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Sunday, 9 September 2012

The UK - what's in it for England? The Unionist World Turned Upside Down?

My attention was caught today by a comment from a Scottish Nationalist, on Eddie Bone's recent article in the Huffington Post, who queried whether Unionists would be able to make a convincing argument for Scots to join the Union. Here is the link to that:-
Taking this lead, let's look at the benefits of England's membership of the United Kingdom in another way.

Just suppose that, instead of a Referendum for Scotland to leave the Union, there was in fact going to be a referendum about whether England should JOIN the Union.

How would British Unionists sell it to us English?
Would they tell us:-

That there would be no English parliament and that the new British state would take over control and use of our London Parliament in Westminster?

That the English People would have no effective way to affect policy in the Union because our leading political parties would all be dominated by careerist politicians who hate and fear the very idea of England?

That all the taxes and receipts collected in England would be transferred to the British Government in London to use as it wishes anywhere in the world whilst totally ignoring English National Interests?

That many English natural resources etc. would be deemed the property of the British Government in London and that they might transfer them to the ownership of the EU without even asking us?

That England would retain it's legal structure just to the extent and just as long as it didn't clash with the plans of the British Government in Westminster/Whitehall? That all English taxes and receipts would be subsumed into the British Government's Exchequer in Whitehall and that a much smaller share would be spent per person in England than in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and come at a cost to us of £49 billion a year?

That the English People would have no effective say in the defence of England?

That the English People would have no effective say about immigration into England even though England is now the fifth most crowded nation on Earth? That the British Government and British Establishment political parties would pursue policies of both breaking up England into "Regions" and our communities into seperatist multiculturalist ghettos whilst neither seeking nor having any democratic mandate at all to do so?

That the English People would have no effective say in EU matters and that the British Government would give nearly £30 Billion a year of English taxpayers' money to the EU without even asking us?

Now of course the basis of this supposition really is ridiculous because such politicians would never tell us the truth would they? But just suppose and just consider for a moment - would we English actually vote to join such a Union? This is the situation, though, and is exactly what British Unionist parties try to bamboozle us is such a great deal for England! Now I wonder what that Scottish Nationalist would say about all that?


  1. What's in it for England? As the Welsh poet put it the other way round - Llaregubb!

  2. Well said, question is. Do we English have the balls to defend our selves against brit rule?
    I fear apart from a handful of patriots the answer is probably not.

  3. You have to remember that neither the Scots, the Welsh, nor the Irish were ever asked whether they wanted to join the Union, neither of course were the ordinary English people. The Welsh were just subsumed into England by force by Edward the First in much the same way, my breton friends tell me, that Brittany was subsumed into the Kingdom of France. The ordinary Scottish people were opposed to the Union as well and it was only the merchants who were in favour. Does that not sound familiar? Yes, the beginnings of globalization. The only ones to benefit from the EU and the euro have been the globalizers and the bankers and those politicians who have lined their pockets. I can understand why the Scots want to leave this union which they never wanted to join in the first place. At the time of the Union, my ancestors were disenfranchised agricultural labourers. So let's face it, it was the same money power that was behind the Union, that is behind the EU and the one world state destined to succeed it. Democracy, don't make me laugh.