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Saturday, 11 August 2012

England's 33 Olympic Gold medals

Here's the BBC's own antidote to the 'Team GB' hype

BBC - Radio 4 More or Less - How to lose money, fast Click here >>> Item starts at 0:12:36

Olympic Gold Medals (@ Friday am)

Scotland: 6
England: 33
Wales: 3
NI: 0

PS As GB or Great Britain is only Scotland Wales and England - what are our Olympic masters telling us has happened to Northern Ireland and the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'? I expect Sinn Fein are happy!!


  1. The UK Olympic squad has been known as GB (Great Britain - England, Scotland and Wales for a very long time; not Britain (Great Britain + Northern Ireland)or United Kingdom.
    I guess that is in order to allow the Northern Irish to chose whether they wish to represent Britain or Ireland, according to their ethnicity, Ulster Scots (historically, the majority in Northern Ireland) or Irish (swelled by immigration from the South and natural increase as the result of having larger families).

  2. We also hear that Yorkshire has won more medals than Australia so how many of these medals are due to Yorkshire folk? Yorkshire is without doubt the pluckiest county in England and I put it down to York being the Vikings' capital and their high percentage of Viking blood. Interesting also is the fact that much of the resistance to the obliteration of the ancient nation of England and the ethnic English seems to stem from Leeds University. One reason may be that they can see England's future just a few miles down the road in Bradford.

  3. The loathsome traitorous bbc has lapped up this corpoate mammon fest as another opportunity to push their multicultural agenda.

    Brian Gerrish at UK Column has a thing about symbols and a brief internet trawl has some oddball and worrying suggestions about the meaning of the Olympic 'logo'. The principal one, by the suicided (?) Rik Clay sees the image as a juxtaposition of the shapes into letters, which once seen, are difficult not to read as that word at every viewing.

    Tin foil hats at the ready!

  4. Unionist politicos Cameron, Clegg, Brown, Darling, Blair believe that the Games have given them a propaganda coup. More like a leaving party saying, "goodbye". to the UK as a single state.

  5. On the 'World at One' on BBC Radio 4, August 13th.. [Commenting on the Olympics] Frank Cottrell Boyce - "As G K Chesterton put it, "We are the people of BRITAIN who have not spoken yet" ("ENGLAND", surely?). It shows how desperate the Unionists are getting.

  6. A poll since the close of the Olympic Games has shown an increase in the number of Scots in favour of independence. A slap in the eye for Cameron and Brown.

  7. Olympic legacy? The cheering at the Olympics has hardly faded before the Tory/Lib Dem government announces that it is changing the rules to make it easier for school playing fields to be sold to developers.

  8. Given that "Team G.B." won only 29 gold medals at the Olympics, I'm guessing that the tally of 33 for England includes multiple awards for team victories; (which count as one Gold in the madals table.)

    1. Clive, Here is a carefully researched piece by Robert Henderson >>>

  9. England is fast disappearing. I had a discussion with an Alien to this Country, who was trying to convince me, that English was a Language, not a Country. They accept Wales,Scotland,Ireland, Great Briton & Cornwall but not England. If we wish to keep England as our Country, then we must start promoting it before England is wiped off the face of the Earth and we just read about England in History Books. Lezzo. p/s. Cornish/English