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Monday, 17 December 2012


As all regular readers of this blog will be aware, after the bully-boy tactics employed by Merseyside Police against Paul Rimmer, who had merely dared to utter a squeak of protest about the flying of the gay flag over Merseyside Police stations, we took up the case and we prosecuted the Merseyside Police Authority for illegally flying this flag without the required planning permission. We successfully got the Summons issued.

In the meanwhile, as a panic measure in response to this case, that bogus "Conservative", the “Communities Secretary", Eric Pickles MP, rushed through a statutory instrument to make it legal for the police to fly the gay flag without obtaining planning permission.

So here we have a classic case of a “Conservative” Minister in office changing the law with exceptional speed to protect/back-up a political initiative by Labour's Liverpool Council. Is this the Lib/Lab/Con in action or is it a glaring example of Peter Oborne’s 'political class' which acts solely in its own interests?

Now we have received a letter from the CPS taking over the prosecution and discontinuing it. The interesting thing about the letter is that the only point that is either factually correct or legally valid is the point that they make arising from the change of the law.

The Chronology of this change is significant. We 'Laid the Information' at Liverpool Magistrates Court on the 29th August. The Court listed a hearing as to whether to issue the Summons for the 14th September. Pickles issued his Statutory Instrument on the 13th September and it was laid before Parliament on the 17th to come into force on the 12th October. The court issued the summons on the 14th September. The CPS discontinued the case on the 27th November!

When, after the War, Labour Ministers were heard crowing that “we are the masters now!” who would have thought that matters would have gone so far?

When it came out that Eric Pickles was taking this action I had this letter published in the Brentwood Gazette:-

Dear Sir

Re: Eric Pickles MP Article “Fly flags free under my change of the rules” – October 17th

Your readers might like to know the background to Eric Pickles “Change of the Rules” because these rules are being changed for reasons which I suspect most of your readership would not approve of.

The reason for the ‘change of the rules’ is to enable public buildings to fly politically partisan flags to demonstrate the State’s support for the current politically correct causes. Mr Pickles’ decision has come about because the English Democrats’ Police Commissioner candidate for Merseyside, Paul Rimmer, went into a police station in Liverpool to question why the police, who are supposed to be impartial and independent, were flying the “Rainbow or “Gay Rights” flag. For his troubles he was arrested, allegedly on a public order offence, but despite being held for 6 hours and questioned, the police had no case against him and they abandoned any attempt to charge him.

We are now however prosecuting the Merseyside Police Authority for flying the Gay Flag. In fact they were doing so illegally, having not applied for planning permission on any of the 42 police stations that they flew the Gay Flag over.

In the opinion of the English Democrats it is outrageous that the Police of all people should commit a criminal offence and use bully boy tactics against anyone who dares to criticise them.

We are currently appealing for funds to help in our prosecution of Merseyside Police. If any of your members would like to help, please could they ring 07834 543 505 to donate.

Yours faithfully

R C W Tilbrook


  1. The White Dragon of England17 December 2012 at 13:30

    I find it difficult to express my outrage over this abuse of power. There is no doubt that the British Elites are waging war against the English people. They destroy outright and also erode our ancient freedoms, we must protest and fight to regain them.
    And the present government is bent on destroying our wealth by swamping England with planning consents for hundreds of thousands of houses in the countryside and villages, to reduce the price of property.
    Maybe civil disobedience and subversion is justified here to prevent it, and to protest the direction of a dictatorial authority which is operating in many cases with no democratic mandate. There was no mandate to allow millions of immigrants, this was part of the Blairite conspiracy to destroy the nature of our land, and is being continued by Cameron and his cronies.

    1. I believe there is a way, but I think that Englanders may have lost the will and the spirit to succeed:
      What is Lawful Rebellion?
      The word 'Lawful' is defined as 'Being within the law; allowed by law' and the word Rebellion as 'Refusal to accept some authority or code or convention; An act or show of defiance toward an authority or established government'.
      So Lawful Rebellion is a refusal to conform to an unjust authority that is sanctioned by, or in accordance with law.
      Under article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 we have a right to enter into lawful rebellion if we feel we are being governed unjustly.

  2. Equality uber alles

  3. This is further proof if proof were needed that the Conservatives, having lost votes to UKIP, are desperate to take them from the Left's traditional supporters. In the process they seem to be abandoning their own so they are in a bit of a cleft stick. Let us not forget that much of their support comes from quiet corners of shire counties, which is where they are proposing building all those homes. So more votes drifting from them to UKIP and hopefully to the EDs, in addition to the effect of pro-gay marriage Cameron and the census results.

    Cameron's support for gay marriage is for two reasons, mostly to get gay people, who traditionally vote for the "liberal" or illiberal Left, to vote for him and secondly because he is a cultural Marxist and they are all batting for the New World Order and seeking to coin it in in the process. Immigration continues because it forces up house prices to benefit the Conservative voting property developers and estate agents. Meanwhile in our neck of the woods - 95% indigenous English according to the census - there is a housing crisis this Christmas.

    But I think that UKIP's poll ratings indicate a sea change however and even the lady on the supermarket check-out asked me if I had thought of voting UKIP today, which was a bit of surprise. In America the mother of the lone gunman turns out to be a doom prepper. She is dismissed as being as much of a paranoid lunatic as her son. But the thinking is that if there is economic collapse then those, mostly ethnic minorities, on benefits, will riot, loot and kill. Was she mad or not, only time will tell.

    America will feed the world ( on fast food ) and then collapse runs the Zagorsk prophecy which predicted the passage of Marxism through the world before the onset of the Russian Revolution. 20 to 30 years ago this would have been thought an absurdity; but now, who knows?

  4. What we are witnessing is Dictatorship by the majority party (or pair of parties.) Democracy in England is dead. The English Democrats alone can resuscitate it!

    1. Triumvirate: the Lib/Lab/Con.

      But UKIP would also bring in an English Parliament, so why fight us. We'd be stronger together.

    2. Actually UKIP have decided not to support an English Parliament

  5. I fear there is worse to come. I have just read that Theresa May is panicking about an Anders Breivik style attack from a lone wolf "right wing extremist" in this country. This presumably means that soon Britain will be drifting towards the anti-nationalist, stamp on anybody opposed to multiculturalism or islamification paranoia that has gripped Norway and turned it from being a free and democratic country into a police state. Sweden has managed this without even having an Anders Breivik.

    There the Left are still in control and yet here we have a lady who purports to be a Conservative. The so-called right wing nationalist views she has in her sights are those of her parents' generation of conservatives, staunchly pro-British, patriotic, pro-homogeneity, anti-mass immigration, anti-Marxist, pro-Christian who would not have touched the New World Order with a barge pole. Theresa's Conservative party, except in its favouritism towards the bankers who have wrecked the world's economy, the property developers and the greedy employers hooked on cheap immigrant labour, seems little different from the Marxist Labour Party or Liberal Democrats.

    Does this mean we can now expect an anti-nationalist, anti-"right wing" witch hunt and further snooping on all such websites as this one by Big Brother. The only hope is that the more anti-democratic, anti-nationalist and globalist and like their left-wing colleagues the Conservatives become the more they will drive their hitherto supporters into the arms of the "extreme right", I think that means parties such as UKIP and this one.

    Do you really think, Clive, by the way that Marxist New Labour would be less dictatorial? Methinks they would be more so.

  6. It really makes no difference whether Milipede's anti-English, anti-white racist Zionist Labour Party or David Cameron's anglophobic Marxist Tories win the next General Election. They are both the same and as far as I am concerned they all agree with each other on every point.

    I think the entire abuse that we English people are having to put up with must be taken to the International Courts, there is no other way.

    I simply refuse to vote for Lib-Lab-Con however I cannot trust UKIP as they appear to be an establishment safety valve.


    1. If it is of any comfort to you, this is happening all over the white world in the name of the multicultural one world state. Even in the USA now the first amendment, which guarantees free speech, is at risk because of those who have "slandered Islam", for whom, according to Obama, there is no future. I wonder how long it will be before he nails his Islamic flag firmly to the mast.

      As regards the International Courts, if they are organs of the United Nations then I wouldn't bother. The United Nations are meant to be one of the organisations behind the whole one world thing anyhow so that the third world, rather than living in squalor and hunger in their own countries, can come and turn the first world into the third eventually but live off the first world until it all goes down the pan.

    2. Well,

      If we can't go to the International Courts we must therefore start a war against the Government and government departments. Force will be the only solution and if any ethnics get in the way, deal with them. The RRA were debated in secrecy without our knowledge and then imposed onto us whether we liked them or not.

    3. Sorry to show my ignorance but what are/were the RRA, Please?

    4. Forget my question about the RRA, have just reallised it means Race Relations Acts.

  7. An excellent photo of Eric Pickles by the way. All of a sudden I could see him as a Nazi bully boy. Could you use a bit of technical wizardry to clothe him in the uniform, please, or perhaps not, I suppose he might just sue the English Democrats if he got wind of it. A shame he was born about 50 years too late and in the wrong country