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Thursday, 28 February 2013

English business interests poorly served overseas!

Today I have had this reminder that it isn't just here in England that English interests are treated as second best by our political masters!

Hi Robin,

I hope you are well?

I am currently living overseas (Dubai) and wanted to share with you some experiences I have had recently here in Dubai that in my opinion clearly show the intent of our Celtic cousins and the way we (the English) appear to be being left behind.

Firstly there is a very good radio show here called Dubaieye, this is an alternative to the normal run of the mill radio shows with their light hearted approach and play lists. Dubaieye and in particular a breakfast slot they have called the The Business Breakfast covers the regions (and to a lesser degree) business world. I often listen to this show whilst making the hour and a half journey over to Abu Dhabi and have now on a couple of occasions sat listening to presentations and interviews with a couple of Scottish bodies (apparently of a governmental type) who are over here to investigate and encourage business connections with the UAE Government and Scotland.

Whilst I encourage all elements of the UK to continue to grow their business/exports in all global markets what irked me was the fact that this was not a 'British' representation in any sense at all but 100% Scottish, in fact I think they must have mentioned 'Scotland' even more times than it was during the film Braveheart!

So this intrigued me that here are governmental (I assume) bodies coming overseas and possibly at the UK Tax Payers cost purely and very deliberately promoting Scotland as an independent body, would the English be allowed to do this?

I guess the reason why I am actually writing to you on this issue was that yesterday I experienced an even worse example of this when I attended the Dubai held Gulfood Exhibition.

Gulfood is a huge exhibiton for the food and drinks industry and is now believed to be one of the largest of its kind in the world. I was lucky enough to be invited there by a friend whom was exhibiting there.

Whilst he was busy I set off to have a look at the various stands around the exhibition. After passing numerous 'areas' where countries like Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, etc were displaying their products I saw the end of a block showing the Union Jack titled 'Great Britain'. Unfortunately but sadly not surprising when I got there the 'British' stands were actually only two or three very small and forlorn (in comparison) stands of 'English' products. However venturing right next door I came across the huge and very impressive stand for Scotland, very independent, very big (and no doubts very costly) and very Scottish not British. Venturing even further I then came across stands which were again much bigger than the 'British' one for both Wales and Northern Ireland!! After much searching I disappointedly realised that the small 'Great Britain' stands were the 'English' ones, there was no English stand (complete with St George's) like there was for our Celtic Cousins.

Now I have no problem with the UK either staying together or going their separate ways however I fail to understand why we the English appear to be unable to promote ourselves in such a large way as our Celtic cousins appear to be doing, why are we stuck under the banner of Great Britain whilst they are able to promote themselves individually on an international basis?

Anyway, rant over, it really made my blood boil and thought you may be interested to know that the imbalance currently existing in UK political and national affairs is not just restricted to the land mass called Great Britain.

Keep up the good work!

Kind Regards

If any reminder were needed that we English need to stand up for ourselves or we will be crushed in the stampede of others seeking advantage!


  1. Given the circumstances, the stand should clearly have been labelled "England".

    However, in the special case of an Arabic Moslem country the Union Jack may be more helpful than the English flag simply because it is still associated over there with Richard the Lionheart and the Crusaders.

    Although I think a white wyvern should also be acceptable. :-)

    1. I feel that Modern Arab States are not really bothered about The St George Flag but I agree that the Union Flag can be acceptable until we get an English Parlament. Surely here is a case of English exporters not taking this trade fair seriously, or were they not allowed to put Englands name on display by our government?

  2. Barry (The Elder)28 February 2013 at 18:59

    Well I have to disagree here with Wildgoose, during the Crusades those taking part where to "take the Cross" and indeed the cross worn by many members where not exclusivly the red cross, crosses of all colours, shapes and design were used, so the red cross I feel is a red herring, it is just the British taking a political correct stance if anything. Of all of the 4 major crusades every one of them were a failure including Richard's (probably the most effective Crusade)who had to sue for truce, if anything far from the Moslem cowering at the word Crusade, I should imagine they're laughing at it.

    1. I always thought that the the Crusades were about salvaging what was left of previously Christian North Africa and the Middle East and the Holy Land, so named for a good reason. Yes, of course, they will laugh because Islam is now massacring the tiny pockets of Christians that remain in previously Christian countries, especially the Copts, some of the first Christians. St George was a Christian saint in a country that has long since ceased to be Christian and indeed was brought back to England during the Crusades. During Geert Wilders' tour of Australia there were plenty there protesting against him as a bigot, racist and islamophobe but as one man said, "where are the people protesting against muslims murdering Christians?", none of course because Europeans and Christians are now the pariahs and are not worth saving, in fact they are an impediment to the New World Order. The world will be in the hands of people who accepted Satan's offer in the desert to rule the world, something Christ refused to do. I have just read a comment that the next pope is to be the last and will be killed by one of Obama's drone strikes in the USA. It is highly likely but I wonder where they got that from. Indeed I even wonder whether this emphasis on gun crime in South Africa there is a prelude to disarming the whites and leaving them open to massacre by their enemies. Only time will tell. By the way, the latest theory is that it was the spread of Islam through North Africa that sapped the strength of the Roman Empire and led to its collapse, not the Germanic invasions from the north as the "barbarians" were quickly assimilated.

      As regards English food, English is no longer sexy, Celtic is because the Celtic fringe gets its identity from not being English and English for the Arabs equals British Empire, creation of Israel etc. The Celts will just, like the Germans, claim they knew nothing about it. Plus, since most of the celtic fringe is still largely free of cultural enrichment there is no confusion as to what their food is. On an English stand would Melton Mowbray pie and Cumberland sausage (sorry would that be allowed in a muslim country?), Stilton cheese etc not have to rub shoulders with Asian and West Indian and Chinese food? The lack of a strong presence is probably just a symptom of our vanishing national identity as we become Nowhere Land, just as they planned.

  3. All three party playing mind games!lead by the money grabbing apologists Cameron Clegg and Milliband with swathes of "the people from nowhere" ( greek; keltio) who have a agenda
    Well they are trying to blame the English for the Empire by calling the English british ( when in fact they are Anglo Saxon
    )funny how where ever you look in the World, peoples places and names are strongly link to leading Imperialists....lists....of welsh scottish and irish !
    they are being very sneeky and evasive
    " England and the English " Our day will come

    1. Yes, I wonder whether Stanley Baker and his Welsh compatriots were now never at Rourke's Drift singing Men of Harlech. "No, they were the Sais, the English,man!". And as for Israel, wasn't that the work of Balfour a bible-reading Presbyterian Scot who said the Jews must be allowed to go home; but many chose not to do so.
      I wish I shared your optimism regarding the English. They will soon herd us onto reservations where we will be making corn dollies, serving cream teas and doing morris dancing for the benefit of the New British and other tourists or else, like the Native Americans, drinking ourselves into oblivion on a cider equivalent of moonshine.

  4. please do not forget Welsh scottish myths of the Kelts ( No-one knows where they came from) the name was invented in the Victorian times mid 19th century times, Huw Llwyd being one of the first myth pioneers
    ( Recent 21st century research)
    B.C. Sykes, Blood of the Isles (Bantam Press, 2006)
    Stephen Oppenheimer, The Origins of the British (Constable & Robinson, 2006)
    Article in Prospect magazine entitled Myths of British Ancestry.This research also challenges the false concepts of who was here first !
    Undoubtable what has been discovered Anglo's Saxon's "the English" were here long before anyone else, before the ice age.

    1. Interesting that Eddie Izzard on a recent programme when he discovered that on his mother's side he had Viking blood and his father's Saxon sounded disappointed as he had hoped to be a Celt. Anglo-Danes are being reduced to pariah status not only here but in North America. Still the Danish Freedom Party -except that they call themselves something else - have risen to second in power. God bless the Vkings, although I don't suppose St Edmund would agree.

      Sorry the EDs did not figure in the front runners at Eastleigh but please do take heart from the fact that UKIP almost did for the lovey dovey Lib Dems. Too many "nice" people around still I suppose. One day they will wake up and discover that not everybody is as altruistic as they are. Hopefully the UKIP surge will make people realise that the "radical right" is not a wasted vote after all. I see that Rumpy Pumpy is threatening us if we dare to leave the EU. It will cost us a fortune and nobody will allow us to renegociate. Don't worry, Cameron will never let us leave either. He and his globalist pals are already embarking on the next stage of Euro-India as the French are busy with Eurabia and the UN is behind the Islamo-Christian union of the Alliance of Civilisations taking place in Vienna.