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Friday, 21 December 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Whilst I would give my best wishes to everyone for a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, we should not forget that the fight goes on!

Consider this gem from what should be England's National Gallery.

The above image is the nativity panel from the medieval Wilton Diptych. A diptych is a painting, carving or piece of metalwork on two panels, usually hinged like a book. The panels on the Wilton Diptych are made of oak, but have been transformed by immaculate painting and gilding, into a heavenly vision.

The Wilton Diptych was painted as a portable altarpiece for the private devotion of King Richard II, who ruled England from 1377 to 1399. The diptych is thought to have been made in the last five years of Richard’s reign, although the artist remains unknown. It is called The Wilton Diptych because it came from Wilton House in Wiltshire, the sear of the Earls of Pembroke.

The original Wilton Diptych can be seen at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London, England. When it first came to my attention the National Gallery were selling cards of the Diptych but they had edited the Cross of St George Flag from their cards. Apparently the Cross of St George might have offended some customer!

The English Democrats served a Race Relations Act Questionnaire and threatened legal action. After our actions, the National Gallery is now selling its cards with the Cross of St George on it. The above is the original image unexpurgated by political correctness!

So if you see or hear of any attempts to belittle our nation even in the small insidious ways don't ignore it! Happy Christmas!



  1. Merry Christmas .

  2. Merry Christmas Robin. Keep up the good work. Paul

  3. Merry Christmas Robin & WELL DONE !to all who have contributed to an outstanding 2012! Derek Bullock

  4. I still marvel at this work of art because so much of our church art in this country was destroyed during the Reformation and the Commonwealth. Similar action occurred during the French Revolution. I am always amused by the fact that the Virgin Mary and the angels all seem to have the same face. Presumably this was a typical English face of the time.

    Sorry to mention the Zagorsk prophecy again but it runs that Britain will lose all its empire and colonies and be reduced to nothing but will be saved by praying women. This is why I am hopeful that women bishops might be back on the cards to do a bit of praying for us, although most Anglican women are extremely politically correct.

    Hence when I look at the Virgin Mary and the angels I hope that they are praying for us. It also reminds me that during the Middle Ages England was known as Our Lady's dowry. Although a non-conformist and not meant to believe in these things, I hope that Our Lady is praying for the England, the symbol of which she is juxtaposed with, as well as all those angels. The world was meant to end today but we are still here so far. Another theory is that today is meant to signal a shift in thinking. I hope it is the beginning of the collapse of the New World Order and that Our Lady will pray for that for us. From today the light begins to return and I am hoping that the Spring will mean new hope for England and its people. By the way, we took our name for Easter, as did the Germans, from the Norse goddess of the Dawn, Eostra, whose name is connected to the east where the sun rises. So remember that Easter doesn't just mean the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it also means another dawning. Let us hope that that will be the case for England. It can't get much darker for her.

  5. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  6. I wish a most excellent Yule to all here.Peace and contentment to those who must traditionally tolerate their relatives at this time of year and as the Mayan long count calendar indicated on friday the begining of the next 26,000 year precession,I raise a glass to a new age and a hope for the future.Wassail.The Temeraire 1805.

  7. Robin

    As a member of English Heritage I an constantly irked by the loathsome symbol that they use. It has a white background and a red portcullis emblazoned on it. Why did they not just use the English flag?

    I suspect some politically correct jobsworth decided not to use the English flag to represent English Heritage on purpose. I feel a campaign coming on.

    1. Thinking about it perhaps it is a secret symbol of our imprisonment. Red is the colour of Marxism and the Marxists now have us trapped inside their dungeon and we can never escape because they have lowered the portcullis against us.

      Still, look on the bright side. Google have just wished me Happy Holidays, not Merry Christmas. As least in Britain we are still able, just, to wish one another Merry Christmas. In America, thanks to the actions of New York Marxists, nobody may wish anybody else Merry Christmas any more for fear of offending them. Here they are just trying to dechristianise Christmas and brainwashing the masses into spending as much as possible rather than celebrating the message of Christ. I hope that we still are able to rebel when they propose removing Christ from Christmas and the mass bit as well. Incidentally, although the secularists celebrated when the census revealed that only 50% thought of us thought of ourselves as Christian, this may be true of the 25s to 55s but church attendance is growing and most markedly among the under 25s. This could be in response to the doubling ( and doubling again with each coming decade ) of the muslim population or they may actually be beginning to realise that they have been manipulated not only by the Marxists but by those whose only god is material wealth and wanted us all to think along the same lines.

    2. Unfortunately the Church of England and Scotland, and presumably Wales have been corrupted by this world and its values and politics. Unless a seeker has discernment already - which is unlikely they will receive a social gospel that is the work of the devil himself. After attending the local Chucrh's nine lessons and carols service today my better half was greeted at the door by the priest who wearily opined that he couldn't wait for Christmas to be over.

    3. The most potent symbol of a nation is its language. The English language has been systematically eroded since 1066. It must be restored as true English; not the mishmash in use today.