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Sunday, 23 September 2012

My Speech to our St Albans' Conference

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen and fellow English Democrats.  Welcome to our AGM and Conference and welcome to St Albans. 

I usually like to start my speeches with a joke.  So as it is a political speech let’s start with the shortest joke in politics today – Nick Clegg!

Ladies and gentlemen just listen to this from one of his speeches in 2002:- 

"The euro has done more to enforce budgetary discipline in the rest of Europe than any number of exhortations from the IMF or the OECD. If we remain outside the euro, we will simply continue to subside into a position of relative poverty and inefficiency compared to our more prosperous European neighbours."

Ladies and gentlemen In August 2002 about 30 English Nationalists met at Imperial College to formally launch the English Democrats.  Now here we are, the product of that meeting, gathered together in 2012.  Now, even on paper, we are almost the only English nationalist party, but in reality we are by far and away the most substantial one.  Now we have over 3,000 members.  Now we have increasing activism across England.  Now we are standing regularly in elections and we are doing increasingly well with several successful elections under our belt, not only for district or borough councillors, but also for our most high profile election success to date, our Mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies!  Peter couldn’t be here with us today but he has invited us to go to Doncaster for our Spring Conference. 

Ladies and gentlemen in Doncaster this year we thrashed the local Labour Party in a Mayoral referendum which they had forced upon the people of Doncaster out of petty spite against Peter.  This is because Peter has made a great success of being Mayor of Doncaster and he will be standing again for us, next May, for re-election.  We will be holding a pre-election rally on the 27th October for South Yorkshire and will be focussing on gearing up, in particular, for Peter’s Doncaster Mayoral election.

Ladies and gentlemen, as I say, as we gather here today, we are not only the leading English nationalist party, but we either are already or shortly will be the leading nationalist party in England, as we are poised to overtake the British National Party as well as all other English nationalist parties.  The other British Nationalist parties are tiny - with even the largest one having only a few hundred members.

In terms of the challenges before us in the coming year, we have the Police Commissioner elections in November and a parliamentary by-election in Corby.  We will be holding a day of action and rally in Corby on the 13th October and a rally in Kent on the 10th November just before the Police Commissioner elections.  We will also be holding our National Christmas dinner in the Army and Navy Club, Pall Mall on the 8th December.  Please put these dates in your diary. 

So ladies and gentlemen we are a Party that is going places and getting active, getting organised, making progress and building up.  Did you like the ‘England Awake!’ Magazine?

Ladies and gentlemen what are we building up to?  Well the answer to that ladies and gentlemen is that we are building up, not only to the County Council elections next year, but the EU elections which are in 2014 and which will take place in the run up to the Scottish Independence referendum.  There could be no better timing for us.  That will be the very time when the English people will most want a political voice for our nation – and we are that voice!

Ladies and gentlemen our aim is to be the voice of all reasonable, moderate, sensible patriots in England; of all those that care for England; of all those that want common-sense policies in England; of all those that want politicians elected who care for the whole of their communities and who will not allow political correctness to cloud their judgment as to what is best for all the people of our great country. 

Never forget that our country, England,  is not only arguably the oldest nation state on earth, united as we were in 927 AD, but our country is also the originator of so much that makes up the modern world, from the Industrial Revolution to cricket, from the Rule of Law and Common Law to Parliamentary democracy, from constitutional monarchy to the rules of tennis, from banking to the greatest world empire, from the idea of pure bred domesticated animals to the English language that English is a language with over one million words and growing!  Far more words than any other language ever.  It is the only language in which you could say: “A man fell into an upholstery machine but now he is fully recovered” and laugh.

I could go on for a long time about the achievements of our nation, our English nation, but I am sure you wouldn’t thank me if I did so.  Suffice to say that I am told that there really is a single College at Cambridge University whose Professors and Fellows have won more Nobel prizes than France! 

But ladies and gentlemen this is no time to be complacent or self-congratulatory about all this, England is in danger and when I say England I mean “the very idea of England itself”, as Charles Kennedy enthused in 1999 before a group of Liberal Democrats in Dunfermline, when he thought regionalisation was calling into question the idea of England itself and would be the means to break us up forever!  Ladies and gentlemen what do we say to that Liberal Democrat aim?
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, England itself is in danger.  The very idea of England itself is in danger from Westminster and EU politicians determined to split us up into Regions. 

The very idea of England itself is in danger from an EU determined to take as much money out of England as possible to distribute to other parts of the EU, like Greece and Italy.  That figure is currently £19.2 billion per year and set to rise.  Yes, the very idea of England itself is in danger from people like David Cameron who says that because “I am a Cameron and there is quite a lot of Scottish blood flowing in these veins”, that it is okay to use £32 billion per year of English taxpayers’ money to subsidise Scotland!

Yes the very idea of England itself is in danger because of the careerist multi-culturalists who want to break up and partition the various communities of our nation into politically manipulable communities that will enable these people to advance their careers upon the backs of those communities. 

Yes, the very idea of England itself is in danger from an Establishment which literally wishes to swamp our culture with unrestricted immigration so that England can never again be the rock which Karl Marx complained wrecked all the revolutions of Europe. 

Ladies and gentlemen make no bones about it, we have a real fight on our hands.  A fight against an Establishment for which the political battle is little more than a Punch and Judy show. Just think about a Punch and Judy show for a moment ladies and gentlemen.  If you have ever watched one you know that there is a seemingly vicious fight on the stage.  All the eyes and attention of the children and of the public are upon the stage.  But what is really there behind the stage?  Yes ladies and gentlemen, one person, one puppet master.  In the Punch and Judy show of British Politics, there is one Establishment, one British political and media Establishment. 

Why does this matter?  Well not only because our struggle is to get the sleeping giant of the English Nation to wake up and stop dreaming that the Punch and Judy show is real, that is finally to stop dreaming that British Establishment politicians really care anything for England.  Our Nation needs to be told that.  They don’t care anything for England!  Anything positive that is!  Just listen to a few expressions of how the British political Establishment think about England.  
Labour’s – Jack Straw
“The English are potentially very aggressive, very violent”

John Prescott – “There is no such nationality as English” 

Labour’s - Gordon Brown always talked about
“the Nations & Regions of Britain” [Note Scotland, Wales & N Irleand are Nations - England is only a collection of Regions !] 

Conservative & Unionist -  Dave Donald Cameron 
“I’ll take on the sour Little Englanders, I’ll fight them all the way”.

Conservative & Unionist William Hague
“English Nationalism is the most dangerous of all forms of nationalism”. 

After listening to that, you will know, as I do, that the British political Establishment’s only thoughts about England is that they despise her.  They despise her people for their gullibility just like any conman would, having found a gullible and rich person.  You don’t need me, ladies and gentlemen, to tell you what will be left for the gullible rich person when the conman leaves chuckling to himself!  Chuckling with contempt at the person he has just ruined!
Ladies and gentlemen, the mission of our Party and our Cause and the English Movement generally is to wake up the people of England before it is absolutely too late.  We, who are awake, know that it is already very nearly too late.  So our mission ladies and gentlemen is not only an important mission but it is an urgent mission and we as a Party need to conduct ourselves knowing the urgency of that mission, however befuddled and stupidly sleepy the People of England are that we are trying to save from the consequences of their own lethargy and folly. 

That ladies and gentlemen is why we are getting organised.  That ladies and gentlemen is why we stand in elections.  That ladies and gentlemen is our purpose and with your help and with the help of all our Party members, past, present and future, that ladies and gentlemen has been and will be our mission - until we achieve our aim. 

Our aim, in Churchill’s words is: “Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.”   Churchill also gives us a guide to the means to achieve victory:  “Blood, toil, tears and sweat”! 

But, ladies and gentlemen, it will all be worth it - Shakespeare says it for all English Nationalists:-  “Come the three corners of the world in arms.  And we shall shock them.  Nought shall make us rue.  If England to itself do rest but true”.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen.


  1. O dear, Robin, I wish you hadn't stirred something in me as I am beginning to accept the inevitable on a daily basis. For our youngsters I think England only means a football team.

    I have a cd of wartime songs, including "There'll always be an England". Apart from the fact that the song talks of red, white and blue instead of just red and white there is so much to make us hang our head in our hands. "There'll always be an England and England will be free", well it isn;t any more we have been dragooned by the left via multiculturalism into being part of a Europe-wide Marxist totalitarian police state.

    "Wherever there's cottage small( I think ) beside a field of grain". Well there won't be much longer as Cameron wants his developer friends to be able to build houses everywhere, a not-wanted high speed rail link for businessmen and a third London airport on the doorstep of the Cotswolds, all because we have twice the optimum population we should have thanks to mass immigration and no sign of him stopping us hurtling towards having more people than the much bigger Germany.

    As for Shakespeare, isn't he one of those dead white poets we are not meant to study any more in favour of more vibrant authors from the New Commonwealth?

  2. If the game was up the traitors in parliament would not be so keen to keep us down. They know it wouldn't take much to light the fire now. The media blackouts on the widespread and frightening muslim riots are a point in fact. Many, many little peeps of light are emerging. Independent news outlets, people talking, not accepting the media and establishment as being British - in the old fashioned sense of the word, or indeed for the British.

    Challenge, challenge, challenge every marxist dogma before it becomes orthodoxy. They don't like it, it makes people think.

    Well done Robin.

  3. The Game is never up until the final whistle, long way to go yet. We have just started others have had a 100year start People are starting to get restless NEVER GIVE IN ! ENGLAND !

  4. Every day things become more and more ludicrous and incredible. Today we read that "British" muslims are signing up at their local mosques to join the taliban and be the first to claim their reward - or their families if they have blown themselves up and gone to paradise/hell - for taking out Prince Harry.

    Where are the police and the army storming these mosques if it is known where they are, shutting them down , arresting everybody as a risk to national security? And where is our new minister for faith and communities, Baroness with links to terrorism, Warsi condemning it and calling upon her fellow muslims to sort these people out?

    But then where was the condemnation from Baroness Warsi for the 100,000 dollars' reward offered to whoever kills the Coptic Christian maker of the video which has prompted all the killings and riots. And where is the condemnation from the pink and fluffy Rown Williams our Archbishop of Canterbury. It seems that no Christian leader stands up for Christians these days. As for Baroness Warsi methinks that there is only one faith and only one community she cares about and yet she is in charge of every priest and rabbi, Jew and Christian in the country which her holy book instructs her to kill.

    Interesting to learn that there has been muslim rioting in this country which we have not been told about, no surprise.

    What confuses me is how these immature Marxist children can think that the world will be a better place without western civilisation. Do they ever take a look at the third world? And don't blame European colonisation as they have all been independent for 50 t 60 years. Even "booming" India is still reliant on the charity of the Christian west. Already civilisation is slowing down thanks to their actions and those of the robber bankers who have bankrupted the West.

  5. Sorry, I meant to add; if a "British" muslim is the one who pulls the trigger and releases the bullet that kills Prince Harry then will that be the point at which the country erupts and the mosques burn?

    We seem to have heard very little about the attack on Camp Bastion which was bad enough. I still find it hard to believe that a single exploding muslim could breach what were meant to be impregnable defences. I think they have hushed that one up as well.

    1. There is almost certainly nothing on Earth which could stir our nation of couch-potatoes into action, even into self-defence.We have been defeated by comfort of such magnitude that the state of the nation is merely a passing news item for most gadget-obsessed Britons.How do we get our own people into the physicality which will be needed to sort most things out. The entire country may know that we nationalists are 100% right, but we will be ignored unless we are able to stand up for ourselves in a physical way.We really need another angle on traditional political ways of advancement or else we will become mere spectotors in our own dismantling and destruction.

  6. Robin, I have previously stated that the former communist countries of the east, who have regained their freedom, democracy, national identity and christianity might finally assist in the re-introduction of freedom to the West.

    I thought, therefore, that you would find the following of interest:

    ‘Two-faced’ politicians have opened the door to an EU superstate by giving up on democracy, Václav Klaus, the veteran Czech statesman, tells Bruno Waterfield. The new push for a European Union federation, complete with its own head of state and army, is the “final phase” of the destruction of democracy and the nation state, the president of the Czech Republic has warned. In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Václav Klaus warns that “two-faced” politicians, including the Conservatives, have opened the door to an EU superstate by giving up on democracy, in a flight from accountability and responsibility to their voters.“We need to think about how to restore our statehood and our sovereignty. That is impossible in a federation. The EU should move in an opposite direction,” he said.

    We all agree. And just as Czechs and Slovaks have parted company so too may Scots and English. Hopefully at that moment Mr Klaus, who must well remember Prague before the velvet revolution, will help all European nation states escape the bigger and better Marxist stranglehold and be free and democratic once again.

  7. An excellent speech, but the language you referred to with its vocabulary of a million words is a very diluted kind of English. The vocabulary is being expanded with words from every language on earth. Ancwe (Ancillary World English) is a denatured form of the language. A NATION WHICH LOSES ITS LANGUAGE LOSES ITS SOUL. That is what the English risk unless a truly English language, using New English words derived from Old English is brought back. (see the books on the subject by David Cowley, Father Andrew Philips and others, also the 'Anglish' website)

    1. Check out the 'Steadfast' and 'English Fellowship and Cultural Society' websites

  8. No, District, Borough or County Councillors and just one Mayor. Not far to go now.

    1. We do have Borough/District councillors as well as our Elected Executive Mayor - unlike UKIP/BNP

    2. UKIP has a death wish. As Nigel Farage said at their party conference, its role is not as a political party, but as a pressure group.

    3. Robin, according to the Daily Telegraph article on the above Vaclav Klaus, the Czech president today, he has been in discussions with Nigel Farage as he sees Cameron as a two faced traitor to the British people.

      Perhaps you should consider contacting him as well and explaining the position of the English so he could start broadcasting it as people seem to listen to him. This is despite the fact that, unfortunately, he is not terribly popular in his own country. He was an active player in the 1989 Velvet Revolution in Prague. Perhaps he could give you some tips as to how to stage the English Velvet Revolution here!!

  9. One councillor in Boston!

  10. Robin,

    This was a great speech. Some people are correct to point out that the nationalist vote in England is split and therefore damaging. Is there anyway Eng Dems, UKIP and BNP could work together with only ONE candidate standing (and not against each other). This will increase representation all round. If Lab-Lib-Con can all work together surely Eng Dems-UKIP-BNP can all work together.


    1. Sounds good, but UKIP and the BNP put Britain before England. Devolution spelt the end of the BNP. Nick Griffin has admitted that the BNP cannot win in London as the result of immigration. If they can't win in London, they can't win anywhere. The inability to win in London is going to apply even more to the English Democrats
      The only hope for the BNP is to embrace London's immigrant population and appeal to them as the new British.
      The English Democrats are establishing themselves as the alternative to Labour in the most English parts of the country, essentially, the north and the midlands, where the Conservative and Lib Dem vote is collapsing.
      Political pundits forecast that after a good showing in the next European elections, UKIP (a southern party representing traditonal Tory values) will go into a rapid decline.
      The future looks rosy for the English Democrats.
      There could be a case for some kind of pact with UKIP so that the English Democrats and UKIP can concentrate on winning in those parts of the country where they have their best chances, the north and the midlands for the English Democrats and the south and west for UKIP.

    2. Good points, but the BNP are still active.

      How had devolution killed the BNP? They support the creation of an English Parliament surely

    3. Cameron has hinted at a referendum on EU membership. Bye bye UKIP.

    4. If the BNP has stated that it can no longer win in London because of population replacement then this is more or less underlining what Griffin said about the ethnic cleansing of London. Other major cities and then England itself to follow.

      There was an interesting article by the journalist James Delingpole about the Queen's recent unprecedented statement about Abu Hamza. He suggested, as I have, that the time has now come for a temporary at least suspension of constitutional monarchy and a return of absolute monarchy ( this is the reverse of the Charles the First/Cromwell situation ). He thinks the Queen would be much more in touch with her indigenous subjects and do a much better job than her fifth cousin slippery Dave Cameron. It shows you what a waste his Eton eduction was when he does not even know what Magna Carta means.

      Delingpole obliquely referred to the changes the Queen has seen in her kingdom during her reign. I suspect that she is secretly saddened by her London home being no longer surrounded by the loyal and chirpy cockneys of 60 years ago ( viz the crowds at her Diamond Jubilee ) but by major offshoots of the West Indies, Africa, China, India and Pakistan/Bangladesh. No need for her to tour the New Commonwealth any more, it is all just down the road.

    5. If she had really been sovereign she would have stopped her realm being given to Europe.

      One cannot be sovereign and yet subject to the whim of a foreign power at the same time, particularly with regard to the law and the 'nation's' borders. The Kings and Queens of England of old have paid in their own blood for these things and much less too.

      Can you imagine Queen Elizabeth I accepting the dictat of some French or German clerk without unleashing all hell and the dogs of war - never, never, never.

      She has failed and has taken the bankers' coin and has been reduced to being a citizen of the world order to come.

    6. UKIP promised an English parliament and then went back on its promise. The BNP is all about Britain; not England. Devolution has made the BNP irrelevant in Scotland and Wales. Scotland doesn't have room for the BNP and the SNP, and Wales doesn't have room for the BNP and Plaid Cymru. England doesn't have room for the BNP and the English Democrats. The BNP is finished if it doesn't turn itself into the party of the New British. That is the only way it can win in London and other cities with majority immigrant populations. A party like the English Democrats representing the ethnic English cannot win London or other cities where the ethnic English are in the minority.
      The BNP does not 'get' Englishness. The BNP might pay lip sevice to an English parliament but like UKIP they are instinctively opposed to one.
      The English parliament cannot be in London which thanks to immigration is now a 'New British' city; rather than an English city. For the BNP and UKIP, parliament has to be at Westminster, not in Yorkshire or the East Midlands.

  11. I read somewhere that Theresa May has no concerns in terms of congestion, water supply and God knows what else to Britain's population reaching 70m. So bang goes Sir Andrew Green's online petition trying to stop it reaching that level. So she does not have any sleeples nights about it any more than that buffoon of a Labour ex-postie of a home secretary Alan - what was his name? Could it be that all they are interested in votes and/or developers making a lot of money or are just working towards the one world agenda?

    I fear the English gentlemen of another generation with brains and common sense like Sir Andrew or David Attenborough will soon be as dead as the dodo and all that will matter in what will become a total cess pit of a country will be power political or financial, votes and money and the devil take the hindmost. I wish he would take the lot of them they all seem to be in his power. Doesn't it all make you sick.

  12. Two Boston Councillors! Is that the lot?

  13. Slippery Dave Cameron is up to his old tricks again. Terrified of UKIP taking votes off him and/or splitting the vote he has given a "vague hint" that if the Tories win the next election he will consider having a referendum to renegociate our position within the EU.

    It is exactly the same old lie that he trotted out before the last election. I expect he will now blame the LibDems for not being able to hold that referendum. The British people do not want renegociation. We have been renegociating every since we went in in under the even more slippery and duplicitous Edward Heath who knew that the Common Market would ultimately lead to a European-wide Marxist totalitarian state.

    The president of the Czech Republic is not alone in calling Dave two-faced, only the very stupid or very loyal could not have worked that out by now. Don't trust a word the B...... says or any of the others. Milliband is going to rebuild Britain, well who knocked it down? they did with decades of mass immigration and marxism.

    I would like to say that the electorate is not fooled by Dave but unfortunately they are. They have no idea that that they are in a totalitarian state, they still think we have a democracy of three different parties.

  14. Have just worked out that the Labour Party has hit on a clever trick. First you destroy a country through deregulating the banks, selling off the gold cheap and mass immigration and then you say, hey, the country is destroyed the Labour Party will rebuild it, knowing that the electorate will already have forgotten what they did last time. Unfortunatly, they have not and according to polls blame Labour for the mess and still think Millie the Marxist is also Millie the Muppet.

    Now, Millie is going to build one nation. That's a tough one as the Muslims want to bump off him and his fellow Jews first and the Hindus, Sikhs and of course the dwindling Christian indigenes as well.

    When Dizzie spoke of one nation Toryism he was speaking essentially of one nation being 99.9% indigenous British and only divided between rich and poor. Dizzie and his fellow Jews were but a tiny minority. The bulk of the Jews probably arrived here at the turn of the last century from Russia and Eastern Europe or as refugees before and after the Secon World War. Best of luck Millie.

    I see British Sikhs have just tried to bump off an Indian Sikh not too popular back home. Brixton is still Little Jamaica so all these people are still in touch with their roots and have the luxury of having two countries whereas we only have the one which is getting smaller by the day.

  15. What will Mr Cameron do now that Miliband has claimed Disraeli? For Cameron and Miliband at least, the nation is the United Kingdom; not England (Disraeli was a 'Young England' nationalist before he was a Conservative). Miliband's 'one nation' is certainly not one nation. It never was; the United Kingdom is a group of nations of which England is the biggest, and much of England, London particularly, is not English anymore. In addition an income and cultural gap has opened up between the north and the south which Miliband cannot bridge. And London is even more isolated from the rest of England by its greater wealth besides its loss of ethnic English (priced out by Russian oligarchs and their wages undercut by immigrants)

  16. I think it was Abe Lincoln who said that you can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. But the Lab/Lib/Cons rely on fooling enough of the people all the time to get elected every time.

  17. It was interesting watching Miliband last night, he was at pains to establish his meagre working class credentials. It made me laugh that he didn't mention his Oxford education and thought that the Harvard connection would be lost on the 'British' he was appeaing to as some sort of backwater American polytechnic.

    It was a desparate plea to the the vanity of small differences between him and his fellow Marxist ideologue David Cameron. In his constituency here in Doncaster he historically has rented a grotty two up, two down behind his constituency office that has had very few nights spent in it by him, least of all his family. Bentley high street has its west end, but not the one Mrs Miliband and his two sons will know or prefer, I suspect. He has no idea about Doncaster and no links with it other than his stipend. He is difficult to contact and pays cursory visits.

    One nation, working class, he is a fish out of water in Doncaster, people just need to realise Labour isnt labour anymore.

  18. New party on he way to split the nationalist cause still further.

  19. Robin, stop deluding yourself about the EDs overtaking the BNP very soon. The BNP has activist who are out every week, the EDs don't. The BNP beat the EDs where ever they stand, Havering being a good case in point.
    UKIP are the only party who can take the Nationalist vote of the BNP and that's a fact my friend.

    1. The BNP has an enormous handicap. British either means Welsh or it means immigrant. The BNP has two choices, to represent the Welsh (O Dear! the Welsh nationalists are doing that) or to represent the New British (the immigrants). It will have to represent the New British, because it will never represent the English.
      The BNP have been at it for 20 years longer than the EDs, and the EDs are now out-performing the BNP. Unless the BNP embraces the New British, it is finished as a party.

  20. I once knew an Oxford don in the 1970s who proudly stated that he was a Marxist. I wish now that I had been able to ask him whether he had ever worked in a factory or met a member of the British working class. Milliband has done neither. He is a Marxist theorist who believes in imposing some insane piece of social engineering on the English people with whom he has no connection whatsoever.
    Can I surmise that he was lecturing at Harvard on theoretical Marxism?

    He has not a drop of English or even British blood and well done to Krishnan Guru-Murthy for telling him to his face that he was not English but "British" an immigrant like Krishnan himself. His family were continental Marxists turfed out after the War and continue to be so so that his father is buried near his beloved Karl Marx in Highgate Cemetery.

    I am heartily sick of these people of foreign extraction who choose to use Britain/England as a test bed for their Marxist revolution knowing full well that the British working class are conservative with a small c and want none of such middle class intellectual rubbish.

    Now he says he might restrict low-skilled immigration. I doubt it, New Labour did very well by importing 3m third world votes in ten years. Unfortunately, people don't realise Labour isn't Labour any more. They would still vote for them like turkeys voting for Christmas. I read recently that people objected to Harold Wilson because he was grammar school educated. Well Milliband is a thousand miles more detached from the British working class than he was. These people have dumped on them and still they vote for them. It is the battered wife syndrom much like the way the Marxists view the Muslims. Beat us, beat us beat us, but we still love you and we still need you.

  21. I hope that the English Democrats will take up Peter Davies's invitation to hold next year's conference in Doncaster (or, in view of the importance of doing well against UKIP in the Humberside European elections, in Hull) and that the conference prior to the General Election will also be in Yorkshire. The Tory vote is collapsing in Yorkshire and the North, this is creating a vacuum which the English Democrats can and should occupy.

    1. Come on Yorkshiremen with York your Viking capital redolent with the lust for freedom and independence, start the ball rolling. Yorkshiremen never never will be slaves!!