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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Cameron to back gay weddings in church

The English Democrats haven't got a specific manifesto item on "Gay Marriage" but then neither have any of the other parties!

Cameron has no democratic mandate at all for this proposal and therefore the very least that should happen in a real democracy is a referendum. Otherwise we are into a battle of semantics whose sole purpose is the cynical and blatantly political one of diversion tactics to spin/divert attention from the Cameron government's abject failure to tackle the deficit and also their drastic devaluation of our currency.

Gay Marriage is not an issue that has any significant popular demand behind it either. There have only been 22,000 "Civil Partnerships" and no doubt many less gay couples would actually wish to "marry" especially when by doing so they might entangle themselves in the legal snarl up that is modern divorce.

English people traditionally call a table:- a "table"; and a formalised union between a man and a woman, we call:- a "marriage". If someone with no mandate to do so decides to call a table:- a "chair" they merely make themselves look silly and arrogant - just like Cameron over this issue!

This is what we have got in our manifesto:-
3.1 Families
3.1.1 It is often overlooked that our society is founded on the institutions of marriage and family life. The family is the place where cultural and moral values are most successfully passed from one generation to the next.
3.1.2 The English Democrats favour the promotion of marital families, consisting of mother, father and children, as the preferred building block of our society.
3.1.3 The English Democrats wish to create a social and financial environment where men and women can enjoy the opportunity of a career and also raise a family.
3.1.4 New attitudes and practices are needed so that raising a family is no longer seen as a second best option to the maximisation of wealth and leisure.
3.1.5 We need families with children because without them our nation and way of life will cease to exist.
3.1.6 We need young people to train as nurses, doctors, police, teachers, soldiers and all the many other occupations that a society requires.
3.1.7It is English Democrat policy to strive to make family life culturally desirable. We will advocate taxation and welfare policies that are conducive to family life".

Here is an article about this issue which mistakes it as a serious attempt at reform rather than a misconcieved Cameron spin operation trotted out whenever he needs to divert attention away from a serious policy failure:-

Govt goes back on word over gay marriage in church

Fri, 7 Dec 2012

The Government has turned back on its promise not to allow same-sex marriages in church.

Its consultation repeatedly promised that same-sex weddings would only take place in civic, not religious settings.

But under plans to be revealed next week, the Government will give its backing to religious organisations that wish to conduct same-sex weddings.


It claims “locks” will prevent churches from being forced to host same-sex marriages. But there is concern that this will not be sufficient.

Tory MP Peter Bone said the news will “hugely damage the Government in electoral terms”.

And Coalition for Marriage (C4M), which has seen over 600,000 people sign a petition against redefining marriage, criticised the decision.


Colin Hart, Campaign Director of C4M, said: “The Government say they have a double lock for churches but in practice a double lock could become a double jeopardy.

“Churches could be embroiled in legal actions.

“The Government seems to have decided that it’s better for churches to be sued than for the Government to be sued in the European court.

“Surely they need to reconsider this rushed legislation which is jeopardising the freedoms of those who believe in traditional marriage.”


Paul Goodman, the Executive Editor of influential blog ConservativeHome, wrote, “if some churches, say, agree to conduct same-sex marriages, but others refuse, what happens to the latter when a legal case is brought against them?”

He added: “I’m not a lawyer, but it seems at least possible that a church which refuses to conduct same-sex marriages was vulnerable before the Prime Minister’s change of heart – and is even more vulnerable after it.”

A spokesman for the Government said: “We are committed to bringing equal civil marriage forward and the consultation results will be announced next week.


“We are very clear that religious organisations must be protected and that none will be forced to conduct same-sex marriage.

“EU law is very clear that this is the case and we will additionally bring in very strong legal locks to ensure that this is watertight.”

Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband have both previously backed same-sex marriage in churches

Here is a link to the original article:-


  1. England is not a true democracy unlike Switzerland where matters of major importance to the electorate are subject to a decision by referendum.

    Nick Clegg has of course described anybody who is opposed to gay marriage as a bigot. Has anybody sounded out the public's views on this issue by way of opinion polls? But then, even when faced with opinion polls on such issues people are still fearful of saying they are opposed on the basis that somebody might find out and label them a bigot. This is how the cultural Marxists are winning, the same goes for immigration, people would be fearful of saying they have always thought that mass immigration was a dreadful mistake for fear of being called racist. Bigot and racist are the weapons the internationalist/utopianist Left uses to silence those people who don't share their views.

    As for putting things in a manifesto, has any one of the three parties ever put in their manifesto the proposed final outcome of our entry into the European Common Market, which Heath knew from the start was destined to lead to a Federal European Superstate. Or has any party put in their manifesto that the docking of the Windrush would eventually lead to the indigenous population of England becoming a minority in their own country?

    These cultural Marxists of the New World Order never reveal their masterplan until it is too late so once again they are not going to give us a chance to say no. Labour and the Lib Dems MPs would not dare say no to gay marriage as it would tarnish their Leftist credentials. As for the Church's view, as my minister told me the Labour Party has never really done God. As for any Conservative mps who are opposed, they will simply be whipped into line. Cameron doesn't do God either except when he thinks it will bring him some votes, despite the fact that in a recent survey 70% of those asked still said they were Christian.

    1. There's tow things the NWO/Leftists forgot.

      1. The vast majority of resident EU citizens are pro white and pro England and therefore our ally unlike the visceral anti white racists in the Lib-Lab-Con parties

      2. The vast majority of ethnic minorities have very similar socially conservative values to white europeans

      In my council ward, southern and eastern europeans mostly roman catholics are the majority, however a female Polish candidate stood last May and nearly caused the biggest upset ever. She is already doing more election communications and I'm sure she will be the victor next May. BUT the Leftists forget that she is pro English and pro white but its too late now for them. She has now learnt that eu citizens can use the same race relations laws all other minorities use only this time a conservative white lower middle class white european female is about to gain from all the PC rubbish that was being used against us. I am proud to admit that I will for the first time in my life vote for this Polish catholic and will dance with joy (when) she defeats the useless sitting anglophobic self loathing England hater we have had for years. She had made many allies amongst the English and she is our only hope.

      The NWO have therefore shot themselves on the foot on this one, however it is too late for them to stop europeans from voting/taking part in our elections.

      The UK will be declared bankrupt in a few years time and I only hope that one of either Poland, Portugal or Spain annex England once this happens. It's probably our only last hope for existence. We are defeated, however we can surely choose a more friendly master or at least engineer union/annex with another european state.

  2. Cameron is following Scotland yet again, he needs to go now.

  3. Marriage is the union of a man and a woman. "End of..." (as they say,these days.) The government can legislate to say that it's now something else, but that would be like legislating to say the two plus two equals five. Legally, two plus two would equal five, but the law would be, quite simply, wrong. If this legislation is passed, there will be pairs of people, believing themselves to be married but who will not be. You can't legislate for chalk to be cheese. Marriage is the union of a man and a woman. End of...

  4. Lenin said: 'To destroy the nation first you must destroy the family'.

    Homosexuals are being used to destroy the family and they are too vain to see it.

    If equality uber alles is the goal then give them a domain with no artifical means of procreation and see how many generations they last.

    End of.

  5. if the churches are prepared to allow then so what. Doesn't affect me although I would add that the notion is not exactly my cup of tea.

  6. It is all over folks, the cultural Marxists are winning. The Church of England have a lock-out saying they cannot be forced to go along with it but if the Quakers and Unitarians ( never could quite understand whether they were Christian or not ) do then the European Court of Human Rights will force the C of E and others to conform.

    It just doesn't matter whether the majority are opposed, this is a Marxist totalitarian state and they are winning.
    In any case with only four out of five white British left and a minority of White British already in London according to the latest census the Marxist utopia is almost complete. If it is four out of five in Britain then is it only three out of four or two out of three in England.

    The question is will we just keep running our will the balloon go pop. Nearly 8m people here were born abroad. That is eight cities the size of Birmingham we have had to build to accommodate them. It is so insane as to be totally surreal and can only have one aim.

    In the case of Britain if we are 80% now, it will be 70% in ten years 60% in ten years after that and 50% after that. We are bang on target to be in a minority by 2066 as predicted, if not before. America first, us next and most of the continent keeping pace or a few years behind.

    I hope the super-rich enjoy their third world world. I still can't get round that line in the marriage service which says that marriage is for the procreation of children. Well I suppose gay marriage could be if you do it all in a test tube or whatever.

  7. We must oppose this at all cost. This is so wrong in many ways.
    Lawrence Rustem