster Mayor quits English Democrats | Calendar - ITV News

    Doncaster Mayor quits English Democrats
    Tue 5 Feb 2013

    The Mayor of Doncaster, says the English Democrat party is "lurching to the right" as more members join from the BNP.
    Peter Davies left the party last night over fears that it is becoming too right wing.

    Far too many members of the English Democrats have been hoovered up from the BNP and though I am content to accept that many are genuine converts, I dont believe in mass conversions.

    – Peter Davies, Mayor of Doncaster
    He will remain in his post as Mayor as an 'independent', a term Mr Davies told Calendar he doesn't like.

    Mr Davies continued: "A good Mayor is a Mayor without a party. English Democrat policies have never played any part in my running of the town. I intend to stay without a party and will be running for election again in May. Nothing will change for the people of Doncaster."

    1. What happens to the people of Doncaster when Peter retires? His actions are self serving and do not consider the future for the people of Doncaster. Who will stand after him in the 'Peter Davies' party. He was voted in as someone to stand up for common sense and the beleagured English nation. He has betrayed those who supported the sentiment of the English Democrats and slandered the people of Doncaster who voted for him as extremists by proxy.

      As for not believing in mass conversions, its a bit rich when he himself and his political road to Damascus has more lanes than a motorway - and counting.