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Monday, 4 February 2013

Hate filled, anti English Nick Lowles refuses to engage in open debate!

Here is a guest post:- Hate filled and anti-English Nick Lowles refuses to engage in open debate about the important role that English civic nationalism has in creating a cohesive society.

The anti-English Nick Lowles is at his lying and smearing best again. It is now becoming abundantly clear that Nick Lowles who once was an advocate of “Hope not Hate” has become a man filled with ‘hate not hope’. Self righteousness and pride come before a fall. Twisting the truth eventually leads to slander and will show how anti-English Nick Lowles really has become.

Let me explain.
When Nick Lowles mentions that several Ex-BNP members who have joined the English Democrats he conveniently forgets to tell you the following about Labour Party members:-
· That Jack Straw used to belong to the Communist Party (exactly how many people have Communists killed Nick?
· That Ed Balls wore a Nazi outfit when at University (see
· That various ex-BNP or Far Right members have joined the Labour Party and that at least two are now Labour Councillors.
· That Ken Livingstone regularly made extremist comments.
· Labour’s Lord Ahmed is alleged to have placed a £10 millilion bounty on the head of Obama (click here>>> ).

Also on the Left, look at the recent revelations about the Socialist Workers Party’s cover up about a colleague’s rape >>>
Do we hear any criticism from “Nick" about any of these?
All I ask you to do is to ponder the hypocrisy of Nick Lowles' stance. Labour’s dirty trick department comes to mind!
Nick Lowles also forgets to tell you about his past as well. Please look at this link >>> Be careful when listening to his words!
All the English Democrats want to do is to unite England and ensure that our people have a democratic voice. We are trying to unite a country that is facing huge cutbacks. To unite people you need to be prepared to listen to their views, you need to apply the Christian principle of forgiveness and you need to allow people to change their minds. 
Nick can only say that the ‘English Democrats are firmly in his sight’ because he does not have anything that makes us extremists, all we are doing is what any respectable and democratic Political party should do and that is meet people so we can explain our policies. Sorry Nick, I know you don't want to hear this but we demand that any new members follow our moderate English nationalist approach. 
The reason Robin Tilbrook has repeatedly challenged Nick to an open debate is to show that we speak the truth, that moderate English nationalism is important in bringing our communities together. Instead of engaging in open debate Nick Lowles hides behind his keyboard and spills out hate and untruths. 
The English Democrat have nothing to hide, we speak the truth, we simply believe that England is being treated unfairly. Initially Nick Lowles agreed to a debate but then no doubt he thought that he wouldn’t win it so now he refuses to debate.
Now Nick Lowles condemns the English Democrats for trying to stop Nick Griffin from a winning seat. Strange what anti Englishness makes you say Nick? You should be praising us if there was any consistency to your line of attack!
He goes further and attempts (behind his keyboard) to accuse us of filling the vacuum left by the electoral collapse of the BNP but the truth is he is more concerned that we are taking votes from traditional Labour areas. 
Please remember that one million people voted for the BNP and probably most of those were once Labour supporters or voters. 
All you need to do is to look at the success of the English Democrats’ Mayor in the once Labour heartlands of Doncaster and also our second place in the South Yorkshire Police Commissioner elections in November. That happened without us being able to, even remotely, match the campaign spending of Labour! 
What Nick Lowles fears is what the English Democrats will be capable of when we get through to the over 70% of people in South Yorkshire who consider themselves to be English!


  1. Robin, you have lost the plot, TOTALLY. Being right is not enough in the world of political spin - if you are actually right on this one - and you need to learn this lesson sooner, rather than later.

    The only way that a nationalist party will ever make REAL progress in this country is to sever the link between your beliefs and the Nazi far right forever.

    Oh, Robin, don't see me as a luke-warm doubter or leftie. I long for a nationalist government in this country, but I have studied the political history of the right enough to recognise a pattern of betrayal that stretches back to the days of the deluded Mosley and has stretched across the years via the deluded egotism of the fascist Tyndall.

    It is inevitable that you will be judged by the standards of the people that you associate with. Most people in this country would rather see Islam dominate than back the filth of the far right with their violence and bigotry. I was at the University of Manchester Institute of Technology in November 1975 when the National Front trashed a political meeting, so I know the people that I am talking about.

    And if you think that things have changed, you only have to flirt with these morons for a few days to be allowed into conversations where conversations are littered with overtly Nazi symbolism.

    The time is ripe for someone like you to start something new and different. When you sit down to break bread with football thugs and Nazi losers you offer the English people yet more stale crumbs from your table.

    Nothing less than a total condemnation of the BNP and the EDL will do.

    1. I wish you well when Islam dominates Europe and North America which is the way that things are heading. Not all people who believe that Europeans should be given the same rights as other races i.e. to live in the homogeneous nations they had lived in since the dawn of time and which the Left seem to think that other races should be allowed to do but not Europeans, are thugs of low intelligence.

      Whatever happened to equal rights for Europeans or is it only equal rights when they are the sort espoused by the anti-fascist fascists of the Left who insist that only their version of the world should predominate; i.e. the one world totalitarian socialist multicultural prison peopled by rootless individuals who have no loyalty to race, culture, christianity or soil.

      If you have read the quote from Vladimir Bukovsky then you may be interested to know that what he found out was based on readings of archives in the Kremlin in 1992. He knows that the aim is the extinction of Europeans and European civilisation to benefit a one world plutocracy. If you feel that this is to the greater good then all the best to you. You should not be surprised to learn that not everybody agrees.

      As for the far right, doubtless you would classify the Traditional Britain Group and other organisations of the like as Nazis or knuckle draggers even though it contains highly educated people. Doubtless you would dismiss the highly educated Enoch Powell in the same vein.

      The battle against this New World Order described by Bukovsky is not far off, probably beginning in America. It is either that European nations survive or they go under and the first world becomes the third and civilisation goes down with them. You only need to take the scales from your eyes to see this. None of this is I know the view of Robin.

  2. Doesn't linking to rather play into Nick Lowles' hands?

  3. I agree with both of the above comments. The EDP has got to move, quickly, out from under this shadow. What has happened is that the EDP has been drawn into the dead end of minority party life. Taking in ex-BNP activists was just a bad idea, and becoming obsessed with what the BNP's mirror image - in the form of HnH - thinks is a result of letting those activists in. Similarly, the decision to demonstrate outside the mad Islamist's house was also a sign of a wrong turn having been made. We shouldn't be involved with mob politics. It is very difficult being a small party struggling to make itself heard in a hostile environment, but the current drift is not the answer - we need to position ourselves as a reasonable, centrist, English party that wants to both preserve the best from the past and shape the future in a humane, democratic and English fashion.

  4. I also agree with the above comments.

    You are losing the war of words. How many people will read the BBC's take on the EDs losing the Doncaster mayor because of extremism or the mainstream newspapers' take? And how many will read your blog post above let alone be impressed by your link to an extremist website to support your argument?

    The real danger is that you are fiddling while London burns.

    Your "I'll talk to who I like" attitude is more "maverick" and destructive than anything.

    Stop crowing about Nick Lowles refusing to meet you for a debate. Remove yourself from sordid circles. Start speaking up for the English people you claim to represent.

  5. I thought I saw mention of civic nationalism somewhere but can't find it now. Civic nationalism was a concept born of the French Revolution and is thoroughly left-wing in origin. It was then taken up by the founding fathers of the United States who were helped by the French to break free of British rule and adopted many of the tenets of the French Revolution.

    It was fine when it applied only to those of European extraction but has never really worked in France or the United States in respect of other races where such as the Chinese and the Muslims and Hispanics form enclaves (the latter Spanish speaking) and where there is constant friction between black and white. The French and the Americans have always been guilty of institutional racism.

    Nevertheless the Left was determined to take civic nationalism to its logical conclusions so that the indigenous French and those of European descent in the United States will be in minorities within the next 40 years. At that point I fear the concept of civic nationalism will collapse when the realities of diversity kick in with disastrous consequences.

    We are approaching a time of total chaos and anarchy for the hitherto white world as the Marxist inspired third world tidal wave begins to sweep away European Civilisation and Europeans. There will be violence and civil war everywhere. But anybody applying an ounce of logic, like Enoch Powell, could have foreseen this from the start. Unfortunately, Hitler, when Marxism sought to sweep across 30s Germany, took things to ridiculous conclusions and with his national rather than international socialism (both totalitarian socialisms)became lost in anti-semitic paranoia and the mythology of the Norse gods and Celtic Europe. Because of this any sort of logic, common sense or reason has been drowned out by all those who tar anti-Marxist reactionaries with Hitler's brush.

  6. I meant to add that I do not see a sign of civic nationalism in non-white countries. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Japan, it's all about blood and belonging. Funny that?

  7. Will someone please pass me the world's smallest violin. I think I'm going to cry. Perhaps the tears will wash awyay the spume of patronage I'm covered in after reading the comments above.

    1. Was that meant to apply to my comments on civic nationalism and if so could you please explain what you mean by a spume of patronage? Quite honestly I now think it is time to hang up my spurs and let you get on with it.

      Marxism has made such inroads on the European psyche that they have just about won. Those who have not been brainwashed into believing their immature, illogical, unworkable, ignore thousands of years of acquired wisdom, Europeans and their civilisation are pure evil, fascistic, totalitarian, brook no other belief police state one world new world order, have been cowed into submission by them as this fear of Nick Lowles and his Hope not Hate fascism shows. Debate has not been permissible for over 50 years now.

      I think I will just sit back and let chaos ensue. Have just heard that Lars Hedegaard of the Free Press Association in Denmark was almost assassinated in Denmark yesterday by a Pakistani for being a critic of islamification?
      Fortunately the gun jammed. Meanwhile anti-christian attacks by muslims on Christians have begun here. Welcome to the third world as we slide into it. 60 years ago there was white hegemony and Europeans ruled and brought some order to the third world. It was wrong in some ways but not in others. But the Left said that it was wrong so the third world is back being the third world again. Not only that but now through mass third world immigration into first world countries there is third world hegemony and the third world rules and brings disorder to the first. But it's all going to work out just fine so why am I worried?