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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

British Ministers rape English Countryside!

England's Countryside is under attack from Conservative Ministers anxious to pay back their developer backers.

The Conservatives took many millions in donations from developers to fund their General Election campaign. Now its pay back time! 

But of course the only part of the "UK" that the British Government have direct rule over is England. So guess where all the concrete must go! 

Here is an email from the Campaign for Rural England urging action on this topic. It is very worthy and no doubt worth supporting but they don't understand the political dimension of this threat to England! 

Only the English Democrats are seeking to solve that!

I’m sorry for this emergency email - only we’re really worried by the Planning Minister’s latest announcement that he wants to increase England’s built up area by a third.
This could equate to building over every square inch of a county the size of Devon.

We need your help to persuade the Government that this isn’t necessary – please write to your MP today.

There’s a bill that’s being debated in parliament – the Growth and Infrastructure Bill – that will allow the countryside to be damaged and erode local democracy unless we ask MPs to improve it.
We agree we need more houses – but there are already enough previously developed sites for 1.5 million new homes.

Take action: Please email your MP now asking him or her to stand up for a Growth Bill that protects the countryside

At the moment, the Growth Bill threatens to take planning powers away from councils if they don’t make decisions fast enough – this would make it easier for developers to build on green field sites.
The Bill could also allow England’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks to be damaged by intrusive communications paraphernalia – as well as prevent local communities from protecting their village greens from development.
Email your MP now

Thank you very much,

Laura Jansen

Very worthy but they don't understand the political dimension to the threat!


  1. I just despair at the morals of our so-called leaders. This stinks of corruption on a massive scale. And as we have been told already, the majority of the new homes will be to house immigrants.

    I am not sure what they mean by immigrants. If you were to go back to the pre-mass immigration population of 60 years ago how much of our beautiful countryside would have still been there for us to admire. What can we do to remove these crooks whose political careers have been built on gaining wealth or power on the back of mass immigration?

    If nothing is done this country will be full of human beings squashed in together like a third world country. But a third world country is what our leaders since the War seem to have wished on us and every other advanced European country.

  2. compress something enough , and it will go bang!

    1. This reminds me of the attempt to force the dead William the Conqueror into his coffin. He was a man of immense greed in every sense and had become fat and bloated. As they pushed and pushed his stomach burst and all recoiled from the terrible stench.

      England is now a rotting corpse compared with its former self. It is a piece of carrion meat to be picked at by home-grown vultures and those from all over the world.

      Let us hope that when it does go bang the stench will send them all scattering to the four winds.

  3. Most of the increase in population is coming from immigrants and the off-spring of immigrants. Immigration is encouraged in order to increase the need for houses. The Tory Party exists to serve the needs of international capital and is funded by big developers. The way in which GDP is calculated includes housing stock, which skews government investment towards pouring ever more concrete. The population of England needs to be reduced to a level at which it can be self sustaining including having food security from home production.
    While the anti-English, money worshipping, cosmopolitan, globalisation obsessed Tories (Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem) are in the driving seat England is doomed.

    1. I explained this before, our optimum population is 30m for the whole UK and we could have achieved this without mass immigration. I have also said that we could then have been self-sufficient in food as we were during the War.

      It is not only the developers who are cashing in and funding the Tories through mass immigration. Wealthy Greeks have now ditched their compatriots and are laundering their money through property in London just like crooked Russian oligarchs. This has driven up property prices as has a housing shortage so that the estate agents, many of whom are probably not even English, are making huge profits and probably handing those over to the Tories as well.

      Of course there have always been those who have leeched off their fellow Englishmen like the spivs and black marketeers during the War. The thing is now the spivs and black marketeers seem to be running the country and the decent honest English can do nothing.

      I have finally worked out the background to the bankers' coup. They tried a combination of Marxism and deregulation of the banks before the War then came Hitler who, though probably bankrolled by them, held things up for a while.
      This time they set up the Marxist EU first and then deregulated the banks. With the ECB everything was joined up for them and they could bankrupt us all so that we were then debtor nations paying interest to them. I cannot believe that the likes of Cameron and Osborne are not in on it. Still, today Osborne tells us that we have six more years of paying them interest whereas in Spain it will be two generations. By the way I read that Goldman Sachs were in on negotiations for Greece to join the euro. Did they set it up to fail so they could screw the Greeks for every cent they could squeeze out of them in interest? If only the truth would finally emerge.

    2. Let's face it, London is a lost cause, lost to England. The Greeks and the Russian oligarchs own it. It is populated by Asians and Africans and presided over by Aleksandr (Boris Ivanovich) Johnson, a descendent of the Mongol, Jenghis Khan.
      If we are not careful, this will happen to the rest of England. We need to throw a 'cordon sanitaire' around London to contain the cosmopolitan contamination.

    3. Official - London is not an English city. the latest census shows that fifty-five percent of Londoners are foreign born. This figure does not include their children and grandchildren.
      The largest ethnic group is from the Indian sub-continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh).
      the capital of free England will have to be somewhere like Nottingham or Leeds, although there are plenty of foreign-born and their offspring in both.

    4. Other cities are following close on the heels of London, e.g., Birmingham, where the 'new British' foreigners are aproaching fifty per cent of the population. The native English are being restricted to ever shrinking reservations, like the Red Indians of the USA in the nineteenth century, dispirited, demoralised and defeated.
      In our towns and cities, you are as likely to hear Polish, Panjabi or Bangla, as any kind of English. The common language of London is no longer Cockney, but Laandan Creole spoken with a mock Jamaican accent.

  4. Our country is way way over Populated due to unwanted immigration, let's be realistic about this, that what it is. the Countryside is ours not the Govs. It is the the last best resource we have, for growing crops in this over crowded world for food and medicine, plus other uses for industry and the Timber. Lets save it for the right reasons rather than let the thoughtless shorsighted dim MPs ruin it for selfish quick quids with hairbrained schemes, to make money for Scotland.

  5. The power of the major property developers,and their influence over the used to be conservative party is considerable and should not be underestimated.
    In the mid to late 1980's,during the Thatcher years,there was a young man,I think his name was Toby Baxendale,who had played a key role in the really conservative Federation of Conservative Students.He worked as a reporter/journalist for the Evening Standard.He ensured that a leaflet was on every seat at the tory party conference one year,it was alerting tory grass roots to the donations made by a certain developer and the subsequent permission for him to develop green belt areas.
    Toby was given a face to face warning of what would happen if he continued to alert people to what was going on.
    Toby continued to tell what he honestly believed to be true.
    One night he returned to his basement flat,in the company of his fiance,and at his front door was shocked to find 2 men who beat him so badly that he was hospitalised.After that,as far as I know,Toby took no further active part in politics.
    Also,as I understand it,nobody was charged with any offence.That is the power and influence they have.

  6. Thursday, 13th December 2012

    UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall, has welcomed the news that the government has given the go-ahead for fracking to be resumed in Lancashire.

    "This is a welcome step in the right direction and while there must be safeguards in place we must not let environmentalists pour cold water on this exciting technology," Mr Nuttall said.

    "Investigations have shown that in the North West alone we are sitting on 4.6 trillion cubic feet of shale.

    "This means we have the largest shale resources in Europe which can provide energy in the UK for up to 50 years and create tens of thousands of jobs in the North West of England.

    "The Committee on Climate Change is playing down the fantastic potential of shale gas to safeguard our energy supplies and bring down prices, as it has in the US. But that is because they are blindly committed to their 'green' agenda and fear cash will be taken from renewables.

    "That's a good thing in my book, public money is being thrown away to meet impossible renewable targets laid down by the EU and meanwhile more and more people are being pushed into fuel poverty," said Mr Nuttall, a member of the EU Environmental Committee.

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