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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Is Mass Immigration a "Good Thing"?

The 2011 Census results on the National Identity Question shows that over 32 million people (over 60%) regard themselves as “English Only”. It also shows that the percentage of people who claimed to have no indigenous ethnic or National Identity connection with any of the constituent nations of the UK had risen to over 15%. In many inner city areas the percentages are even more startling.

Here is an article about the human story behind these statistics:-

'I feel like a stranger where I live’

As new figures show 'white flight' from cities is rising, one Londoner writes a provocative personal piece about how immigration has drastically changed the borough where she has lived for 17 years

Multicultural: the shops in Acton Vale, west London Photo: Jeff Gilbert

By Jane Kelly

Daily Telegraph 29 Jan 2013

"When you go swimming, it’s much healthier to keep your whole body completely covered, you know.” The Muslim lady behind the counter in my local pharmacy has recently started giving me advice like this. It’s kindly meant and I’m always glad to hear her views because she is one of the few people in west London where I live who talks to me.

The streets around Acton, which has been my home since 1996, have taken on a new identity. Most of the shops are now owned by Muslims and even the fish and chip shop and Indian takeaway are Halal. It seems that almost overnight it’s changed from Acton Vale into Acton Veil.

Of the 8.17 million people in London, one million are Muslim, with the majority of them young families. That is not, in reality, a great number. But because so many Muslims increasingly insist on emphasising their separateness, it feels as if they have taken over; my female neighbours flap past in full niqab, some so heavily veiled that I can’t see their eyes. I’ve made an effort to communicate by smiling deliberately at the ones I thought I was seeing out and about regularly, but this didn’t lead to conversation because they never look me in the face.

I recently went to the plainly named “Curtain Shop” and asked if they would put some up for me. Inside were a lot of elderly Muslim men. I was told that they don’t do that kind of work, and was back on the pavement within a few moments. I felt sure I had suffered discrimination and was bewildered as I had been there previously when the Muslim owners had been very friendly. Things have changed. I am living in a place where I am a stranger.

I was brought up in a village in Staffordshire, and although I have been in London for a quarter of a century I have kept the habit of chatting to shopkeepers and neighbours, despite it not being the done thing in metropolitan life. Nowadays, though, most of the tills in my local shops are manned by young Muslim men who mutter into their mobiles as they are serving. They have no interest in talking to me and rarely meet my gaze. I find this situation dismal. I miss banter, the hail fellow, well met chat about the weather, or what was on TV last night.

More worryingly, I feel that public spaces are becoming contested. One food store has recently installed a sign banning alcohol on the premises. Fair enough. But it also says: “No alcohol allowed on the streets near this shop.” I am no fan of street drinking, and rowdy behaviour and loutish individuals are an aspect of modern British ''culture’’ I hate. But I feel uneasy that this shopkeeper wants to control the streets outside his shop. I asked him what he meant by his notice but he just smiled at me wistfully.

Perhaps he and his fellow Muslims want to turn the area into another Tower Hamlets, the east London borough where ''suggestive’’ advertising is banned and last year a woman was refused a job in a pharmacy because she wasn’t veiled.

On the other hand, maybe I should be grateful. At least in Acton there is just a sign in a shop. Since the start of the year there have been several reports from around London of a more aggressive approach. Television news footage last week showed incidents filmed on a mobile phone on a Saturday night, in the borough of Waltham Forest, of men shouting “This is a Muslim area” at white Britons.

The video commentary stated: “From women walking the street dressed like complete naked animals with no self-respect, to drunk people carrying alcohol, we try our best to capture and forbid it all.”

Another scene showed hooded youths forcing a man to drop his can of lager, telling him they were the “Muslim patrol” and that alcohol is a “forbidden evil”. The gang then approached a group of white girls enjoying a good night out, telling them to “forbid themselves from dressing like this and exposing themselves outside the mosque”.

Worse, though, is film footage from last week, thought to have been taken in Commercial Street, Whitechapel, which showed members of a group who also called themselves a “Muslim patrol” harassing a man who appeared to be wearing make‑up, calling him a “bloody fag”. In the video posted on YouTube last week, the passer-by is told he is “walking through a Muslim area dressed like a fag” and ordered to get out. Last Thursday, police were reported to have arrested five “vigilantes” suspected of homophobic abuse.

There are, of course, other Europeans in my area who may share my feelings but I’m not able to talk to them easily about this situation as they are mostly immigrants, too. At Christmas I spoke to an elderly white woman about the lack of parsnips in the local greengrocer, but she turned out to have no English and I was left grumbling to myself.

Poles have settled in Ealing since the Second World War and are well assimilated, but since 2004 about 370,000 east Europeans have arrived in London. Almost half the populations of nearby Ealing and Hammersmith were born outside the UK. Not surprisingly, at my bus stop I rarely hear English spoken. I realise that we can’t return to the time when buses were mainly occupied by white ladies in their best hats and gloves going shopping, but I do feel nostalgic for the days when a journey on public transport didn’t leave me feeling as if I have only just arrived in a strange country myself.

There are other “cultural differences” that bother me, too. Over the past year I have been involved in rescuing a dog that was kept in a freezing shed for months. The owners spoke no English. A Somali neighbour kept a dog that he told me he was training to fight, before it was stolen by other dog fighters. I have tried to re-home several cats owned by a family who refuse to neuter their animals, because of their religion.

In the Nineties, when I arrived, this part of Acton was a traditional working-class area. Now there is no trace of any kind of community – that word so cherished by the Left. Instead it has been transformed into a giant transit camp and is home to no one. The scale of immigration over recent years has created communities throughout London that never need to – or want to – interact with outsiders.

It wasn’t always the case: since the 1890s thousands of Jewish, Irish, Afro-Caribbean, Asian and Chinese workers, among others, have arrived in the capital, often displacing the indigenous population. Yes, there was hateful overt racism and discrimination, I’m not denying that. But, over time, I believe we settled down into a happy mix of incorporation and shared aspiration, with disparate peoples walking the same pavements but returning to very different homes – something the Americans call “sundown segregation”.

But now, despite the wishful thinking of multiculturalists, wilful segregation by immigrants is increasingly echoed by the white population – the rate of white flight from our cities is soaring. According to the Office for National Statistics, 600,000 white Britons have left London in the past 10 years. The latest census data shows the breakdown in telling detail: some London boroughs have lost a quarter of their population of white, British people. The number in Redbridge, north London, for example, has fallen by 40,844 (to 96,253) in this period, while the total population has risen by more than 40,335 to 278,970. It isn’t only London boroughs. The market town of Wokingham in Berkshire has lost nearly 5 per cent of its white British population.

I suspect that many white people in London and the Home Counties now move house on the basis of ethnicity, especially if they have children. Estate agents don’t advertise this self-segregation, of course. Instead there are polite codes for that kind of thing, such as the mention of “a good school”, which I believe is code for “mainly white English”. Not surprising when you learn that nearly one million pupils do not have English as a first language.

I, too, have decided to leave my area, following in the footsteps of so many of my neighbours. I don’t really want to go. I worked long and hard to get to London, to find a good job and buy a home and I’d like to stay here. But I’m a stranger on these streets and all the “good” areas, with safe streets, nice housing and pleasant cafés, are beyond my reach. I see London turning into a place almost exclusively for poor immigrants and the very rich.

It’s sad that I am moving not for a positive reason, but to escape something. I wonder whether I’ll tell the truth, if I’m asked. I can’t pretend that I’m worried about local schools, so perhaps I’ll say it’s for the chance of a conversation over the garden fence. But really I no longer need an excuse: mass immigration is making reluctant racists of us all.

Jane Kelly is consulting editor of the 'Salisbury Review’


  1. I thought that in a recent survey a few years ago the majority thought that mass immigration had been a mistake. Certainly prior to that a committee decided that it had been of no economic benefit to the country over the 60 years it has been taking place.

    Mass immigration was the lovechild of the globalists, the international socialists and the capitalist globalisers. It happened to all Western white countries - and only white countries - without any democratic mandate or consent and all opposition was rapidly silenced through draconian legislation or official browbeating. Strange how since the muslim massacres of Christians around the world the churches here no longer speak of our multifaith society.

    Everything that Jane Kelly is describing was predictable and was indeed predicted by Enoch Powell. She refers to America and Powell tried to point to America to explain what would happen as well as to the Indian Sub-continent which he knew so well. But logic and common sense were no match for the utopians of the Left with their one world revolution. They brought the third world and those from countries in Eastern Europe impoverished through communism to Western white countries as fodder for this. Unfortunately, they lacked the immense intellect and foresight of the likes of Powell. But they were very heavy on bullying and control to try to make their immature vision become reality. The fascists of the Left dismissed anybody who tried to point out their stupidity as fascists of the right. The right they decry was that of those who retained the received wisdom of previous generations who outshone them by far where maturity was concerned.

    As Dr Frank Ellis has just said, diversity is not strength it fragments and weakens societies.
    The proof of this is already evident in North America and Europe but the final paralysis is yet to come in Europe and North America with the collapse of the most advanced and advanced civilisation the world has ever known as its creators dwindle into minority status and disappear. As Jane Kelly has said they just carry on whiteflighting but eventually there will be nowhere for them to run to. Childish dreams are nice but they are just that. Unfortunately, reality is a different matter and as Roger Scruton said,Marxist multiculturalism like communism will fail because it denies human nature. But how we ever sort out this mess now without bloodshed is anybody's guess. If it comes to repatriation then this is what Powell was calling for in 1968 but was ostracised for looking to the future, even beyond his own lifetime. It will be very painful to all concerned. I just hang my head in my hands with despair because it was so obvious to anybody with half a brain.

    1. Good comment in response to a good article. Perhaps you should be writing articles for the main website!

    2. Thank you. I am the person who had just decided to hang up my spurs and give up the fight until I read this piece by Jane Kelly.
      This was after I had been accused of issuing a spume of patronage. With the splits occuring in the EDs I had thought of cancelling my membership as there seems to be a battle looming between those who favour ethnic and those who favour civic nationalism.
      Don't know quite what to do but present circumstances preclude me from being other than anoymous at the moment. I would be more active if my presence was desirable. I am afraid I just grow weary of those who fail to acknowledge the obvious.

    3. Success draws attackers. Stay and fight. Hold your ground,help us maintain the thin red line.

    4. I assumed that the attacker was an ED member and that is the problem, we are probably not all singing from the same hymn sheet, or not the one that I am singing from anyhow, namely "I vow to thee my country" - always wanted that for our English national anthem, the tune being an English folk song.

  2. A very sad but very accurate reflection of how it feels living as a despised ethnic minority in the land your Grandfather's fought and maybe died to give to us.

    So much more she could have mentioned. 12 years in Peckham and before that 6 in Birmingham opened my eyes. And I was a social worker!

  3. The joys of multiculturalism! Why is the author of this piece complaining? Doesn't she realise that her life is being enriched by these immigrants? Foolish woman! She needs to celebrate diversity! She must embrace the delights of the new diverse Britain.Surely this woman is a racist and a nazi! She clearly needs help. We need the superheroes from Hope Not Hate to enlighten her. Come on down Nick Lowles!

    1. I am assume this is irony. As one who uses too much being a thoroughly cynical so and so but not without good reason I should be able to recognise it. Jane Kelly clearly needs to be arrested for a racially aggravated public order offence, religiously aggravated as well in the case of Islam and thrown into prison like Emma West.

      She probably has children and grandchildren whom she would not then be allowed to see in case you corrupts them. She will then need to plead guilty or be subjected to psychological reports like Emma with a view to her being re-educated in true Uncle Joe style.

      However, she sounds a bit posher than Emma and hopefully has friends in high places. They might burn Emma at the stake but might hesitate a bit with Jane.

      By the way I assume those that are avid enthusiasts of civic nationalism are aghast at Jane's attitude. She seems to be implying what white equals English - even though she has an Irish surname. Take civic nationalism to its logical conclusion then if those shopkeepers in West Ealing reproduce quickly enough - which they probably are - and become 90% of the population with the indigenous English being a mere 10% then there is no problem as they are as English as the rest of us. That's your civic nationalism for you, as is happening in America with the Hispanics. It all comes down to national identity I'm afraid which the Marxists vowed to destroy to create their revolution. Methinks they might just be changing the people as Berthold Brecht suggested because the English wouldn't vote for their Marxist rubbish. Will England still be England when it is Afro-Asian and mixed race - discuss. Will Europe still be Europe when there are no whites left in it - discuss; the same for America and Australia. Anyhow, I think I've made my point.

  4. What a sad state we are in.

    The thing that makes it more sad is there are only a handful of political parties who are talking about this.

    So called extreme right, far right, hate parties are the only ones I have heard mention the sudden change in our country.

    Don't kid yourselves though, MP's, councillors, police, army, judges et al all know whats going on but the politicy correct mindset is just far too strong at the moment.

    1. You mention the police and I wonder if anybody can explain something to me. A fairly high-ranking Asian Metropolitan Police officer who retired recently after 30 years was complaining that there are still not enough ethnic minority officers in the Met - of any rank I think.

      The reply from the Met was that they could not do anything about it unless there was a change in the law. Does this imply that the law needs to be changed to introduce a quota system of the sort that Mr Cameron wants to be adopted by big companies or am I being unfair? We all know that the Met, according to Stephen Lawrence's brother, is still guilty of institutional racism. Perhaps they still haven't got over the murder and castration of PC Blakelock. Was that a racist murder in the same vein as that of Stephen Lawrence? It is possible that it was but nobody dared to describe it as such.

      By the way, are you suggesting that there are people on the above list who are covert members of the BNP?

  5. To be a racist, you have to despise a person on the grounds of his origin, or that of his ancestors. This lady's article does not suggest that she despises anybody.
    She clearly does not like the way she is treated by many of her immigrant neighbours. Indeed some the behaviour described in the article suggests that some of these people regard their neighbourhood as a Colony.

    1. I don't despise people who came here through those who think globalism is good and white ethnic nationalism is evil. I wish they had more consideration for those whose areas they have colonised and driven out. Doubtless they feel we deserve it for our imperial past. But we left, gave them their independence and hoped they would thrive. But they did not thrive and they felt the need to come and live on our doorsteps. We had no choice in the matter.

      Having said that, I believe that the homogeneous nation is a happier and more stable place and the norm, that man is tribal in nature and is happier and more secure living with his own. The self-segregation that occurs in America and here and elsewhere in Europe is proof of that. I consider that multiracialism/multiculturalism is social engineering at its most barmy and an artificial and unhappy concept. Nobody can tell me that England is a happier and more secure place than it was prior to mass immigration although it is of course more "vibrant". I feel a bond to my own, the white race, which I do not feel to other races. This is entirely natural but I am made to feel guilty about it. Because of this identification process and this bond I wish that mass non-white immigration had never taken place.

      I feel guilty about the fact that I preferred England when it was a homogeneous nation and I feel threatened and insecure as we indigenous English are gradually being driven from large areas of our homeland, the most notable being London which had been English for 1500 years. I am saddened and I am frustrated that we English, along with our European neighbours can do nothing about it because of the stranglehold of big business, international finance and the Left who are treating us all as pawns in their financial or political games. I wish I could wake up tomorrow and discover that it had never happened.

      It is probable that Alfred the Great - described by his contemporaries as England's shepherd and England's darling - will shortly be reburied in Winchester Cathedral. I feel sad that those of us whose ancestors breathed the air of this country when he trod this earth are slowly being eradicated. Am I meant to rejoice or accept it as progress as I view the future as meaning white genocide? I think I would be guilty of a strange sort of masochism if I did. Am I a racist, therefore, in your definition of the word? I have worked with non-white immigrants and always been polite and friendly towards them but I still don't want this to happen to England and other hitherto homogeneous white countries. I am sure that I feel no differently from the way that a Chinese, a Japanese, an Indian or a black African would feel if it was happening to them. It is just that it isn't and nor is it ever likely to. Sorry if I am a wimp, Clive, but it just makes me depressed and despairing. Doubtless I would be deemed by the great and the good to be insane/and/or just clinically depressed and in need of Stalinist re-education after which I would be singing and dancing all day long. By the way, if the Chinese, the Japanese, the Indians, black Africans accept it as normal why is it racism for us, a Marxist concept which did not exist when whites accepted it as normal as well. I am sure that those other races would never feel guilty in the way that I do for preferring the white homogeneous nations of Europe with all their individual diversity to having all the world in once place and no real identity at all. That does make me angry; the fact that we are not being allowed to live as other races are and had lived since the dawn or time and were never given any choice in the matter. Am I still a racist, Clive and should I give up my membership? If you put on enough pressure you can bend human nature but you cannot eradicate it and if you bend it too far it snaps in the end. Hence Jane's reluctant racists. I think this means we did it to show willing but we never really wanted it and now we wish it would all go away. How very English!

    2. I am not a politico. I am, however, English and when I make comments on articles in this blog, I try to be constructive. For what it's worth, I don't like the use of "White" or "Black" or any other such expression to describe human beings.
      I don't know what global Marxism is, so I can't comment on that.
      I have commented here before that for me, a man is English, if England is where his loyalties lie. Hardeep Singh Kholi (apologies to him, if I've spelt his name incorrectly,) regards himself as Scottish. I once encountered a man with a middle-eastern name I can't remember, who regarded himself as Welsh. He and his family spoke Welsh as their first language.
      I have not suggested that you are a racist.
      As I stated above, I seek to be constructive when I leave a comment and absolutely do not seek to judge.
      The experiences of the writer of the article in question underline the falacy behind multiculturalism and it is indeed sad that she feels the need to leave her home because of those experiences.
      I write as "anonymous" because it is the only way I can leave a comment; but I do add my name and location.

    3. Perhaps it does all come down to numbers; a steady drip as in centuries past with England having the third most stable population in the world and the newcomers can be absorbed and nothing changes. I can't imagine there are many Sikhs in Scotland or people of middle eastern origin in Wales. The Sikhs in Scotland are probably now vastly outnumbered by Pakistani muslims.

      But when we are talking of millions with the result that the indigenous population are overwhelmed, driven out and the whole identity of the nation changed then it is a different matter. And you wonder when it is ever going to end with four million Bulgarians desperate to get here at the end of the year.

      However, I still don't see why India can remain brown, China and Japan yellow and black Africa black but Europe and countries of European settlement have to be all the colours of the rainbow. In no way can that be termed equality but there you are.
      It seems for our rulers equality can only be coupled with diversity, not worldwide but within European nations. Europe for all is the slogan of the EU whether we want it or not.

    4. Clive, correction - to be a racist you have to believe that racial differneces exist. To be a racialist you have to go further and despise other races.

    5. The English are heading the same way as the native Americans and Autralians - dispirited and despised minorities in their own countries.

    6. See my comment about the imminent WASP backlash in the United States. This is from somebody who until recently lived in one of the southern states and still gets regular updating. This will either be the twilight for Anglo-Saxondom against Obama's Marxist one world state or its salvation.

      I have no doubt that, as always, what happens over there will have an impact on us here in Europe. And Anglo-Saxondom is the creation of the peoples of North Germany and Holland and Scandinavia. So their traditional love of freedom and democracy could also be affected. I have just alluded to the situation in Norway which the Left is virtually handing over to Islam helped by the actions of Anders Breivik to stifle any debate. I was talking recently to somebody about the Vikings about whom I have read a lot and remarked that Scandinavians now had done a complete volte face. He replied that he believed that the Viking spirit was still there deep down. Will the Vikings finally save themselves from extinction? Will America save Europe from extinction Somebody has just told me that Nostradamus predicted that we have only one more pope to go before the Roman Catholic church collapses. This will be undoubtedly due to those same Marxists gnawing at its foundations. But ultimately Russian Orthodoxy is meant to save us.

      What intrigues me is that the British establishment are still in denial as to what they have done. Even though the non-white population is now about 15% they are still largely invisible, much as is the case in America where whites predominate even though they are approaching minority status. Eventually the establishment will have to come clean, admit to what they have done and hand the country over to their third world guests. Unless something changes then the browning of Britain as is the browning of America is virtually inevitable.

  6. Have just read that an academic in Norway is seriously suggesting that muslims there set up their own state within a state. If this were to be copied all over Europe then Jane would ultimately have been chucked out of West Ealing anyhow or forced to convert. The biggy would of course be that breakaway Islamic state stretching from Bradford to Preston to Rochdale and to Rotheram.

    Some of you may have seen the film Passport to Pimlico, such innocence, another age, another country. Soon it could be passport to Tower Hamlets. Of course in West Ealing they would just be a stone's throw from the Hindus of Hounslow and Southall.

    Meanwhile I am informed that the US Southern States are about to stage a Rising of the South against gun control and creeping islamification. There are rumoured to be 500,000 plastic coffins ready in Georgia and Obama is, according to Russia Today, preparing to use drone strikes against his fellow American citizens. Doubtless if we were to have a Rising of the North here which some ED bloggers seem to be suggesting we would be treated in the same fashion by the globalist Mr Cameron.

  7. I wouldn't call myself a 'racist' though god knows what is the actual meaning of that word nowdays. I would say I am a realist and that if you recognise differences between races that doesn't imply any hatred of others. It merely means you are going with the grain of human nature and not against it as one world globalist utopians do.

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