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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Guest Post - Effects of Mass Immigration

‘We are stronger for it – and I love Britain for it. It gives us access to new ideas, new perspectives, new energies.’ These are the words spoken by Ed Miliband in response to the news that white Britons are now a minority population in London, their ancestral city. We should of course not be surprised by this comment as Miliband was part of the New Labour project to demographically transform London and England through mass immigration. The very idea that Ed Miliband, New Labour and large sections of the media can celebrate whites being reduced to minority status in their own city, however, is of course scandalous in the extreme. No other population group in history has voluntarily and actively sought to reduce themselves to ethnic minority status in their own homeland. This is because all previous populations throughout history knew only too well that once territory is conceded to foreign populations it spelt the end for them.
Let’s examine the latest census data that seems to have the liberal left multiculturalists engaged in a collective orgasm of joy. Just 44.9% of Londoners are white British according to the Census data for 2011. 7.5 million residents of England and Wales were foreign born in 2011 and less than 90% of the country is white for the first time ever. In 2011 the number of foreign born, made up 13 per cent, or one in eight of the population. More worryingly still the proportion of Muslims rose from 3.0 per cent to 4.8 per cent. None of these figures include those who are here illegally so the situation is actually worse than the official figures would have us believe. London’s ethnic make-up is now as follows: White British 44.9%
Other white 14.9%
Asian 18.4%
Black 13.3%
Arab 1.3%
Mixed race 5%
How has this demographic transformation happened? We can of course go back to the post war period and identify the factors that gave rise to the immigration flows from the 1950s. However I dealt with this in my previous article: ‘The demographic transformation of Britain.’  Here I want to focus on the emergence of New Labour under Tony Blair in 1997. It was Tony Blair’s New Labour party that really fuelled mass immigration between the years 1997 and 2010. During this period more immigrants came to this country than did the immigration flows into Britain between the period 1066 and 1997. It is New Labour that must be held primarily responsible for the demographic transformation of London in such a short period of time and the subsequent reducing of whites to minority status as an ethnic group. Indeed Andrew Neather, a former New Labour advisor to Tony Blair and David Blunkett, recently admitted that this mass inflow of immigrants was a deliberate New Labour policy to make Britain more multicultural. He stated that Labour’s relaxation of immigration controls was a deliberate plan to ‘open up the U.K. to mass immigration.’ Of course these mealy mouthed multiculturalists refused to discuss this openly at the time for fear of alienating their ‘core working class vote’. This seems odd given their belief that we are all enriched by hoards of people from the Third World living amongst us! Neather, uncharacteristically for a labour politician, is honest about the reasons for this mass influx of people from the Third World. He states; ‘I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date’. So one of the main reasons why 3 million immigrants  arrived on these shores during the time Labour were in office was because they wanted to make a political and ideological point to those of us who do not support the multiracial and multicultural experiment. They had no mandate for this demographic transformation and simply labelled  anxious moderate voices as racist when concerns were raised about the consequences of this policy. They have shown the utmost contempt for the people of this country as well as a reckless arrogance and conceit. They should hang their heads in shame! However as we can see from the response to the 2011 Census data, Miliband is excited by our dispossession. In fact he loves Britain all the more for it!
So what have been the results of this mass inflow of people from the rest of the world? Let’s briefly examine just a few of the consequences of Labours mass immigration policy: Education. Our schools have been unable to cope with the rapidly increasing numbers of children needing school places so class sizes have increased. Many of these new arrivals cannot speak a word of English so interpreters and specialist language teachers have had to be brought in at the tax payers’ expense. Indigenous children have fallen behind in their language development as teachers, already stretched, have had to concentrate their efforts on teaching the new arrivals English. In the boroughs of many inner cities white children have become minorities in the schools that their families have used for generations. These children can forget about being taught their history and culture as the local curriculum begins to reflect the cultural heritage of the new arrivals. The evidence is strongly suggestive that British school children in many of the inner city schools have experienced a fall in educational standards as a direct result of schools not being able to cope with large numbers of non-English speaking foreign pupils.
Environment: Immigrants of course need to be housed so we are seeing further encroachments into the countryside for mass house building programmes. Planning Minister Nick Boles blames Labour’s immigration policies for the fact that ‘large swathes of the countryside must be concreted over for housing’ Mr Bowles further stated that: ‘The population of England has gone up by three million during the last 10 years. These people now live here, these people are now British and they need homes just like British people’. Indeed Mr Bowles and the fact is that 43 per cent of the new households which need a home are accounted for by immigration! Guess who is going to pay for these new homes? Here’s a clue. It won’t be the immigrants themselves. The lack of affordable housing to buy has meant an increase in rents making life difficult for young couple who can’t afford to buy. The demand for social housing has reached crisis point and many British people are pushed to the back of the queue as priority is given to those with large families. The destruction of our countryside however is a major concern as new towns and cities will be located in some of the most beautiful parts of the country. 50 % of these new homes will be for immigrants.
Welfare: The demands on the welfare system in the U.K. and the National Health Service are so great that things simply cannot go on as they are. Thousands of people are in receipt of benefits who have never contributed a single penny into the system. The Muslim population and particularly the Somali, Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities are a net drain on these services and are supported by the beleaguered indigenous population. The NHS is under increasing strain as it treats more and more foreign born who have not contributed to the cost of running the system. Our hospitals and schools have again recently been flooded by Eastern Europeans who have made no contribution whatsoever to the costs of the services they receive.
Islam: Many of our cities have now become Islamic enclaves as many Muslims have taken the decision to self-segregate from mainstream society. Enoch Powell once remarked, ‘There are at this moment parts of this town which have ceased to be part of England, except that they are situated within it geographically’ No more is this true for places like Bradford, Oldham, Leicester and Birmingham. Literally dozens of boroughs within our major cities are now lost to Islam. Forty per cent of Muslims surveyed said that they backed Sharia in parts of Britain. Twenty per cent felt sympathy with the July 7 bombers’ motives and one per cent felt the attacks were right. Given the numbers of Muslims now living in the U.K. these figures are terrifying. These are the people who mock and abuse our troops, who burn poppies and insult our war dead. These are the people who threaten to kill us if we dare criticise their barbaric religion and these are the people, with the support of the liberal elite, who are poisoning the minds of our children in primary and secondary schools with a sanitised version of Islam thus disarming our young people of the dangers that they will inevitably face from Islam as they get older.
General: There are of course many other ‘benefits’ brought over by the new arrivals in the form of crime, disease and backward cultures that are better suited to the 7th century: Africans killing their children because they are ‘witches’, honour killings, terrorism and parasitic Muslim preachers of hate are some of the other delights that the people of this country have been blessed with. My heart goes out to our older people who have seen their communities changed beyond recognition in their lifetimes. What must they think? How must they feel? They have been abandoned and left alone to rot in inner city hell holes without the comfort of their people or culture to support them in their old age.
Walk through any of the inner London boroughs now and you will observe that English people are conspicuous by their absence. All I hear when I walk through the culturally enriched areas of parts of north London are eastern European languages and a host of other unrecognisable dialects. London has become a modern version of the Tower of Babel! Our inner cities are increasingly becoming Third World ghettoes and unfortunately too many of them are becoming increasingly Islamic in character. Sometimes I just have to stop whilst walking through these areas and pinch myself. I have to remind myself that I am living in London and that I am not on some exotic holiday in the Sudan. The above discussion only deals with some of the results of Labours mass immigration policy but I think that we can conclude that much damage had been done to our country and our people. In contrast to the feelings that Ed Miliband expresses I personally believe that Britain is weaker not stronger because of multiculturalism. Unlike him I don’t love it; I hate it. Let me share some of my personal feelings with you on this. I hope you will indulge me for a while.
 I no longer recognise the London I grew up in; the city that I was proud of and emotionally attached to, my ancestral city, with its rich heritage and wonderful history. It has been taken away from me and other indigenous folk and given to foreigners. It’s theirs now and there is no point pretending otherwise. Living in London has become a nightmare for many of us and for me personally. We are no longer with our own people; we have become strangers in our own lands. We are exposed to alien cultures that are unfamiliar to us. I hear languages that are not my own. If I use public transport I don’t see or hear many English people. I feel left out and on the margins, peripheral to the social activities going on around me. I cannot relate to people in my community because they are not my people. Sometimes I feel awkward because I am only one of a few whites in a pub that is no longer frequented by White people and I feel that I am intruding in a place that is no longer there for people like me. To feel like this in my own city and in my own country does not enrich me. I have nothing to celebrate but my own dispossession. I know that many others feel this way too and that’s the only consolation that I have. In this respect I’m not alone!
Culture is very important for groups because it gives them meaning and structure. It gives them rules and guidelines to live by. It’s shared so it gives rise to the familiar and enables us to feel comfortable in our geographical space with others like us. There is however very little of the familiar left for those of us stuck in the multicultural ghettoes of inner London. We are surrounded by the unfamiliar and the stranger. We are forced to live in the midst of those who despise us and treat us with contempt, those who hate our society and way of life. So I cannot agree with Ed Balls and the advocates of the destruction of my heritage and culture that Britain is a stronger place because whites are a minority in London and soon to be a minority in the whole country. I sincerely hope that one day Mr Balls and all the criminals and traitors in the three major parties have to give an account of themselves to the people of this country for what that have done to us; to me. I can promise that the penalty for this treason will be of the harshest kind.
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Leon Martin


  1. It is understandable that English people shy away from confronting such prospects of horror that await our grandchildren.

    'We are the stronger for it' [mass immigration],
    says comrade Miliband. What his semantics do not reveal are who the 'we' are.

    When anyone is challenged by their belief, even in the idea of England or Englishness, they are bombarded with negative stereotyping and association. These sleights are not offered to the parties that conform to the 'liberal' consensus.

    Remember that Miliband senior fled the continent, leaving his younger sisters to fend for themselves as 'they were too young for the jouney' to escape the horror the Germans were perpetrating on the jews in WWII and took refuge in England and sheltered behind Englishmen who at that moment were fighting and dying to stop it.

    Shortly after arriving in England he paid this generous compliment to his saviours and hosts in his diary:

    "The Englishman is a rabid nationalist. They are perhaps the most nationalist people in the world...When you hear the English talk of this war you sometimes almost want them to lose it to show them how things are. They have the greatest contempt for the continent in general and for the French in particular...England first. This slogan is taken for granted by the English people as a whole. To lose their empire would be the worst possible humiliation".

    Reflection on that sentiment is worthwhile. Even after hiding behind English lines when his sister were still at peril, he still dared to hope we might lose the war. Incredible.

    After a long, comfortable and properous life in England as an ardent communist thinker writer and teacher he died and was buried next to Marx in Highgate cemetry. Karl Marxs whose bogus utopianism has ensured the deaths of hundresd of millions of people, mainly Christians. His sons' epitomise their fathers' ambitions and aspirations to destroy England and the English people. They and the far left doctrines of Marxism have infiltrated and transformed not only the labour party, but the whole political mainsteam in Britain.

    1. This is a talk by Jonathan Bowden on the subject of Cultural Marxist.

    2. Good comment about Milliband senior. Might I suggest you put a name to your comment in the future. Might as well take a little credit for it.

      Good article too. Thanks!


  2. An excellent post. This is how many us feel now in our own communities and cities. You are right to point out that the people who have done this to us are traitors.

  3. It wouldn't be so bad if the problem was contained in London, but new arrivals are being forced to go to places other than London, because they are "too English". London was never particulary English having been a city of immigrants since Roman times. Forcing new arrivals to places where they feel uncomfortable is cruel, but the globalists don't care

    1. It is true that London being a very large and important city in history has had a lot of migration over the centuries BUT and this is a vitally important BUT the ethnic nature of the city has always (until now) been MAJORITY English/indidgenous Briton. The situation now is without precedent and is a mortal threat to the continued existence of our nation.

    2. The cities are the nerve cetres of the nation. London the capital city of our homeland and thousands of years of history are gone forever.

      I don't buy this myth that anywhere in England was not English until recently. London had it's own distinct local culture as did every part of England.

  4. The Wite Dragon of England12 February 2013 at 16:15

    I have been re-reading some of George Orwell's books. In one he describes the English as probably the laziest people in Europe. This I believe applies the todays thinking too.

    It is very worrying that millions of us have been lulled into lazy inactivity over mass immigration and the destruction of our own nation by an alien ideology. Numbed and paralyized by political correctness.

    Fear of being accused of racism is deeply embedded, and the Thought Police, that is to say the same policeman and woman who walks or drives around our streets is on hand to arrest us if any citizen merely thinks that we may be racist and tells them and this 'thinking' may have 'offended' someone. Is this not something we thought only existed in a totalitarian or imaginary horror state?

    The organs of our nation are in the hands of those who wish to see the end of England, the broadcast media, the BBC of course but Sky too and many of our cultural institutions. They represent Britain, not England.

    The people of England must wake up and use ways to take their nation back. The first is to speak up, to write, to agitate. Then we must change our politicians.

    1. Changing our politicians is easier said than done. They're take for the last 60 years has been if the English people won't make one world revolution then change the people. After all we would never have voted for the EEC if we had known it would lead to the totalitarian Marxist EU, even though Heath claimed that closer political union was spelled out from the start - it wasn't. As for changing the politicians, the X factor is much more important to the electorate than England's extinction. I am sure the X factor will still be on telly when we're a muslim country so why worry. The only thing is that the female contestants will have to be in niqabs or burkhas.

  5. At last somebody has told the truth. Thank you. Thank you for telling the truth about Ed Milliband's father also. Ed,too, is an atheistic Marxist, not even an orthodox Jew. And did I not hear once that Ed Balls, too, is a first generation immigrant? Most of us think they should not just hang their heads in shame but should be hanged for treason, except that Tony Blair managed to do away with the offence knowing what was planned. This is Tony Blair of mixed Irish/Scottish blood who probably also held the English in contempt, as did Jack Straw with his England and the English are not worth saving. He,too, has exotic ancestry.

    It is not just about culture. Should these people all adopt our cuture, which is unlikely, then England could never really be the same if it is Afro-asian and mixed race. It is about national identity which the Marxists have vowed to destroy in all white countries and only white countries. Fortunately, I think they may have gone a step too far on the other side of the Atlantic where the WASP backlash, the founding fathers of America, is about to occur with the rising of the South. In fact, it will be a racial war with Obama, the blacks, the Hispanics, the Jews and a minority of white democrat voters on the one side and the almost exclusively white republicans on the other. New Labour has been garnering the non-white vote to create a similar situation, much akin to the white farmers of South Africa. Most of the anti-apartheid activists were Jewish or Asian and, of course, it was the British who took them there. You can understand why the Boers chose to go to war as the British raped and pillaged their mineral wealth.

    Dr Frank Ellis, as I have said, has just told David Cameron that diversity is not strength, England is becoming daily more and more enfeebled like Samson shorn of his hair. Eventually all European countries will grind to a standstill; for we are not alone, the Marxists want Europeans and their civilisation replaced by a third world hotch-potch which would be easier for them to control. If the people won't make revolution, change the people. North Europeans especially have the intelligence and the individualism to resist; should they ever have the courage to do so. Perhaps the situation would be different if we were all armed like our American cousins.

    I have just discovered that a recent poll found that 75% of those interviewed considered that Islam was incompatible with the British way of life. Baroness Warsi, who is in charge now of all of us and our faiths and communities, that includes the indigenous white race and the Christian religion which has been that of this country for nearly two thousand years or well over a thousand if you take the conversion of the Anglo-Saxons and Danes into account, has dismissed this as islamophobia and doubtless this will be backed up by our leaders who will dismiss those 75% as racists and islamophobes. If the lovers of multiculturalism love other races, cultures and religions so much then why don't they go and live in India, Africa, the West Indies, Pakistan, Somalia etc instead of inflicting their exoticism and their hateful extinctionist political totalitarian ideology on Europeans.

    1. I think we all know how you feel my friend. When I get like that I breathe through my nose letting the diaphram relax and the stomach expand whilst counting one, two three, and then out through the mouth......two, three, visualising all the commie English hating germs being purged from my body as I do so.

      Getting out leafleting helps too.

      Take care mate. Our day will come.

  6. We are not alone by the way; the same situation is being played out in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain - Barcelona is full of South American criminals, Italy etc. Only Eastern Europe has been spared thus far but those countries, impoverished by an earlier version of Marxism, are sending their unemployed to Western Europe as well.

    Diversity is also being spread throughout the country through the system of sending those on benefits who need housing to other parts of the country where social housing is available or rather where it is taken away from the locals on the housing list, including small rural towns. And then there is the domino effect. I live about as far away from London as you can get but there is a great battle going on here as they want to build expensive homes all over the county for retired people with money fleeing the south-east and other multicultural areas and the developers are rubbing their hands with glee. Presumably the government is telling the local authorities this must be done rather than building low-cost housing for the locals who, if they can get work, can only find poorly paid employment.

  7. Sorry, another point I meant to make, a relative and his fiancee, who live in one of the home counties, have just had a baby. They had great problems as the two nearby maternity units, one in a major city and the other in a large town 30 miles away, were both full to bursting. I wonder who many of the mothers giving birth were indigenous English?

    1. The tradition of cousin-cousin marriage among Pakistanis and Bangldeshis means children born with more disabilities, adding to the cost to the health services of supporting disabled children for a lifetime.

  8. Well said. This is now the elephant in the living room for the LibLabCon trick.

  9. Don't forget that the first great wave of immigration from the West Indies and India was overseen by the sainted Enoch Powell. Globalisation is as much a capitalist project as it is Marxist one. Melanie Phillips would have us believe that Cameron is less keen on the destruction of the English nation than Miliband is.

    1. This comment about Enoch Powell is often made. He recruited West Indian nurses and Indian doctors in the 1950s. But by the 1960s he had realised that this was a terrible mistake and wanted to reverse the process; but Heath would no allow him to do this as Heath was signed up to the globalist agenda. Sometimes I wonder whether Powell got wind of what was planned for us and other Europeans and hence tried to slam the brakes on not only there but with the EEC.

      Globalism is, as I have already said, the result of a union between international socialism/Marxism and globalizing capital. The former because they are politically insane utopians and the latter because they can see it all as a way of being part of a tiny worldwide plutocracy. Cameron is of the latter but can see that cultural Marxism is one way that he can achieve his ends. He is not a conservative. The opposite of to conserve is to destroy and they are all bent on the destruction of Europeans and their Christian civilisation for their own either political or financial ends.

      Am I being alarmist at today's news that Obama wants to begin trade talks with the EU? Is this the start of the slippery slope towards the North Atlantic Union, the coupling of the EU with the American Union as predicted by Vladimir Bukovsky. By the way watch his video on youtube. He is saying that the gulags are already here and I think Emma West is already in one. First we will have the North Atlantic Economic Community (minus brave little Iceland) then the North Atlantic Community and then the North Atlantic Union. I could be wrong of course. By the way I left Austria out of my list of countries that the Left are seeking to reduce to third world status.

    2. A whispered reference to an appearance by an Afican American actor - Jamie Foxx on Satuday night live (USA)caused me to look further. I found a video on you tube of said chap grandstanding in what appears to be an introduction to the show. In it he declares how black people are better (paraphrase) and how much he enjoyed 'how he got to kill all the white people' in the recent film Django Unchained. The New York studio audience whooped and hollered and clapped.

      No blanket opprobrium has been poured out by the msm, in fact few people know about it.

      Compare and contrast Emma West's treatment in England. How many years would she have received untried if she had threatened to kill all those whom she abused?

  10. Obama's talks with the EU, Orwell foretold this in 1984 and called it Oceania.

    1. The only difference was that Britain was meant to be joined to America in 1984 and the Continent was meant to be separate. We are already one stage beyond that. The highest murder rates in the US are in democrat areas where there is stricter gun control. Could the reason that Chicago and South Africa have the highest murder rates by gun be more to do with common ancestry. I think you may find that, Oscar Pistorius apart, gun crimes are more common in other parts of the Cape.

      I have just returned to my part of the country which is still almost 100% indigenous from my wife's home town on the fringes of the south east England multicultural state. 30 years ago that small home counties market town was much as it had always been with a stable native population with a few incomers. Then they started building estates for the commuters to the nearest big city. Now the population has gone from 5,000 to nearly 30,000, the town is totally overdeveloped much to the developers' glee with the old buildings standing in a sea of new estates. But more importantly, there are not only people there now from all over the British Isles put from large areas of eastern Europe and even from Africa, the West Indies or the Indian Sub-continent are racial mixtures with the same. I now call it Nowhere-land a place with no identity and few ties to the native soil of my wife's ancestestors. This is the future for England, Nowhere-land with people who belong nowhere, rootless individuals just as the globalizing capitalists and the international socialists intended. In fact my wife's cousin married an Asian doctor and her daughter has just had a child by a man who is half black and half Chinese; the first truly global child who belongs nowhere. This is England's future.

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