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Tuesday, 4 September 2012



There is quite a long standing (partly EU motivated), plan in Westminster to break up England into “Regions”.

The plan began being implemented by John Major’s “Conservative” Government after the Maastricht Treaty was signed.

When Labour came to power in 1997 they enthusiastically adopted the proposal as an adjustment of their plans to devolve the Nations of Scotland and Wales.

The various proponents of Regionalisation and of European integration waxed lyrical about getting rid of these old bug bears of the Left, England and the English Nation, upon the rocks of which, according to Karl Marx “all the revolutions of Europe founder”.

In 1999 Charles Kennedy, then the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, excitedly told an audience of the Party faithful in Dunfermline that he supported Regionalisation because “it is calling into question the idea of England itself”. Labour’s then Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, was claiming that “there was no such nationality as English” and Jack Straw, Labour’s Home Secretary, was saying “ The English are potentially very aggressive, very violent” with full agreement from the Conservative’s then Leader, William Hague, who even went so far as to claim “that English nationalism is the most dangerous of all forms of nationalism”!

But, alas for all the Regionalisers hopes, that old rock of England ripped out the bottom of their vessel even as the gerrymandered faux “Region” of the “North East” (formed by splitting the “Northern Region”, which the Conservatives had created with a view to gerrymandering a Conservative majority into the two Labour dominated “Regions”, “North East” and “North West”). John Prescott’s referendum there in 2004 was overwhelmingly rejected by 79% of the People.

Since that time the Regionalists have patched up their badly damaged vessel and tried to float “City Regions”. The bottom of that initiative has just been ripped out again by the failure of the City Mayoral referenda earlier this year.

Back to the dockyards the Regionalists vessel has had to go but its re-launch has just been announced! The Labour Think Tank, The Hannah Mitchell Foundation, led by “Professor” Paul Salveson, has just proposed, splitting England into two halves and there being a “Northern Parliament”. Talk about desperate!

But then you can see from the article that their main objective is trying to avoid an English Parliament! The doom of these hopes has already been pronounced by one of their own Think Tanks, the IPPR, in January (click here for a copy of that report>>> ).

I would remind everyone of Mahatma Gandhi’s saying which gives a good idea of how far advanced our cause now is: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Here is the article>>>

"Think-tank calls for North to have its own parliament

YORKSHIRE should take its lead from Germany, with a separate parliament for the North, if the region is to avoid being caught in an economic pincer movement between a booming London and a resurgent Scotland.

A political think-tank believes this approach would be preferable to the “city deals” that Ministers recently signed off for?Leeds and Sheffield.

It comes after the Hannah Mitchell Foundation, set up in memory of the one-time suffragette and Labour campaigner in the North, held a special conference to debate devolution policy.

“What emerged was a consensus that the North of England needs its own devolved government with powers comparable to those currently enjoyed by the people of London, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland,” said Foundation chairman Barry Winter.

“We only have to look at post-war West Germany to see how successful regional government has been in creating an economic and political super-power. As long as England remains so centralised and London-focused, the North’s economy will never reach its full potential. A parliament for the North must work in a way that is open, democratic and inclusive. It’s about building a new kind of politics.”

However Foundation members expressed strong opposition to calls for an English Parliament.
“An English Parliament would be a London Parliament,” said Professor Paul Salveson, the campaign group’s general secretary.

“It would marginalise the North even more and enshrine the economic and political power of the South East to the detriment of all other parts of England.”

Prof Salveson says the key is striking the balance between a smaller government in Westminster, an effective Parliament for the North and reinvigorated local authorities."

Here is this Labour Think Tank's press release >>>

This is what I wrote to bait the Yorkshire Post:-

Dear Sir

Re: Article “Think Tank calls for North to have its own Parliament”

I was amused by your article announcing the comments of yet another Labour Think Tank with a tiny unrepresentative membership of far left cranks who are calling for England to be split into two, without the slightest trace of any democratic mandate to do so.

Labour’s attempt to break up England was overwhelmingly rejected by the People in its gerrymandered faux “region” of the “North East” in 2004. Now even its own researchers in one of its other Think Tanks, the IPPR, has admitted that the demand is growing for a Parliament for England.

You would have thought that Labour might have learnt its lesson and at least pretend to care for England and the English Nation! Their failure to do so shows the urgent need for all those that love England to combine within the only effective English nationalist party – the English Democrats!

Yours faithfully

Robin Tilbrook,
The English Democrats

If you like it, please do forward this blog article on to all your friends and relatives and everyone you know who may care about England, as all those that do care about England really do need to unite to make a determined call for an English Parliament and thus a final shipwreck of all the Regionalisers’ dreams!


  1. This is a difficult one for me as a northerner. There is a great temptation to say that because of those city types in London who have so wrecked the country for their own gain we would be better off without the south altogether. On the other hand northern Labour mps have done as much if not more damage. The idea of a separate north with its capital in York has always rather appealed to me. The problem now is that places like York are still very English whereas London has all but been abandoned to foreign colonisation. This means that London now is not a place where our English cousins live anymore and with which we feel we have much in common. Mass immigration has so fragmented England that it is difficult for the English to pull together anymore as they are no longer spread over the whole southern half of this island but in pockets divided from one another by alien peoples. The idea of a separate north appealed to me 20 years ago but now I realise that unless all the English pull together and sink long held antipathies between north and south then we will be just islands in an Afro-Asian sea. We must pull together and have our own parliament where we can all join hands and acknowledge our common heritage. We are becoming a diaspora, the new wandering Jews. The blacks now talk of their diaspora but at least they have almost all of a whole continent to themselves. The Jews have their own homeland where they can emphasise their ethnocentricity. Europe is rapidly being lost as a result of the Marxists' multicultural revolution which is turning Europe into a Marxist totalitarian multicultural police state. In Norway post Anders Breivik, the implementation of a police state is gaining momentum as anybody there now who voices nationalist, anti-multicultural, anti-islamic sentiments is under surveillance by the police. The English must pull together and all Europeans must pull together if we are not to become a diaspora in our own continent, no different from the Jews, who, of course are now fleeing parts of Europe, France in particular, as a result of islamic anti-semitism.

  2. People are waking up to this kind of subterfuge. One of my current favourites of the awakened is David Starkey. If you want a bit of encouragement and a laugh, watch the you tube video of the discussion on Britishness and Englishness from Wellington College. The brief clip shows Prof Starkey cut straight to the mustard as he is attacked with predictable and conditioned insults of 'racist', 'bigot', etc by the egregious 'journalist' Laura Penny - one of Satan's most devoted handmaidens.

    It is interesting to note as the flabbergated Ms Penny reels from David's blistering defence, that as some members of the audience rally to Mr Starkey a priest apprears amidst the general confusuion and stops the debate. To spare Ms penny's bushes perhaps?

    1. I don't know what happened to my previous comment about the need for all Englishmen and women to set aside their regional antipathies and join hands across the alien lands that now divide us. Perhaps it was a bit naughty or will appear in du course.

      I as a northerner should relish our shared ancestry and history with the south. The West Country should look to Robin's flat lands and the Geordies with what is left of the Brummies. If not we are lost and that is what they are trying to achieve. As regards David Starkey, there are some of us who have a very strong sense of English history, no longer shared by many of our ill-educated and brainwashed compatriots. Another example is Michael Wood in his recent history of England. He had to tread very carefully and tow the party line but you could sense that he preferred an England that predated the multicultural horror. 30 years ago I was told about the plans of the one worlders. Then I thought it was far-fetched but now we see countries like Greece with 3000 years of history in penury and a credit-slave nation to the bankers, as I was told was the plan.

      European countries are being turned into totalitarian Marxist police states. Today we learn that Mr Cameron is backing a ban on the wearing of crosses at work. We knew his recent statement that this is a Christian country was all hogwash. The man is as mendacious, slippery, slimey and devious as Tony Blair and all our politicians since the 1960s have been singing from the one world Marxist/Bankers' one world hymn sheet. He is not calling you notice for a ban on Sikh turbans, niqabs, burkhas or even skull caps nor a ban on muslims disappearing from their desks to pray. He is a paid up member of the destroy Europeans and European Christian Civilisation brigade. Do no be fooled by his so-called conservatism. He does not oppose the EU dictatorship nor cultural Marxism because he is one of the latter. Marxism does not mean communism. I have a friend who maintains that multiculturalism, the mixing up of all races, cultures and religions in Christendom is referred to in the Book of Revelations. It is certainly beginning to feel like the final days and only good men can defeat it. You are right to refer to Laura Penny as one of Satan's handmaidens because I have read that Marx was a satanist and they all seem to be the spawn of the devil.

    2. Michael Wood is a dyed in the wool socialist. In order to get work of the sort he does on the anti - British Broadcasting Cabal one must take Marx's shilling. History is important to the bbc in that they are re writing it, including Shakespeare.

  3. I'm beginning to despair. Is there no subject which is not turned into a rant about race, enthicity and religion by, I assume, just one or maybe two contributors? I'm not happy with the way things have developed in England and I want change for the better but I'm tired of reading the same old thing time after time. It does not represent the party as a whole but newcomers could be forgiven for thinking that we are all obsessives, and it opens us all to accusations. I am not calling for censorship but we are where we are so please could we have some constuctive and positive views and opinions for a change?
    I am finding it difficult to recommend the Party because they will look at the website and see all this vitriol. I am deterred and demoralised and will give the Conference a miss this time.

    1. There is no need to be detered. You may well be right about the limited number making those comments and I certainly wouldn't know whether they are party members.

    2. It is impossible to provide a solution without understanding the problem. It is highly unlikely that you would encounter any of the 'vitriol' mentioned at conference.

      Like many, I personally am a member and have had to re learn the philosophy of history I had acquired by rote. It has been a painful and apocalyptic experience - sorry for the reilgious reference. If you are offended by the rants, check to see if there is any validity and discount them if there is not.

      Sometimes, the written word can convey a misleading impression, but is it not better to be 'obsessive' and open rather than blase and deceitful like our current 'cast of crooks and tarts'.

  4. White Dragon, please do not give the conference a miss for the sake of those of us who have been following developments over several decades and are looking to the future. There will be no more rants from me if that will keep you happy. But eventually you will see that what has happened and is continuing to happen to Western Civilisation is no accident and that the New World Order of a borderless planet from which christianity is expunged wherever possible is the aim. Such a remodelling of the world will have no place for traditional Europe, ethnic Europeans or a European identity in countries of European settlement. You should acquaint yourself with what is happening on the Continent and in Scandinavia. If you feel that this does not matter then look to the third world and you will see the future in Europe as well. Look at the way that Islam is removing those remaining pockets of Christianity in what prior to the birth of Islam used to be Christian countries in the middle east and North Africa. The EU is all a part of this machine and the EU plan is for there to be no England so all talk of an English parliament is just futile. Only the English really care about Englishness and so as we are gradually replaced the need for an English parliament will be as remote as that for a cure for the plague. The New World Order wants a world of rootless individuals with no ties to race, land or history so they will not feel the need to defend their country or group together as like individuals to resist. If voicing concern about the end of Western Civilisation is being obsessive then so be it. Against such forces, those seeking an English parliament are wholly impotent. To voice any of these concerns publically or without the protection of anonymity certainly means losing one's job here or elsewhere in Europe. It is becoming obvious to thinking individuals that a continent-wide police state is in the making.

  5. I recognise what is happening, and I don't like it, as I have said, but we won't change much by simply 'going on about it'; such expressions alone don't attract mainstream opinion, and it is the mainstream we must attract, and we only give our opponents reasons to label us unfairly. We need to suggest and promote sensible and realistic solutions. For my part I have moved from being a Unionist to desiring an Independent England; independent of both Unions, that is, although I have always opposed the Eu and voted 'No' in 1975. Why not campaign for an English parliament and for an exit from the EU? Neither need be considered futile, draw attention whenever and however you can to the injustice of our having no parliament. Things are happening though, there is the WLQ enquiry, which would not have come about without popular pressure. There are MPs who are themselves campaigning for an EU-out referendum and self-determination for the English is a valid concept, and understood by a number who are not yet persuaded to come out into the open, but they will - although it is a long road we are travelling. And it is also perfectly valid to talk openly about too much immigration if the language used is moderate. The Tories in the government are doing something about abuses at least, albeit not as quickly or as robustly and widely as many of us, including myself, would like. You may think all this is niaive but all in the world is not bad.

    1. White Dragon. It is difficult to determine what the mass of the electorate are thinking; are they scared, burying their heads in the sand or just concentrating on their immediate family and finances and hoping for a miracle? You will often see them throw up their hands and say we are going to be a muslim country and then bury their heads in the sand again. However, they are totally unaware of the wider world picture and if you were to try to explain it would dismiss you as a lunatic. Somebody recently said that Nigel Farage was mad but he is probably one of the only sane ones around and not mad, bad or dangerous like many of the rest. As regards those trying to do something I gather there is a breakaway group on the Spectator who are.

      The electorate have also been subjected to decades of brainwashing, especially those, who perhaps number two generations almost, who are younger than me. Now we hear that Labour are leading in the polls by 10% so the agenda of Milliband the Marxist who will push through further diversification and the re-writing of English history may yet triumph.

      Perhaps I suffer from a surfeit of Yorkshire blood. Yorkshire people tend to go off full cock and then fall flat on their faces. Patience is perhaps not one of my virtues and despair all too readily overwhelms me. You seem to advocate a gently gently catch the monkey approach. But even to argue that the country is grossly overpopulated as Andrew Green of Migration Watch has seems to get us nowhere.
      What has happened to his 124,000 signatures requesting that parliament debate measures to stop the population reaching 70 million? Now we hear of plans to build another airport almost on the door or the Cotswolds. I just hope the aircraft keep David Cameron awake in his constituency home.

      We must look abroad where there is a different electoral system for help. Shortly we have the Dutch elections when Geert Wilders has vowed to take the Netherlands out of the euro and out of the EU altogether. If that were to happen then the house of cards that is the EU would begin to collapse. Unfortunately, Geert has come a bit of a cropper by calling for a ban on ritual slaughter which has led to the pro-Israel Geert being accused of anti-semitism because it would involve not only halal but kosher killing.

  6. 08/10/2012
    The regionalists are celebrating a triumph. Eric Pickles has granted the use of regional flags. These represent the early English Heptarchy as laid down by the Marxist Frankfurt School as being necessary for removing the name of England from the map, and shifting loyalty from England to ineffectual regions. This is more dangerous than any Northern Assembly or the government's standard regions. It's brain washing in favour of 'Europe of the Regions' and the expunging of the English and England from history.

  7. Eric Pickles, Communities and Local Government Secretary, has reviewed the 2007 regulations and decided that more community, REGIONAL, national and INTERNATIONAL (EU [?]) flags should be allowed to fly freely. They will now include: “The flag of any island, county, district (i.e., region [?]), borough, burgh, parish, city, town or village within the United Kingdom; and the flag of the Black Country, East Anglia, any Part of Lincolnshire, any Riding of Yorkshire or any historic county within the United Kingdom.”

    Lord Bath stood as a Regionalist in the February 1974 general election and was later one of the founders of the Regionalist Party.