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Friday, 30 November 2012

Rotherham election reflections

Here is the results of the Rotherham parliamentary by-election in order:-
CHAMPION, Sarah Deborah; Labour Party Candidate; 9966; Elected (cf 2010:- 16,741 votes)
COLLINS, Jane Maria; UKIP; 4648 (cf 2010:- 2,220 votes)
GUEST, Marlene; BNP; 1804 (cf 2010:- 3,906 votes)
RIDLEY, Yvonne; Respect (George Galloway); 1778 (Not stood here before)
WILSON, Simon Francis; The Conservative Party Candidate; 1157 (cf 2010:- 6,279 votes)
WILDGOOSE, David Basil; English Democrats - "Putting England First!"; 703 (Not stood here before)
COPLEY, Simon Keith(Rev); Independent; 582
BECKETT, Michael; Liberal Democrats - for a fairer Britain; 451 (cf 2010:- 5,994 votes)
DYSON, Ralph; Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts; 281 (Not stood here before)
DICKSON, Paul; Independent; 51
BRISTOW, Clint; (EDL); 29 Election Results 2011 - Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Labour's tribal vote enabled them to claim the victory again, despite the low turnout of 34% and their loss of 6,000 votes, partly because they easily won the Postal Vote. For any party to win a parliamentary election, with the system as it now is, they must have done a full canvass of all the constituency. That takes huge resources of manpower and time! In a by-election there is the additional requirement to have a very deep pocket. Clearly only Labour has these ingredients in Rotherham at present.

UKIP's result is interesting but shows that, even with all that media coverage that they had at the most crucial period in the election, they could not break through in any of the three by-elections yesterday. In Rotherham they doubled their number of votes - probably almost entirely from the Conservatives. This result may yet prove to have been their high water mark - now that they have probably done enough to get Cameron's attention. Expect a determined effort to smash them by Conservative proxies over the next few months!

The BNP only got a third of their previous vote; the Conservatives only a fifth; the Lib Dems only a twelth!

As for the English Democrats, if UKIP had not had so much media coverage, I think we might well have beaten them, even on this our first parliamentary outing in Rotherham, but nevertheless it is the best parliamentary by-election result that we have had both in terms of numbers and in terms of percentage - 3.3% (except the unique one at Haltemprice & Howden).

UKIP had wall to wall coverage for days and have plenty of money so they could spend up to the £100,000 by-election limit. We had a good candidate and a good team of helpers but not yet enough resources to match the bigger parties but it looks likely that we will get a functioning branch out of it - if so it will be time and effort very well spent in the longer run!


  1. It's pity that the English Democrats couldn't stand a candidate in Middlesbrough, which was badly hit by the policies of the Labour governments of Blair and Brown. The BNP flopped spectacularly in Middlesbrough and their percentage of the vote was down in Rotherham depite coming in third.
    There is twitter talk of the ant-English Ukip becoming the second party in the North, which is bizarre for what is essentially a party of southern disillusioned Tory unionists fed up with Cameron's Progressive Lib-Con Party.
    The working class north is the heartland of English nationalism where the English Democrats should be the natural alternative to Labour.

  2. The vote for the 'right' has badly damaged the left's sense of security. 'Respect' has damaged Asian vote for Labour and will probably continue to do so. It would have been unheard of for his shift in my youth, or even at the last election.

    It is unfortunate for David to have seemed to have faired as he did. He was drowned out by the media response to the farce that surrounded the UKIP foster parents and Rotherham council.

    It is interesting to note that the local bbc also were prepared to give more prominence to the tories and liberals and the bnp in their tv coverage than us.They [liberals and tories] have always been no hopers in Rotherham. After our success at the recent PCC elections it is possible that the commisars in the editorial booths feared the English Democrats and sidelined us accoringly.

    They were right to be concerned Yorkshire is no longer the safe bet it was.

  3. The English Democrats have started to go backwards ever since we let the likes of Eddy Butler and friends join. I was under the impression that these people were going to bring political knowhow with them and moe us to the next level. We are now going backwards and this is starting to affect moral.

    1. Thank you Cliff. Why don't you be open about commenting on behalf of your own party - UKIP? Could that be because they did well here but failed to make any breakthrough despite the deluge of publicity!

    2. cannot agree with your comment feel that the ENGLISH DEMS STEPPED UP WITH A VERY SUCCESSFULL efforts ON MERSEYSIDE.
      as a long time party member am very pleased with the show of strength and resolve from such a small number of people.Have every confidence that in future political events there will be a greater ENGLISH VOICE ON MERSEYSIDE

  4. I'm not sure that it is just a matter of resources and manpower now Robin for even if English Democrats or UKIP did manage a spend of £100,000 in Rotherham or any of the other recent by-elections, the tribal and unthinking Labour vote would likely win again so deeply entrench is the psychology. In any case I'm wondering if Labour managed to pull this off with disproportionate immigrant and postal vote chicanery ..wouldn't be the first time, or last I fear.

    Even with the blanket media coverage that UKIP had and not least with the foster parents' debacle - Labour still increase their vote share, tho on a smaller turnout. That's tragic and in many ways not least that people couldn't be bothered. Something else needs to be done to break the mainstream dominance and get the electorate to switch into what is happening in their country and of course to them.

    I for one would like to see the voter breakdown for Labour, where exactly their votes came from, and not least first to check that its regular and all above board.

    But as you say, at least English Democrats now have a footing in Rotherham and a very good one as well, so well done David Wildgoose.

  5. There is some good footage of David on the DM's website. A video ostensibly of Sarah Champion's victory address shows David and his disapproval by facial gesture. As he is so tall it is a scene stealer.

  6. It's a pity that the voters of Rotherham can't use a bit of thought for a change instead of automatically voting Labour.
    The saying where I live (Barnsley) was always "put a pig up with a red ribbon round its'neck and the Labour voters will put it in power"

  7. Is there a suggestion here of the Blackburn problem, dodgy proxy and postal votes eminating from the Sub-continent? If the Asians all switch to Respect then they will have found their Islamic party. Enoch Powell's predictable predictions are coming true more and more each day. Labour imported millions of third world votes and it would nice to see them not benefiting from their vile treatment of the English people.

    As regards the English working classes, they don't seem to realise that the Labour party is no longer that of their parents' or grandparents' generation. It is lead by Marxists graduates who have never done a proper job and never rubbed shoulders with the proletariat they purport to represent. It is a total mystery that they can be so easily led to their doom and treated with contempt by their representatives in Westminster and yet they come back for more.

    It is a mystery that they do not seem to realise that New Labour never really did give a jot about them and has treated them like sh... It reminds me of the adulation that Tony Blair got from the party in Sedgefield, "Good old Tony". Good old Tony didn't give a damn about them or their fate or he wouldn't have imported people to steal their jobs and houses and act as voting fodder. He was just after power - another psychopath in government - and money of which he has accrued £40m thanks to these poor people. I just hope that they now realise what fools he made of them and what a contemptible individual he is.

    1. Indeed, it is a mystery why Labour voters wish to exterminate themselves, perhaps they have a death wish or something.

      I am suspicious of the whole Labour vote not just postal for the reasons I state - the fact that Labour got the vast majority of them, their track record on it as well as the immigrant influx whose Labour 'participation' would no doubt be expected. Whether is goes beyond our borders or not is also a reasonable question - especially where Labour are concerned.

      Although it wouldn't necessarily have affected the outcome bearing in mind their 'majority', if a technicality of an illegal vote can be established then it changes things and not necessarily to the benefit of the pro-EU UKIP party (not that their anti-EU PPC's know that of course).

  8. Listening to BBC radio 5live today, the comment was made that UKIP now appear to be becoming the main 'protest vote' party.
    Hmmm let me think why that could be??? Could it be something to do with the fact that Nigel Farage, as he himself admitted the other day, has appeared both on 'Question Time' and 'Any Questions' no fewer than thirty-six times over the last eight years. Looks like the BBC's concerted effort to use UKIP as its safety valve to the lib/lab/con alternative is paying dividends.
    David Wildgoose was the bookmakers second favourite to win the Rotherham by-election over the weekend but whilst the BBC were able to assemble six of the Rotherham candidates for their 'Sunday Politics -Yorkshire' studio discussion, Wildgoose was only afforded a ten second, pre-recorded snippet which was tagged on at the end of the show.

  9. The English Democrats message is not getting across. Sadly the UKIP vote is diluting the nationalists vote. The infiltration of the BNP has damaged the party. A new approach to public image is needed to break through the tribal vote syndrome. Finance for public information film on T.V or quality party election broadcast.

    1. Bit of a silly thing to say - even for a UKipper. There is no BNP infiltration as any fool can see otherwise we would hardly be standing against them would we? There was a thoroughly dishonest attempt to infiltrate us by UKIP but we have defeated and exposed that now!

    2. THE message from the ENGLISH DEMS IS GETTING THROUGH on merseyside as shown by the vote aquired.The second choice vote was not counted and could have added more support for the party.EX members of any party are free to join the ENGLISH DEMS as long as they follow our values and dreams.When the SCOTS leave the union UKIP WILL HAVE NO PLACE IN POLITIC.SHOULD I SEND YOU A MEMBERSHIP FORM FOR THE ENGLISH DEMS NOW OR LATER

  10. The reality is that the establishment and I include the media within that generalisation are that scared of the English Democrats that they automatically sideline us but by keeping to our principles and maintaining our integrity then we shall prevail, Robin has set the stall out in a concise, open & transparent manner and we now need to focus in on educating the electorate of our country to the very real fact that tribal blind faith voting will not resolve or fix the very real & substantial problems that our country faces, that unless we apply common sense political solutions to those problems then our country will eb ruined beyond repair, this is the message that we must keep getting out there and yes it may take time but we shall prevail.

  11. Good effort by all English Democrats in Rotherham. Must not get too disheartened, parties like Labour have been established since 1900, and have honed a strong publicity camapiagn and funding; what you can be proud of, your prescence, resiliences and fortitude, is moulding the future policies of other parties in the right direction.

  12. Well said Dave Wickham. Yes England its gonna take time ! Beggers belief!when you see what happened to the Foster parents and the nazi way the labour council ganged up, and the theif of an MP who was the trusted Rotherham Representative AND THEY STILL VOTED LABOUR ! EH just cant get my head around the 16,0000 MUGS of Rotherham ! who voted labour. When will they ever learn ! when will they learn.Mugs

    1. There is of course one further point. Those Labour voters would never consider voting conservative. Many might indeed want to vote for the "radical right" who, as somebody pointed out, gained a third of the Rotherham vote.

      However, even though we are told that it is a secret ballot there are all sorts of rumours floating around that it is not. Perhaps they are just too afraid that that cross on the ballot paper might find its way to Big Brother.
      Or they feel that standing up for themselves is somehow being nasty to those they have been brainwashed into thinking are the underdogs and the victims of English history, the Scots, the Welsh, the Irish and the coloured races of the former empire.

      Guilt will bring us down unless we can say the past is the past we must look after ourselves now as nobody else will, in fact they may be carrying a great big load of resentment for our past behaviour and possibly or probably are bent on revenge. In their eyes it may be get even time and being terribly nice in the good old English way ain't going to work.

  13. In view of the successes of the "fascist right" at Rotherham it would seem that Hope not Hate aren't getting their message across.

    Unfortunately their version of Hope isn't necessarily everybody else's and the two conflict. We must not hate the millions who have flooded into this country since the War, although I wish sometimes they would try to put themselves in our places.

    They have reached the promised land compared with the failed states they have left behind, which is virtually every country in the third world. You can't blame them for rushing in once our politicians for personal gain or on the basis of flawed political ideology left the door wide open for them.

    But on the basis of predicted demographics and in view of today's news that much of what is still left of England's green and pleasant land is to be concreted over to accommodate them, the situation is unsustainable and the implosion of the British Empire onto the mother country will have to somehow be reversed, as painful as it will be.
    One possible solution would be to continue to pay benefits to those who have lived off benefits since arriving here and have no intention of doing otherwise on the condition that they agree to return to their country of origin where they would be able to live like kings.

    However, the first political party to suggest this would be caught in Searchlight's searchlight and pronounced to be an enemy of the people, giving the UAF carte blanche to beat its leaders and members to death.


  14. Mr Farage has been quick to lean further to the right as moderate English people begin to stand up. We did in the pcc elections, and did well. The establishment noting this wheels out the safety valve - UKIP and tells it to be a bit more brave. It gets plenty of pre and post election press and hey presto! real oppositon suffers.

    After the Rotherham result I heard Nigel Farage say that employment would improve if thousands of eastern european migrants were not allowed in. He was correct of course but unchallenged.

    1. Good analysis. Which suggests that UKIP are not perhaps all they seem and wish to appear as..