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Sunday, 16 December 2012

57.7 % are ENGLISH!

The Census shows that when the English People fully wake up to what the British Establishment is up to then there will be a decisive shift!
Follow the link to the Census page, click on Ethnicity and Nationality and then National Identity on the left hand side.

National identity in England and Wales

The 2011 Census introduced a question on national identity for the first time. This was due to an increased interest in 'national’ consciousness and demand from people to acknowledge their national identity. National identity is multi-dimensional, so the 2011 Census respondents were allowed to tick more than one national identity. 91.0 per cent of the population identified with at least one UK national identity (English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish, and British).

English identity (either on its own or combined with other identities) was the most common identity respondents chose to associate with, at 37.6 million people (67.1 per cent). English as a sole identity (not combined with other identities), was chosen by 32.4 million people (57.7 per cent).

British identity (either on its own or combined with other identities) was a common identity chosen by 16.3 million people (29.1 per cent). 10.7 million people (19.1 per cent) associated themselves with a British identity only.

Welsh identity (either on its own or combined with other identities) was chosen by 2.4 million people (4.3 per cent). 2 million people (3.7 per cent) associated themselves with a Welsh only identity.

A small percentage of people in England and Wales associated themselves with a Scottish or Northern Irish identity (1.0 per cent and 0.3 per cent respectively). 5.5 million people (9.8 per cent) said they had a national identity which was classed as ‘Other’.

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  1. It is quite startling to see how low the English percentage is. We are, on such a trajectory, heading for minority status within a decade or two, which is deeply worrying.

  2. The point is that this is the first time that people could select an option of English National Identity and a politically overwhelming number did so.

    1. Seems to be a trend perpetuated by weak and non nationalistic governance, we in Canada have the
      same problem.

  3. The spread of the new British will have to be restricted, to London (which is lost to England already) and possibly to Birmingham where the new British could soon out-number the English, as they do in London.

  4. I took fright when I read this figure as I thought it indicated the number of indigenous English left in England. There are some presumably who still see themselves as British - I hope!! which will boost the figure of White British still here. However, if the figure of White British for Britain is 80% then we all know that England, which has received 90% of the immigration, must have a lower figure for white English. I hope it is not as low as 70% otherwise things will be getting as desperate as the USA which is about comparable if not lower for whites. If you take away 30% then does that mean that out of the remaining 70% who were indigenous English nearly 60% stated themselves to be English. Looked at it that way, this figure shows that the English are getting scared or angry.

    As regards New British, either Leicester or Bradford may beat Birmingham to it. The unctuous Keith Vaz, now on the Commons select committee on immigration no less, has apparently stated that he wants Leicester to be an Asian colony. Well he has nearly achieved it.

    I am not quite so downcast as I was as I am abreast of developments with regard to the New World Order all over the previously white world and everywhere the pressure is building up as in a pressure cooker. Somewhere soon the lid is going to blow off.

    I get the feeling that even the docile English are starting to wake up and they say that when they do their nature changes from being somnolent to being extremely aggressive and violent - as William Hague seems to be aware of. However, if it does finally come to some programme of repatriation as Enoch Powell saw as the only solution then property prices will plummet when so many houses become available. And that is the last thing that the Tories would ever want.

    Interestingly, we learned today that Scotland's population is higher than it has ever been. We know that there are a million English white flighters there and muslims are pouring into the Central Belt so that there are more muslims there per head of population there than in England. What will happen I wonder when the Scots decide to send the English home? I don't think they will though as we being there might hamper Alex Salmond's plans to increase the inflow of third worlders over the border.